Monday, February 28, 2011

WORKING HARD!...Baby Animals to date...© Saundra Lane Galloway

Yep, I've been at it for a bit...the baby animals are coming along...Along with the babies I've finished a bamboo forest complete with ladybugs...FUN... 
The next challenge is a baby is errand day and catch up he's just begun...I've increased the contrast so you can see drawing and underpainting...tomorrow he should be finished!!  PS...they all pretty much look crazy like this in the beginning...makes the end result so much more fun!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Acorn Duo" original mixed media acorn painting © Saundra Lane Galloway

"Acorn Duo"
6" x 11" on panel with 1 3/4" cradled sides (left natural or can be stained at no extra cost)
$165 includes shipping in the US
for photos of sides or for shipping info for International sales please contact me at
to see my other work please visit my website at

I have found that I enjoy painting acorns...go figure; all things tree; It really MUST be true! HA.  This was painted as a companion to Acorn Trio, but I am putting the trio in the CORE gallery in Denver, and this little one is too wet to they have to live apart for a time.  I think it will be fine! HA.  As I got some pieces ready for the CORE and took a piece down to the ART STUDENT'S LEAGUE for their breakthrough show it dawned on me that I'm a bit spread here is where my work is hanging...
LUNA'S MANDALA - an adorable shop in Conifer (always try to support your area with the arts!)
JEFFO SHERRIF'S OFFICE SOUTH - this one cracks me up...I have 8 pieces hanging in their interrogation room...or conference room...I mean who would buy art there??  I think of it as a public service!  They are awesome!
DEER CREEK GOLF COURSE - a regular venue for Ken Caryl Art Guild
CIAO BELLA DAY SPA - a regular venue for Ken Caryl Art Guild
MADDEN MUSEUM - This is Colorado show - Through Heritage Fine Art Guild I believe
ART STUDENT'S LEAGUE - their Breakthrough show - I'm a member
BRUSHSTROKES GALLERY in Denver - in May- 1st art show for Artists of Colorado
CORE GALLERY in Denver - for Ken Caryl Art Guild
SOUTHWEST ART MAGAZINE in May - part of a Contemporary Fine Art International's going to be gorgeous...OH...and I do still have my workshop in the current

WHEW...I think I'm spread a little thin...but I still have artwork hanging in my house...THAT makes me feel good...guess I've been busy this year! Hey, thanks for letting me brazenly hang out there in front of you!

The moral of the story is...stay busy and you too can be hanging at a Sherrif's office! HA Speaking of busy...I'm off to work on an example painting of my cake top for my new venture! Stay tuned for that's going to be a challenge as the only pic I have is BLURRY!   Hop over to my newest blog Wedding Cake Top Paintings!  FUN! And, remember if anyone has a wedding cake top pic to share with me so I can paint some examples I'd be SO happy! 


Friday, February 25, 2011

A New Venture...from an old idea!

"Grimes Wedding Cake Top"
6" x 6" on cradled panel
Well, I've started something new and wanted to share it here first.  When my beautiful Michelle married the handsome, hard working, wonderful Damon I painted their cake tops as a gift.  Damon's is the chocolate cake with Oreos and STRAWBERRIES...YUMMM.  I tasted them both and they were delicious...and they were so pretty that I wanted to paint them...To this day (a mere 3+ years later) they are still hanging in their kitchen and they still love them...

SO, thinking of ways to personalize art for some people who may want something extra special to give or receive for a wedding gift I started my own venture on a blog...WEDDING CAKE TOP PAINTED "PORTRAITS"

I've titled it "Saundra Lane Galloway's Cake Top Paintings" for lack of a better way to phrase it and you can find it at this url:  

I actually like cake top portraits best...thus the URL...but I didn't want anyone to get confused that they were photos...Hop over to see the beginnings of this venture...It's still in it's be patient with me...AND...if anyone knows of a catchy way for me to get the word portrait in there in conjunction with wedding cake top...that would be awesome...HA  I will be painting examples in the coming days...I think I'll switch to oil for these...I'll offer both as acrylic has a bit more of a graphic vibe...but oil...ooohhh buttery and easy to blend...more painterly...SO I'M ASKING...

PS...I think these photos aren't the exact ones I used, but you get the idea...:)  The main point is I have to be able to see it a cake top from across the room wouldn't do it for my old eyes! :) (wow aren't I picky!)

