Monday, September 27, 2010

You are Invited!!

YOU are invited!!  Unfortunately I received my cards a little late to get them all addressed and mailed this is my next best thing!  YEA technology!!  I hope those of you in the area can stop by Friday evening from 6-9 for the opening reception!

Burt and Ernie...hmmm...I may paint them for ME cuz I finally sent them off to my son along with his favorite stuffed dog from when he was a kid...It was hard to send them off...but time to begin sharing a little of him when he was just MINE!  Oops...I'm about to cry so I better move on from that! HA...

It's been HORRIFICALLY (but in a good way) crazy around my house lately...getting ready for the show at the Aar River...writing the article and getting art ready for the Cloth Paper Scissors mag deadline and working on information for the art group meeting...OUR FIRST ONE...tomorrow evening...oh...and half a day getting my husband to the airport so he could go visit with his son...and...did I mention eating, sleeping (sort of), and washing a thing or two...ha...I'm sure things will settle down as the deadlines come and for your patience...and HAPPY CREATING!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

EXCITING NEWS and...straight from the easel my revisited sunflower piece..."Sunflower" original mixed media acrylic/paper collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

11 3/4"x 11 3/4" on MDF panel with 1 3/4" cradled sides
I hope you can come to the opening reception at the Aar River Gallery on October 1 from 6-9 p.m!

I am really happy with this revisited version of the sunflower piece I've been fighting with the past few days...If you tuned in to the last entry of this saga you noted that I blocked in a completely different reference after taking my electric sander to it...All that was left was to paint it...clean up a few little loose ends and here she is...FUN STUFF!!  AND.......

Last night the "Up the Mountain Steakhouse" in Conifer  invited the artists who are displaying work on their gallery walls to sample the wonderful food they will be offering the public when they open on October 1!  I have to tell you all it was AWESOME...I loved the food, the atmosphere and the people...You have to try...come on and enjoy and see the artwork gracing the walls of this beautiful mountain restaurant!  AND....

WOW, what a fun day!  I just found out that my wax collage process in the form of a printed workshop...and some of my pieces (one to be created just for...) will be in the Jan/Feb issue of Cloth Paper Scissors!  YEA...!  Now, to get busy writing the workshop and gathering pieces to be sent to the magazine!  YEA...HAPPY DANCE!!!  ok...after that bit of happy back to the business of art...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coming along on my revised sunflower...

Since messing up on my sunflower piece I wanted to continue posting progress and process as I re-work it.  I chose a completely different sunflower this time...I also learned a little something from this...about me...I'm liking not so much subject when I have so much going on in the background...and I really love stems, trunks and such...duh...can't believe I missed that! HA 

RIGHT NOW with this blocked in I am liking it better for what the background was doing...I will probably add a leaf or two for composition, but for this one I think step by step for those decisions! to work on it some more!! 

BUT, I just have to share another photo of my amazing son when he was in Philly for the World Freestyle Championships...I pulled it off facebook...I'm watching that like a hawk to grab whatever I can find! YEA!  I've got to tell you...just between us...he signed autographs all weekend...even for some of the PRO's that came who had heard of him...I'm so tickled!  So PROUD! 


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Re-Thinking...Re-Doing Sunflower Duo

IT HAPPENS!!!...there are times when the best laid plans go awry, and that is just what happened with my sunflower piece from yesterday...It looked to be a good composition, the base began to work and then WHAM...I began painting and it looked AWFUL!!  It felt too heavy, too overworked, too...well, yucky!!  SO...instead of just junking it (which I have done in the past), I just grabbed it up this morning and actually plugged in my sander and sanded off the offending parts and was left with this VERY INTERESTING challenge! I filled in with a tad of paint and now look at the awesome bits left behind...FUN!

I could have just told you all that it was CRAP...and moved on...but, I'm not one to be able to resist a challenge to see what magical thing I could do with something that was CRAP in my eyes...and, I'm not afraid to show you the process of the ATTEMPT to pull this out of the crapper...:)  How else could we learn, if indeed there is ANYTHING to learn from  my snafu!

