Tuesday, May 26, 2015


"Aspen Dreams"
6"x17" mixed media on 1.5" cradled panel
see it in person at SUMMER ART MARKET
June 13-14, 2015
200 Grant Street, Denver, CO

I really dreamed this painting, thus the name.  I have been curious about my aspen I do lately, wanting to play with them in oil.  I started this painting in acrylic with a basic background color and then, as I do, added paper before laying them in in oil.  You can see the texture I've applied in oil off to the left as well.  I'm in love with texture and pattern, and how it contrasts with a bit or realism.  There is a good amount of "turquoisy" color along with several blues and creams.  

detail of trees playing with paper in the background
We have had; like much of the country; lots of rainy and dark days, so photographing paintings lately has been a challenge!  I think I need to invest in lighting for indoor pics...SO, I'm trying to find a way to describe color of the background; sort of bluish/green...more on the bluish side...

detail of texture in the background...FUN!

I haven't decided on a finish for the side yet...don't know if I want to paint it or stain it...FUN to think about it!

I'll put it in my website when I do the sides...until then, here she is!


Thursday, May 21, 2015


Pine Canyon is a break out painting for me.  It is STILL playing with paper and texture and pattern, with a bit more abstract and more color!  At first it may be so strange to see something so different from some of my previous work like my Mountain Meadow through Aspen Eyes, but it still holds some of the same elements...just a bit less realistic, and more toward the abstract.  Much of this painting is done with pallet knife, the rocks just demanded it of me!  I still have paper and pattern and texture, I've just ramped up the color and contemporary feel I think.  My 101 Pet Portraits project helped me to feel better about playing with color.

Remember, an artist MUST grow to stay alive and keep the inspiration flowing.  I STILL love working with my aspen like in Mountain Meadow through Aspen Eyes, but I also have a great need to change a bit and grow, and this painting is the beginning of that process.  Either method is valuable, and each will appeal to a different collector, but both hold value in the process of creating art from the soul!

This gives you an idea of the size in relation to furniture and such.  The chest is a nightstand size.

This painting was created on a gallery wrap 1.5" deep canvas.  I enjoy making the cradles, but also love painting on canvas at times.  You can see I've painted the sides, so it can be hung as is, or for the collector that loves frames, that can also happen.  They make frames that work for these deeper canvases...a floater frame would work well for this painting as well.

I still LOVE pattern as much as texture...so I've added it in the sky.  This gives it a contemporary feel. And, I love working like this! 
to me, once I layed in the rocks up higher, it didn't need that full disclosure all the way down.  The abstract feel of this is very exciting!  You can see I've got a bit of paper under the paint...a tiny bit of writing shows through, and you can see I've repeated the hexagon pattern down below in a much more subtle way.

I will have this painting in person at SUMMER ART MARKET this June 13-14 if it does not sell before, so I hope you can find me at booth #54!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015


"Mountain Meadow through Aspen Eyes"
24"x24" x 1.5" sides mixed media on cradled panel
Available through my WEBSITE

..."through Aspen Eyes" is an important piece for me as it is one of a last of it's kind as I move a little in direction.  It is HEALTHY and GOOD for an artist to grow and change.  I still LOVE these pieces...and I may do a few more here and there, but they will be considered part of my journey through creative experiences to a newer path.  NOT BETTER per say...just a part of my growth as an artist.  I love the amount of information in this painting.  A lot of paper and acrylic is in this painting, with some oil as well...so, a true mixed media piece!  The deer; at least I think it is a deer (lol) is one that stopped at my house to visit one day.  I gave him some brighter colors to reflect the beginning of my movement and growth.  When using brighter colors to depict something it will almost ALWAYS
work if you keep the values (light and dark) the same as in life.  The purples are my way to throw a little punch into this transitional piece!  The cradle sides of this panel painting are stained a nice color to fit in to almost any decor.  I still LOVE mixing abstract elements in my work with a bit of realism...this piece has abstract elements in the meadow part.  I love it for this piece.  As I play in my work in my process of growth, I see a bit more pattern and abstract elements mixed in.  Stay tuned for the next piece as explanation.  I absolutely LOVE working my aspen trees with the detail...so, I see them popping up as I continue on my journey!
detail of deer...if you see some cloudy areas it comes from adding other elements to a painting that I first called finished.  I suspect it is the medium and will be eliminated when I seal the entire painting as it dries.

 This piece will be at SUMMER ART MARKET this June 13-14 at 200 Grant Street in Denver.  I am booth number 54!  Hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 16, 2015


6"x6" oil on slightly textured panel
SOLD to his pet mom Carol Nelson
Thanks Carol!

"Larry" is another pet portrait that I've done after the fauvist fashion.  He isn't part of my 101 Pet Portraits, but only because he was #102!  I LOVED painting pet portraits SO much that I've decided to offer my services on a permanent basis.  If you are interested in having this done for one of your babies, just click on the menu bar link at the top of my bog titled ORDER YOUR OWN PET PORTRAIT.  Or, click that link and it will take you to the same page! HA!  It explains what I need to get you started.  FUN!

Larry was a sweetheart to paint.  I forgot to ask Carol what he was, but I CAN say just look at those eyes!  I used lots of dark blue and purple in Larry...with a fun color I found called "Green Bean Grey".  A little stamping around the edges and he just popped out!

It was a grey day for photographing AGAIN (seems that is the theme of this spring), so this easel shot is a bit dark, but you get the idea.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015


SOLD to pet mom Diana...thank you!!

Here we are at the end of my 101 Pet Portraits in 101 Days project.  I want to thank EVERYONE who participated in this project with me.  It was an honor to hear all the stories and get to know each and every beloved pet through painting them!  I learned a lot through this process.  The biggest and best thing for me is that I reaffirmed just how much I love color in my work...I do believe it will be a character in my work that I will hang on to!  I also just got a little better in some areas...not so concerned about tightness, but realized that working with simpler strokes in areas is possible and looks better to me.  I will continue to work with a mix of abstract and realism for the time being as I still find value in using both, so that has been strengthened.  THE INSPIRATION abounds after doing all these pet kids!  It leaks to my other subject matter, so on I go!  Next for me is SUMMER ART MARKET which is June 13-14 at 200 Grant in Denver.  Be watching for more information on that!

NOW!...On to Domino; my 101 of 101. Domino is a Dalmatian kid to my dear friend and co-grandma Diana Grimes.  Domino was the family kid actually, and quite a pet I hear; very much loved.  I find it fun that the 101 was a Dalmatian!  My friend Diana had the idea and I loved it from first mention!  Domino was a great fauvist experience even being "white"!  There is green and red and blue and purple and yellow all in this one "white" pet kid's portrait!  I used my honeycomb in this last portrait of this project to add a little interest to the background.

Check out Domino in all her display ideas. 

 The easel I found at Hobby Lobby.  Domino looks good in the easel as a simple idea!

 Black Floater Frame
can be purchased through pictureframes.com

 Gold Leaf Floater Frame

 Maple Floater Frame


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