Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SLOW but sure!

12x24 canvas on panel

Detail work on aspen

Do any of you find that summer is far more difficult to get things done?? OH MY...for me that has been true this past couple of weeks. For some reason everything that CAN break has, and that means phone calls, repair men, and more phone calls...not to mention clean-up for whatever broke. I've mopped water, cleaned mud (don't ask) and attached doors and plugged holes...whew! All that has kept me from being able to work for more than 20 minutes at a time...FRUSTRATING to say the least!

My latest mixed media piece is coming along, but not fast enough to suit me...but I keep plugging along as I can. I've blocked in some of the trees...you can see I'm working from left to right...and have prepared my paper cast leaves for application...SO I'M CLOSE! But no cigar as of yet...So, I say as I have the past few days..."maybe I can finish tomorrow"!

My new laptop is in route so tomorrow will be spent (between painting) setting it up. YEA!! Then, my lovely husband and I are off to Breckenridge for the weekend for some much needed R&R and an art festival! My friend Carol Nelson will have a booth up there so I am looking forward to seeing her newest work.

Have a great day without any repairs!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mixed Media and it's process

As any of you who work in mixed media know it is a game of steps and patience and more steps! I have always loved collage, and I find myself moving more and more in that direction as I work on a daily basis. For me, most of the time I am bored with just painting, so this adding other materials thing seems to be for me. I won't say I will never just paint again as some things just seem to say I want to be painted, but I do love adding all that stuff. It is a bit like when I first began to paint...I never knew if it was going to work or not...now I am back there again and having a ball. The only thing is, even though I paint or work at my pieces every day, I don't always finish something every day.

This is my latest piece to have on the drawing board. I haven't even named it yet. I put some texture down on top of a base color and that was fun. At this stage is has the trees "blocked" in with a textured paper that I have painted on top of. Some ask me why I put paper down and sometimes paint right over it...and the answer is simply the texture makes the paint go on in a great way that just lends itself to the different types of bark I do.

I've made more paper cast aspen leaves that I will consider adding later on. But, alas, they are drying in the sun right now.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A new photo for our summer contest

This is a still life pic taken that I have yet to attempt...all that PINK!! But, you wonderful floral painters out there might just have some success! Give it a try!

This little 4x4 is unfinished...WHY you might ask...because I will put the initials of anyone who chooses it on it! I included the photo that is the inspiration for this piece so you can get an idea of what it could look like. It was dark and rainy yesterday when I photographed the piece...it is a little off on color...ahhh cloudy days!

Friday, June 26, 2009

THREE PUMPKINS and another entry

Three Pumpkins is a large piece I did awhile back when I was in collage (ha, I meant college) (artist slip!) for the second time...:) My kids were in middle school and I was lucky enough to take all the art classes I wanted as I was almost finished with my degree. This is 28"x25" on stretched canvas and it is OIL. I painted it entirely with palette knife. My son has always liked my different sort of work, so it is for him if he has room! I wanted to share it before it went away to live in San Diego or Oklahoma (my mom always wants everything I do...tee hee) I'm in the middle of another collage (not college), and I had to leave to get some special papers so WAY BEHIND!! Whew...

I'm so happy to have received another entry to our summer contest from Sema. She has posted it on her blog. I love her interpretation! Thanks Sema. AND now we have 4 for the drawing...SO FAR! Remember any photos I've posted you can use to paint from and just e-mail it to me and I will post it and put you on the list for the drawing. Tomorrow I'm going to post another 4x4 that has an opportunity to make it personal...so tune in!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Forest Floor" Completed...Again




Well, I finished "Forest Floor" again. I've included the old version so you can see where it went from it's original state. I like the second version much better. It is STILL 12"x6" cradled 3/4" panel that is stained on the sides. BUT, it no longer has a LOT of what was in there previously as you can see. It was just TOO much and no real place to rest the eye and the little pine baby was lost. I did, however add a thick layer of texture in the sky which I love as it has a depth to it that makes it ok there isn't tons of other stuff! The little pine will have to live in another painting. This is available on my website. I don't know WHY all of a sudden my close-up photos are blurry...sorry, but I wanted you to see the texture in the sky...FUN!
Welcome to my 2 newest followers! If you have not already read about the summer contest I have going please note that there are pictures posted (you can see them all in the June 9 post) the past 3 weeks or so in some of my posts. All you have to do is be a follower, paint from one of the photos and then e-mail it to me at art4life44@hotmail.com and you will be entered. I will draw names from those and you will get to choose from several 4x4" paintings/collages or business card holders.

