Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Pink" © Saundra Lane Galloway

I only had a minute...just a quick moment of time, and I needed a smile desperately!  I grabbed the only pink geranium we had left after our first frost and just plopped down a few strokes.  I don't know if I will look at this tomorrow and decide I need more...or just let it live as is and put it on my website...then do some more another day...a series...:) 

Just a reminder, it doesn't take long to put a smile on an artist's face...I needed one today...It's been a rough few days...just life...just old mean life...but, we always pick ourselves back up as long as we bring in breath and can start again!

I'm sort of laughing to myself...140 must be my lucky; or unlucky number.  No matter what happens to my followers always comes back to 140...Guess I'm not posting enough for some and they go away...but it never seems to fail...I get to 141 and think I'm coming back, and someone drops off.  I screwed up my self and actually asked a couple artist friends if they dropped because all of a sudden they weren't there anymore...they said, I wonder if the ole blogspot is messing with me...any way...glad for those of you who stop by...


Monday, October 25, 2010

"Sunflower in Oil" original oil painting mini on fiberboard © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Sunflower in Oil"
4x4 " oil on fiberboard panel

Just a little breather from the fun collage to do a little FUN mini in oil.  I'm having a hard time letting go of summer...I hear we may get snow tonight...:)  I needed a little sunshine in a flower!  This piece is created on my fiberboard panels that have slots on back for hanging...OR, their 1/2" depth makes them perfect for sitting on a shelf or on a small easel...PLUS, you could get creative with framing if you wanted to place them on a board to make a larger piece!  The possibilities are endless...

Now, on to more something...!! 


Friday, October 22, 2010

"Fall Leaves" mixed media collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Fall Leaves"
3 3/4" x 23 1/2" collage on MDF panel with green stained 1 3/4" cradled sides

A fun little experiment with the fall aspen as they are beginning to change.  The leaves are paper which gives this just a bit of depth in reality as well as look. I like these long skinny ones...they are great for hanging or can be set on a mantle!  FUN!

at first it was too much "round" shapes...with the addition of the abstract trees coming down in the background it gave the piece the contrast in shape I felt it needed.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Mt. Evans Panorama" COMPLETED © Saundra Lane Galloway

 Mt. Evans Panorama
apx. 18" x 48"
MDF panel with 1 3/4" cradled sides stained English Oak
After a bit of tweaking;  adding papers, playing with the sky I can happily call this largish piece finished!  I have to admit that I used to be intimidated by larger pieces with my style, but I've since completing a couple I have found it just as enjoyable though a bit tricky moving it from my easel where I paint to my collage table where my studio is rather small...It's kind of like bumping your elbows in a small shower...even though bumping the collage doesn't physically hurt...I still say "ouch"! 

This pic is from early winter where the snow still sits on the mountain, but in between snows so large it covered the foreground.  I find it a good reference as we all know contrast is a good thing!

I am happy to say we were able to reschedule the dates for my workshop on collage at the Aar River Gallery to Feb. 1-2.  For registration forms please follow this link.   IF you want to learn more about my process AND be caught up on the newest things out there in collage ideas...AND want to see in person my process in wax collage and paper casting (which will be featured in the Jan/Feb issue of Cloth Paper Scissors)  AND create one yourself in this jam packed two day workshop I hope to see you there!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Panorama STILL in process

Today was "lay in the mountain" day.  Still have lots to do, but it is coming along...I always laugh cuz as I begin the paper work at the bottom I see the splashes of paint disappear underneath...but I swear it is an important step!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mt. Evans Panorama in process

More process today.  I've been wanting to do another largish piece of our beautiful mountains...Mt. Evans in panorama won.  It's such a signature place for Colorado I thought it would be a good one to do large...especially since a lot of people who will be seeing it in person live here  or at least appreciate our beautiful scenes.  This one is about 18" x 48" and will eventually be hanging on the gallery walls of "Up the Mountain Steakhouse" in Conifer.  It's such a beautiful place to show work...the widows have the beauty as well as a cozy fireplace.  If you live in this area you have to try their wonderful food!