I have another venture that will be coming that was born from ideas I've had for years...but one thing...or three a time! HA


Thursday, February 24, 2011

STEP 2 in the Acorn piece process © Saundra Lane Galloway

I wonder if I can copyright my process...ha...I just noticed that I automatically put the copyright sign up in the title...oh well...I think I'll leave it there!
OK, so I've increased the contrast so you can see the drawing over the paper streams I added in step two of this process.  I will be painting this in oil.  The reference photo is merely a guide I use...sometimes I like it just the way it is, but as you will see in the finished piece I simplify my visual information to make it the composition I want.  I'm still deciding if I want a third little acorn in it or not...FUN!

The first acorn painting..."Acorn Trio" will be living at the CORE gallery on 9th and Santa Fe for the next couple of months...I suspect the reception will be the First Friday in March...but stay tuned for more information to go see it and a couple of other pieces in person!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Beginning...PROCESS! and an opportunity!

As I like to do from time to time I want to show process.  This is to be a companion piece to my Acorn Trio from a few weeks ago. Another oak branch with acorns.  I found that I absolutely LOVED painting acorns. It is said that carrying an acorn prevents illness, increases immortality and preserves it!

I've increased the contrast in this photo so you can see the use of the oak leaf stamps that I made.  I like using these stamps in this piece as they will add a bit of depth when I paint the subject matter in oil.

My next step will be choosing and applying papers for added color and interest.  The challenge when I do this is to make sure my papers do not interfere with the subject, but add just a little excitement as a secondary focus.

My next piece will be another for that grandbaby that I already love like crazy!  A baby chimp.  All in all there will be 9 baby animal portraits.  I'm having a ball!...I think we also have a baby impala, cheetah, and even an ostrich in the mix!  YEA!

My involvement in the Artists of Colorado website which is associated with Contemporary Fine Art International is growing.  Not only do these sites increase exposure, they afford opportunities for advertising in magazines such as Southwest Art and American Art Collector at HUGE discounts...AND, with different levels you can come in at there will be offered workshops to improve your work.  How great is that!  I will be teaching workshops on subjects like "Improving your work through Value", "Drawing", Learning how to improve your work through composition...and more for AOC!...So, if anyone in Colorado is interested in learning more about these wonderful opportunities just leave a comment with your contact info or e-mail me at  ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Baby Elephant" original oil elephant portrait © Saundra Lane Galloway

"Baby Elephant"
6" x 6" oil on cradled panel
FOR MY GRANDBABY...BUT...You can purchase a print at my 

I am having SO much fun painting baby safari animals for my future grandchild's nursery!  This little baby elephant was a combo from several pics one of which was sent to me by my blogger friend Liz Pearson...thanks LIZ!

I know I have yet to do a baby...chimp...zebra...tiger...and then we have to come up with two more for a count of nine!  WHEW...lots of work, but I'm getting such a kick out of it!

No time to gab today...I'm planning my next something as we speak!!  YEA CREATIVITY!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

"Single Red" original oil © Saundra Lane Galloway

"Single Red"
original oil 4"x4"
$30 includes shipping in US
to visit my website:
I'm actually hoping to do a little something more to this to give it more presence on a wall, but if someone just HAD to have it before I do...that would be ok too...HA.  It will have a backwards cradle like I posted the sunflower the other day...BUT, I just had to put this up today because my lovely daughter told me my grandbaby is as big as an apple today...YEA!  He/She is growing and growing...Tomorrow I'm painting him or her a baby stay tuned!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

"Bamboo Forest" original contemporary mixed media landscape with bamboo © Saunda Lane Galloway

"Bamboo Forest"
4" x 25" mixed media (acrylic and paper) on 1 3/4" cradled panel

I finally found the moments to finish this bamboo forest for my beautiful little grandbaby's nursery.  I've been working on this for a while, off and on, in between other projects.  It took a little while to totally figure out how I wanted to paint the bamboo, but finally found my way.

All that green...whew...I was getting a little lost and then found the answer to bring more contrast...LADYBUGS!  For a baby's room, perfect!  That was a blast finding places to let them crawl about...So whimsical!  FUN!

I've included some detail photos for you to get into the middle of this little forest to see what is going will see...stamping for one..
I made three stamps to use as background before I laid in my foreground bamboo.  My daughter saw the beginning and was worried that the paper stream I put in was pink...I had another friend on her monitor see it as pink...I assure you it is a maroon...sort of deep maroon...that made my daughter feel better as she doesn't know the sex yet...WHEW...Now I'm curious as to who sees it as it is on my monitor which is maroon, and who sees it as pink...