Sky Trio and Forest Floor revisited

My friend and fellow blogger Jane Hunt loved the simplicity of my Sky Trio from the last post...and what did I do...but add something! I felt it was too simple...so I added clouds...So, this one will have to live as is today...It is one of our contest choices for the summer contest. On a 4x4" fiberboard panel that can be hung or set on its own easel.
The second piece is one I've always been dissatisfied with. It is called "Forest Floor" and used to have just two pine trees and a little pine...HOWEVER, it was WAY to confusing and not enough contrast...so like many of you (I'm betting) if it sits around for very long and I don't like it I grabbed it up and began to play with it...It is still in process, but I decided to take away some of the confusion and add some texture. That was a ton of fun (ooh a rhyme)...so, I'm still playing...and then we will see if it lives or goes into the "I don't like it" pile. Part of the fun of being an artist is we get to choose!!

These days have been full of craziness! I've hardly had any time to paint! But, alas...flooding diswasher and moving miles of cable for my new laptop has been taking my time! I am, however, beginning a new piece using the handmade paper and paper cast leaves I've made in the past days, so new coming up...plus the fate of "Forest Floor" is on the line as well.

Happy painting to you all!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Three in the Sky, or some such thing...

This is one of the little 4x4" panels for our give-away contest...Today was a day of many phone calls setting up this and that repair guy and organizing a workshop I'm teaching Saturday and drilling holes for my new computer cable for my studio, so needless to say I didn't have much time for painting...Oh yes, and making paper...I haven't decided if I'm going to leave this one as is or tweak it when my brain isn't so tired...So, for now...this will be.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Smile for Father's Day

Ok, I know the story yesterday was so SAD!! SO, today I thought it appropriate to interject a bit of humor and give anyone out there with a goofy sense of humor a new challenge photo for our summer contest! Yes, you got it...sheep behinds...The day I took this was just classic Saundra trying to get a good shot...We were at a ranch and all these sheep were standing by the fence with their faces looking through the slats. Somehow in the time it took for me to get my camera out and focused the owner had come and put some food in their bins and they all had turned around to eat...Well...I HAD to go home with a picture, BUTT (get it...:)) this is all I got! I've waited for years for a show that had some sort of theme where I could enter this...but alas...nothing about anything behind"ish"...SO, I'm presenting it to you and if anyone feels drawn to the sense of humor this would inspire please give it a try! Remember, any painting done and e-mailed to me from any of the photos I've posted will be entered into the contest. If you aren't already a follower, please sign up...and that is all it takes. A reminder...my e-mail is art4life44@hotmail.com

Happy Father's Day to all you men out there where it applies. Thank you for good naturedly being the "butt" of all the jokes out there about fathers and men! Without you we wouldn't have all the adorable and much loved children we have!! Or, if it applies...we wouldn't even be here! I am much blessed to still have my wonderful father...and a husband that is a wonderful father! Happy day to you all...and I hope I gave you a Happy Father's Day chuckle!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

SHADOW and her story

So, I have tried to paint my little kitty Shadow several times but can't get through it without tears...SO I decided that it may help me if I put this photo of her out there to you (my favorite one) of my little Shadow for you to paint for our challenge this summer if you feel drawn. Interpret her anyway you wish! NOW, the story behind Shadow.

I found Shadow in a shelter. I go now and then to visit and see who is there and as I walked by this little grey paw came out. She was just sitting there so pretty, and as long as I stood there she put her nose up to the bars...but the second I was about to leave her paw came out. Oh my goodness I couldn't resist gathering her out of that cage and visiting with her. She was one of those little snugglers and had the most delicate of purrs...So, of course there was no way I could leave her there, so I adopted her.