It's gotten a bit dark here, so the photo didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but you get the drift.  The darks you see in the bottom acrylic lay in are the same across...what I wanted to show in process is my approach to the mountains...I sketch in the silhouette and then work with modeling paste to bring in some extra texture, which, when paint is applied works so well for those shadows and contrasts!  You may have to click on this one to see the drawing and modeling paste application...I promise the finished piece will be a good picture!

This will be our Mt. Evans in snow as the winter is coming...and I can't stop it...Also, the mountains seem to look so strong when they have snow and shadows.

My application on the bottom will nearly cover completely the painted surface on bottom, but I maintain it is a valuable process as some colors do peek through and give it just that more umph!  The streaming I've begun on top has become my signature of sorts, so I love to apply something that weaves it is just another thing that leads ones eye across.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Garden Chickadee" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Garden Chickadee"
6" x 11 3/4" mixed media with oil, acrylic and paper (and a little stamping) on MDF cradle

I really enjoyed playing with another addition to my new collage work.  I've long wanted to put my little backyard "garden" chickadee into my new way of working, but I feel this little guy was best served by painting him in oil...So, after re-researching the proper way to add oil over acrylic I went for it.  The simple rules when painting oil over acrylic are to make sure you leave enough tooth to your surface for the oil to adhere this case...not too shiny, not too thick, and not too smooth...Simple enough...and, I read somewhere that due to the fact that acrylic dries faster than oil (I know you knew that)...a hard surface like MDF board is best as there will be no uneven drying time that could result in cracking for oil...WHICH works perfectly for me as I love my MDF cradles!  WIN WIN!! YEA!
Chickadee detail

I recently joined Mountainside Art Guild; or re-joined, as I'd been a member years ago...and the first show they offer to members is one I've been a part of in the past...Etchers (a home and garden shop that supports the arts) this little guy will hopefully make it in to that show...but after that; Nov. 21, 2010 it will be available on my website.

I've been so super busy of late that I've neglected my little blog terribly, and my website, and my followers...for that I apologize.  I enjoyed the competitions...and plan to find another way to say thank you to my followers very soon...which has been making me laugh of late...I seem to be in a holding pattern for followers of fault I'm sure...but how funny that I gain a follower and then loose one...are you guys playing games with me...or am I making someone board or mad here and there...sigh...guess we can't please everyone...but we can try!!

PS...anyone out there not liking the new upload of photos to their blog??  I've noticed that I can't add them and then put them in one at a erases all of them unless you add them all at once...


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I'm getting close to finishing a new piece...I'm calling it "Garden Finch"...and I'm showing you parts...:)  This one will be different in that I will be painting the finch in oil over the acrylic base.  It's ok to paint oil over acrylic, but you have to keep a few important things in mind...don't make your acrylic too thick, too shiny, or smooth...if you leave a bit of tooth the oil will have something to grab on to!
A little blurry...but see the stamping in the background...I wanted to put it in, but keep it subtle!

Lots going on in the ole studio...preparing large cradles for the restaurant gallery, working on some family pieces, and yep, a little cleaning up!  Hopefully will finish my finch tomorrow...


Friday, October 8, 2010

Only for my family

 "Mom's Rooster"
24 x 30
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

My wonderful mother pulled a pic from a decorator magazine with a painting on the wall....way tiny painting...but she looked at me with those lovely mother eyes and said "Please"...WHO WOULD SAY NO???  HA...Of course I said yes...SO...only for family would I take some picture out of a magazine and paint a thing...that will only live on my beautiful mother's walls and will make her so happy!!

So, Mom's Rooster was today's project!  I'm finished all but the tweaking that I will do when I wake up tomorrow...Gotta love those bright colors!!

Even though I am not looking forward to tons of snow coming soon...I still am amazed at the beautiful skies on just about any morning up here!!  Had to share!

