Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thinking OUTSIDE the box; again; still...

I've talked about personal choices as an artist on my blog, I've talked about my difficulties in choosing one type of work that is truly recognizable to just me, I've talked about thinking outside the box and doing things to "clean my artistic pallet". Every so often I return to that discussion with myself, and sometimes I bring it to this venue. STILL I am having difficulty thinking of giving something up so I could concentrate on one avenue of work that is truly recognizable. The more I think about it, the more I want to try to think outside the box to try to figure a way to NOT have to do that for myself.

For many of you I've seen that you have arrived! I am SO thrilled with you and your work. There are SO many artists who are entirely recognizable and who are finding a measure of success in your work; because you ARE doing work that is truly recognizable, and you are selling. YIPEE! I just wonder at those who love so many different things that they are like me...hmmm...I'm back to either picking ONE type of work...or challenging the system (which is characteristic of me if it is near to my heart), or thinking outside the box to try to find a way to do it through some back door...I may fail at the success thing; that is yet to be made known to me.

As a way to visually demonstrate I've posted a couple of pics of a wind chime I made during a workshop I taught at a local gallery on wind chimes and mobiles. If you look closely, the objects that make up this wind chime are not ones that are typically used in a wind chime. The tiny wreath, the wooden beads, the horn shaped metal thingys that I found in a little shop somewhere...I LOVE this wind chime. It makes an interesting sound when the wind blows, but mostly because I was thinking outside the box when I chose the objects. Thinking like that is a must for us all as you all know...We all do it differently, but in a way we don't. We are stretching our minds, almost stretching the borders of regular sight to imagine a composition. For me that is a very exciting event.

I think of artists like Jane Hunt who creates these wonderful vignettes of nature in her very RECOGNIZABLE style that is truly her own, and very much a product of her thinking outside of the box. She sells, she has a large following, to me she is a picture of one who has made it in the art world. Her thinking outside her box resulted in a recognizable body of work. Plus she works HARD at it. She has a gift for marketing. In fact she is part of a studio tour in Boulder starting this weekend. Click over to her blog to read about it.

I also think of another artist, Carol Nelson, who has created TWO types of recognizable work. She paints in oils subject matter that is recognizable and vibrant, and in the past couple of years has developed a second body of work; abstract, that is also very recognizable. Her work, her marketing, her vision of what the public wants is also a product of thinking outside her box. Her work(s) are also beautiful. I am constantly amazed at what she can do with materials and subject matter. There are many others of you that I could say the same about, but to keep this on one screen I will stop. I believe I've made my point. I think I have.

So, for today, for me, I continue to think outside of my box. My challenge is to continue to create work that speaks to me, in the medium that speaks to me, and to change the way I present them somehow, so that I can possibly bring collectors to my various "collections" or different bodies of work. Will I be successful in this? I can't say, but my spirit cannot be stilled, so I will try until I reach some sort of conclusion. Until then? Well, I suppose that is why I am subbing! That and the fact that I find incredible inspiration in the young artist minds of these kids. I hope I bring them happy sub days, and some knowledge I may have to share, because they certainly make my current choice a win, win.

PS...welcome to my newest follower...that makes us only one away from the next thank you for following give-away!! YIPEE for me!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Further along...a little, and some future inspiration

WHEW...this painting is a bear for me I'll have to admit! Again...the lines, the perspective...WHEW I say again! I suppose if I was a football fan, if I was a linear perspective fan (I KNOW...I'm harping), perhaps it would have been a breeze...but alas...not so for me! I find the challenge a good thing...but I find the time it is taking me to get to a finish line (or shall we say a goal post) is disheartening. I've done a couple little bitties to break things up, which has helped, but I don't like to leave a piece undone for long, so I struggled today with this. The photo is as bad as the light was...but it not being finished that is ok...isn't it?? :)

You might have to blow this up to see the things I did today...mainly block in the Nebraska at the bottom of the field. When I adapted this pic from my son-in-law the canvas was a bit of a different shape, so I had to accommodate and change the perspective a bit. This shows in the words...but I had to be true to the drawing on my canvas, so it will have to do!!

