Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Finished with the fund raiser barrel I was asked to create! YIPPEE!  I decided to make this little barrel into a birdhouse and had fun playing with design!  My wonderful husband drilled the holes for birds to enter and a place for a front branch stoop! THANKS HONEY!

Just in case the birds didn't know it...this is HOME!

I added a few little guys that may have been scoping this little nest out before inhabiting!
A clear view of birdie number 2...
I enjoyed creating this little bird sanctuary for the fun off to plan for a demo and hopefully get back to my abstract!!
a couple more flower pics for you!!  ENJOY!


Monday, May 28, 2012


Yesterday was delivery day to my newest gallery "CREATIONS Art and Gifts" in Louisville.  I loaded up these paintings and drove them was FUN!  I adore Vickey and Tom (the owners), and love the look of their gallery.  They have such variety and it is set up wonderfully!  FRIDAY, JUNE 1 from 6-9 p.m. will be a one year celebration party along with new watercolor artists work as well as MY work :) I hear there will be food and music, so if you are in the area I invite you to stop by and see the wonderful work from some great artists!

I'm literally crossing off things to do every is a busy time!  One of my projects due in just a few days is a barrel.  For those of you who are fans of the Broncos you might remember the barrel man Tim McKernan who died a couple of years ago...well, his sweet widow is hosting a fund raiser and the project was to do something with these little barrels.  I decided to make mine a little bird my sweet husband kindly offered to put a couple holes in my barrel...and now it's my job to make something of it...that is my NEXT little, I'm off and running!!

Remember to REMEMBER those men and women who have given of their time, their own personal freedoms and sometimes their lives for us on this Memorial all of those...I say a heartfelt "thank you, and God bless!"

Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is a difficult time for my family.  If you've followed for long you will know that my father has been very ill.  Up until a few months ago my dad was assistant attorney general in Oklahoma.  He worked for many years with Leukemia, and it was under control.  Last year he was diagnosed with Parkinson's but still he went to work every day...and then recently he was also diagnosed with Lymphoma.  He is now fighting hard to do what ever can be done to try to shrink his tumor; which has grown to larger than a medicine ball!  He's trying something called Proton therapy.  It is a type of radiation that only uses protons to fight the tumor.  It is a difficult process as he has to go every week day for 7 weeks.  Hard for someone who doesn't even have the strength to get out of his hospital bed at home.  My mom has been valiantly fighting with him, we kids have gone to help at times, but she is mainly doing it on her own.  This is our last thing to try as we the pressure is huge and I fight emotions that are all over the place from time to time...but mostly we just rely on God and what His decision is for each day and the future!

With Father's Day approaching I had been racking my brain as to what I could do for  him this year...and then I decided to make a throw of soft material that could be draped over him as he goes back and forth and is in a rehab facility for awhile as mom doesn't have the physical strength to take care of him and get him back and forth.  For my dad it couldn't be just any old throw, so I transferred photos of all of us to the throw so he would know his family was with him and covering him over with love and prayer. THIS is what I've been doing the past few days...These are just a few of the photos I've attached to his throw.

We artists all have lives aside from our work that come in to play now and then...and take precedence...this is one of those times for me in my life...I'm working on my art too...FOR SURE...when I get moments around the things that come with my dad's needs...we kids are all there for them, and have been in constant contact and doing this and that as we are able...For me it has been to call every day to check in, go when I could, and send little surprises that we are there for them and love them...

Between the calls and working on little projects I am re-working my's all white right now, but I'm excited with the may have to click on this to see the detail...
I was talking to a friend who is an accomplished abstract artist and got some ideas...I'm excited to see what comes of THIS attempt!  Stay tuned for that!

I am also preparing a pretty good size body of work to take to my newest gallery Creations Arts and Gifts in Louisville, Co on Monday...There will be a good bit there, so if you are nearby and want to see some of my work in person that would be a good place to start!

AND, as I like to do, I've taken a few floral pics that I'm always glad to share if anyone needs an inspirational photo to jump off from...from my friends garden...for your pleasure!!  ENJOY, and hopefully feel inspired!

