Friday, July 30, 2010

"Aspen Contrast" mixed media acrylic/paper © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Aspen Contrast"
12 x 25"mixed media on MDF panel with 1 3/4" poplar whitewashed cradle sides

Since the smaller version of this sold I decided to do a larger version.  Actually I had planned to do a larger piece using this basic composition and color scheme before the smaller one (Up Close and Personal) this was a good time...JUST before the outdoor show next weekend...The colors and papers used are very similar, and the basic composition is the same; however the larger version called for a bit more on the right works! I promised myself I finished the sides right after the painting! YEA!!

I've been collecting lots of little bits of paper...I want to play with it next...already have a title in mind...but I'll hold off until I see if it still fits!  NO REST FOR THE BUSY!! 

THanks to my husband I'm about 3/4 of the way finished with the wire panels I decided to use for hanging my work at the outdoor festival in Conifer next weekend.  This truly was an outdoor show on a shoestring!  I borrowed a tent, purchased sides, and a table, but the rest has been what ever I can come up with that looks good that costs LITTLE!  If I decide that I like doing these and when I have more of that elusive green stuff I'll invest in other; more professional things...but we do what we can with what we have!! RIGHT?...RIGHT!! :)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010 promised!

Whew...after a couple of days staining, adding wires and simply making sure these pieces are show ready I am ready for painting again!  Not QUITE finished with some of the pieces...but a large portion are complete!  I had a ball deciding on colors and such for these pieces.  At first I was going to use gel stain, but found out the water based wipe on stains were best for the poplar wood that I use for my is what I came up with!

NOW, back to painting getting ready for the outdoor festival on August 7!! YIPPEE!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A FUN and Profitable day!

No new painting today...I'm still at the working on the cradles of my work thing...But I have a couple of interesting pictures for you (one some of my oldest followers may have seen), and a couple fun little stories...JUST so you know I haven't gone anywhere...

We had this really intense moon last night so I grabbed my camera as usual...I could swear I was perfectly still...but this moon came out like a heart so of course the first thing I thought was I was going to send you all a heart moon today!  HERE!  Isn't she pretty?  Enjoy!

Now a fun and profitable (for me anyway) story.  I knew a dear friend I hadn't seen in awhile was planning to come to the house with a friend who'd seen my work and wanted to see it in person...I could SWEAR she said she'd be here next month...but at 1 yesterday I got a call from her on her cell phone saying she was on her way up...could I meet them in Morrison to show them how to get to our house?  "OF COURSE"...I told her...I'll be right down...All the while I'm thinking how I got it mixed up and how my work is ALL over the house; some even up in storage in the garage...and I'm in this UGLY staining shirt and...oh well...just get my keys and hop down the mountain to get them. HA.  It all turned out just great as I sold 5 of my Studio Sale pieces and one went home for a test drive and I got to see a wonderful friend, and meet a new one!  FUN times!  I also think the new friend might commission a piece for me as one piece she'd wanted from my website was sold.  AND...on the way home I got a notice that I sold one of my newest pieces...YEA for me!!

Now for the intermission...and a picture for you; one of my favorites of a little chippy with a M&M!  Took this pic on a trip from a couple of years ago I believe...and NO, I didn't feed the chippy the M&M...but I sure took advantage of the cute moment...