To get the perspective correct I had to lay the canvas down on a L O N G piece of butcher paper and find the vanishing point and draw my lines to that. When it comes to the field I will use this again to get the sections of field accurate to my piece.

I'm actually looking forward to finishing up the crowd...especially the ones close-up...the only hindrance is all the black and red!! Not my favorite color combo..(sorry Damon!) (Oh, I hope you don't see this in is a present you know!) but it IS Nebraska, so I will be true to the fans that were out there that night!

This is probably the last pic I will post in process. I don't THINK I'm THAT far from the goal post...tee hee (had to use that pun twice). Thanks for all the cheering on as I go through this very foreign subject matter!! You are all great!! give me some inspiration for the future I snapped this pic of a far mountain meadow I can see from my front deck...Perhaps it will be next...YIPEE...back to the nature I LOVE so much!!

Happy Painting to you all!! And...WELCOME to my newest follower...I hope you are up on the contest...:) Only a few to go!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

It's THAT time of year...

This pot was part of a workshop I taught a year ago on different things you could do with clay pots...The first was the most obvious...paint it...we went from there...creatures, bird baths...etc.
I don't know what this vine is called, but every year it goes from green to this glorious red!
Of course you knew I couldn't resist the aspen! My hubby comes home today...when he left they were green...he's in for a treat!!

Yep, It is that certain time of year that is supposed to be fall...but with the beautiful Indian Summer it is sometimes fallish...sometimes summerish...So, while I am knee deep in the Memorial Stadium painting (yikes...all those people...) (and, NO I'm not painting them individually)...:) I thought I would post some inspiration!

This is a fun, but odd time of year for me...I have a closet only big enough for one season, so this time of year I have tubs of clothes from winter...summer clothes in the closet (NOW with a couple sweaters too)...trying to slowing change out...It feels disorganized! IS!

I got to thinking how I sort of carry that feeling over to my paintings; well, a little bit. I want to paint flowers when it is warm...aspen when it feels chilly, and snow when it...well...snows! I have sunflowers on my table still...AND I have beautiful changes in leaves, here is my little mixed "closet" of inspiration for you...Some summer, and definitely some fall!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

"September Sunrise" "completed"...and night activities...

When I got up this morning I put a few minor changes to this little 4x4 (that is part of our contest give-away). Yesterday it had some texture to the clouds, but since there was really no texture in another part of the piece I took it out and added a bit of sun flecks to the tops of some of the trees, and played with the clouds a bit to have them match the piece. I sanded it a bit yesterday. Sometimes I wonder if I don't just give myself a reason to sand...I like roughing things up sometimes if I am not working in collage. Call me Saundra...cuz that's just me I guess...Now, it is off to find some zippers to finish those bags I was telling you about...and back to Damon's Memorial Stadium at some point.

SO, I freaked myself out last night. My husband went to see his son for the weekend and I drove him to the airport so I could spend a couple extra hours with him. That put me home after dark. Before I go further I have to explain that I have a VERY vivid imagination! All I have to do is think a thing and I can make it (in my mind) as if it really happened. WHEW (don't know if it is a super power or a nutso thing!)...I am quite aware it isn't real, but my imagination is so strong as I replay it in my mind it is LIKE it was real! SO...on the way up the mountain I thought to myself "What if a mountain lion was waiting by my back door?" (remember stuff happens to me when my hubby is out of town) That made it a spooky walk from the garage...but of course, no mountain lion.

Things were fine until about midnight. I had watched all the new shows and had fallen asleep all happy with myself (probably partly due to the fact I'd snacked on a little of everything) (and partly because there was NO mountain lion).

