Saturday, March 31, 2012


This painting makes me CRINGE...YUCK...I did it quickly after my beautiful daughter's wedding nearly 5 years ago and I've hated it ever since!!  First of all I did it in acrylic...NOT good for blending...and secondly I did it when too much was going on, so didn't give it my best...Never the less...I framed it and sent it out to them.  EVERY time I visited I would walk by and just, well, CRINGE...I kept begging to take it back and give it a better go...and FINALLY she let me...YEA MICHELLE!!

SO, I'm trying something a little interesting...I'm going to sand it down a little to bring back the tooth and paint over it in oil to see if I can improve it at all...I am not crazy about the way it sort of hunches in within the edges so I'm going to bring things off here and there to help the composition...I won't mess with where the flowers are since this is literally a portrait of her wedding bouquet...but SURELY I can improve on this...SO, STAY TUNED to see what I end up with on this first go round...IF I don't like my second approach it's gesso time and starting all over!!  I WILL GET THIS RIGHT! HA...

If you have been a visitor to my blog for very long you will know that I am very much a christian girl and that God is the center of everything...I don't brow beat, I don't push it...but I am proud of being a christian and so I wanted to let those who may be interested in hearing this girl's rants and thoughts on different real life subject matter sprinkling God's word throughout to come to conclusions I have revived my GODLY PERSPECTIVES blog.  I started it a couple of years ago to help with some frustrating events in life and TRIED to infuse humor in here and there...and then got busy and sort of let it slide, but as life goes up and down my answer is to find the RIGHT answer for me in God's is sort of therapeutic, and also a hope that if anyone out there is ever feeling alone this is meant to share real life things in hopes they won't feel so much so!!  You can click on the link above, or always find it in my sidebar...I'd love to have your comments if you feel so inclined...I'd LOVE to have you share it with someone who may find the subject matter helpful for their lives...that's the point all...helping each other in any way we can!!

Nuf Said...


Thursday, March 29, 2012


4"x4" mixed media on gallery wrap canvas
$45 includes shipping in the US

Another little bitty just for fun...this little strawberry makes me think of summer...which I am SO ready for!  I think of this as a shabby chic kind of piece...probably because I've sort of let the background paper show through...and the doily is a coffee filter...either way...a fun little one!


Monday, March 26, 2012


The reference for my strawberry was sitting on a the fun part was to use a coffee filter and frey the edges and stamp a bit...FUN DOINS!  Now just to paint the berry!

I've been at my mom and dads this past few days...a good visit...and lots got done that they needed.  I'm happy to report my dad is hanging in there and trying to get better!  So YIPPEE!

One of my goofs before I left was to order the WRONG frame for "Robin"...and it came...and it was off I went today to get something...and came up with this black wood frame which I like better...
excuse the squewed edges...I must not have zoomed in enough to get rid of the distortion...but it is enough to see what I'm talking about...
"Robin" and the three following paintings will be hanging at the Lakewood Arts Council Co-op Gallery at Alameda and Union for the next month...If you get a chance...hop on down to see the Ken Caryl Art Guild Members show...
"Aspen Gold"
24" x 24"
mixed media on cradle

"Aspen Six"
20" x 16"
mixed media on paper under plexiglass with matt and frame
(these are my paper cast aspen with my custom aspen stamp)

"Colorado Visions"
24" x 18"
mixed media on gallery wrap canvas
(this is a first in what I'm calling my "shabby chic" series...and yes, there will be more)


Monday, March 19, 2012


"Cherry Red"
4"x4" gallery wrap canvas
mixed media

Today was fun painting with a fellow artist friend...I actually got this little guy finished (or nearly so) and started a couple more...This time I decided to let the paper slightly show under neath the tomato and decided against adding the leaf stamp and went a bit more contemporary.  This little guy is still wet, so I'm holding it until it dries...and then this one will go up for auction on my daily paintworks gallery site...stay tuned!!

And, I couldn't little wonderkin grandson Paxton gettin ready for sun in Phoenix!!  I love that 7 month old face!!


Sunday, March 18, 2012


I always get a little thrill when I add papers to a piece...this is the cherry tomato beginning...and, the most fun is you never know just what will come out!!  Stay tuned!
There are three beginnings on my board right now...the stamp is for the cherry tomato is a tomato leaf...and the stream here is for a pear...FUN DOINS!!

I actually get to go paint tomorrow with an artist friend of a good thing to bounce creative ideas off more than just MY brain!


Friday, March 16, 2012

AND...COMING SOON...a few littles I think!

