Sunday, May 30, 2010


There is a lovely feeling when one says I'm home...even if the away time was important and included laughter and connections and making sure loved ones are ok.  I adore my family; but I am happy to be back HOME!

I had fully expected to write posts and add photos and such while away, but this time the fates were not for me in that area...either there was no connection available, or we were to busy to make it to places where I COULD connect, so the computer was largely used to work with photos I was able to take.

As always it was a joy to be able to spend moments with my father and hop too and fro with my mother...that was important!  I was even lucky enough to spend a few precious hours with my wonderful daughter and son in law before hopping on an earlier flight than originally planned to make my way back home.  It is a funny thing about me...I love being able to see my family, but I miss home...this time the need to be home was that won...

I spent a lovely morning in my mother's beautiful back yard are a few memories I get to tuck away in my heart of the beauty she encourages to life back there!

As for us will be full of laundry, and decompressing...and of course church...and I hope to squeeze a nap in there somewhere as well...

Just wanted to share a few colors and smiles with you all!! 


Friday, May 21, 2010


Well, I am being a bit singluar minded this contest...The challenge is for anyone out there to render one of my favorite pics of Mt. Evans (photo taken FROM my backyard...well, up the mountain a bit) in any medium you wish to.  That is all there is to it...Send me your finished piece ( and a link to your site before June 30, and I will post your piece, link to your site and draw a name from the paintings/collages/quilts...whatever you choose to enter and that person will get to choose from the contest choices on the sidebar of my blog!  So, have at it...I look forward to seeing what you come up with...If you have followed this blog for long you will have seen a couple I've done from this view...both very different...AND, I plan to do another like the one recently finished of Conifer Mountain...:) 

As I said the other day I will be leaving Monday morning for my parents house in won't be painting, but hopefully if I get to hang out at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble long enough I will be able to at least post now and then...Between now and Monday I have TONS of getting I best get to it!!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Flop...OH WELL

 Boring little beige Clarks...but comfy...

This morning I decided to attempt a re-make of some old beige Clarks I've had for a couple of years.  I'd wanted to do it for awhile as I don't wear them cuz they were, well, off I went on this little project.

 Just didn't quite make the grade...they are sort of Wal-Marty...sigh...guess I can wear them around the house..

After spending far too long on them I've decided the idea was a flop...flip flops to be  It's OK that everything we do isn't a masterpiece...we learn, we try, and sometimes we hit the mark, and sometimes we end up with this...:)  Oh well...there's always tomorrow and what ever project I will attempt...(I think to sew a brown leather bag)...

 OOOHHHH AAAHHH...the bling is some kind of crystals ...can't remember the word just at the moment...but still so BLINGY...FUN!!

OR, I could be feeling they are a flop as HERE is my new pair of gorgeous black summer sandles I got while waiting at the mall for my husband while he shopped for a new car...Someone should have told him how dangerous it is to leave his wife at her FAVORITE shoe place for any length of time...Truth be told I came home with two pair, but I felt it best to only show

Next week I'll be off to check on my parents I've been thinking of what sort of contest I will have...hmmm...still thinking...cuz I don't have time to paint when I'm off and running with my VERY energetic mother.  It's always fun to go off with her and see just how many people she has touched in her life...Suffice it to say my beautiful, boundlessly energetic mother is well loved in her community...FUN!

 Husband dear says this is a baby...but STILL, my first bobcat!!

I DID have a bit of an exciting morning however...Walked out to see what our squirrels were jabbering about so loudly and saw my first BOBCAT!  Exciting stuff to see a new creature...This little one was quite skittish, but did return for me to TRY to photograph her/him...The pics aren't that great, but the memory will be!  We have certainly seen our fair share of wildlife while up on this mountain...
Bye little baby bobcat...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Star Lines" original wax collage with paper cast stars © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Star Lines"
6"x12" acrylic/paper cast wax collage
1/2" wrapped canvas with design carried around

Every time I do a paper cast piece I just can't help but to finish it off with wax.  It would work just fine to use traditional sealers such as acrylic medium or even mod podge, but the wax just calls to me...especially when I add larger items like the button from my grandmother's button box. 

I had originally thought to add words to this piece too, but it seemed there was enough going on, and in this case the words may have been a bit too much.  Thanks to Ralph for making me think of this for this particular piece.  IF it had been about the words I would probably not have added papers to the stars, but with the wonderful horizontal torn papers I felt they were strong enough as is. Ralph brought up a good point that is important for consideration...IF we add words we take the chance of shrinking the pool of possible buyers...because we narrow the meaning, and if they were thinking of something else entirely it may have killed a sale.  I DO want to sell, like we all do, but I believe there are ways to add phrasing or even a single word that would not take away from the piece or it's intended meaning...or, we all even get different interpretations from the same, I will not stop adding words as I believe they are important at times...but, to find the right ones that make a secondary emphasis is a fun challenge for me!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paper cast stars collage in process

I played with my paper cast stars yesterday...and collage on a 6x12" 1" wrapped canvas.  I've been doing this long enough to know that I prefer MDF panel for collage, but am constantly amazed at all the different supports that collage works on.  A couple of years ago I did an 18x24" collage on a canvas JUST to see if it would work...and it did...these small works do well on canvas or board...