I hadn't been asleep more than a few minutes when I jolted awake POSITIVE there was a noise. In my mind it sounded just like the back door shutting loudly. I laid there for a couple minutes, my heart beating so loudly I couldn't hear any possible murderer/bear/mountain lion/ghost footfalls (is that even a word?). I FINALLY got up and tip toed to the top of the stairs and peered over the banister to see what I might see. Nothing...SO I creep downstairs one flight of stairs to the kitchen level to get a BIG knife and...DRAT...peanut butter sandwich pops in my head...Here I am, my heart beating in my ears and I'm making a peanut butter sandwich!

I decide NOT to go to the lower level to see if the murderer/bear/mountain lion/ghost is down there, so I just sneak back upstairs with my sandwich and BIG knife and to bed. By then I am WIDE awake, so I eat my sandwich and turn on the tv, again, avoiding shows that have words in the title like "scariest, maniac, dead, killer or Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (well...Texas is OK). I finally settled on one of the Klump movies...

Yep, I'm still murderer/bear/mountain lion/ghost. At least for LAST night...I still have two more nights to go...Sheesh!

Happy Painting to you all!! Hey...we only need 3 more followers!! I'm itchin to give away another thank you!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

September Sunrise

I had to do a little quickie this morning before I'm off to teach. It is a little rough around the edges, but at least I got to paint a bit. I absolutely LOVE the sunrises here on the mountain! I've got a big file of all of last years' sunrises, and am starting one for this year. I started painting before the sun came up, so my light wasn't the best...(sounds a bit like the kid that didn't catch a baseball and said it was because the sun was in his eyes!)...I noticed in the pic I have some rough areas...So, perhaps I will sand it a bit and play some more on it when I get home...:)

I worked a bit more on Memorial Stadium last night, but it isn't enough to post another pic it is still in process.

Today I take hubby dear to the airport to fly off to Minnesota to see his son for the weekend. I thought about going, but this dirty house and some sewing I need to do is calling LOUDLY! I told my sweetie last night that I really have about 3 or 4 jobs now...Painting, house stuff, teaching, and the church bulletin I took on. Sounds really good huh?! It isn't all THAT bad, but it does take a little juggling...and I've learned...the things we love, or the things we do for those we love...usually get done! So, I'm not worried.

Happy Painting to you all!! And...oh yes...welcome to my newest follower...and HEY...we only have 3 to go before the next give-away...I'm ready!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Memorial Stadium in process...still...:)

Today I was able to give about 30 whole minutes to actually painting. Anyone else out there that has this little glitch in their art careers? I'm laughing, because I know we ALL have this in life! It's fun to write blogs and paint and post...I LOVE IT! BUT, we also have lives and messy houses and cooking and shopping and doctor visits and, and, and!

Today I was expecting to wake up to 16" of snow as we were told last night before we went to bed...I even turned down a teaching job because I assumed that we would be digging out all day. I woke up to NO SNOW! Yipee..., first of all...and then...I turn on the news and all they say is the storm moved. OK...the tone of the day changes. I pack up my little promotional materials for some high schools I have targeted to sub at and drive them down to town. At least I should do SOMETHING about making money while I strive to work as an artist. :)

By the time I got home I had a few minutes to paint before taking care of other life stuff. I learned that the stadium I am painting is called Memorial Stadium. Glad to have a name. Today I continued laying in color in glaze form; building in dark areas, and colors and experimenting with laying in crowds from afar. Remember this is STILL in its early stages, so it will change (hopefully) as the layers are added. For those of you who have just started painting or just want a reminder...It is good to cover the canvas as soon as possible. This is so you can judge colors accurately that are next to each other, and it is good mentally to work this way...not getting stuck on any one area. It is a good way to keep from being too invested in one area. Think about the painting as a darks and lights and shapes.

I often just lay in color all at once, but for a couple of reasons I am working at first with glazes of color, one layer at a time. First of all this is a subject that does not come easily to me, so it is easier to work one layer at a time over the largest areas and I am having to work several days which means I have to commit a little at a time. Secondly, there are about a million (more or less) people in this and tons of lines that must be at least fairly accurately represented, so layers of glaze seem the best way to approach this piece. I' m sure if I did football fields on a regular basis I might approach it in a different way.