Ok, I admit is getting a little challenging...but it's all just keeps me away from my easel, and I wouldn't have it any other way...My father has been undergoing chemo and isn't doing well at I'm a goin out to them to help and see what I can do...We've all been there if we've lived long enough, so I don't think I'm's just that time of life, and I thoroughly believe in being there for my parents in any and every way I can...which keeps me away a bit here and there from my painting.  Yep, my heart is broken for him and for my mom who is such an awesome wife and mother...and I'm thinking of all those times they were there for me in life...and it is my blessing to be there for them am going to try to get some "littles" done when I can...this little cherry tomato is on my easel right now...and I mean is a gallery wrap 4"x4"...FUN!  I just may get it done before I leave on Wednesday...and, in my mind are the following for small, thank you for patiently waiting...and prayers please!!

 I've got a little 4" x 12" gallery wrap I may plunk this one on...

 I just love pears!!

I don't think I've done a strawberry did that get by me??

and...I'm sure there will be more acorns...I don't know why, but I just LOVE painting them...FUN DOINS!!


Monday, March 12, 2012


15" x 30" mixed media on canvas
$450 includes frame and shipping in the US
ON HOLD, HOWEVER until it dries!

I took many different photos of this painting before I found one even CLOSE to the color representation on MY computer screen...STILL it seems the colors aren't quite deep enough in some areas, or vibrant enough in other areas.  Part of this is the lighting available to me, and part is the fact the oil is still wet on the bird and needles...BUT, I will photograph it again with better lighting and when it is dry and framed.  I believe I will be getting a floater frame for it in black most likely... Soon I will be offering it on my website and again here when it is ready!

I enjoyed working on this painting.  I spent some time trying to figure out just what size to do the robin...and settled on this...I am not fond of exact representation; thank goodness, because it isn't what I enjoy doing and it makes me too nervous to do the needles are more impressionistic in nature...FUN DOINS FOR ME!!

I've been off lately on getting reference photos for things...I'm sharing two that I particurly like for paintings in the future I'm sure...I like the pine cone with it's darks and lights...a great subject matter by the way for contrast studies!!
When I get around to painting this; if I do...I will lighten the area above the pine cone as it was in shadow and I think would make a great contrast piece...

The pine berries are a favorite of mine, but I've not painted them yet...I decided that I am going to go fauvist on this painting as it is living in a lot of medium value right now...but HOW FUN!!
I have a feeling I'm going to do some small works for a bit...getting ready to offer things on the Daily Paintworks auction site!!  FUN DOINS!!


Friday, March 9, 2012


I've been busy at the easel creating a new painting...enjoying the experiments that come with something new and fresh...and throwing in parts of things I've done before...I've jumbled it all up because not much of this is actually you are seeing all mixed up and painting that will soon be completed!  Stay tuned!!


Monday, March 5, 2012


"Robin Back"
9 3/4" x 6" mixed media on cradled panel

There is a LOT going on in this painting...I had some big decisions to make, BUT since my wonderful aunt was intrigued by the photo as it was I decided to let it go with all that stuff goin on!  The challenge was to bring the bird out among the tons of branches...There is paper, acrylic, and oil in this piece...and I actually cut the branches of the tree and stamped a was FUN.  A complicated painting for a beautiful woman!

If you are interested this is available as a print in my FINE ART AMERICA on-line gallery! 

I think I'm intrigued by the robin from the front that I posted awhile back...BUT I want to do it bigger than life...It makes me curious how it will read...but, I'm after stay tuned!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hubby and I hadn't done anything but work for...well...FOREVER it today, instead of dutifully coming home from church and painting...we went on a walk...Hope you find some bit of inspiration in what I took notice of...for one...this beautiful little pine cone...of which I plan to paint one of these days...I have a great need to understand why these little cones grow upside down??  I'm going to have to find a book that talks all about it...and IF I find one...I'll share the whys along with my paintings!!  As always...any photo here you are welcome to use as reference for only request...share it with me...just cuz I LOVE to see what you do!!
Oh. yes...I forgot...I went to the CORE GALLERY show last Friday was fun!...OK, back to inspiration...
OH...another thing...I'm not just IGNORING painting...working on this bird for my aunt who just loved the pic...will show photo when it is finished...NOW, back to inspiration...:)
I just love tree trunks...I'm sure these pines will be in a painting one of these days...look at that awesome diagonal...
Most people say to me that pine cones are hard to paint...I BEG TO DIFFER...just look for the lights and darks and patterns...a FUN challenge!! did this little guy get in here??  Well, since he is already here and smiling at us's my little grandson Paxton sitting in his big boy chair at a restaurant for the very first time!!  YEA PAXTON...
Gotta LOVE those aspen trunks!!
Lucky birds!  If I were a bird I'd love this house hanging off...what is it you say?? ASPEN!
A lovely bouquet of pine cones...are you getting the feeling I photographed a lot of pine cones??  Yep.
OH, look what followed me home??  
he wanted a close-up's a little blurry, but I was tryin to catch the awesome cerulean blue that was underneath his...his...hmmm...pods?, leaves?...pokey out things??...Oops, another thing to look up!!


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