I've been thinking about shapes and compositions that appeal to me...I find that I like the horizontal and vertical more than circles and squares when applying shape to a support...I like torn edges over cut...I seem to gravitate towards the right side of the piece when creating a focal point...hmmm...having said all that makes me want to select another area of the canvas for a focal...ha!  We will see...I've always thought the reason I focused on the rightish side was because I was right handed...interesting.

Anyway...this is the composition I'm playing with...thinking of adding words too...:)...and maybe some stamping...we shall see...The stars are just sitting there so I can change it when I give this a try in my mind for a few minutes...

Getting excited to share thoughts, processes and ideas with my workshop students next month!  LOVE IT!

I had to sneak one more pic of my Mother's Day flowers with you all...It was raining when I took this pic...interesting background...This is Four Sunflowers and an Iris...kinda reminds me of the movie...Three Men and a


Monday, May 17, 2010

"They Frame the Majesty" original acrylic/paper collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "They Frame the Majesty"
12x12" acrylic/paper collage on cradled Paulowina wood panel
The sides have been stained for a finished look.
 The trick is to allow the words to flow in and around the trees without being obvious.

 I actually finished this piece over the weekend, but we had rain and it was SO dark I couldn't get a proper photo...but here is the third word collage I've created in preparation for my workshop on collage next month for Mountainside Art Guild.  I suppose I could have stopped with the first one, but I truly enjoy working in this way.

As you may remember from earlier posts on this piece I was working to see if I could retain the silhouette of a particular mountain, still working the way I enjoy with these tree collage pieces.  This particular one is of Conifer Mountain; which is the next mountain up from where we live.  I am also really enjoying adding the element of phrase to these pieces as it touches but yet another part of our senses...or at least the emotional response...You will also notice that I've added Pines to this piece.  I enjoy adding just a hint of the branches to these trees...another horizontal/vertically bit to the composition.

We have been  getting some new birds the past week.  I caught this little guy yesterday in a rare moment of sun...don't know what KIND of bird it is...anyone know??  He is bigger than our usual fare of finches and sparrows and such...I notice that he intimidates my little ones a bit...I'm suspecting that he is just passing through...

I'm excited to have my table saw all ready to husband was kind enough to put it together yesterday and I had my first lesson...I will be making my own cradles for my panels...which will save money and time.  I have to admit, I feel a bit is a powerful and loud thing to add to my tools...FUN!

HAPPY CREATING!!  Now, off to work on a collage with my paper casts...

Thursday, May 13, 2010


 The beginning...12x12" cradled panel with silhouette of Conifer Mountain blocked in with acrylic

I'm thinking the name of this piece will be taken obviously from the words within...whether I use the whole phrase or just part I have not decided.  This collage came from the silhouette I am working on for our church logo. We need a new one and the church is in Conifer CO, so I am taking the range and incorporating it.  I woke up this morning thinking about the Conifer mountain; especially since I will be doing the music festival at Beaver Ranch in Conifer this year....  I got excited at the thought of incorporating both trees and mountain like I've been working with collage...and I wanted the mountain to be recognizable for anyone who might care.  Thus the steps that got me to the stopping point for today...
 Since I want the mountain to be recognizable I am very careful to keep the silhouette as drawn and painted...I begin my collage with the mountain...
The paper added carefully...
I went ahead and put the tree tops back in just in case they show through...always thinking of the possibilities of the end result!
Now begins laying in layers and adding more to the sky...
Preparing for the words...
Words added...and beginnings of trees that will be up front...

There will be both pine and aspen in this I these two types of tree are most prevalent on Conifer Mountain. Tomorrow I hope to finish this piece...My mind is already on to the next it should be!!  


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Aspen Light" original acrylic collage 4x4 © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Aspen Light"
4x4" collage on fiberboard panel

"Aspen Light" is another 4x4" mini.  The inspiration for this small bit was "Aspen Lights and Shadows" created last week.  It was NICE to work a bit on something creative instead of cleaning and organizing.  All work and no play makes Saundra dull of mind!!  I will be working more on pieces with words in one way or another...

As I said before collage will be a focus for me the next few weeks as I get ready for my workshop for Mountainside Art Guild, but will also be debuted at the Conifer Mountain Music Festival in the nearby town of Conifer Colorado on August 7, 2010.  I am excited to be a part of the festival which is part of the mountain community I live in.  I am also excited as I hear the Three Dog Night will be performing! FUN DOINS!

Happy Creating!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Loose Ends, Closets and Floors

After a wonderful Mother's Day weekend where I got to hear from BOTH my children, talk to my mother and go hiking with my wonderful husband it's time to tie up loose ends, and do some cleaning and organizing!  I've been avoiding all those little details we have in life in lieu of working on paintings, collage, and paper casts...It was a beautiful time, but I've gotta finish the backs, paint and stain, vacuum closets and decide what materials I can do without to make room for more of the media I work in more often...WHEW...this may take a couple of days!!