So, here she is so far...don't know if I am teaching tomorrow or getting up to, hopefully the progress will continue on a consistent basis. Until then...HAPPY PAINTING!

And...I intended to photo my sweet anniversary ring from my husband...but it was a little too tight so it is in the store getting re sized...Can't wait til Friday when I can pick it up and then I will share...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and other important things...

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary! Even though Jerry and I hold probably the world's record for years dating (over 15), we are still newlyweds! We met when our kiddos were little, and to be honest, I kept moving away! I think most of our dating years were long distance...I moved to Nebraska to finish college, I moved to Oklahoma to be near my parents, I moved to Texas to finish raising my kids...and THEN I came back home to Denver, and THEN we had time to date close-up! So, we are old friends, new marrieds, and in LOVE! Happy Day!! My wonderful hubby brought home my FAVORITE flowers...YEP...SUNFLOWERS! It means a WHOLE lot especially since we have a few inches of snow outside, so I know the time to have them is limited. Tonight we are stopping by Helzburg to pick up my newest piece of jewelry my husband is spoiling me with. Years ago I lost a beloved pinky ring, so we went to find something else that would mean something...I picked a sweet little double heart ring that I will be thrilled to show you tomorrow. I'd tell you what I got him, but he'd probably tickle me to I suppose you can just wonder. :)

I wanted to show you a pic or two of our deck after yesterday's snow. Just tell me...WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PICTURES!! :)

AND...I had to show you the Nebraska field (I've got to find out its NAME) so far...Not much to look at yet...if you look closely you will see a bunch of LINES...that is what took me awhile to set right...As you know...a painting in such a baby state can change drastically at any time...but I promised to show you the stages...and this is it's baby years...:)LAST but definitely NOT least is my passing along the Kreativ Blogger award list of wonderful artists that you absolutely MUST take a peek at... There are SO many wonderful artists out there it was hard to narrow it they are in no particular order...

Remember the rules for the Kreativ Blogger award is to list 7 things about you (so we can get to know you a bit better) and pick 7 deserving artists to pass it along to. Notify them and link to them from your blog.


1. Krista Hasson has a wonderful blog called "What is Krista painting now?" - Krista's work is just beautiful. She works primarily in watercolor, but also does other things like pastel. Her blog posts are informative, interesting, and shows us step by step work. Very worth a peek!

2. Alisa Burke is quite an inspiration to me. She is a very creative artist that recently quit her job to work full time. Her name might be familiar to you as she has written a book called "Canvas Remix" and sells a lot of her canvas grafitti type work as well as teaches different on line classes. I highly recommend you stop by her site. Alisa Burke - Redefine Creativity.

3. Nancy Merkle is an artist I've been following for quite some time. Her blog, "Painting Small Impressions" is a wonderful mix of small oil paintings of animals, still life, name it. She does beautiful work...Check her out!

4. Ross Lynem is another must see. His watercolors are fresh and interesting and absolutely a delight to see. A fresh take on a timely medium for sure! His site is "Lynem Art".

5. David Patterson is an artist that never fails to inspire me. He is a prolific photographer AND painter. He works in pastel, and I believe I've seen a bit of oil in there as well. You must see his beautiful work and his interesting eye for photography will inspire! Visit him at "Artistic Renderings"

6. Nicole Leigh Smith at "A Bunny a Day" just makes me smile! Her plush animal paintings are a delight to the child in all of us. I just love visiting her site and seeing her composition choices for these little loveys! She has a couple of blogs...follow the links to see all her wonderfully creative pieces!

and number7. the the surprise blog of the list...This is a brand spankin new blog created by a friend of mine Sheri Lineberger Roberts. Her blog is called "Sheri's Showers of Love". Sheri's blog is about her experiences in running a child care business in her home. Sheri is a creative woman of a different sort that all of us painters out there. (She's written a children's book that needs illustrations!!) I want to remind us all that we need to branch out and find other avenues and I think Sheri's blog will be a fun read. Her first post is fun, and the pic is of painters of the shorter kind! Try it out for a little variety! Remember when we first started our blogs? It is always so nice to leave a welcome comment to encourage the budding creative soul!

