Saturday, August 27, 2011


Part of the task when I have been away from my art for a time is to saturate myself in visuals for inspiration!  Aside from all those getting back chores...laundry, errands, pay that bill I forgot...etc, I take my camera EVERYWHERE with me to snap pics of whatever may catch my eye for the goal of finding subject matter!  I was having some paperwork copied and saw this fabulous crab-apple tree in the median of the shopping mall!  At least I think they are crabapples!  FUN!

I came home with a commission to do a sunflower piece...just a fun little 6x6, but I'm on it...If you've been reading I've only posted a BUNCH of sunflower pics...and of course I have plenty of reference, so I'm on that assignment too! I won't use this one as it doesn't fit the client's criteria, but it is the ONE and ONLY little sunflower that has survived our deer up here on the mountain, so I had to post it...such a delicate and pretty little thing!
So, it's off to Cripple Creek to attend a function for my husband's business, and then...aside from looking for houses...BACK TO PAINTING!! YEA!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


WOW...saying goodbye to my precious grandson and my sweet daughter and wonderful son-in-law and friend and co-grandma was HARD!  But, it was time for me to head back to Denver to my husband who was a true trooper letting me be gone so long...and my art life.

I noticed that I was getting teary at almost EVERYTHING...I think I caught my daughter's hormones...that was a clue that it was time to let go and KNOW that my kids had it all under control and my work there was done...FOR THE MOMENT! ha.  I think someone my age going with little sleep is a bit of a challenge...HA...BUT, I WANTED to get up at the crack of dawn to give my daughter time to rest and to spend alone time with, it was a great experience.  I am lucky that I got to bond with this little precious one...and SO lucky that my kids let me have this opportunity!  THANKS YOU TWO!!

On the way home...I bawled...yep...cried hard...couldn't hardly believe that I was having to leave him and my girl who was so exhausted!  Later in the day I noticed that my arms ached literally in desire to hold him again...WHEW...this stage of life has it's emotions too! HA...All normal stuff...we all have these moments, so such is the joy of life that we can make our hearts bigger to encompass another life to love!

I left my little boy and my sweet daughter and son-in-law KNOWING they will be fine with this totally awesome little life...Yep, I'm gonna post another pic of is what I call the face of wonder...I LOVED his little mouth forming these little o's and ah's...
AND...just to make SURE he doesn't forget his Nana's voice singing to him I left him a little star that played the music "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" while I got to record my voice singing it to him...HONEST...when ever he heard it he got quiet and just LOOKED...I prefer to believe he knows his Nana's voice and he loves me!!
Yep, it was like ripping off a big band aid having to leave these people I LOVE so dearly...but I KNOW we will be a close family and share in MANY more wonderful times together in the future!  GOOD LUCK LITTLE FAMILY OF THREE I LOVE SO MUCH!...I believe in you!  You will be GREAT!...and, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart Diana, my friend and co-grandma FOR being there when I had to leave gave my heart the hoodspa to leave and let go a little...I will always LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU for that gift!! 

And, NOW it is time for me to get back to work...I've already got a comission for a sunflower and some things to work on...PLUS I still gotta find a, here I come!!

HAPPY CREATING!..and, thanks for letting me gush so much to you all!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


As you can see I'm still in Nebraska loving that little grandson of mine...this is us together at 8 days...I find that I have a hard time putting him down!  I think it is in part because I will be leaving in a couple of days to get back to my wonderfully patient husband and our life in Denver...It will be hard to leave these three...but I'm also looking forward to seeing that guy of mine! 

I tried Paxton in his new little playthingy...this morning and he was fascinated...It was fun to watch him so mesmerized...reminds me that we should all find simple pleasures now and again!

Yesterday we went on his first walk...It was a production...his other grandparents and uncle also came along for this first! FUN! I find myself missing my hubby I often look at the beautiful sunflowers he sent me for my birthday...still sharing some pics!  This one was a good composition and the lighting very interesting...
So, it's back to my little guy!!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

MONKEY FACE...still playing...

