Thursday, May 30, 2013


"Baby Bear"
4x4" oil on panel
"Baby Bear" is the little scamp that has been making himself known at our house this spring. He's a cutie, but he also is a "problem child" curious...he tears down our bird feeders, and has even gotten into my car...just like a baby! Painted in oil on panel with black sides this little guy is ready to frame as is or sit on a little easel. I can also mount him on a black backer 5"x5" board so he can be framed in a larger frame so all his sides show! Free if you just request it! "Baby Bear" will be ready to ship on June 10, 2013 when he has had time to dry! The frame is not included, but just a suggesion. You can find frames like this at Michaels.
I've been working hard to make life simpler. Don't we all do that from time to time? Yep...we do!  It usually comes at a time of extreme busy"ness", which is where I am right now...SO, I've been paying close attention to my analytics.  I'm not seeing much traffic come directly from my ETSY shop.  I sell quite a few "Etsy" paintings, but the traffic comes from a favorite site of DAILY PAINTWORKS site.  SO, I'm thinking I'm going to pull out of ETSY and just put my ETSY type paintings on my website and Daily Paintworks and see how that goes. 

I think ETSY is a great tool if you spend the time to market heavily and follow all their suggestions, but, for me, time is of the essence, and why feed so many sites when you find what works!  If you are looking to find a site that is well run (by David and Carol Marine) check them out!  They are awesome!!  So, on we go!!

SUMMER ART MARKET is coming quickly!  I still have a few paintings I want to get done and so little time...whew...exciting, but exhausting!
I hope to see as many of you as can come next weekend!! BOOTH #38
And...I can't go very long before I have to share another pic of my adorable grandson Paxton...He's chillin out in California with his parents and grandparents and an uncle...My daughter named this one "Cool Dude"...and that he is!!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


"High Mountain Elk"
24" x 6" mixed media on cradled panel
$260 + shipping
See it in person June 8-9, 2013 at SAM
(info on sidebar)
Up in the mountains of Colorado you will find some beautiful, unspoiled meadows. It is in these meadows that you will find elk wandering about freely. "High Meadow Elk" is painted in just this setting with Mt. Evans in the background. Painted on mdf with 1.75 thick cradle that is stained in a Vermont Maple to compliment. The background is largely acrylic with some acid free paper added. The elk is painted in oil. Ready to hang, or, because of it's unique depth it can set on a shelf. "High Meadow Elk" will be ready to ship on or about June 10, 2013 when it is dry. To see it in person you can visit my booth #38 at the Summer Art Market June 8-9, 2013.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


"Aspen" an Art Pole
72" (that's 6' folks) x 4" square
$200 (on hold for SAM) but, if you MUST have it e-mail me at!
Come see this in person at the Summer Art Market June 8-9, 2013
Art Students League 2nd and Grant in Denver, CO
This is my new toy...something I wanted to experiment with to see if it would work. The best way to explain it is a painted sculpture..."ish".  I took a 6' 4" square pvc fence post and learned how to make it accept acrylic paint...figured out how to make it stand up and it is.

I KNEW it was not going to photograph well because it is so TALL and I've taken a few detail shots so you can see it up close. The base is a wood plaque screwed into a 2' length of 4x4 that the pvc pipe slides over.  I wanted to keep the base as unobtrusive as possible, so this is what I came up with.  My wonderful husband and I are also working on a system that would allow this to be placed in a garden if that were preferred.  I've talked to some paint experts that gave me the proper sealant that will work outside.  The top is a fence post top that was painted to compliment this aspen stand of a pole.
In this large detail of a section of the top you can see how I've painted trees all around...this one sports a tree wrapping the edge.

I worked to make interesting negative spaces with some branches...adding to interest.
To really get the feel of this piece you just have to see, I hope to see you at SAM in a couple of weeks!!
The weekend was a pleasant one...digging in the yard, me painting, a Memorial Day picnic with church folks...even a visit with our elk family in the meadow at the entrance to our mountain "neighborhood".

I'm hoping to get one more art pole completed before SAM.  This one will be poppy related I think...but first...another layer painting...and on I go!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


"Cam - a camel"
4"x4" oil on panel

Isn't he just so jaunty...watching with his secret smile; knowing what he thinks and happy about it! A camel; just waiting to go home to give you a smile when you pass by! "Cam" is painted on a 4"x4" mini panel with black sides so he can sit on a small easel or shelf, or be framed as is. NOTE: there will be a bit taken up on all sides if you opt for a 4" frame. FREE OPTION is to have him mounted on a black 5"x5" backer board so he can be framed in a 5" frame and all his sides will show! Just request the backer board when you order if you wish. The black frame is not included, but a suggestion for framing. You can purchase frames like this at Michaels. "Cam" will be ready to ship on or near May 28, 2013 when he is dry!    

I feel like I say it's been a busy time in the studio every post; and that is really because it IS! But, fun busy...We've had our little baby bear become a regular visitor lately.  He's so cute, but never far from my mind is his mom somewhere out, I remain vigilant and observant.  Yesterday with this visit my husband was on the property, so when I saw him I had to hollar "BEAR"...and we get out of his way!