Shadow got her name quickly as the second I would put her down she would be right on my heels...and if I was still she would sit on my foot. When I napped she was right there, when I watched tv she was sitting right near my shoulder or in my lap...every time I went anywhere she was tagging right behind. There was no other name for her!! She got really sick when we first got her and she snuggled in bed with us as I was afraid she wouldn't make it.

I loved that little cat! One day she got out and was in the garage. My poor husband didn't know and left. When he returned he found her. She had apparently tried to run out but was so little she didn't kick off the sensors and didn't make it out. I called my husband one the way home and he sounded funny, but it wasn't until I came home that I found out she was gone. There are about 20 stairs from our garage to our house and as I pulled up I saw my husband at the top of the stairs; just standing there. As I got out of the car he just stood there. Now I have only seen my hubby cry twice in the 29 years I've known him so to see this strong man begin to cry hysterically as he came down the stairs was frightening. He just came right to me and hugged me and cried for about 5 minutes before he was able to tell me what had happened. Well, I saw that he was so distraught as he felt responsible and he had found her that I just couldn't grieve in front of him and make it worse for him.

I think that is why I got stuck. Of course I cried later, many times, but for some reason just never was able to get it out of my system. So, I've tried to paint her over the past 3 years, but it makes me cry so I stop...Silly I know...but I've never had a little animal I loved as much as I loved Shadow.

If there is anyone who feels like trying this one that would be awesome...and I will get around to it one of these days I'm sure...I just thought it might be great to see others try. I'm doing a little natural sculpture outside in memory of her...but I still want to paint her one day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

"SPRING" is back

"Spring" is my newest addition to my collage pieces. Did we have a spring in Colorado this year?? Ok...I guess the spring I remember is what we will lovingly call from now on...the rainy season! 10+ days in a ROW with tornados! Ahhh Spring in the Rockies. (this year anyway) What makes this collage different is the addition of paper cast leaves. I've been wanting to do something different with my paper casts for awhile, so this came from that desire. "Spring" is a 12"x6" cradled panel that is 3/4" deep. I've stained the sides of this one as well, but I think it would look great with a floater frame! I think I will seal with with a gloss medium to protect the leaves and give a bit of a contemporary look. This collage is available on my website.

My friend Jane Hunt is the latest to accept my painting challenge contest. Her interpretation of the past photograph I posted is so wonderful. She has named it "Lone Pine with Mountains" I love the way she added her own spin with the addition of the mountains! Beautiful work Jane! Her name has been added to the list for the 4x4 give away contest that will end on July 19. For anyone who wishes to join in all you have to do is paint from one of my posted photos and send it to my e-mail. Oh, and be a follower...:) art4life44@hotmail.com

Welsome to my 2 newest followers! It's always great to have you stop by when you have an extra minute!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PHOTO for you and IN PROCESS

Today is a yipee day for me!! YIPEE!! Today I'm meeting my computer expert friend and we are ordering me a NEW COMPUTER!! Months of fighting this old dinosaur and I'm ready!! So, off I go...BUT before I do I wanted to give you all another reference photo for our latest contest. We live in a neighborhood called "Lone Pine Estates". It is funny to me that most of our neighborhood is full of pines all together...so, in my mind this one LONE PINE must be the one that inspired the name for our area. It is the ONLY pineish tree standing alone anywhere I see...So, I took it with full intentions of painting it...but haven't yet...I thought of my friend Jane Hunt...and thought...what a perfect tree for her to paint. Anyway Jane, no pressure!! So, if anyone feels inspired by this one...have at it! Remember our contest goes until July 19...any photo I've posted of late (since right before my visit to my mom's) that tickles your fancy and you paint it AND you send it to my e-mail (art4life44@hotmail.com) AND if you are a follower or become a follower...I will choose from one of you. We have two in the list right now...so try it...You can sell your painting or whatever you wish...I just wanted to do a different sort of contest...:)

The other two are part and parcel of a new collage of, yes, you got it...trees...but a little different...I'm going to see how my little paper casts from the aspen mold I made will make it "specialer"...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ONION completed

"Onion" 6"x6" cradled 3/4" panel collage; $75 on my WEBSITE is my finished offering for the latest DSDF challenge. It was actually a plate of veggies, but I was drawn to the onion. I made paper using onion skin. If I'd had a large enough piece I might have put it on as is...but just had pieces so I made paper from it. What the photograph doesn't show is the texture it has. FUN!

