Friday, January 27, 2012


In every painting there is usually an ugly duckling stage...USUALLY it comes in the beginning as you are putting in a background or sketching something in.  For these "layer" long skinnies I have found it can come anywhere during the process.  For all practical purposes I am painting several different paintings and blending them into one complete painting.  As I move downward I am often changing my mind from what I had originally wondered about doing to what it becomes.  Things can change as the painting shows itself.

I put the meadow with the yellow and purple tiny flowers and a hill that originally had pines all along it...and at the bottom is the dark color laid in for what will eventually be aspen.  The aspen will come much above the dark color...THIS is where I make decisions...

First...just what do I do about the pines on the steep sloping hill...will I put some in and lay aspen in on top for added depth or do I skip them.?..I will play with that decision today...

Second...Do I bring the dark colors up a bit to eliminate the "line" that always screams BORING negative shape...probably so I answer myself...

Third...the foliage on the aspen trees...hmmm...this piece has shown itself to be a spring"ish" piece with the spring snow on the mountains, but color bursting on the scene of the lower a decision as to HOW I will approach the leaves of the aspen as well as COLOR of the foliage will be another decision...COLOR and VALUE will play a big part here as I see where the tops of the trees will land and what is behind them...all the while keeping in mind the fact that one "layer" blends into another...AND...always keeping in mind the negative shapes that are made (the outlines of the subject matter at hand) can sometimes make or break a painting...

ALL IN's a fun piece to do as it is a challenge and things can change in an instant.  The next photo will be quite a change from what you see here as far as what happens towards the lower parts of stay tuned!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I've been inching along with the second "layer" of my long skinny Gore Mountain painting...The fun challenge of these layer paintings as I call them is to try to blend each layer with the layer above it so it looks it really belongs.  In reality I am using several reference photos of scenes in and around the Gore Mountain, blending each scene or "layer" is important.  You have to keep in mind the colors and values with each layer and make sure you bring unity to each step down the support. It is FUN, but challenging, which is what every artist wants when working...otherwise it becomes tedious and boring...well, for me anyway!  You can see the unpainted section at the bottom just waiting for me to add layer number 3! FUN DOINS!

This detail section is me laying in the water and beginning to put trees in and going down to prepare for the next this point I'M not even sure what scene I will incorporate....that is exciting stuff for me!!
For the larger tree on the left I grabbed my sandpaper and oils and painted it in oil.  I wasn't happy with the viscosity of my acrylics to get the effect I wanted in the tree, so I sanded a little behind it to give the oil a surface to grab on to and painted it.  I have to have this painting finished in a few days for a show on the 20th of February, and now that I've incorporated a bit of oil I need to give it time to dry a bit!  I'm not laying in the oil very thickly so it should have plenty of time to dry! life demands I'm off to do asundry things and hopefully back this afternoon to play some more!!


Monday, January 23, 2012


I'm still working my way SLOWLY down the support for my big ole long skinny of the Gore Range here in you can see I've moved a little away from the snow scene...have added some trees and have begun to add papers that will eventually be one of the many lakes that can be seen in and around the range.  You can see where I've blocked in a bit of color for the water...and on I go!  This photo shows the sky MUCH too green...but our light is rather strange here on the mountain this morning...that is why you may see a slight color change from day to day...fear not...on the day it is finished I will make sure the colors are least on MY monitor!

Time has been my enemy of late...the good news is I've been preparing and delivering paintings for various shows, competitions and shops in the area...this takes time...precious time...but important to keep things moving along!  The frustrating news is it leaves me only moments here and there to come in and slap down some paint or paper! LOL...this too shall pass!


Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've begun to lay in the section of the Gore Mountains that I chose.  As you can see, there is very little "white" in the snow...there are shadows, and reflections in snow.  So, remember when you are painting snow it is the shadows and darks that make those white areas sing!  From what I can tell the Gore range is a lot of rock, so you can see it peeking through amidst the snow.  As I begin to move down I made the decision to add color to the trees and valleys.  I think I will incorporate papers with my trees that are laying at the base of this interesting section of the Gore Range...

Yesterday was a frustrating technical day at our house which left me precious little time to paint. We got an update for Cisco (the makers of our Lynksys router) husband innocently clicked on it and that caused us to loose our wireless connection on our laptops and ipad.  As I spent over 3 hours on the phone with their technical department I became more frustrated.  What started out as a request for passwords that the update didn't supply ended up with them telling us our router was broken and they could do nothing for us!  I had to argue with them for half that time as they wanted us to buy an extended warranty before they would help us!  SORRY...but, after much discussion and explaining to the service people out in the Philippines they got on with my husband and led him through an exhaustive diagnostic which left our router non functional and him late leaving for a very important conference out of town! WHEW! I should have done FIRST I called my friend and computer expert who had us back to functionality within minutes on the phone...still with the wireless problem...but functional all the same!  SO, today she is driving up here to help fix the situation...The moral of the story for me...DON'T LET CISCO TRY TO HELP!!  DON'T automatically click on updates...they mess up your system!! much as I love our techno world...I HATE how complicated they make the fix!!