Story number 2...It's a cautionary tale actually...a tale we all probably know better NOT to do, but we've all done it at least once...come can admit it here...we won't tell! :)  So, my husband has this monster sunburn on his usual, when he burns it just goes from tomato red (occasionally) to a beautiful brown without ever hurting, or peeling or ANYTHING bad...sigh...but last night he asked if I would put lotion on it...I'm thinking...hmmmm...maybe it might burn...but it was itching or something and he's one of those people that it never does anything to so I said yes.  Well, he asked for more...said it was I did THAT...and then the fire started!  He was in pain and his back got even redder (I didn't think it was possible for it to get redder)...and he was obviously in I got a wet cool towel and wiped it off...but THAT was very painful and the blotches were even bigger...THEN he wanted me to try putting suntan lotion on it...DUMMY me; against all my better judgment I tried it a bit and he got worse...So, I quickly washed that off, but THAT was I told him to hang on...I threw some clothes over my nightie and drove FAST up the mountain to the King Soopers. It's like 9:30 so there weren't many people there...but the picture I painted was a little odd...First of all there's a lady running into the store with the bottom of a very sweet (If I might say so myself) little yellow nightie showing from under the SWEATSHIRT she has on and she is looking rather wild eyed and runs up to a clerk; THE ONLY CLERK and says "Quick...husband, sunburn, lotion on it, PAIN...gotta get something for it NOW"...One would think that they would go running with me...but she just said check the end cap by the pharmacy. I found some stuff...actually three stuffs, and ran and paid and sped home...So, it worked...good old calamine lotion.  Couldn't find anything aloe vera ish.  The caution...yep, you guessed it...don't put lotion with perfumes in them on a sunburn!!  HA...yes...I know we all already knew that!

So, that was my yesterday...oh, and I DID get a bit done...but still plugging away on my cradles today...all the while saying to myself "I WILL do the cradle for each piece AS I finish it" (said three times for impact!)

HAPPY CREATING and welcome to my newest followers...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Aspen in Orange and Green" mixed acrylic/handmade paper © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Aspen in Orange and Green"
6" x 25"
MDF Panel with 1 3/4" poplar cradle 

To paint so many aspen (which I love to do) it gets harder and harder to find suitable, often I default to descriptive titles...which is OK...Titles aren't really my thing, but we need them don't we! 

I love the long horizontal of this piece, and I love the colors that lie between...reminds me of late summer/autumn all rolled into one. FUN! It is cloudy this morning so this will go on my website when the sun comes out and I have a moment for a better pic...I think the detail pics show color more accurately!

Yesterday I had some people come up to purchase a table I had on Craig's List...that was nice; they were nice!  While they here they saw all the paintings I have all around the house and asked about them...they fell in love with my new pieces and were interested in purchasing a couple...SAD as I hadn't yet finished the sides and added the they weren't ready to go yet!  Although they took my card and said they would be back I missed a valuable opportunity...SO, this weekend and until I finish I will be taking the TIME to finish all the sides and put the wire on back and have them ready to go...It is frustrating to me that I must stop painting to take care of "business"...but, HELLO...I could have sold paintings if I'd had that I FINISH!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Geraniums"; working title...STILL THINKING...

It has been a busy few up after the sale, catching up on mundane things like laundry and vacuuming...going to the dentist...YUCK!  Finishing up on seven new cradled supports...WHEW...I'm tired just thinking about it...

Speaking of thinking...I'm still doing it on this newest piece of geraniums.  A little tweaking here and there...maybe...I need a break to see it with fresh eyes.  But, I'm intrigued.  All the leaves I could have put in...deciding where and how they will live has been interesting...

I find the geranium nice...but there are so many small parts that make up a must be careful not too separate too many sure to lump dark areas and, I'm still pondering on the final parts...and that is OK...


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Peaches in the Window" mixed media acrylic/paper collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Peaches in the Window"
8 x 13 1/4"
Mixed Media acrylic/paper collage on MDF panel with 1 3/4" cradle was SO great to get back to my easel these past two days.  The reference photo was from my kitchen window...I'm tickled that I got this finished before my husband ate the peaches. HA!

I am now convinced that any subject matter will work for this new style of mine, though trees still remain my favorite!

There is a good amount of paper in this one and texture on the peaches.  I'm lovin that texture!

At some point I need to stop and work on my sides...I've sort of let them go while I look and decide what the finish will be...Don't worry, it will work with each piece wonderfully!

Don't forget to stop by the Empty Easel Site tomorrow, Wednesday,  to see me in this new place!!  Just type Empty Easel, click on Featured Artists and you should find me!!