So, here is more process...NO, I forgot to take a pic of the awful thing that was growing out of my most beautious beginning...but take my word for it...NOT WORKING!  So, I'm moving on...

Today is actually our 4th anniversary, so we are gonna do a bit of fun stuff...but I WILL get back to this piece...I don't think I will do the same thing I started out to do...I MAY look at a different sunflower...or I MAY do something else entirely different...that is the FUN of making lemonade out of a big ole lemon...So, stay tuned for the conclusion of this particular pull from the brink of death story! :)

HAPPY CREATING to you all...and remember if you hate it...take a sander to it!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Sunflower Duo" (working title) in PROCESS...© Saundra Lane Galloway

I have to remind myself sometimes that this blog is not JUST about the finished product, but the process I go through.  Process often is more important when sharing our creative vision because it can hopefully inspire, and give others ideas to jump from for their own art.  THAT'S the art teacher in important to inspire and teach an idea.
detail of the texture in the sunflowers...adds depth even before the color is applied!!

This sunflower piece is fun as I've used texture in a few places as well as playing with papers in more than one direction to help the composition...EVERYTHING is about helping the composition...which is such an important element in our finished work.  That and contrast and depth and, and, and...!

I enjoy approaching each new piece with a fresh perspective...even if the end result seems similar.  My thoughts as I began to approach this piece were color; working with the yellows of the sunflowers.  I have to decide before choosing papers how I want the over-all feel of the piece to be.  The purples were a choice so the contrast against the yellow would be strong (hopefully)...the horizontal (predominately) were to off set the strong verticals of a good number of the petals...again, contrast with shape is important...Imagine if I had used vertical streams of paper instead...hmmm...not my first choice (however I reserve the right to try one of these days!)...I added a few simple verticals to help the composition in the area that was vacant...I COULD have left it alone, but the moment called to I did...The final result will tell the story of whether this piece works or not...I'm not afraid to show you process...cuz that's how I learn, and hopefully will help any of you out there in some way!!

Now, off to work some more!!  HAPPY CREATING and welcome to my newest followers!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A new piece and a PROUD MOM! "Late Summer Aspen" original mixed media acrylic/paper collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Late Summer Aspen"
24" x 24"
MDF panel with 1 3/4" cradle sides

What a few days this has been!  Coming home from the Steamboat area with visions of aspen dancing around in my head...chomping to put them into a visual rendition of what I was inspired by.  As always, when I see the aspen changing I am so struck by color...the vibrant color...contrasts of the aspen trunks against the darkness of the trees and land...and the blue blue of the sky peeking in here and there behind the foliage.  This year I saw a lot of mix...some green, some gold, gold yet where I was...So, I took that internal vision home and created this.  The size is large for me...2' arms reach up and down a lot!  But, still fun!  It just takes a bit longer with the larger space to cover.  This time as I was driving home with hubby dear I was struck by the darks at the base of the trees, but when I inspected further I saw horizontal layers of rock and such...thus working horizontal in the background of this piece.  If you want to see this in person come visit the Aar River Gallery during the month of October where I will be hanging as a guest artist!  The opening reception is October 1 6-9p.m...OR if you have a desire to delve into the world of collage in some innovative ways you can sign up for my workshop at the Aar River Gallery on October 15-16...yes, it takes two days to show you all I want to and to work on your own collage!!  Just contact the Aar River Gallery for details or me at

A VERY exciting event took place over the weekend in Philadelphia...The World Freestyle Skate Championships!  I am excited about this because my son competed in this contest as a freestyle skater...a most wonderful one at that!  I am SO proud and excited to announce that he was 6th in the WORLD in his division of freestyle skating!  His first huge competition...I am very PROUD of him and wanted to share this most exciting news with my blogger family!!  WAY TO GO JONATHAN!! (on the bottom here............................................................) that the fun is over...time to start a new piece!!  MORE FUN!!  Happy Creating all!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's about contrast! "Steamboat Summer" original mixed media acrylic/paper collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Steamboat Summer"
7 3/4" x 24 1/2"
MDF panel with 1 3/4" cradled sides stained in English Oak to compliment the piece

While my husband was working in Craig Colorado the past few days I was sitting in our beautiful hotel room working away on this Steamboat collage.  It is a little different working away from my studio...I always THINK I remember to bring all the right things...but inevitably something isn't within my reach like I would like...but I made do until I got back to my studio last night where I put the finishing touches on this 7 3/4" x 24 1/2" collage. 