NEXT BABY PAINTING:  a baby elephant! FUN!


Thursday, February 17, 2011


OK, so yesterday's venting is over!  I SO appreciate all the responses I got, the positive thoughts coming my way, those who were experiencing or have experienced similar days saying "I know what you are going through"...all of that!  THANK YOU!  I feel great today!  So, onward and upward!

I have these mini's as those of you who've followed me for long know.  I used to give them away in contests, and I may do it again from time to time, but I have long wanted to find a way that fit ME to give them a little larger presence.  SO, I am playing with ideas. 

I made this cradle and turned it upside down and am using it as a shadow box for my smaller works...I am playing in my mind with different ways to incorporate my mixed media vision...but wanted to show you the beginning mind is's exciting...and, while I'm soaring I truly AM working on the bamboo piece I've let sit for too know, the piece I am doing for my little grandbaby that will be here in August!...gotta get busy folks!

HAPPY CREATING and welcome to my newest followers!  You ARE appreciated!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Pine Cone on a Doily" original acrylic on 1" cradled panel © Saundra Lane Galloway AND A PLEA!

"Pine Cone on a Doily"
8" x 10" acrylic on purchased 1" brown stain cradle panel
$100 includes shipping in the US
To see what I'm up to NOW please visit my website at

This has been a strange few months for us.  I've been stretching out in new ways with my mixed media work; have had a workshop on my work with paper casts and encaustic published in Cloth Paper Scissors this month, I've taught a workshop or two recently and people have a ball and report they LEARN things; done a few demos for local art guilds, have gotten really involved in Artists of Colorado and Contemporary Fine Art International and have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I am co publisher of a good number of daily blogs (that you can see on my sidebar) , and I paint or create something nearly every single day! WHEW!  It's a lot to keep track of, and I'm glad to do it...but STILL I work hard to find a venue for my particular style of work!  I KNOW, we all are there...or at least the majority of us are there...we work at so many different things and still struggle finding just the right place for what we do!  It gets frustrating!  

I am frustrated and tired these days...but still smiling of course!  I have tons of energy, and tons of things I know how to teach (yep, unabashed promotion of ME) but yet I struggle for places to do what I do, for people to venture out to try some of it!  Yep, we all face this from time to time in life!  

I have a friend who is a gallery owner and I recently asked his opinion.  He gave it, and I was glad.  He said he loves my work, but my website had too much on it...that scares gallery owners...they would be in competition with our website, SO I cleaned up my website to reflect mostly my new work...I've done all I know to do!  So, WHERE is that place for our work...where do we showcase the work we have honed into something quality...but it is specific...aaarrrggghhh! 

I paid for membership in Art Students League so I could do the Summer Art Market; even stood for three hours in the rain last year to volunteer...but I now learn that unless I took classes I may not even be able to pay THEM money to be in that this summer...I'd have loved to take classes, but the money just wasn't there this year...aaarrrggghhh again!

I was going to apologize for my venting, but I decided not to today...I just want to get it out share frustrations with you all!  I don't do it often, but I just felt led to do it today! sigh...(an apology is right on the tip of my tongue, but NO! :)

Recently my husband lost his job; through no fault of his own...the big mother company was doing badly so they got rid of over 500 people just like that...they are in trouble, so they let go all those who made a bit too much...restructuring, re-doing...trying to save their corporate butts...sigh...I'm sure he will land on his feet...he is talented and has lots of contacts, but still...aaarrrggghhh!

My father has Leukemia and Parkinson's disease and my mom is a trooper, but still I need to be there for them...My daughter is having her first baby and I'd like to do more with her, but life gets a little harried and money is tight, so I have to do what I know (paint for her) and just try to be positive and happy with her...which isn't hard to do cuz I AM so happy about that!

In short (which I see is really LONG) I've tried all I know to do what I can and still I am lacking in that all too critical proper marketing.  I try just about everything people suggest, but still I am missing the mark. NOT on producing quality work born from my 35+ years working and learning and experimenting...that I've got and enjoy...but finding that right way to put it out there! 

It is why I try to bring people together so a group we can all find better avenues...but we get comfortable and busy in our separate lives and it is hard to remember when the struggling was on our plate.  I am calling for all of you out there; where ever you are; to find ways to band bring a united  front to this strange world we find ourselves in these days...Help someone you know by offering your expertise, by sharing, by finding ways to meet together to work together on a regular basis...We all need each other...well, some of us do...IF you have made it...share that knowledge, that WON'T take away from the value of what you do and have accomplished!