If you have ever done this before you will remember those very early mornings when the little guy is wide awake and the house is quiet...That describes my mornings...I try to get up early and take my little sweetie so mom and dad can sleep a little longer...and, well, today we had a photo session...This one was my favorite one...It just seemed like he was making the monkey face....FUN DOINS!...It was a little challenging as he doesn't sit up I had one had holding him and the other on the camera...we had fun anyway!  I love my little monkey face!!


Friday, August 19, 2011


Yes, I am guilty...on this trip, while I am in the beginning throws of falling in love with my grandson and tickled at EVERYTHING he does I am unabashedly putting pictures up...I'm loving it...I'm here, there are no paintings to show you right now...and my camera is glued to my hand...This latest pic I'm calling "contemplation"...for obvious reasons...and my daughter said he looked like he was contemplating something...and, maybe he is...hmmm...what could a 5 day old be contemplating...I'm sure we can all guess!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last night was another awesome to be in the life of a new person with all there first things...SCENE...Paxton's first bath.  Three grownups are crowded around the bath standing on the toilet to take and dad squeezed in one bathing one holding...and of course Paxton screaming a little...

I don't know how we all managed to be in that little room together, and I appreciate my kids for letting me crowd in too to take pics...but there was a big smile from us all when he got happy the second he was wrapped in his froggie towel...SUCH FUN!!
The other fun thing is I've taken to getting up as early as I can to give my sleepy son in law and daughter a little time to sleep...and I adore spending time alone with this little guy...!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm having such fun playing with my little grandson Paxton!  Yesterday was my birthday...the day he got to come home and It was the BEST ever!...It started out playing with him...and before long I was so excited to receive some flowers from my wonderful husband!!  SO pretty...and my favorites...SUNFLOWERS!  He's getting a big kiss from me when I get home!
A couple of fun compositions for any of you who are in the mood to paint sunflowers!!  and, then, as if all that wasn't enough...I got a surprise party last night!!  My parents gave me a beautiful necklace...and there was STEAK and my absolute favorite...MOLTEN LAVA CAKE...complete with ice cream!!  Thank you to my wonderful friend and co-grandmother...Diana!!  She cooked it all and brought it over!  FUN DOINS!!
AND...I got some sketchbooks as I'd forgotten now I don't just have to photograph this beautiful boy, but I can sketch him too!! YEA!
AND, aside from missing my husband, I got the best end of the day too...Paxton getting ready to sleep...our newest little Huskers fan!  Good night Paxton!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Brand new and precious as can be is my new grandson...Paxton.  After 20 hours of labor my sweet little girl had a little boy and I'm just so tickled!  I appreciate all the lovely words of kindness as I've shared this adventure.  I've now been up for 24 hours.  As babies do, this one started his journey into this world in the middle of the night...I got the call at 2:30 a.m. yesterday and headed, I'm a little punchy, but I love this little guy so much already I couldn't wait to share my news...
7lbs 13 oz and 20" long his is starting out great!!  I'm a happy grand...and just wanted to share before I fall into bed!


Friday, August 12, 2011


Yep...still waiting for that baby call...I've been packing and re packing...just to make sure I bring what I want to...and looking for houses...SOOOO...this is the last legs of my sunflowers and daisy's bouquet...the sunflowers didn't make it...but here is a bit of sunshine in white!

Note: for those of you new to the composition don't have to include details that do nothing for the arrangement...and, where you see dark...perhaps some purple mix!  It's great for depth!!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


In just a few days my little girl will be having her little boy...WOW, as you can imagine my heart is soft these days as I remember this little precious girl that came into our lives and has blessed each and every day!...I'm remembering you Michelle...and I can't wait to meet your son.  You and Damon are going to be fantastic parents!!
I remember dress-up days...your brother's boots...
mom's hat and your own special brand of fashion...

REMEMBER YOUR BROTHER'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL?? was a tough day for missed your best friend...
and, then you grew up a little...
your first day of you remember you wanted to walk all by yourself?...and you did...but I wasn't far behind...
 I remember those Christmases...ones now that will bring you extra joy!
I remember the day we discovered the crimper...doing hair together...FUN!
You have always been such a good friend...(yep all of you...she's the one in red)...
High School graduation...sigh...those years just FLEW...and now you are going to understand...FUN TIMES AHEAD!
You and Jackson...your "first" baby...
That kind of smile could only be because you'd met the man of your dreams and you were going out with him...
And...what a beautiful bride and handsome of my best days to see of your life!!
Damon you were a fantastic boyfriend, you have been an answer to prayer husband, and I know you will be an incredible dad!  
And then you two decided to bless our family even more...and SOON there will be a pic or a thousand of our new little one...THANK YOU...
And, thanks to all my followers for letting me be a little mushy today...I'm gonna be a grandma!!..