So, no new painting today...but a few fun pics of our hike in the foothills yesterday.  We live not far from the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater near Morrison Colorado...and although we didn't hike in that area there were a few red rocks here and there which always amaze me as they look like they just got squeezed upwards...but only made it to the slant...Interesting!

The hills and foothills from our hike were so interesting...more pinion pines than the ones near our house...which always remind me of the landscapes of Grant Woods. And, yes...we did run in to some evidence of animals...mountain lion tracks (though not a big one)...and a ton of bear fur!  I guess he just came down and rolled around on the ground to get rid of his winter coat??  I don't know, but it was a bit creepy!

I'm investing in a table saw so I can make my own cradles for my MDF panel collages and paintings...So that is on the list for pick up today as well...I made a cradle  (well, my husband did the sawing) by hand yesterday for the Aspen Lights and Shadows collage and it turned out beautifully, but took way too long and I couldn't saw the wood by hand myself...thus the need for the electric version of my hubby!  He is always so good to make what I need, but I feel bad for him knowing the number of cradles I will be making this off to Home Depot for me! FUN...a new tool!!

Here's hoping you all have a great day of CREATING!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


To all the mother's out there...I wanted to share my mother's day flowers with you...we work hard, and we love fiercely, and we deserve a HAPPY DAY...

Friday, May 7, 2010

"Aspen Lights and Shadows" original acrylic and paper collage COMPLETED © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Aspen Lights and Shadows"
12x25" acrylic and paper collage on gesso'd MDF panel
Click to enlarge

Here is the finished version of "Aspen Lights and Shadows".  From yesterday you can see that I added detail and light and shadow to the aspen that were included last.  I tried the keep the most information near the focal area without eliminating the need for a bit in the other areas.  The words were a secondary focus...I didn't want them to be OBVIOUS...but if someone were interested enough to step closer and concentrate they could read them...For a larger version you can click on the photograph.

These detail pics are just to show the amount of work and different factors involved in creating a piece like this.  I LOVE working this just unleashes all sorts of ideas as I'm working...

This will be available on my website in a few weeks, but for now it will serve as another example for my upcoming collage workshop in June  for the Mountainside Art Guild.  I've taught workshops on collage before, but with each class I like to bring new ideas and possibilities before my students as a way to inspire them whether they lean toward the abstract or enjoy a more realistic style...

FUN NEWS...I've just decided to participate in Conifer's Art and Music Festival in Conifer Colorado which will take place on August 7...FUN stuff to be stepping into the world of outdoor art festivals...I haven't done them before, so lots to learn, and lots to acquire so I'll be ready...and...of course lots to create!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Aspen Lights and Shadows" in process acrylic collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

Today was fun as I began to add to what I created yesterday...The first pic shows what I did with the nice horizontal strip that flows from one side to the next...adding a phrase with letter stamps...there, but yet, not dominant...

This second photo is the beginning  of adding trees that will have more detail and contrast...still trying to maintain the phrase, but again, not wanting it to me dominant...just there...I'm excited to see how I pull it all together...hopefully tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


 11 3/4" X 24 3/4"
gesso MDF panel

Remembering this blog is about process as well as the finished product I am going to be stepping along through this next piece as I prepare for my workshop in collage next month.

I absolutely LOVE collage, and I absolutely LOVE teaching workshops...and as I did when I taught public school I like to bring fresh things to each "lesson" or workshop.  I think I would go crazy if I taught each class the same way as the I go on a journey to bring fresh to what I've taught before!

The top pic is STEP 1...I take a panel (in this case) and gesso it, and then take color that is left over on my pallet and cover it up.  At this stage it really doesn't matter the colors that much...I kinda know what is in nature (as this will be a tree piece)...and I just slap it on to cover all that WHITE!

STEP 2 is where I begin to add papers...I kinda know that I want some sky up top...and I begin to lay in the vertical papers for the background trees...

STEP 3...becomes about deciding where I want my "focal" area to be...When I am doing a stand of trees...more abstractly than some of my more realistic pieces I STILL think about an area that will bring the eye...a little more contrast...can you tell where the focal area is going to be?..

STEP 4 was about adding many more verticals and then playing with the idea of a good horizontal to break up the monotony a little (some pieces I want all vertical...but this one may have words in the form of stamps or some such thing...and I need a path...The focal area should be a little more obvious at this point...:)

I get really excited when I see a piece like this starting to take shape...starting to make a little more sense to me for what my intent was...which, by the way...sort of appeared after I'd worked at it a little bit...I knew it would be another tree piece...I knew the general way I wanted to go...but as I added the different papers and found some fun ones to sort of focus on that was FUN!!  

The thing I always tell my students when I am teaching a workshop is not to get married to a particular area at this stage as it can often change drastically before the end...If you marry too early I feel it stilts the creative process that should be flowing freely throughout!!  At least that is the way I think...:)  Til tomorrow...


© Saundra Lane Fine Art

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