A word on joining different groups...I've been doing that lately...So far I'm a part of 3 groups...why?? those people and love the different opportunities!  Think about it if you are struggling with anything...THINK of the input and critiques and fellowship!  FUN!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to Family

 "Dog Dog"
4x4 oil on fiberboard panel

The past few months have been very busy with so many different things.  It's been great working solidly on my new collage style with a few forays into little oils and such. I was glad to gather people together to work in some way as an organized art group...which has come to a conclusion of sorts.  Oh my...which first...Well, I'm starting with family! Today it is my son.

A few weeks ago; out of the son asked me if I had any of his stuffed "guys" from when he was son thinks of his childhood sometimes!!  YEA...again! Of course, being a mom...I did...Specifically his favorite "Dog Dog".  I gave him a bath and fluffed him up a bit and happily (with a little tear...I'm sure you understand) sent him off to California to live with his owner.  Jonathan's birthday is next I painted a little portrait of dog dog to immortalize him for my son.  Being an artist I couldn't do anything else!  Now, just praying he dries well enough for shipping!  Got any tips you oil painters out there for drying something quickly?? has white in it...the slowest drying "color"!...

My show and upcoming workshop at the Aar River Gallery are coming along...getting ready for that was a flurry of working to amass a large enough body of my new work to hang...whew...planning for a workshop is a job in itself...especially since I like to add new things every time I teach!  Keeping it fresh is good for me as well as any students I energy is best when I'm fresh!

Getting my wax collage work ready for Cloth Paper Scissors has been fun, but challenging.  When preparing a workshop on my process I've learned that I need to do what they call "step outs"...which means I need to do a separate piece for each stage...NEXT I send it all out to them with finished work for their photographers to do their thing...THAT is all but ready to pack and ship...WHEW!  I am excited.  It reminds me that if we just keep experimenting...asking ourselves questions (I went through that on this blog a few months ago) about what we want our style to be to most accurately represent our artistic vision.  I am SO glad I did that as it led me to my conclusion...eventually! 

The group I've been trying to get together up here on the mountain is coming along.  After a meeting we had a couple of weeks ago it was first decided that we wanted to be a guild...When I sent out a call for some to sit on a committee to form this guild I didn't hear back from any who were willing to do that.  THAT is ok as during the process I found a guild that is already established that is just at the base of the mountain.  A great group of people that were only too thrilled to include any of us who wanted to be a part of a group already established with venues and everything!! YEA...The other good thing that came of it was we found a place to gather on a regular basis to paint and commiserate and work together...not 10 minutes from where I an unheard of price of only $2 a person!!  YEA!  That will be my focus as I try to get that up and running!  We even had a name we liked for the guild...BUT since it may not go any time soon, we may take it for our regular working group..."285 Arts Association"...or some such thing to be amended to fit just what we are!  So, I call this a win win! 

Next on my agenda is to paint a big rooster for my mom and another large collage piece for the "Up the Mountain Steakhouse" gallery as my other large piece looks like it may sell soon...

As I've said before...on to more and more!!  HAPPY CREATING!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


And then...when life seems dark, we get another day...yes it's true...the sun comes up each day!  THAT we can count on!  Hope this brings you all a smile!  HAPPY CREATING!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've not ever done just this...not just this way...and I probably won't do anything like this again...not like this...but my heart is in this today, and it is important...for life, for living, for our process as people, as artists; as most of you who read this are feelings...about life, about family, about what is truly important...about things that make us we CAN work and play and laugh and dream IS my process that brings me to my easel every day with a vision.

We all go through times in life when we want to give up, give in to things that are less than ourselves...for, we were made strong creatures, AND fragile creatures.  We have a spirit for life, a survival instinct...and we depend on those who are stronger physically to take care of us until the strength of spirit matches our physical and emotional strength...and if we are lucky we get that...for we are here living and breathing and doing what we can to be happy and strong for those who come after our children...who, for a time need us the way we needed when we first came to this world.