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well, the sale is OVER...a week later and we just finished cleaning out the garage and loading the cars with the left overs...Good Will is gonna love me! YEA!
Right now he's wondering just how close I'm gonna get...I had to back away as he was needing some space to walk my way!

I have never been so sore and tired, but I'm smiling...we had a GORGEOUS visitor as we finished and I had JUST enough time to grab my camera and follow him around.  I got a bit close at times which made my husband very nervous!  I'd say the closest I got was about 10 feet...I guess he could have gotten a bit miffed at me and decided to poke me with his big ole antlers, but I was determined to get a few shots...I got about 65 in all...these are a few...What an awesome moment!!
I was a mere 10 feet away here...AWESOME!

 Just to give you a bit of an idea of his size...
BYE my beautiful Elk Buddy!

HOPEFULLY back at the easel tomorrow...!  New changes to my website coming and an art sale!  More on that later!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010


You'd think I'd be sawing logs right now with three hot hard days in my garage; some preparing, some "hosting"...but here it is nearly 2 a.m. and my mind is just a going on and HERE I AM!

I'm happy to say the sale is going fine considering where we live!  I've actually had a nice number of people brave the long driveway UP to our garage...and that is after following the signs all the way UP into the near top of our mountain neighborhood.

I've met a LOT of our neighbors and I am thrilled!  I even discovered another artist not three doors away! 

One of my goals in "hosting" this artist type garage sale was to find other artists in our area that might be interested in getting together to talk about possibly starting a group...a guild...a SOMETHING of our own and I'm happy to report I've had a wonderful list of artists who feel the same as I and have signed up!  I'm feeling quite positive!!

So, in a few hours I'll be out in the ole garage again a sittin and doing my garage sale thing...which has been a BALL!  Hot as it is...near 100 I hear tomorrow! sigh...maybe hubby dear will set up the sprinkler so we can run in it from time to time...:)

My FUN news is to let you know I will be the artist featured in the Empty Easel Newsletter this next hopefully you all can tune in!  It is always nice to have a bit of face time on the web, and the EE Newsletter is a nice place to be when we can!

I now HAVE to try to get some zzzzz's...but not before I jot down another idea I just had for working in my NEW and most FUN style!!  Stay tuned!


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Not much energy to post tonight...but wanted to give you a flower...Garage Sale is set up and now I'm ready for two days of sale ing...!  Hope to be back at the easel next week!! 


Monday, July 12, 2010



Yep...I've been trying to post for hours...every time I sat down there was a call, or an errand I had to do for the big ole garage sale, or something!  I'm sure you have all had those days!

I spent the weekend between heating pad moments (threw my back out) and making cradles for new work to come...I know it takes awhile to do them, but I'm so picky, and I LOVE my own sizes that it is worth it!

So, no new work...but a new rainbow...It was coming out from the valley just below us...BEAUTIOUS!

I'm playing around with what I want to do are some ideas I'm playing with...I'd have done three peaches, but my husband only bought I made it work...or, we will see!

Here's to productive days ahead of us all!!


Friday, July 9, 2010

"12 Cherries" acrylic/paper collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "12 Cherries"
3 1/2" x 16" MDF panel with 1 3/4" poplar cradle

I had a ball working on this very FUN skinny horizontal!  When I began to cut my own pieces I have the joy of making very custom sizes...thus this 3 1/2" x 16" mixed media on MDF panel which has my
1 3/4" cradled poplar which will be finished to  compliment the piece... I've already added it to my website at

The detail shots seemed to catch the light a bit more than I would like, but when working with mediums that is a bit unavoidable.  The colors are very strong and striking.

It's been a very busy time for me getting ready for my big ole art/garage sale and working on these pieces for the Conifer Mountain Music Festival on August 7...BUT I'm having FUN, and that helps!

I also wanted to include a wonderful painting my blogger friend and follower did from a photo I posted of a duck...I'm so tickled with Liz Pearson's duck that I just had to share it as well!!