WHEW...I know it was long...but HAPPY PAINTING TO YOU ALL!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Beggin for Cookies

So, I didn't teach today, which was good because I had SO much to do...but I didn't get as much done on Damon's football least not enough to warrant posting yet. I'm stuck in the stands right now...the part that has a lot of LINEAR perspective...(insert a large sigh here). Yes, I know there are those of you who LOVE linear perspective, and I am SO glad for you...for without you we wouldn't have any buildings or other straight stuff...but for me this is a labor of love...gladly done...but it is taking awhile. Perhaps tomorrow I will be far enough to post SOMETHING of it. :)

BUT, I can't leave you high and dry, and I just had to share my latest little story. Last night we were on the phone with my wonderful son and my hubby was on the back deck. I saw him talking to something that wasn't the phone. SO...I figured it was a creature; and bein a little scared of most of the creatures up here I popped up and went on the front deck to see what he was a talkin to.

It was dark...I didn't really see anything, and I noticed hubby dear come inside, so I turned around to go inside and low and behold I come across this little guy or girl coming toward me. So, I freak out a bit...yes he/she is cute...but COMING at me...:) But, instead of running past him/her and inside I hollered for Jerry to get a piece of bread (I KNOW, I KNOW...not supposed to feed em) and my camera. Well...that went from bread to a cookie. The second pic is this little cutie looking for more...and when he/she didn't get it...HE/SHE BEGGED for another one!! I got the shot, and then scurried inside all tickled with myself for getting a pic to share with you all!! Which is exactly what husband dear said..."I know, you just wanted a picture to post on your blog"...YEP, he was right...So, enjoy this little interlude while I am painting...

Oh yes...he/she did get one more cookie. WHO could resist that little face!! more...I promise...:)

Happy Painting to you all!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Day in the Life

No, I haven't forgotten or abandoned the Nebraska football stadium...just spent a day working on linear perspective (my LEAST favorite part), and got sick of it for a day or so... So, as we were walking up the walk on the way home from church I kept stepping on all these little pine cones and felt a little sad for them, so I picked one up and brought it in to paint it. For me it is like cleaning my pallet before painting something rather complicated for me...

So, this is the day in the life of this little cone...Just a little portrait done on one of my 4x4 boards that I will put in the pot for our give-away contest; which is only a few away from the latest goal of 75. I think I will call this "Little Cone". The light is terrible as it is raining, but for us, for today it will be fine.

I'm also thinking a lot lately about branding. For an artist who wants to sell I've read it is important. I've talked with other artist friends about their brands, and what mine should be...still pondering that one...I do LOVE trees and all things tree...just don't know what to do with those days when I want to paint...OH lemons or something..."All things Tree" just doesn't seem to do it.

So, if anyone has a thought on the matter I'd love to hear about it. Must keep moving upward and onward!

Happy Sunday Painting to you all!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


I am tickled to have received the Kreativ Blogger award from Karen Hargett; a wonderful, inspirational pastel (among other things) artist and new blogger friend! You have to check out Karen's pastels. The depth she achieves is wonderful. I'm particularly partial to her recent sunflower and cone flowers. When you have a over to
Karen Hargett's Fine Art Journal! I especially love her use of scripture to add to our inspiration!

I will be pondering in the coming days and trying to choose seven artists to pass this award on to. It may take me a bit, but I am happy to do it.

Until then, to follow the rules I list seven things about myself. I understand this rule. We share more about us, so the depth in our personalities will enhance what you see of our work. I like here goes

1. EVERYTHING I do I consider God first, and what He would expect of me.
2. I adore my husband.
3. My family is very important to me.
4. I've wanted to be an artist ever since I can remember. I used to enter those magazine contests and they would send responses like "Perhaps you should choose another profession".
5. I don't give up easily on anything if it is worthwhile...thus I didn't listen to those magazine schools.
6. String puppets terrify me!
7. I was stalked by a mountain lion last neighbor had to shoot it to keep it from getting in my house!