Remember the latest contest...details are on the post below!

Monday, June 15, 2009


The thing about working in mixed media...collage in particular is that there is more than just adding paint. There are often several steps involved in the process. The onion is a section of the picture from DSDF challenge website that I decided to focus on. Of course I just didn't paint it, NO, I had to make some paper with actual onion skins to add some texture and depth (hopefully) to this piece. So, while the paper is being dried I wanted to show the underpainting so you can see how it changes with the application of the collage elements. Even if it turns out to be a flop I'll show you...I think the exciting and dangerous thing about collage is one never knows for sure...:)

The photo I've added to the collection of other photos I've posted in the past 10 days or so is another reference photo for anyone who may so choose to take the challenge for the current give-away contest. These clouds were so pretty I just had to capture them. So, for you cloud lovers...do with it what you will!
Remember anyone who paints from any of the photographs I've posted these past days and sends me a photograph of your painting/collage...I will add to the list I will draw from and on July 19 will draw from names I have and will give an opportunity for that person to choose from the contest choices for the give-aways! The only catch is you must be a follower to enter. I so love to see what you all do with the photographs I post! What you do with your creation is totally up to you! Send any entries to my e-mail at art4life44@hotmail.com! Enjoy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

"Florida Shore"

"Florida Shore" is a 6"x12" acrylic collage on a 3/4" cradled panel that I stained the sides for a finished look. It is funny how much more work often goes into a piece than looks like. This one has papers and grass from my mountain. I embedded them and then later sanded the top layer off where just the impression is left in some areas. Then I went back over it with a color and sanded again. It seemed to be the only way to get the look I wanted. I'm noticing that the more I work at my craft the less I want it to be OF the subject, but more ABOUT the subject. This leaves much room for interpretation, which I think most artists crave! My fellow blogger Elizabeth Seaver (the latest contest winner to boot) talked about this very thing in her blog today. So, this simple little piece has not so simple methods involved; but fun of course!

When I took this picture I was in Florida for a friends wedding. She actually got married on one of those day ships. I was a bridesmaid and my dress was a knock off of a dress that was worn by the evil diva Alexis Estes on the popular show of the day "Dallas". Gold shiny and a big ole slit up the side. What I remember most of that trip was walking down those really skinny hallways on the ship and old men opening their doors and pinching me on the rear! What a thing to remember! I have yet to go on a cruise since then! After the wedding we went to the beach and ran about in the sand. Fun times! So, old picture, but new painting. Ain't life grand!

NEW CONTEST sponsored by "Pinky"

There is something about my artist personality that just won't let me sit still for very long at a time. I have to paint quickly as I get often get bored with what I am working on near the end of the piece. Yesterday I went up to finish my latest beach scene, and I DID work on it, but my eye wandered to this little piece and it was almost finished, and the bright color enticed me over to finish it. As I was painting all I could think about was that cartoon and it's theme song "Pinky and the Brain", or is it "Pinky on the Brain"...I don't know, but I sang it all through the finishing of this 6x6" cradled piece, ($70 available for purchase on my website) so the ONLY name I could give it was "Pinky". I don't even know what kind of flower it is. It was a tiny little thing amongst other flowers in one of my flower arrangements. It has such tightly knit petals...almost seems unreal to me. Ahh...my wandering artist eye is already back on my beach scene, which has some grasses from my back yard incorporated in it...

So, on to the next CONTEST! I so enjoyed posting photographs I've taken as a challenge for anyone who would take it I decided to create a contest centered around that. There have already been two entries! I'm going to post different photos about 3 or 4 times a week, and we WILL count the paintings I've already posted. For the next month'ish', anyone who IS A FOLLOWER (yes a sneaky catch) and paints from one of those photos and sends it to my e-mail will go into a drawing. At the end of that month I will draw names from that group and the winner will get to choose from the contest choice paintings and card holders. (I'm going to add more pieces to that list from time to time). The two artists that have already sent me paintings will be a part of this drawing. If an artist does more than one, their name will go in as many times as they do paintings...so, the more you do, the more opportunities to win! The contest will end on July 19...so anything you get to me by the evening of that date will be entered! Remember my e-mail is art4life44@hotmail.com Take a moment to scroll back to see the other photos.