As artists I just don't understand WHY we get so paranoid that IF we share a photo someone will take something from us; IF we share knowledge we won't be valued anymore...Come on everyone...EACH of us has a way of working...If we ALL worked off of the SAME photo there would be THAT MANY different interpretations...It's FUN to see the differences...IMAGINE if we all got together and much FUN it would be! I've done it here on this blog...I've proven that we all have our own unique value!

I'm going to try again...AGAIN!  I'm going to find a place and offer my knowledge in the form of workshops and TRY AGAIN to get people to come and learn and play and have fun together...I love to create, but I NEED to teach and help others learn something that will make them feel good too!  I'm going to offer my services again (for a fair price of course tee hee, we are jobless remember? )and see what will happen.  And, knowing me, if THAT fails too, I'll try again!  Watch here for times and dates and such...If you are anywhere near me, try something is FUN to work together! 

Now as a way to offer a little beauty to offset the ugly reality of the struggle as artists here are yet some more photos of my Valentine Tulips...and YES, you are welcome to work from any photo I share! :)

Happy Creating and Happy finding ways to help and work together!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Baby Leo" original oil on panel with texture © Saundra Lane Galloway

"Baby Leo"
6x6" oil on panel with texture

Another contribution to the collection for my grandbaby to be I just had to share!  For those of you who may have missed it, I'm to be a grandmother for the first time and my wonderful daughter and son-in-law asked me to paint baby safari animals for the baby's wall!  I am so honored to be able to do this!  Plus, it is great fun to push the oil around from time to time!  For this I did an underpainting of red for the background and purple for little leo which you can see here and there.  I also love to put a bit of texture to the panel just to add that little extra something! FUN!  I have a baby elephant, zebra and chimp to add to the mix when the mood strikes me! YEA!

Valentines Day was fun with hubby dear.  We went to Chili's at my request because I just had to have some of their molten chocolate cake...YUMMM...I am happy to report I received some beautiful white and red tulips that I had to photograph to share!  Fun was had by all!


Monday, February 14, 2011

PAPER CAST VALENTINE original paper cast valentine with stamping © Saundra Lane Galloway

 Happy Valentines Day my Husband!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ALL!  Today was a project that has been on my mind for awhile.  This is a first.  Simple really...using one of my handmade paper casts I stamp!  I had my husband in mind on this one...sort of manly but not!  For those of you who may be making your own Valentines I found a fun and simple tutorial for making envelopes from a blog I found called the "Spotted Sparrow"...the author's name is Julia!  THANK YOU JULIA!!

 "Cactus Crowd"
8" x 8" on panel with 1 3/4" cradle sides left natural (buyer's choice to leave it such or have it stained at no extra cost)
$100 includes shipping in the US
for any other inquires or pics of the sides please contact me at
I also am re posting my "Cactus Crowd" which I reworked just a tiny bit by adding my paper stream.  No one has asked my why I do this...but I'm gonna tell you anyway...I LOVE THE COLOR AND IMPLIED AND REAL TEXTURE THAT PAPER ADDS!...I also love to find other ways to add interest.  I liked Cactus Crowd like it was, but I LOVE it now!, it's just cuz I want to...:)  For your hopeful inspiration and enjoyment! if anyone wants to purchase these happy little cactus's there is a buy now button at the bottom!  PS...I've photographed this numerous times and STILL the color doesn't come out's much deeper than I think the pic shows...sigh...


Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Peeking Out" original contemporary wildlife bird painting © Saundra Lane Galloway

"Peeking Out"
6" x 6" acrylic and paper mixed media on 1" cradle with stained sides
$65 includes shipping in the US
for photos of the sides or information on international sales please contact me at
to see more of my work you can visit my website at

A fun reworked piece that I first posted in November of 2009.  I added the streams of paper to fit more with my new vision! 