There was SO much going on in the reference photo that it became a story of contrast to make sure what I saw was depicted the way I wanted it to be. And, believe it or not I edited some of it out!  The game for me was to do some and then look at areas that needed contrast.  If you look at the details you can see (hopefully) what I am talking about! WHEW...

After a quick trip to the dentist I will be back to work on an aspen piece that is inspired by some of what I saw on our beautiful drive home!  Always a workin...!  Welcome to my newest followers!

This will be available on my website after October...but if you want to see it in person please take some time to visit the Aar River Gallery the month of October where I will be showing my new pieces (RECEPTION OCTOBER 1 from 6-9p.m.) AND teaching a two day workshop titled "Innovations in Collage" on October 15-16.  Yep, there is so much information it will take two days!  For more information on the workshop please contact the gallery or myself at


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Traveling and Working

 A little of that aspen color change a couple of weeks WOW!

When my husband asked me to take a couple days with him as he traveled for work in the mountains near Steamboat I jumped on it! YEA...a chance to be with him PLUS a trip up into our Colorado mountains was too good to pass up...PERFECT timing for a girl who was looking for a fresh breath...for a couple of days...NO LAUNDRY, NO CLEANING THE HOUSE, NO DISTRACTIONS!!  So, I brought a cradle and am just about to sit down to lay out a beautiful picture of a range up here...FUN DOINS! 

Here are a few wonderful views I caught while moving up...I'm glad to see a little bit of that gold we get to see up here this time of year...And our different peaks...GORGEOUS! 

I'm laughing when I say this...but, it is going to be a really busy few weeks for me...HA...(so what else is new)...I'm working hard preparing some new work for a guest artist spot at the beautiful
Aar River Gallery in Westminster where my work will be hanging for the month of October.  If you live nearby I hope you will be able to stop in...Becky Silver is the owner and has created a lovely space for art to live!  I will also be teaching a two day workshop at the Aar River Gallery on October 15-16.  If you are interested in this workshop hop over to the gallery website and sign up!  Or, let me know and I'll send a registration sheet over to you!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Line Up" original mixed media acrylic/paper collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Line Up"
5 1/2" x 12 1/4"
Mixed on MDF Panel with 1 3/4" cradle sides
Available on my website after that!!

This small piece gave me fits!  I think there is a lot to be said for an artist having some peaceful, creative moments in life so the work flows from that rather than from a stressed out existence that is unfortunately become the norm for this world! Too many obligations and stressors that, if we let them, interfere!  I found myself working on this in snatched bits of time, so there was not the usual time I usually spend to really become a part of what I am doing.  
 It started out fun and ok...then I got busy! whew!

Even though the photo I took was a good one...the composition seemed ok...I found myself at one point stumped as to how to pull it together.  I found the answer in the middle of the night last night...the final addition of a vertical pulled it back from the place it was living that didn't make me happy.  So, the reminder that we find our creative edge in the quiet moments of life was a strong one.  I'm going to SLOW down the crazy pace and live inside myself more...I will be happier, and my creations will be easier off the tip of my brush!  A few days on the road with my husband with my papers, paint and camera sounds heavenly right now...working in a new reminders of the dust bunnies or the dirty kitchen or laundry to distract...just a balcony off some nice hotel room with, hopefully a beautiful view! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Three of a Kind" original oil on 1/2" fiberboard panel © Saundra Lane Galloway

"Three of a Kind"
4x4" oil on fiberboard panel with slots on back for hanging

Yesterday I went to play paint with a dear friend in a workshop on abstract art.  Alix Evendorff was our teacher; a most talented and successful artist.

