Thursday, March 31, 2016


This is my first "requested " favorite peak/summit from my followers on facebook.  Anyone who wants to send a request to see their favorite peak/summit anywhere in the world is most welcome to do so.  You are not under any obligation to purchase it, I just want to amass a collection!  Of course IF you love it, I won't be sad, but that is not my main motivation!  Here I've shown the example I think would make for a great frame.  I just love these floater frames where you can see it all the way to the edge! 
I have been working HARD to simplify my on line presence...My website address is now  I'm SaundraLaneOnEtsy in my ETSY shop...speaking of my ETSY shop...I've also made some big changes there as well.  This has needed to be done for a long time...I've taken all my paintings big and small out of ETSY and those still available are all not safely in my WEBSITE.  I've added a new section to my website as I want this series to have it's own these summits will be held in the section aptly called "Mountain Summits".  BUT I holds all things I do crafty!  Now there are a good little collection of my canvas baskets that were formerly only found at my shop in Conifer; Luna's Mandala...and, I've also included in my ETSY shop my fun new affirmation sticks.  What are they you might ask???  Well, they are dowels that have been wrapped in leather and hemp and other naturalish strings with a phrase or two added and maybe even a stone or two...they are meant to AFFIRM you as a person...UPLIFT you...make you remember how great you are!!  SO, the new ETSY shops are going live on April 5, but here is the link to my new preview page so you can see what it is going to look like!  

IF you have not gone over to my website to sign up for my newsletter and you want to get in on the drawings for free paintings and creative things I encourage you to do so.  I will announce one in my newsletter every month.  I won't newsletter stalk you, but I will send them out every couple of weeks or so to update you on new work and give aways and, please have fun with it...CLICK HERE to go to my website and just click on newsletter sign up.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Along with the art give aways and the new project that folks can order a "slice of life" painting, (CLICK HERE to read about the project.) I am starting a fun little series of mountain peaks.  I started it off with Mt. Evans; which is my go to mountain, but have asked folks to write me or comment the name of THEIR favorite peak...I'll add them to the growing list and paint them and then put them in my ETSY shop.  Just a way to stay fresh!  SO, if you have a favorite peak, let me know, I'll add it!

Mt. Evans Mini has some fun papers woven throughout, but is mostly oil with a smidge of modeling paste when needed.  I have included a photo of a frame suggestion so you can see how fun it would be framed!  This is a floater frame.  I enjoy them as you can see all the edges.  Mt. Evans Mini would also look great on a small easel or sitting on a shelf...

Friday, March 25, 2016


"Celebrate Spring"
10"x10" oil, quartzite beads, modeling paste

"Celebrate Spring" is my first painting give away from my website newsletter.  IF you want a chance to win this painting all you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter from my website at the top bar.  Go to and click on the newsletter sign up; it's free by the way, and you will get my first newsletter tomorrow, March 26, 2016. 


I have been working hard to simplify my information and my website so it is much easier to navigate and see what you want to see!  This is kind of a kick off.  I want to thank all my loyal subscribers and my new subscribers by offering a give away once a month "ish".  Being an artist I may miss the once a month by a few days now and then! lol

I am excited to be giving more helpful and fun information in my website, art give aways, contests, projects that involve YOU...just whatever I can to make life a little more interesting to whom ever may want it!  SO, I encourage you to sign up...I'll be nice I promise!

IF you want to participate in my next on-line project the details are below.
The next on-line interactive project is an opportunity for you to have your OWN SLICE OF LIFE PAINTING with your own individual subject matter! How this works is you e-mail me the subject matter you would like to see on your own slice of life painting. I do these 12"x12" unless otherwise requested. The price of the 12"x12" is $125. I have built in shipping and taxes, so all you have to send is $125.
You can send me your subject matter in a couple of ways.

#1: a photo of what you would like to see in your slice of life painting. Keep in mind that it will most surely need to be cropped so be prepared for a completely unique view of what you want painted.

#2: you can send me the IDEA of a "Saundra I would like to see aspen trees with blues and yellows as the main color..." I will then paint you some aspen with blues and yellows. It will be more of a surprise the end result, but that can be quite exciting!

  • When you e-mail me I will most likely send you questions, or crop your image if you choose #1 and send you what you may see...I am very good at communication with my collectors!
I will then paint your slice of life; add something fun underneath and send you the photo for your approval, if you LOVE IT, I will send you a link with a buy now button; pay pal is what I go through as it is safe, and you can purchase and I will send your painting as soon as it is dry. I work in oils for most the aspens, which are largely acrylic.

PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: IF you choose #1, please make sure your photo is very clear so I can do my best job of getting the likeness of whatever it is! It can be an animal, still life, landscape...just about anything that can crop in a fun way to have this little slice of YOUR life!

PRIVACY: I will NEVER SHARE YOUR PRIVATE E-MAIL INFORMATION WITH ANYONE! You do NOT have to worry about ever getting spam because of me!
CLICK HERE to e-mail me your photos and/or subject matter ideas and we will get started! I work first come first serve and usually allow 1 week to paint and dry. I will let you know when you can expect your painting to be ready!

These two paintings were created for decor for my bathroom from the rug that is below.  You can send me a photo of a rug or curtains or, or, or...and I can create a slice for you that goes in that room! FUN!