OK, it's official...I have another mountain lion stalking me! WHEW!  For those of you who are new, two years ago I had a mountain lion after me...according to my African hunter neighbor he liked my pheromone scent. He circled and circled my house...I saw muddy paw prints on my window!...sheesh...and here we go again!  I'll keep you tuned in, unless he gets me, in which case I HAVE HAD A BLAST with you all! tee hee...(ps...this is NOT a pic of him...just showin ya what's after me...AGAIN!)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Bow Down" original mixed media sunflower painting © Saundra Lane Galloway

"Bow Down"
mixed media; papers and acrylic
9"x 6" on panel with 1 3/4" green stained cradle sides
$90 shipping included

I KNOW I said I would be finishing the bamboo piece next, but the patent commission is taking WAY longer than I had anticipated.  As with all things the client found he needed other things and has added to his original intent.  This is OK, and is typical...however I was going a little crazy just working in black and white graphic drawings so woke this morning; grabbed an earlier piece that was only painted and added some more COLOR!  Whew...I feel better just dabbling for 10 minutes in color...I have been considering adding to my earlier work where it was appropriate to fit with my new vision, and this piece was SCREAMING for just that!  Bow Down can be seen on my website by clicking HERE, or you can scroll to the bottom to just click the "buy now" button if you are in a hurry! :)  

I am getting a bit weary of snow...even though we haven't had all that much this winter...but I got so excited to see this punch of color at the base of one of my beautiful pines in the backyard I had to snap a pic!
AND, we haven't gotten a TON of snow, but we have gotten enough for the snowblower to come out...I got another laugh out of my dear hubby after one of these activities the other day...SMILE HONEY...YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stylized Batik Tree Pillow © Saundra Lane Galloway

 Batik Stylized Pine Pillow
Original design by the artist
If you like this I can do work on commission basis...
Contact me at for more information!

STILL working on the patent sharing a little something that, though this one is no longer available..., I can do commission work in batik.  This is a fun 10x10" pillow.  I bet you never thought about all the different things I can do if requested!  Yep, I make all sorts of things...This is just an example!  FUN!! 

Now back to work!  Coming up next is the bamboo piece I started in the workshop last week!  Stay tuned!!

Happy Creating!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Best Friends" original watercolor © Saundra Lane Galloway

 Forgive the pic...I think I took this through the colors are much more vibrant in person! lol

I originally posted this painting about two years ago.  But, as I'm working on a commission for a person who has invented something and has a patent on it and I can't share that for legal reasons, AND because my dad has been on my mind a LOT the past few months I wanted to post it again!  My dad is an awesome man.  A gentle, but strong giant (stands over 6' 4" tall) who has Leukemia and was JUST diagnosed with Parkinsons disease as well STILL works as an attorney; assistant to the attorney general in the state where they live.  He could have retired years ago, but kept on to help me pay for my beautiful daughter's wedding (the little one in the painting).  He STILL goes to work every day and I hear is called the "wise one" as he is JUST that!  They all come to him...and I'm bragging more now, but in his career only lost two cases!  He works right now as a liaison for the attorney general's office to help kids that get into trouble as well as help the attny generals office when they get into scrapes!  AWESOME DAD!  My mom is an incredible woman as well...she has worked tirelessly making sure his diet and all he needs to stay strong are in place...and it has helped markedly!  I love them both like crazy...Just a tribute to you dad...and to his beautiful helpmeet and partner in mom! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

WORKSHOP SUCCESS! and Bamboo Beginning...

Well, two VERY jam packed and crazy fun days later and our workshop at the Aar River Gallery is concluded!  It was SO full of fun and work and new information I came away without one pic of student work!  Aaarrrggghhh!  I was promised, however that my students would send me their work...YEA!

We all had great fun...and it was reported to me that they loved it and LEARNED and were INSPIRED...two VERY important things to me when I teach workshops!

I almost wanted to say sorry I worked them so hard, but these pics of some of my students have smiles and happy countenances, so perhaps I wasn't the slave driver I feared I was!

In just two short days we learned a lot about the different products for collage; working mixed media; that are out there and how they work best.  We made forms for paper casts, paper casts, paper, created wax collage paintings and what we laughingly called "regular" collage paintings as well.  We made our own stamps and used them in our work...It was great!  Thanks girls for putting up with me!

So, now it is back to work on my own things.  I promised the class that I would post my demo's as I finished this is a beginning.  I'm working on a bamboo piece for my little grandchild to be's nursery...Still deciding how I want to approach the actual subject matter...I've started...but may change my mind as to what medium I will use.  This painting is 4" x 25" and I've used my 1 3/4" poplar cradle for it.  This is merely a section as I wade through this different subject matter for me!

Happy Creating!!

© Saundra Lane Fine Art

All rights reserved. All work created is protected under copyright law and must not be reproduced without express permission of Saundra Lane Galloway


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