It is always good to gather new information from as many different areas and people as we can...even if it isn't our chosen way of working.  I do not think of myself as an abstract artist, but my backgrounds are most definitely I went, not only to paint with a friend, but to learn anything that may help in that part of my work.  I came away most surely inspired and ready to come home and just create!  It didn't make me want to work totally in the abstract, but I did play as she taught; which I'm sure helped in my own work...BUT time will tell...Here are a couple of plays I created yesterday...they may not be the recognizable work I have created within myself, but it was FUN!  Remember FUN??  We need to continue having some!!
My aspen play at abstract...

What I was reminded of was the value of darks in a composition.  To find a path for our darks helps in our compositions!  
I didn't get much time to pull this "abstract" pine cone off...but it was FUN just pushing the acrylics around...I may just keep this little one for myself cuz I LOVE pine cones!! But I see some white places that need some attention...I did play with a dark path in this one first...which TRULY did help in the creation of this one...even if it isn't TOTALLY abstract! HA...

SO, today is off to visit with the Aar River Gallery owner to talk about me being the October guest artist! YEA...then home to do those same little cherries in collage!  FUN again!!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"PoppiesThree" original mixed medai paper/acrylic collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Poppies Three"

I have added two new venues for my work in the past few weeks.  One of them is a sweet little shop in Conifer called "Luna's Mandala" owned by Cynthia Weeks.  You can find one of a kind jewelry, art  and gifts by local artists at Luna's Mandala...among them this newest poppy piece.  These poppies are Iceland Poppies...a little smaller and a bit more delicate than your average poppies...yet pretty still!!  To purchase this piece visit Cynthia's shop in Conifer or contact me for other arrangements; however the sale will go through the store.  I've stained the cradle for this piece an English Oak which has a golden tone that compliments this painting nicely.

Things I have learned in the past few weeks.  1.  I am not blessed with unlimited energy  2.  I have not taken enough time to keep up with my regular life  3.  I still absolutely love art (OK...I already knew that one)  and 4.  Being organized makes all the difference!

So, for all of you who think I DO have this crazy energy...nope...I am finding that I am burning out more quickly...I am finding that I need to take some time to shop for food, clothing, gas, etc...(I've been really lax in all those areas of late...sigh)...I still have tons of ideas for my work which thrill me...however I have to organize myself better as I have added trying to get an art group to what was already a full life...I WANT to do this...I just need to realize that I'm just one...and I need to live and play AND work!  So, all this said as a bit of an explination as to why I haven't been posting every day...I think I will be able to pick up more with the art as some things get checked off the growing list...I hope you can be patient with always...


Thursday, September 2, 2010

REFRESH AND RENEW!!..."PEAR" original oil mini © Saundra Lane Galloway

4x4 original oil on fiberboard

I needed a little refreshing and renewal today, so off to the grocery store to buy more yummy and excellent still life objects to paint and then eat!  I say double the pleasure! 

As I have said before it is good to take a little break from the norm and do something in a different media, or a different way, it doesn't really matter...just different...So, for me, today was a little oil painting of this yummy pear.  I needed to keep my painterly self up to date...and even though I absolutely LOVE working in my new style...I still enjoy a little jaunt into other areas...I encourage any of you who are experiencing a little stall, or are a bit tired and need a new focus to pick up a medium that isn't your norm...or try a little different something...I guarantee it is just like a walk and clearing your head with fresh air!!

I am aware that I need to "refresh" my blog and website...It is important to keep current...I think the overwhelming and happy popularity of my new work AND trying to put an art group together up here on the mountain has left me running to and and cleaning up are a coming!


© Saundra Lane Fine Art

All rights reserved. All work created is protected under copyright law and must not be reproduced without express permission of Saundra Lane Galloway


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