Happy creating all!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"The Joy of the Pathless Woods" acrylic/handmade paper collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "The Joy of the Pathless Woods"
Acrylic/handmade paper collage
7 3/4" x 15 3/4" MDF panel with 1 3/4" cradle

As always I am highly enjoying working in my new style.  I keep waiting to get tired of it, but so far...only thrilled!  NEXT will be cherries in a really fun little long skinny.  There are times when I don't add words, but with my trees, it seems to work...The longest period of time I spend on these pieces is sitting and getting inside my head until words come out...I sit and think about how I feel when I walk among these trees and eventually a thought forms...I scour poetry, and see if any words feel right, and then I am limited to the size of the piece as to how I will phrase my thoughts...It is only FUN!

The cradles will be my major way to finish my pieces.  I leave the wood raw until it hits me as to how I want to finish them...At first I thought I'd only do one thing; stain...but some seem to scream for a different finish.  For me that is FUN...again!

So, now off to think on my cherry piece, and do a little work on my garage sale...


Monday, July 5, 2010

COLOR...what a way to go!!

Still working on getting my garage sale up and ready...had to delay it a week as I am SWAMPED, and I was sick yesterday and still recovering today...EVEN WORSE...I have only had moments to begin another painting...I absolutely LOVE covering the support with sure sparks one up for adding is some color for you...:)  MORE tomorrow!! Oh...yep...probably trees...:)


Friday, July 2, 2010

"Three Lemons and a Cherry" mixed media collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Three Lemons and a Cherry" acrylic/paper mixed media collage
8"x11 1/2" mixed media on MDF panel with 1 3/4" poplar cradle finished to enhance the painting

Ever curious I HAD to find out if I could work in my new most exciting style with other subject matter, so lemons it was.  Again, working with acrylics and my acid free papers (these purchased) and a little molding paste thrown in for good measure...well, I decided to add a bit of texture on the lemons to disguise some of the layers of paper under them, and give a bit of added texture.  With the flowers there is so much going on the papers showing through was great...the lemons having such large surface with no other things going on needed a bit of cover so as not to take away from their planes...

I believe now that I have found such joy in working this way a revamp of my website will be in order before long.....! YEA!

I have been busy preparing for a garage sale I've decided to have next Saturday, so my work on my "real work' will be a bit slower...I keep asking myself "ARE YOU CRAZY??"...a big undertaking...But, I have supplies I no longer work in, furniture, things from my teaching days that need to leave the, onward through this sweaty time...wish me luck!!


Thursday, July 1, 2010


It is important to remember that we have people in our lives that go beyond our studio walls.  For me anyway.  I am so focused on getting more work done sometimes that I don't take time out to smell the roses (mountain flowers) and tend to friends...Today I did both...FUN...

I began another piece, but as a teaser I'm just showing you one tiny corner...:)  It will come out soon...

This morning before I left to drive 30 miles further into the mountains (to Bailey) I took a retrospective of the mountain flowers around our house at my husband's request.  I admit a couple are a bit blurry...but I promised I'd do he could see one of each thing we have near the house...I think a couple may be weeds...I'm not that savvy in the flower area...but here they are! 
"Yep, I KNOW this is a weed...but it was so perfect!!"
Ok...these aren't actually flowers...but I love these little mushrooms my sweetie made out of rocks!!

It was a nice day up further...a little sprinkle here and there...but mostly fun to be with an old friend for a few hours...She had her grand kids, so we went off to a landmark around here for lunch...Coney Island...used to be in Aspen Park very near my home, but they had to move, so off the big ole hotdog went.  It was fun to visit a place I remember from my teen years...(I won't tell you just HOW long ago that was)

While in Bailey I visited a new gallery as a possible place for my work...but alas...this wonderful little co-op was much too much for my blood, and a little too far off the beaten trail...So onward I go looking and playing...

© Saundra Lane Fine Art

All rights reserved. All work created is protected under copyright law and must not be reproduced without express permission of Saundra Lane Galloway


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