For all you animal lovers out there this photo is for you! Or, for those who don't usually paint animals and want a challenge! I hope you have fun with this little summer challenge!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yesterday we made it to 50 followers so I immediately drew from all of my wonderful followers and the very talented Elizabeth Seaver came up! Congratulations Elizabeth! Click on her name to hop on over to her blog to see her very creative and FUN collage pieces! I stumbled on to Elizabeth's blog one day as she does collage work as well and fell in love with her work. She has a creative approach that I admire and enjoy every time she posts something new!Elizabeth chose Foothill Meadow so that will be taken off the list of contest choices. We will be having another contest that I will anounce the nature of very soon, so tune in.
NOW, to thank the follower that brought us to the magic number is Perkaskokelantan. I would be very happy to invite you to choose which business card holder you would like sent to you, and THEN if you will give me a way to contact you so I can get your address and get it out in the mail. So, please contact me at art4life44@hotmail.com
Now, off to finish the beach scene I started before going to my parents house, and of course to tackle the latest challenge painting from Karen Jurick's DSDF blog. Happy painting to you all!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've loved trees and our mountains as long as I can remember. When I was old enough to go off on my own, I would tromp about these beautiful surroundings and would find aspen stands and just pause and feel the beauty go into me. The peaceful feelings and the inspiration came even before I began to paint what I was experiencing. I remember one particular time I went up and decided to camp right in the midst of them. I'm so glad I didn't know a bear or mountain lion could come along at any time and grab me up...since then, living in our house up in the trees I've had experiences with both!
"Trunks" is the latest in my ongoing series of aspen trees. It is the final version of the other in process pictures I've posted in recent days. This is a acrylic and collage using some handmade papers as well as a wonderful piece of paper I found that just screamed aspen leaves! I created this one on a 12x12" cradled panel that is 3/4" wide. I've stained the sides so it can be hung as is with a finished look or can also be framed. I love the versitility of the cradled pieces for this very reason.
This is similar to some others I've created as I feel there are so many different color combinations that exist I am on a quest to grab as many as I see at different times of the year. I try to vary the size and shape as I move through the seemingly endless color combinations, so there is variety as well as unity in the aspen series.
A lot of layers went into this piece. I layed in color with paint and then papers were added. I sanded some areas to give a weathered appearance in the background as well as a bit of depth with darker colors showing from underneath. I have to say these are a joy to create and I never know just what the end result will be! For purchase information please click to my WEBSITE.
I am so happy to say we are only one away from the goal of 50 followers! The very next person is going to receive a canvas business card holder just for getting us to that goal! This person will be able to choose from the card holders after my chosen follower chooses what they want from all the contest choices. As soon as we hit 50 I will contact the winner of the random drawing and they will choose and then I will happily contact #50 and let them choose which card holder they wish! I really enjoy saying thank you to my followers just for tuning in! Remember my sidebar location for the contest choices is a bit wonky so I posted everything in the June 9 post, so just scroll down and you can see them all!
Happy painting!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"Foothill Meadow" Wax Collage
"Winter Aspen" Acrylic
"Sunlit" Acrylic
"Rocky Hill" Collage
"Daisy on Blue" Collage and Acrylic
"Two Bunnies" Collage
"Aspen 2" Collage
Tree business card holder
Art and Soul business card holder
Art and Passion business card holder
Brown and Black Art business card holder
Ok, I just checked the location where I keep my contest choices and it is wonky...some don't show up...there is just an X. I noticed if I click on the X the photo shows up, but in case it doesn't work for the winners of my give-away I decided to post all of them here...so, you have a book to read on my today posts! WHEW...sorry. Don't have time at this moment to problem solve the facebook issue and haven't figured out how to add a slideshow gadget (anyone who knows I'd LOVE it if you'd send me 3rd grader instructions on how)...so this is the next best way I can think of...CUZ WE ARE SOOO CLOSE...so, here they are! Remember the small paintings and collages are 4x4 on panel and the card holders hold the typical size of business cards. Sorry for the mess-up!
NOW, move on down to see the OTHER post for today...:)