SO, as soon as I'm back to 100% on my computers and other wireless devices I'm back at the easel!  Here's hoping your day is MUCH more CREATIVE!!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Process is FUN...creating is AWESOME...sharing the vision...not so easy!  As you can see I've begun the Gore Mountain. layered painting...The CHANGE in the plan came with the size. After thinking about it I decided to go with the big version right off the bat. (18" x 48")  There is a show coming up next month that it would fit in and IN case the collectors who asked me about this in the first place liked's's the size they wanted and it will soon be finished...a win win...and, if they can't swing it...I have a big ole piece! YEA!  So far I've just put in the sky....those beautiful Colorado skies we are so famous for...and I've sketched in part of the Gore mountains and put in some texture.  I've decided to put in a bit of snow like might be in late spring...and put in greens and such for trees rather than the dead trees of winter...let's see how my vision progresses!

So...the top has I move DOWN...and try to figure out how to keep the section I'm painting at eye level as I go....FUN DOINS!


Monday, January 16, 2012


Playing with images of Gore Mountains in Colorado.

A while back I had someone ask me to do a painting of the Gore range in the same manner as I did "Colorado Layers" and "Nebraska"...only BIG...well...there was no commission, and I am playing with different images that I might put in a long skinny (as I call them).  The size I'm doing this on is like these two...apx 24" x 6" on MDF cradle.  If I like what comes out I may do a larger one for the collectors if they decide they want me to do a big piece.

The Gore Range (elevation approximately 12,000 ft) is a mountain range in the Rocky Mountains of north central Colorado in the United States. The range runs for approximately 60 miles (100 km) northwest-to-southeast, through western Grand and Summit counties, and eastern Routt and Eagle counties. If I could pick a city that you would recognize that is near a part of the range it would be Vail.  So...of I go on this little challenge.

My most wonderful son Jonathan, who lives out it California is training to hopefully make it to Calgary in a few months for another world Skatebording championship. The last one he competed at he won 6th in the world in his Freestyle Skating division.   I saw these pics on his facebook over the weekend of him training...He is so talented and has unique tricks...I'm ever amazed and EVER proud!!  YOU GO JONATHAN!!  This is HIS art form...


Saturday, January 14, 2012


"Sitting Pretty"
12" x 36" mixed media on canvas/MDF
framed in grey metal frame
$400; includes shipping in the US

This is the re-work of the original piece titled "Tree Line" as seen below...
When I began working in mixed media this painting just nagged me to death...screaming to be spruced up with my papers and paint...I added a few papers...making sure to include a bit of red to help the unity of the piece when I added this little red cardinal.  I thought about adding more...but folks, more is not always, this little pretty red bird sits enjoying all the attention among these most beloved aspen!

Last night was a fun reception at the Madden Museum of Art in Fiddler's Green near Denver.  I was tickled to find out my painting "Late Summer Aspen" had been added to their post cards...
and...I always take a pic for my mom and hubby...
The Madden Museum is a wonderful place in a beautiful building where Mr. Madden (a real estate tycoon I hear) made room among his famous works by famous artists for 100 artists to display their paintings.  IF you are in the area...hop on down to see some beautiful pieces!


Thursday, January 12, 2012


 "12 Cherries"
12" x 36" print
it's back...well, in print form
The original was mixed media; which is SOLD, but due to many requests I've brought it back for prints at my RE-OPENED ZAZZLE can click on the Title to go to my re-opened store; well, give it 24 hours as I think it takes that long to show up in the store.

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but several things have dissappeared from my side-bar.  I did some thinking the past few months and have pared down my involvement in different associations.  I considered what was working and what wasn', I'm no longer with CFAI on line and have focused on the things that have my website and associations with different guilds in my area.  I've been terribly remiss in working on my newsletter for my website and a few other things like finding a place where people can order quality prints of my work...After much consideration I closed my FINE ART AMERICA store (just too many zillions of artists where work is often lost in the crowd) and decided to re-open my zazzle store where you can not only make prints but can put images on other products as well.  I actually ordered a print from Zazzle of my mom's cat and it came out beautifully on, I can attest that the quality is awesome!  SO...bear with me...there are only three little ole paintings on Zazzle right now...BUT, IF YOU SEE A PAINTING YOU LIKE...e-mail me ( a request to add it to my Zazzle store and I will!!  I want everyone to be able to purchase work as they can afford!!  

SO, that done I had a few minutes to work on my RE-WORK of Tree Line...I added papers and have begun to paint the trees I want to stand out...and, if I'm feeling like it I want to add a redbird to the mix...I've been thinking about it for tuned!!
 "Tree Line" rework in can already see where my focal tree is...and most likely where the little bird will go...:)

"Tree Line" rework detail...