Monday, August 8, 2011


Since I am now in waiting mode for baby and had much to do to get ready to go at the drop of a hat this morning I didn't have time to paint what I'm going to call my "extra".  Extra will be anything I get done in moments I have time before I hop in my car and drive (hopefully) calmly to my daughter while in labor and to meet my grandson when he is born....SINCE I didn't have time to paint...I wanted to share a bit about someone I love very much who needs our prayers.

I can't say names, I can't make too much reference to him at this time because even though he is stateside, he is still military and could be found and hurt if anyone were to read anything specific about him...Suffice it to say...I love him and am SO very proud of him!

Remember a couple weeks ago when the helicopter went down in Afghanistan?  and our 30 service men and/or women were killed??  I remember thinking of this person I love and glad he wasn't there as he was called stateside...but sad for those families that were so devastated by the sacrifice they made for our freedom to a country who doesn't seem to appreciate the sacrifice since it was the locals who leaked information...sigh...

This helicopter and company was one that this person I love was a part of...he lost friends...he is left to feel guilty in some ways because he wasn't there with them...and sad that he has lost some who fought with him...and sad for their is hard to have served as he has, seen and experienced what he has...and left to live and work and continue to serve our country here...Please pray for him and those who have lost so much...

I want him to know how very proud of him I I pray for him often!...AND, I will continue to be proud as I have found out that he was chosen to be trained (the best of the best they choose for this) to serve as protection for the president should he ever need it...

NOW, on to sunnier thoughts...I just can't seem to let go of my sunflower here are a couple more fun ones that will signify the they are loosing petals now...but they have left us with smiles and good reference!!


Friday, August 5, 2011


"Little Cone 2"
5x5" mixed media on gallery wrap canvas

The thing that is interesting to me about this piece is it almost has a vintage feel...Not sure what I think of that...BUT, as baby time looms nearer and nearer I may leave it as such...time will tell...

It was hard to photograph this one for some reason...seems a bit darker than it is in life...but you get the idea...

Now it is time to focus on getting my bags ready to go and continue my search for homes...I don't know what time I'll have for doing any other paintings in the next few days...we shall see!!


Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is the third little 5x5" offering I've begun for the miniature show in Golden in September.  It's going to be a pinion pine cone I snapped when we were in Santa Fe earlier this summer.  I decided to add a little pink to this piece as a nice soft contrast to the browns that will be the little cone.  When I entered this show I just took generic names and then painted them.  I've got another painting called "Little Cone" that I WAS going to use if I got the baby is coming call, thus the name it will have...It looks like I'm going to have time to finish it...HAD I known I was going to have time I would have titled it "Pinion"...but this will do fine for this show!

I am still intrigued by my beautiful flower arrangement from the other day, so here are two more photos you may use if you like!  I know I will be painting from some of these one of these days!! FUN DOINS!!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011


5x5" mixed media on gallery wrap canvas

This sunflower is painted over a good layer of flexible molding paste.  I love the texture it brings, but there was a practical reason I did this.  I have been having trouble with stretched canvas buckling a bit at the corners.  It probably doesn't bother anyone because it is so slight...but I hate it!...SO, I put a layer of paste over it and voila it takes the problem away!...I only wish I'd thought of it earlier.
I buy my canvas mostly at Meiningers ( a huge, prestigious art store), I think on my next visit I'm going to have a chat with them about their certain brands of canvas! THERE, I've gotten this off my chest!

I tried taking this pic in several lights and you can't really see the purplish hue that is the comes out mostly blue...sorry...still not the grand photographer!

This will be number 2 to be entered in a miniature show at the Foothills Art Center in Golden, Colorado this September....My next you ask??...a Pinion Pine Cone...:)


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