There have been some scary moments for my family in the past two days.  On Monday my mom was caught in the path of the tornado that went through Edmond, OK.  A neighbor said he saw it go right over her house!  WHEW!  She made it through with no damage...except the inevitable damage to her nerves!  BUT, yesterday the tornado that destroyed so much of Moore was especially upsetting as we have family and friends that live there.  Thankfully all friends and family are safe and accounted for, but the devastation is extreme, so my thoughts and prayers are with all those so severely affected!

So, on we go, doing our best with each day...trying to find inspiration where we can...and being grateful for what we have in those we love!


Monday, May 20, 2013


"Sweet Girl" - a Horse
4"x4" oil on panel

You know those animals that just exude a gentle nature? Yes, this Sweet Girl is just that kind of horse...lovely eyes and gentle in spirit she is just waiting for just the right animal lover to take her home! Painted on 4x4" panel with black sides "Sweet Girl" is ready to sit on an easel or shelf, or even in a frame. NOTE: in a 4"x4" frame you will loose a bit on each side. HOWEVER, I can provide a 5"x5" black backer board to make her ready to frame in a larger frame so all her sides show. IF YOU WANT THIS OPTION AT NO EXTRA COST JUST REQUEST IT WHEN YOU ORDER. The frame shown is not included, it is just a suggestion. You can buy a frame like this at Michaels. "Sweet Girl" will be ready to ship on or about May 27, 2013 when she is dry! 
Busy days describe my studio lately.  It happens a lot this time of year when the SUMMER ART MARKET is just around the corner!  This year Summer Art Market is June 8-9 with extended hours to 7 p.m. on Saturday! I'm hoping you will be able to stop by my booth; #38 if you are in the area!
One of my wonderful blogger followers asked me about my Lunch and Learn classes, and it dawned on me I have been remiss in updating on my blog! SORRY!...just another sign that things are getting really busy here!  After my big snafoo with the Artist Choice show where I took my painting home and wiped it out and started over I realized that life was WAY TOO out of control!  So, after some soul searching I decided to suspend my class offerings for the time being.  I found that I was meeting myself coming and going and STILL not getting everything done to my satisfaction, so, with a bit of a heavy heart LUNCH AND LEARN had to go...I'm sorry that my eyes were bigger than my time frame...but, it's OK to admit those things...and on we go!!
My husband got me some beautiful roses for Mother's Day.  I took photos of them all as I usually do.  Two of my photos were kind of fun...a before and after if you will...I don't know about you, but I feel that the after is more "interesting" compositionally than the before.  What do you think?
A good reminder that we can find inspiration wherever we choose to look!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


"Fauvist Pine"
24"x24" mixed media on textured cradle
Available on my WEBSITE
There is a lot of texture behind this very colorful; fauvist reminiscent painting of a pine tree from the ants point of view...Modeling paste, cheesecloth, some of my signature paper streaming. The tree and her foliage are painted in oil.  A fun painting to do for sure!  I will be taking this ole girl to the SUMMER ART MARKET on June 8-9, so if you want to see it in person, head on to booth #38!
The sides are stained a rich brown to compliment the painting.  She's ready to hang! 


Saturday, May 11, 2013


"G" -a Giraffe"
4"x4" oil on panel
"G" is just a simple but wise guy...can't you just see how he takes life as it comes and is happy either way? G is painted in oil on 4"x4" panel with black painted sides. He can be set on a little easel or framed as is in a 4"x4" frame, but note that some of his sides will be hidden in the frame. HOWEVER, if you request it, at no extra charge I will mount him for you on a black 5"x5" backer board so he can be framed in a 5"x5" frame so all his sides show! Just let me know when you order! The frame is not included, but just a suggestion as to how he will look framed with a little border around him. You can find frames like this at Michaels. "G" will be ready to ship on or about May 17, 2013 when he is dry!    
OK...I'm having FUN painting my little ETSY paintings...and they sell so FAST...YAY on both, that's my newest ETSY offering.  "Candice" the giraffe from my last post, sold this morning...thanks Corrine!
Today I hurridly finished a 2'x2' experimental painting just in the nic of time to enter it into a local show we have in town...I wasn't really happy with it...but, because I'd sent in the entry fee I went ahead and let it go to be entered.  Actually my hubby kindly offered to deliver it as I had a meeting for the SUMMER ART MARKET.  I stayed in town because I just didn't feel it was show worthy, and as I predicted I had to pick it up and bring it home.  WHY am I telling you this?'s a lesson to me...a life lesson, that, for some reason I need to keep learning.  I'll explain...
I have been extra busy lately...setting up classes for my Lunch and Learn (a HUGE undertaking for each class; not only did I work to get the room ready, but I put together half day workshops for every offering I've put out there so far, gotten supplies,etc, etc...WHEW) , painting for ETSY, trying to keep paintings going for SAM next month, and the usual navagating through regular life; which for me is a lot from time to time...SOUND FAMILIAR any others out there?  My situation isn't unique...we all have lots on our plates...BUT, I did have a lesson AGAIN, NOT to paint for a show!!  Well, I didn't actually PAINT FOR THIS PARTICULAR SHOW, but I did push myself to paint to get one finished to ENTER into this show. When ever we push ourselves beyond that normal push to get better, we tend to rush, to make quick decisions that may not be right for our work...JUST to make a deadline...NO, NO, NO!!  Don't do it!!  There will always be another show...there will always be another chance to put yourself out there...Take care of your talent...take care of your instincts, take care of what you know is right for your work...the rest will come!!  WHEW...I THINK I've learned this time...well, I hope so!!  And, PS on this topic...not every show is for you!!  That is my mini lesson.  This particular show is usually for those uber realistic artists work is TOTALLY different from anything that ever gets entered...It just isn't the show for me...LEARNED this time!!
What did I do when I got home?  I took gesso and wiped out the entire painting.  I didn't try to "fix" it wasn't working...and folks...SOME PAINTINGS JUST AREN'T GOING TO let them go...learn, and move on QUICKLY!  Don't fret over a painting that has turned into a lesson...keep those inspirational fires burning...And you know what...I'm already excited about my new idea for the NEW painting...WHEW!  Onward and UPWARD!!