So, off I go...again!!  HAPPY CREATING!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


2'x2' mixed media on cradled panel

FINALLY!...Santa is finished...well, at least for this year...SINCE he is for our telling how I may change him when I pull him out for next season!  BUT, for today...for now...he's done! WHEW...I played with the beard and put a few tiles for accent on his buttons...
I enjoyed slapping paint on his that's more me!!  It was fun, but as I said I'm SO over him by now!
My next project will be to do some fun collage and painting stuff to an old painting...

"Tree Line"
acrylic on mounted canvas to MDF...

This painting was a beginning of my collage work.  I had grown tired of the typical painting and sort of abstracted my beloved aspen...BUT, since I've moved into mixed media I've had my eye on this for some time to do I go!


Monday, January 9, 2012

PROCESS STILL!!...but almost there!

Wowie Zowie...THIS painting is on my easel WAY too long...I've been so swamped with deliveries and pick up and getting my house back in order after company that I have literally had minutes at a time to get this jolly old elf finished...TODAY was blocking quickly and preparing for finishing.

For those of you who have followed along...NO, I didn't take the dark out of his's just waning light this evening so some of it washed out...BUT, the final product will be tomorrow and we are supposed to have the pic should be better!

Things left to do...finalize the beard...some of it is just quickly thrown in...put some bling (maybe) on his buttons...and look at those little things that can enhance...BUT, to be honest with you...I'M OVER THIS ONE! hopefully I can hang in for those final moments and then MOVE ON TO OTHER THINGS!! Wish me luck!!


Friday, January 6, 2012

COMING ALONG...AND...some unfinished business...

Santa is a comin along...I'm having fun with all the big ole strokes and quick movements...much different than when I painted my little grandson so many times this year...He felt so little and delicate my hands just couldn't do big strokes...with this jolly old man I'm taking a few liberties...:)  I've GOT to take a break and help my poor hubby clean up some Christmas stuff...but, Santa should be finished in the next day or so...and then I'm gonna go totally different subject matter...duh! :)'m just slapping paint on right now...later will be time for a look to add and adjust this and that...It's not like I can paint him from life or anything! HA

When I got up this morning the skies were fascinating...I'm sharing...clouds swirling around our trees, and in a matter of a few seconds the sky was orange...LOVE LOVE our skies up here!!

As I was putting away my ornaments I came across the empty picture frame for my little grandson, I asked for any pics my daughter had with his little Santa hat on (that his Nana got him) and was rewarded with two very fun pics...and YEP, I'm gonna show em!!  I cropped the laughing little guy and put him in his first Christmas ornament before I put it away!  FUN DOINS!

Remember all you parents out there...we grands that live far away LIVE on photos after you are gone...I know it seems hard sometimes, but try to remember that and always take tons of photos!!


Thursday, January 5, 2012


You know when you have something on your easel...and you're dying to work on it, but you have errands and deliveries and Christmas clean-up...yep...that's me...I literally had 10 minutes to slap paint down yesterday, and alas today I'm off to deliver a painting to the Madden Museum and a few all I can do it show you the measly progress I'm making on my Santa.  I do like to show process at times because we can all learn from that...and most surely from the mistakes!  I already see that the hat on the left needs some work...looks a little off...but, at least there is a hat on this jolly old elf!  Soon will be his face and beard...and on down it will go!  I think I want to play around with more 3-D something here and that will come when it is time! And I'm not sure I'm finished with my papers...I think I need to see Santa develop before I decide that... FUN DOINS...however slow they may least it's steady!!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


WELL...I am a little behind schedule on my Christmas duties...YES, I HAD planned on getting this Santa Claus painting completed BEFORE the holidays...but, alas...more of that life, I decided I'd go ahead and do my Santa!

SO, I started this 2'x2' cradled piece with some acrylic painting.  I actually looked at a lot of Santa paintings; specifically the background colors...and, ultimately I decided on this less traditional color of a coffee "ish" color with some red oxide thrown in...AND, of course my papers...I think I will paint him next and THEN decide if I want others in there...but, for now I like what is beginning to be...

Santa will be painted in, for this...mixed media really speaks loudly.  I love trying to fit as many elements as possible...ooooohhhhh...while typing I just remembered I wanted to add other collage materials...thanks for the reminder!!  SO, off I go!!...a little slowly as is kind of typical for the first of the year for's not a race now is it??


Sunday, January 1, 2012


Jerry and I trying to keep ourselves busy after everyone left today...We miss our kids and that grandbaby already!  We tried to get a photo of that baby and his parents in front of the tree...but life got too you'll have to settle for just us wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Paxton chillin with the headphones on his way home!!  Miss he and his momma and dad!!

So, now it begins...shows to enter...paintings to

LATE SUMMER ASPEN that will be hanging at the Madden Museum for awhile...

and...COLORADO COLOR will be hanging at the Foothills Art Center in Golden...
and on it, family gone and it's back to work!!  HAPPY CREATING!!

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