So...some the same, some new items for you...tee hee...

Today is all about perspective drawing of the football painting for Damon. I should have included in my list...I am not a big fan of linear perspective! Mainly because I find it hard to sit still long enough to do it...but I will soldier on and accomplish my daily goal. Happy Painting!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A NEW Challenge

This is the second piece I will do...Oh I have MY work cut out for me!!

This is the 18x24" I'm currently beginning.

My wonderful son-in-law asked me to do him a painting or two for Christmas. This was a thrilling request. The highest of honors...and I'm rarin to go! I do NOT paint things from other people's photos unless I have permission if I am going to sell my work. The ONLY exception is if my family has a request and it will not be sold. Damon had some photos he liked of his beloved Nebraska football stadium and players. I don't know much about football I gladly accepted these. We chose a couple from some he had saved, and these are the chosen ones. So...whew...this is the challenge before me! I've started the sketch of the football field; the Nebraska stadium on a 18x24" stretched canvas. I always cringe a bit when there is linear perspective (not my best thing), but I am also excited to try to do something different for me, and of course thrilled to do something that my son-in-law actually requested of me! I'll be showin it at different I go!!

I wanted to sneak in the final version of "Aspen Light" (the name is thanks to a fairly new follower; Karen Hargett) I added a very few highlights here and there, but basically it is the same. Thanks to all of you who gave me ideas for names. I'm a keepin them all for future paintings if that is ok!!

Don't know if I'll be teaching tomorrow or not, so I'll either paint some or teach some...Either way for me, I hope you all have happy days of painting!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Up Front"

"Up Front" is what I call...JUST about finished. I had a few moments to work on it this morning, but had to leave to sub, so I want to look at it a bit before I officially call it finished. This is a 12x9" collage on canvas. The majority of this is painted in acrylic, but of course I applied paper for the aspen itself. I'm thinking when I come back to it later I will be looking at darks and highlights.

Subbing was funny today. I haven't done a high school before today so I'd forgotten how creative the kids are with's was "The teacher always lets us text in class", and "I have to go to the bathroom to wash my hands because I'm allergic to the soap in the classroom". HA. I have found that if I laughingly tell them their stories and reasons are FUN for me, so I think the teacher would love to hear the same I ask them to write their name and the "story" down for her to read tomorrow. Funny how most of them decide working would be best. HA.

Hope you all had a great day of painting!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Today I was off from teaching so I had a few moments to get in and actually paint a bit. I didn't finish as you can see...but I am on my way. What you are seeing is the background of a piece that will have more foliage and an aspen in front. I work tomorrow afternoon, but hope to get it nearly finished in the morning.

I would have finished today, BUT went to pick up a lateral file we bought at an estate sale over the weekend. I'm only telling you this because of the scary nature of the visit to pick up the furniture. We met the owners of a HUGE house in our neighborhood on Saturday. We had a few minutes to visit with her and during that visit she told us she believed her house to be HAUNTED! She was told this when they purchased the house some years before. She recounted an experience one day of seeing what looked like grim reapers walking down her hallway! Now, I don't really believe in such things, but we went to pick up the furniture today when the house was empty. It is a giant 15,000 sq ft. house that has many long corridors. We got the files out and in my car and my sweetie said he'd left his sunglasses in the bedroom. I bravely volunteered to retrieve them. I have to tell you as I was going through the corridors I was totally freaked out; thinking any minute I would come face to face with a grim reaper! HA. Oh what our imaginations will do to us!! Needless to say I ran through the house and back out again in record time. WHEW...

The little boy fishing is my son when he was about 4 years old. I did this some time back, but some VERY tiny adjustments need to be made. It looks just like him...but something about his coloring isn't like I want I plan to play with it to see if it improves...I included it today as I've been thinking about my son a lot and want to get it right...and I am tickled remembering that he really used to believe that a fish would bite the stick and he could pull it out. I remember he sat there for quite awhile SO PATIENT...just a waiting...I love those memories!!