Friday, May 10, 2013


"Candice - a Giraffe"
4x4" oil on panel
SOLD 5-11-2013
Such a happy girl, Candice is...just happy to be alive and what a sense of humor she has! Candice is perfect for that sense of humor in you! Painted in oil on panel with black sides; ready for sitting on a little easel or framing in a 4"x4" frame. NOTE: 1/4" ish will be taken up on all sides with a frame. IF you request it, for a short time, at no extra cost, the 5"x5" black backer board mounting is available to you so you can frame her in a 5"x5" frame. The frame shown is not included in the price, but just a suggestion so you can see the whole painting. Just note when you order if you want the backer board mounting or not. Candice will be available for shipping on or about May 17, 2013 when she dries!
A busy time in the ole studio here up on the mountain.  Setting new class offerings, getting ready for SUMMER ART MARKET June 8-9 at the Art Students League in Denver and, well, life...I'm meeting myself coming and going for sure, but it's all FUN DOINS!
This time of year I find myself missing my most wonderful son, my sweet daughter and son-in-law, my mom, my grandson, my, and they are all over the country...sigh...such is life.  I've had several requests for an update on my little Paxton; 20 months and he is spelling his name and still on the big ole alpahabet kick, sounds...such a joy to our family...Hope this brings you a smile on this beautiful spring day!! 
Paxton at 20 months...ANIMAL SOUNDS.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


May 21, 2013 – 10-12:30
materials included
Bring Lunch – drinks provided
Pan pastels are Professional artists' quality soft pastels in a pan.  They are ultra soft, highly pigmented, low dust, lightfast.  You can paint straight from the pan. 
This class is a chance for you to come and play with this medium without any investment, but for a few dollars in materials. We will "play" with the pastels, learn their qualities, mix them with mixed media materials and you will go home with a wonderful example!

These are not my examples...but examples of what we will be doing!  FUN DOINS!  IF you are interested in this class just e-mail me and let me know!!

I have been busy in the studio as well...getting ready for Summer Art Market; June 8-9, 2013.  MORE to come on that in coming days!

There are two finished giraffes on my easel today that I will be adding to my ETSY shop...the weather was very dark and dreary today, so no photos worked out...STAY TUNED!!


Sunday, May 5, 2013


"Suzie O" - an Ostrich
4"x4" oil on panel
"Angus O" - an Ostrich
4"x4" oil on panel
Yes...these two sold before I had time to go very far with them...THANKS ELLEN! I am getting quite a kick out of the fact that of all things, ostrich's, have taken off with such a BANG!  Perhaps they look so funny, and we NEED funny in our world right now...who knows...THIS ARTIST doesn't care, because to paint them makes me laugh, so for that I am grateful!! 
Busy as can be getting ready for my first LUNCH AND LEARN class...ABSTRACT BEGINNINGS...I've had such fun preparing...not only do I have a good way to help those "abstractly challenged" folks out there (of which I am one of em), it hones my artistic bones as well!!  SO FUN DOINS at the Galloway mountain escape classroom!!
I wish you all could join us...I LOVE, LOVE teaching and playing art!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Boy that last month went by quickly...We had a ton of snow today and darkness outside, so my May calendar page seems a little...yellow...but it's not! SO, this is our reminder that May is HERE and the flowers are not far behind...and hopefully the snow will soon be a memory...

My first LUNCH AND LEARN ABSTRACT class is just shy of a week away...I'm excited...and glad it is finally coming!  There is still one spot open if anyone is near and wants to come play with us!

Happy to report that "Colorado" 48"x18" mixed media sold last week...thanks to my wonderful gallery owners Vickey and Tom!  It's time to do another layer painting...hmmm...which mountain might I feature this time! FUN DOINS!

Along with getting my classroom ready I'm also busy trying to put together another new piece to enter in Artist Choice...a large show we have every is a little peek at's largely abstract with some realistic aspects.

There is lots of texture in this one!  Stay tuned!  I've finally figured out what I could call myself if I were so inclined...and sometimes I am...I'd say I'm an abstract realist...hmmm...I'm going to chew on that one!!

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