Click on the paintings below to see them in my website...


detail of "Magnolias"

"Moose Eyes"

"Aspen Travels"

FINAL NOTE: If you have a preference on what goes below your slice of life painting subject let me know. The current choices are: #1. small beads or stones like "Cupcake Parade" or design from rug for decor. #2. wrapped dowel as in "Moose Eyes" or "Aspen Dreams", #3. word or phrase as in "Color Gives Us Clarity", or #4. a pencil sketch as in "Magnolias". Let me know, otherwise I will add what seems to go with the painting from my own artistic view. HAPPY CREATING!

Let's get started!


Sunday, March 20, 2016


This fun aspen painting is a re-work that I was just never happy with. As you know, most artists that
have something on their wall will eventually find something that bugs them and work on it some more...that's why I always tell my collectors if you see something you like you best get it or I'll re-work it! lol...HOWEVER, I believe it usually makes it in this case I think.  Below you see the original version.  It had lots of texture on the left side, but honestly, unless you were pretty close you didn't notice it...that always bugged me, so I added a bit of paper and a tad more oil with some texture pattern here and there and I believe it works so much better.  I'm laughing as the two colors of background are merely the way the light was when I photographed it. Let's see if I can describe the color...well, it is a lightish or tinted version of turquoise with a hint of ultramarine thrown in here and there as a, the one up top seems closest on MY monitor, but every monitor is different...perhaps a touch more take my word for works! lol
 IF you have followed me for very long you may notice that all of a sudden the Galloway has dropped off of much of my on line website address is NOW  My new ETSY address is  NO, I still have my wonderful hubby...we are STILL and always will be together...I'm just simplifying is all.  This will take some time, but I felt it important.  SO, take a gander at my It is still in process, but I've cleaned it up and simplified some things...and I will be announcing some contests and on line projects in the near future through my newsletter on my website, so if you have not yet signed up, hop over to my website and sign up! FUN DOINS!


Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Yes, I had another moose in me for the moment.  Had to paint "Little M's" daddy! lol.  I'm gonna say that the background is a little more turquoisey than what I see on my screen.  It's like a very light bluish turquoise with hints of fun apple green showing through here and there...and his body is a little darker.  I'm way frustrated with my photographs of late, but I work hard at it...just need to work harder.  I KNOW that everyone's monitor will show color a little differently, so it may be an act of futility! lol  I DO like how the color shows up against the black in my website, so hop over and take a look.  This time I painted the same color on the sides as you can see here.  

I am working on another on line project and a give away to get the ball rolling with the new look of my website and my new, more simplified name...I dropped the Galloway.  NO, I did NOT drop my sweet hubby, it's just my domain was WAY TOO LONG!  I will be much simpler to just remember  So, no biggie, but I am happier with the extra weight dropped...and happier still that it did NOT include my hubby; who by the way was way on board with the change!  He's a keeper!

SO, stay tuned for the announcement of the give away and new on line project!  


Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I'm on somewhat of a moose kick lately...having fun with it...and I think I have more to come.  I find the moose such an interesting animal.  This moose kid isn't all that old...he's still getting his "sea" legs if you will, but we know he will grow to a large and powerful animal.  I painted "Little M" over a textured canvas including the sides.  The .75" depth allows for hanging as is, or framing, so it is a win win!

I've also been having fun with other creative ventures, such as this pine beetle kill slice of wood that I made into an occasional table with a hairpin base I found at a thrift store...such fun doins  I say!
 AND, last week was my precious grand daughter, Gracyn's 1st birthday!  I can't believe she is one already...I was on my way to Omaha to help them all celebrate, but car trouble brought me back home, and I missed this precious event!  sigh...however I do have this sweet little pic with part of her birthday Minnie Mouse outfit on...what a dolly!
So, on to more fun things to paint...including another moose for sure, and a few more "slice" paintings!


Monday, March 7, 2016


6"x6" oil on textured panel
Private Collection
Last time I was in Texas my wonderful sister in law gave me the most beautiful hair experience...cut and color...I felt wonderful!  SO, to say thank you I painted her pup for her...You just can't do enough for a person that fixes your hair!  Bentley is the dog that was viciously attacked by a pit bull mix dog and almost killed...along with my, we are so happy to say he made it through!

I've been really busy the past few months with lots of things...the slice paintings, the affirmation sticks, and then there is working on things for my wonderful family in Nebraska...

My daughter asked for aprons for her birthday...matching ones for her and sweet baby Gracyn for when she wants to cook with momma.  SO, I got busy, got patterns, fabric and was FUN!  HOWEVER, I will never gripe about prices of aprons in the world just isn't as inexpensive as it used to be to sew.  I am not sorry, because I enjoyed the end results.  I intended to do two sets, but ran across the fabric in the aprons below and fell in love!
 She asked for grey, red, yellow, grey...those colors...the above was my idea of the red/grey...
Next came the grey/yellow/black...the buttons have a G on them for Grimes...well, actually miss Gracyn's is for Gracyn Grimes!

I loved this pattern for it's simplicity, and got a surprise when sewing as the sides are actually casings for the neck and's all one long piece so the neck can be adjusted!  COOL!  I also loved the God phrases on this fabric...I just HAD to do this one too!
SO, busy days in my studio...and NOW another moose...coming soon!


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