 Simple petunias, but a great composition and the dark up top is always great for contrast!...If you were to paint this make sure your highlights from the afternoon sun are strong against the background and it should be an awesome painting!!
 This beautiful white iris is a great composition all on its own...add a little dark and some highlights (the sun wasn't shining on this beauty here, so you'll have to find some on your own...:)

I love the colors in this beautiful iris..but, again, no sunlight, so it will have to be added...but, a great composition all on by itself!!



Sunday, May 20, 2012


"Front Range Color"
6" x 48" mixed media cradled
I finally finished my long horizontal skinny of the Colorado Front Range from Mt. Evans to Longs Peak.  This is a really hard painting to photograph because of it's long skinny size, so included are detail shots.  The light isn't so great today, so I won't be putting it on my website until I stain the sides and get better light for photography, so you all are the first to see it! 

My goal for this piece was COLOR!  I saturated it in all sorts of color to give it spark...and then added the pines for a little vertical to break up the long, long horizontal "ness" of it.  

The left side...

The middle...and...

the right...

Put them all together and there she is...!


Saturday, May 19, 2012


It's a gloomy and dark day in the mountains today...rain, clouds...yuck!  I'm nearly finished with my really long horizontal skinny...these are parts of the whole...This is an explosion of color...the front range...stay tuned for the finished product...FUN DOINS!!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


When I have a set back I find it helpful to go to familiar territory and do something from what I love to get back on track.  For some of you it may be the opposite.  I KNOW I will be successful at other ventures, and I KNOW I will jump in feet first as always...but, I've wanted to do a piece on the front range for awhile, and today seemed like a good day to start.  This is but one tiny end to a 6" x 48" piece...I've only JUST begun...but...a beginning is a beginning!!  Stay tuned!

Yep, it's bear season again...Yep, I had a visitor today as I was walking out to water my plants on the deck...Thank goodness this one was just a tween!!  He wanted to tear up my deck box...I like my deck box, so I yelled at him...

Hey YOU...Yes YOU...that's right...go on back up the mountain to yo mamma!!!...:)  (I may sound all gutsy...but see those white spots in the pics...yep, it was through a big ole glass door!!.)


Monday, May 14, 2012


I can't help it...I'm in love with my little grandson Paxton...He's such a delightful little boy...and his parents are SO good with him.  There was no painting this Mother's Day holiday...just family, and it was a joyful time!  Forgive me for unabashedly sharing my life with you all as I'm getting ready to create something new on the mixed media front!!
I've become a big one for the ole tripod and family photo...Memories are important!!  I appreciate SO much my kids bringing themselves and this precious bit of joy!!  It is a special sacrifice as this little guy isn't much for sleeping, and even more so when he is in a new they slept precious little while they were here...THANKS KIDS!!

OF course we had to have a grandpa, nana, baby shot!!
This one is going to be a favorite...BIG LAUGHS is what we all need this year!!

I'm never going to be able to resist this little face!!  I hope he is gentle with his Nana over the years...cuz who could say no to this!! :)
You KNEW that Nana was going to have to have a shot of this little guy the first time he touched a PINE TREE!!...
I'm gonna miss my little family of three...Til I see you again I love you guys!!

And NOW, back to work...I think I'll do a long skinny horizontal this time!!


Saturday, May 12, 2012


OK...this is not what I call a win of a painting.  What a journey this one and I have had!  I started off with a total abstract in mind and kept adding more of this and that...kinda like when you try to mix a color...after you put in more than 3 you start to get mud...and really that is what this turned out to be.  AND THAT IS OK!  Not all our attempts will be wins!  I DID learn  throughout this process...#1...I am not quite ready for abstract...look what sneaks in at every chance! HA...#2...I needed a better plan...when you don't have some sort of solid plan it can turn to mud really quickly!!...and #3...DON'T beat a dead horse...I KNEW several steps before the end that this was not going to go anywhere...and that I should either rip stuff off...sand it down...beat it senseless with a hammer...SOMETHING else but to continue on...SO, this one goes away and I begin again with something new and fresh!!  SPEAKING little grandson and his wonderful parents are here now...look at this fresh face instead!!
I just can't resist that face!!  Until next time...I'm ever learning and growing!!