So, this is as far as I got...hopefully will be able to show you the finished product tomorrow! Til then...HAPPY PAINTING!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


As I do sometimes I get in the mood for something a little different. To me it is kind of like eating a piece of dark chocolate before cleans the pallet...(well, that is the story I tell myself anyway so I can eat chocolate!)...So, Batik was my artistic pallet cleanser.

The Pooh bears are special to me as they were Jonathan and Michelle's bears. I think I posted a watercolor painting I did of them when they were little that I gave to my mother...and I'm about ready to paint them in acrylic one of these days. Jonathan's bear is the "taller" bear. It is the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant, so it holds a wonderful place in my heart. So, when I found I was pregnant again I bought the little one that became my Michelle's bear.

The stylized trees are because I just have to try trees in every medium I work in! I am always curious as to how I will approach trees in different media. FUN!

Now, I HAVE to clean out and organize my studio so I can walk in there! I tend to get frenzied now and then and just ignore everything else...But, I'm already thinking about my next painting...Now I'm in the mood to do Bert and Ernie...(more childhood toys from my son's little boy years)...I think I'm missing my kids!!

I think I've hit some sort of plateau for my followers...we've been at 71 forEVER! I love you all, and am so appreciative, but I'm dying to do another give-away...!! I think, soon I am going to offer my little 4x4's for sale. When we have give-aways in the future I will let you choose from those that are still available...

Happy Painting to you all!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Today was my second and final day for subbing in a local middle school. As I was finishing the day I was glad I was just subbing...middle school is quite a challenge if you get those (and you WILL) kids that want to try your patience and sanity! :) That is another reason for this year anyway I'm LOVING subbing!!

So, my breaks today led me to work on little w/c sketches of the cupcakes from the "Different Strokes" blog. I miss doing "full blown" paintings, but am glad I can do at least SOME type of painting!

Again, I am frustrated at the low quality of these paints. I'm about to the bottom of the little pans of color, so can fill them with higher quality soon!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 1 of subbing...

So, today was my first day to sub, so I didn't have my time in the studio, and because I have to get used to it, I am too tired to paint today. BUT, I did wake to a beautiful sunrise I wanted to share, and I DID have time to do a couple of watercolor sketches. The sunflower is the one from Dana Marie's blog "Inspiration All Around Us". I am laughing right now as I got up EARLY to print off the pic so I would have it at school...I realize that I elongated it in my rush to get out the door, so it is a bit L O N G in the tooth...but at least it IS. I got this little watercolor kit and a little handmade sketchbook to work on things while at schools, so this was page one. (The quality of the paints isn't that good, but when those little pans are empty I will put a higher quality of paint in them.)I think I got the sketchbooks at a show in Boulder this summer. The second little sketch is the foothills outside my classroom window. SO pretty. The colors were so light...I couldn't get much contrast, so I decided to ink some of it to show some detail. It was fun to at least be able to play in some kind of paint! So, now I'm off to a NAP...not used to this schedule...but I'll get there! Happy Painting!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home Again

So, it always amazes me that I can be in one place earlier in the day and later I am 500 miles back to where I started. The plane ride was very...hmmm...awful! I'm not much for flying anyway, but this trip was one for my books. When I got to the airport they canceled my flight because the plane had "technical difficulties", so I booked one on another airline that was to get me home about the same time. It was a bigger jet, but the ride was SO bumpy...WAY UP and then we went WAY DOWN! I tell you I had my cell phone out to call my loved ones to say goodbye! NOW, it really wasn't that bad I guess, because the woman next to me was doing a crossword puzzle through the whole thing! Oh well...I'm on the ground now and all is well here!

My parents house was a busy time, it is always a busy time with my energetic mom! FUN! I wanted to include some pics of my parents again. I love them so much. I especially love the one of my dad because he looks like the dad I remember. It was taken earlier this summer when they were in California at a wedding. I am glad to report that the CLL doesn't seem to be as bad as first thought, but they are doing tests. We have other concerns...but I'm not ready to say anything as of for now I am so happy to see THEM seeming so happy.