Nothing is more important to me after God than my family. I was raised to understand that.  There were years when I was rebellious when I may have rejected that, but I always knew it to be true.  At first family is a parent or aunt or caregiver that gives up their lives for a time to raise us...and then a family is a brother and sister...and then perhaps a husband or wife.  Family.  Family is most important of all.  IF we are lucky to have a family that loves us and is there to support us we can thrive and become much easier what we were meant to be...and life is good and wonderful and then we have the strength to go and give back and build on that...IF life gets hard and family doesn't stick together we can much more easily break and blow away...that part of us that we were meant to is blow away.

For some of you family is a group of people that you have, for some reason, attached yourself to or identified with in some way...and that is awesome...but, please...let's all remember that it isn't a isn't about being's about being the best person we can be for each's about never letting someone fall down that we don't have a hand to pick them up and tell them that they are loved and precious and that spirit they were born with can thrive...It should never be about ganging up with people at the expense of another...we are all a family of sorts even though we have our own family that should come first...always...if there is a human out there that you know that is in trouble...remember how easily that could be you.  It never is wrong to reach out and say to them "You are not alone"...for, if we were meant to be alone God would have only created one.

Don't give up your spirit you came here with...don't loose yourself in the craziness of life...don't let anyone else push you aside and make you feel inferior...find what you came still...listen to are still in there...and if someone is making you feel less than in your life, or your art...remember the drive that it took to get you thus far...and don't let them...

We are all about process.  Our art is all about our process as humans...what we live, what we dream, what we aspire to...if someone is making you feel like you aren't important by what they say, or don't say, or do or don't do...remember how it feels...get strong within yourself, and REMEMBER...because I can guarantee that there is someone out there that is looking at you...admiring YOU...and in need of a reminder of just how wonderful their creative spirit is...and they CAN be what they dream of...just don't give up!

Life is is process...let's help each other make both a wonderful process!! 

HAPPY CREATING...I hope your process is joyful today!  PS...I love my kids (can you tell?? :))

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Aar River and NEXT...maybe...

Last night's opening reception at the Aar River Gallery was fun!  I'm sure the artists out there can relate to the joy of being able to talk about your work and meet new people...THANK you Beck Silver!!  If you live in the area you must take time to visit the gallery is a beautiful space!

Now, on to other families paintings...a new NEXT piece...and working on step pieces for the Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine!

Full of ideas, fun and smiles!!  HAPPY CREATING!!

Friday, October 1, 2010


 WOW, has this week been C R A Z Y!  I know, I KNOW...I've been saying that a LOT lately!  I miss painting SOOOOOO much...but sometimes we have to do a little business so we can continue to paint!!  Yep, I know you all know that!

Tonight is the opening reception at the Aar River Gallery for my work for the month of October...I KNOW...I've been saying that a LOT too...but, it is...

Tonight is also the opening night for the new restaurant in Conifer that has the gallery walls..."Up the Mountain Steakhouse"'s beautious...fireplace, windows to the perty!!  I went up today to drop off some tags and was tickled to know my work has been a hit with the pre-opening parties they've had...AND...cross your fingers...I may have sold the BIGGEST piece...YEA...Colorado Aspen...but...we will wait til the check is written before doing the happy dance!!  But, the owner said I might want to have another piece ready to bring up in it's place...SOOOO off to get me sum big MDF...maybe not quite as big...I've got an idea of what I'm gonna do...more later...

It has been awhile since I focused on things for my family...things that are important to being a big ole rooster head for my mom...she asked months ago and I got is his eye...tee hee...another being a couple paintings of some things I recently sent to my son, and I miss already!  First of all I LOVE that he hasn't forgotten his childhood...and he even wanted them in his world...second...I now have to paint them for me and for him!!  Yes...I need a visual in my studio of them cuz I miss them...and I think he'd get a kick out of a little ole paintin of dog dog...guess which one that is!!

So, thanks for the patience as it has been a LONG time since I posted new stuff...and soon...very soon...there will be more...My ideas didn't stop just because my fingers had to!


© Saundra Lane Fine Art

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