Monday, May 7, 2012


12" x 6" mixed media on 1/8" MDF panel
for more information click on title to go to my website

This is the second painting from my abstract tree workshop.  I've had this in my head for awhile now, so was glad to use different approaches to make it come to life.  You cannot see the reflective quality of the painted foil in my streams, but it looks much more reflective in person!  FUN DOINS!

I'm still playing with my "abstract" tree piece...I DO still plan to put some pine in there, I can only call it abstract, not NON OBJECTIVE...who knows, maybe one day I'll get there!!
You really just have to click on it to see the detail...but, on I go with it, and I'm having FUN!  I HAVE to finish it in the next day or so as I've already entered it into a show that delivers on Saturday!  WOW, am I crazy or what!!

Back at it!!


Sunday, May 6, 2012


"Purple Oak"
6"x12" mixed media on 1/8" MDF panel (ready for framing)
If you want me to cradle this piece please contact me at  It will be $20 more.

For two days I was in workshop heaven!  

Carol Nelson (my wonderful artist friend) presented a workshop on abstract trees!  HOW COULD I RESIST!!  So, I went and played with different materials and all sorts of fun artists.  "Purple Oak" was the first piece I came up with.  I used corrugated cardboard for the oak trunk and burlap for the foliage of the tree.  THAT WAS FUN!.  I used old cut up watercolor painting paper for the other tree trunks.  If you look carefully you can  still see my signature paper streaming across (I couldn't resist putting my own "stamp" on it!)

Yes, we made stamps too...mine is below and I did stamp in the background before I got busy with other stuff!!

Carol and I have been artist friends for years.  I've taken a different workshop from her twice before.  Her energy level and knowledge are awesome...Her paintings are incredible, and her willingness to share information and materials is phenomenal!  If you ever have a chance to take a workshop or class from Carol you will NOT be disappointed!

Tomorrow I will share in detail my "Lollipop Forest" (aptly named by Carol by the way)


Saturday, May 5, 2012


Boy if THIS doesn't inspire!  It's supposed to be the night for the biggest moon of the year...or something like that.  I know BIG MOON isn't it...but you get the point...I was able to take a pic through the trees last night...OOOHHH  AAAHHH...

That was merely an interlude and a grabber because I'm in the middle of a two day workshop and haven't had time to paint on my big ole abstract "ish" piece...but I did add a little bit of texture and paper...Painted the top portion blue, and as I was doing it I was reminded of when I was 5 and we drew lines for sky and earth and the sky was blue and the earth was green...kinda interesting that I did that again...I think it's FUN!
Sorry for the terrible pic...I'm late, I'm late (as the rabbit said to Alice).  Have a great creative day!!


Thursday, May 3, 2012


This doesn't look like much you on this screen it must just look like white blobs and some stick things and some line stuff...YEP, you're is...but I'm experimenting with or playing around with abstract that would fit MY style and it is a challenge. FUN DOINS!!  You might have to click on this to see the slight green color and the cheese cloth.

Sitting in church the other day I found my mind wandering a little (it does that sometimes), so I reverted back to what I always did when I was a kid in school...I focused my mind on drawing and lo and behold I was able to hear better!  If you're not an artist you may not understand this...but a calming thing for an artist is to focus visually and the mind can focus on several things at once!

I heard the preacher better and I came up with some compositions for my abstract that were just in the forming stages.  This one had some trees in it...sorry folks...there may be trees in my abstracts for awhile...or maybe not...that's the fun when you experiment.

Originally I had trees painted in there and strong lines and criscrosses in modeling paste to the left and top right and I sanded it nearly off...Here is why...I felt the lines of modleing paste were too strong...not where I wanted to go...and I put the trees in WAY too early.  I didn't want to do JUST that...The top and bottom have cheese cloth glued down for texture...I used Gac 100 on the surface to seal it and then glued down the bottom section of cheese cloth and THEN gesso'd the whole thing...I wanted the wood to show through at this stage...

And that is where I am today.  To keep this in line with the way I like to work I plan to stream some paper a bit...still deciding on what color to add and how much...but right now it is exciting to see where it might go!  Stay tuned!!


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