The strange man with my mom is Bret the "Hitman" Heart. I think he is a famous wrestler! My mom told me she used to watch wrestling with her dad when she was a little girl, so when they say him at this wedding she was thrilled to pose with him...So, for you wrestling fans out there...:)

The beautiful spider web was my creative gift I got this morning when I went downstairs to greet my mountains! It made me a little itchy to think of the spider that went with it, but I have to say they are very creative little I wanted to share!

Thanks to all who wrote me while I was away, kept in touch. Because of the reason I see how my dad is doing and to hug his neck...I really needed the connection from my blogging family to keep me grounded! And, I've seen the paintings some have done from the pics I posted. I have to say beautiful work Karen! If there are others who painted from my pics, send them over I LOVE TO SEE THEM!!

So, sort of back in the saddle...I have to do laundry today, and get ready for two days of subbing (yes, it's time to go back to the school I went to a couple of weeks ago by mistake!)...But, I WILL get back to painting...but I have an idea for a "sub" purse to make from some leather I have...I need something that fits my needs there...and YES, I will share the pics when I finish them!!

Until then...HAPPY PAINTING TO YOU ALL!! Hey...we only need 4 more followers before our next give-away...see if you can get your friends to peek at the blog and follow!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Going through Withdrawal

Dad and Shell...(taken behind some of the colors don't show up like they really are)

Dinner the other night...YUMMM!!

This one rules us all!! (sorry about the blurry...Jackson isn't still for very long when I want to photograph him!)

My Momma!!'s been DAYS since I was able to post anything. I absolutely LOVE my new laptop...but there is NO wifi at mom and dad's and my newfangled (as my mom would say) laptop doesn't have a place to plug a phone line in so I can't do the dial up thing with my current aaarrrggghhh!! :) It's been great to see my parents...and GREAT NEWS!! My dad is doing better than we first thought!! We are cautiously optomistic!! YIPEE!!

Today we went to Barnes and Noble and I have to say the wifi set up is the best...easy!! So, I'm quickly sending a bit of something into cyberspace to give me my techno fix and to let you all know I didn't drop off the face!

Not a lot of anything but visiting and building a small retaining wall...but I DID find a painting I did of my dad and my little Michelle when she was just a tot. I LOVE the aspect...For years I did some from the back stuff to see if I could capture the essence of the person...and I was successful on this one. Michelle LOVED her "Beam" as she has always called my dad. The feeling was and is mutual...So, this walk they took to me says just that!! This is from when I was doing watercolor. I kept it simple and strong on purpose.

My mom makes the MOST DELICIOUS veggie dish that my dad can eat that I just have to share with you. It is easy...PRETTY, and delicious...All you do is take veggies (the ones you like the most) and mix them with olive oil (2 tablespoons for a 13x9" glass pan, drizzled over the top) , some salt, garlic/ basil mix salt, and pepper and put them in a dish and bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes! They are awesome!! I had to include the pretty!! Oh yes...stir about 10 minutes in...:)

I always have to include a pic of Jackson the cat...he's still king of the manor! We love him...probably the MOST spoiled and pampered cat on the planet...but the whole family is guilty of that!! sweet momma always working in her garden...

So...I haven't dropped off the planet...just having a bit of a time getting on line...whew...I feel better after this little fix! I'm home tomorrow I'll get to talk to you then!! Hope all your days are HAPPY Painting ones!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Off to Oklahoma

I'm about to leave for my parents house. I started a new painting this morning but some things came up. Oh how many times in the day does that happen to us! Oh! So, I'm leaving you with one of my favorite shots I took in Breckenridge a couple months ago...If any of you want to paint it...enjoy!

As I always do when I'm away I'll try to check in and leave you SOMETHING...

Happy Day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tons to DO

Hello all...It is SO busy getting ready for my parents house that I haven't had time to put brush to here is a cheery little pic for anyone to use if they so choose! Happy Painting to you all!!

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