Oh my goodness I'm glad to be home, but I must admit a cried a bit after my mom said goodbye to me at the airport. Even at my advanced age of 51 (thought I was 52 all year and just counted and I'm NOT!) I still get weepy when I leave my parents. I hope that never changes! I had to include a couple of pictures of these wonderful people I just said goodbye to. We went to Cracker Barrel one night and sat in the rockers. I am thrilled to have been able to have these eventhough I look puffy! HA. We will call it that anyway...(yep, I'm goin runnin and such for awhile). Oh, and the top one I though was so beautiful of my mom and her favorite (ok, I don't have a CLUE how to spell it, so here come the phonics) Booganvelia.
Now, I have the pleasure of showing two paintings that fellow blogger friends did of some of the photos that I left as presents for you all if you wanted to paint one of them. I already mentioned it, but I can now grab them from my e-mail and post.
Jean Lurssen created this wonderful abstract from the underwater coral picture I posted. She did it on Yuppo paper and I think it turned out fascinating!I love the colors and the way the paint reacts on the paper!

The next painting I received was from Nancy Medina. Her Pink Gerbers are so beautiful. I love the way she edited the picture to bring the focus to the gerbers!

I encourage you to click on these women's names and see their wonderful artwork. Again, I have probably enjoyed sending all these "reports" of my visit to my mom and the photos for you more than anyone out there did. I think I will continue to share a photo for you all to paint from now and then. I absolutely loved seeing what you two girls did, and if anyone does one later on from any of my photos from last week or in the future, PLEASE send me on to my e-mail at www.art4life44@hotmail.com I think the teacher in me is overjoyed to share and have you share!
One more joyful thing...We now have 49 followers! Thank you for coming over from Nancy's site to visit, and other places! This is an exciting moment for me because the very next follower will be number 50! That means a drawing from one of you 50; the winner choosing from the contest paintings and card holders...and then once that is chosen follower number 50 will get to choose from the remaining card holders as a gift for just being number 50 and putting us at our goal. Yipee!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Poppies and Rocks

"Poppy Duo"

"Paper Poppies"

"Crock Poppies"

"Poppy Trio"
My last day with my parents and I'm still snooping! We are off to the airport in a few hours, so I wanted to share a series I did for my parents of poppies. They were completed during a span of a year if I remember correctly. "Poppy Duo" is acrylic on canvas, Next we have my version of collage on a board "Paper Poppies", third down is what I call "Crock Poppies" on stretched canvas and coming last is the "Poppy Trio", also on stretched canvas. Ha, it's 5 a.m.ish and I'm cracking myself up naming these. Gotta say "Crock Poppies" is making me laugh the hardest! Now I'm in the mood to do poppies when I get home...Yipee...Some of the photos have a bit of glare. That is due to the fact that these paintings were sealed. I usually photograph my work before it has that shiny coat on it. This photo for sharing is of some mountain rocks with what I call a trickle stream running down. Last year when my hubby (who I miss like crazy) and I went on a little mini vacationfor a couple of days. Our goal was to do it on one tank of gas, so we made the loop from home to the Royal Gorge and back. This picture was taken somewhere along that loop! The stream running down from them pooled at the bottom and we took our shoes off and played in the water. I remember the bottom was pure sand. It was AWESOME!
I KNOW the values are pretty similar...that will be the challenge for any of you who may choose to take this one and run with it! E-mail me your finished pieces and I PROMISE I'll try to get them posted as soon as I get them! art4life44@hotmail.com

I can't wait to get home to start painting again. But, I have to admit I'm a bit sad to leave my parents...Oh the dilemas!! I have enjoyed seeing artwork from the ones who did it off of my photos...I think I will continue doing that from time to time. I highly recommend it. Something sort of exciting and, I don't know...heady about seeing your photo from someone else's view!

Have an awesome day!

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