Saturday, May 30, 2009

In Process and Something for YOU

The last couple of days have been busy ones at the Galloway house. It is flower time! We've been planting pots and getting our deck in shape for those wonderful summer days and nights in the mountains. I wish I had more hours in the day to get all things done, but alas...not to be. So, I haven't had more than a couple of minutes here or there to work on my art! I love working with my hubby to plant, but I ache to get back to my studio.
I usually have a couple of things going at once. I get bored easily (probably why I love teaching middle school kids cuz I'm so much like em!) so I like a lot going on all at once. The top piece is the beginning of another aspen collage. I found this wonderful paper with colors and shapes that remind me of leaves, so it is the paper that is down so far. The rest is under painting. When I taught my last workshop on collage my students laughed at me as sometimes what I first put down was completely covered over by the end. I like it that way...I like the spontaneous aspects of collage. So, who knows what will show by the end of this piece. I'm considering making it a triptych, but I only have just so much of the aspen leaf looking paper, so we shall see...

The second piece is the beginnings of a beach scene I took while in Florida one year. It will also have papers in it, but for now you just see the beginning painting undercoat.

NOW, for the something for YOU. This is an idea I've wanted to follow through on for some time and I thought while I was at my moms next week I'd post a picture every day or so for you to take and paint in any way you might wish if you feel inspired by any photo's I put up. Of course we have the wonderful blog by Karen Jurick; Different Strokes From Different Folks and Dana Marie's blog, Inspiration All Around Us as the examples for this, so the idea isn't NEW, but it is NEW to me and this blog. The two bottom photos are for you to take and do with what you will if you feel so inclined. The only thing I ask is if you do something with them send me your finished work and I will only be so thrilled to post them! My e-mail address is: . Make sure your images are clear so they will look their best. Have fun!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Foothills in Wax

I wanted to talk a bit more about my wax collages. I am in the experimenting stage, but finished this 5x7" wax collage on clayboard. I like clayboard as it is well suited to all different types of media. I'd read it accepts wax very well, so wanted to try it. I like mixing the acrylics with the collage as they are permanent so when you add another layer of wax it doesn't move it...thus far in my experimenting that is...:) So on Foothills in Wax I decided to paint the sky with acrylics. It acts like watercolor on Bristol board when you use a lot of water. FUN! I applied paper to the middle ground foothills and then used a bit of oil pastel for the light areas on those hills...then came back later with acrylic and put in the few trees. I then fused that layer. Fusing is where you brush on more hot wax and then hit it with the heat gun until it is shiny. It sort of smooths out the surface. I mostly use refined beeswax as it doesn't yellow, but like both refined and natural. I've started using a bit of damar resin mixed with the wax. I'm not sure how I like it yet. I suppose it cements the surface a bit more, but I've learned that it makes application of acrylic a bit more difficult. It wants to bead up a bit. I tore some darker papers for the foreground trees and then applied a bit of acrylic for highlights. I didn't want to put too much there as it would take away from that middle ground I like. So, the top is the finished version, the bottom is before I added the acrylic to foreground trees...hmmm...the jury is still out on this one...but I learned a lot, so it was valuable for that anyway. The photos don't show the texture that you get with this medium, but you can imagine as you are all brilliant at visual imagery!
I encourage you to click on the photo to really see it close-up, you get a better idea of what it looks like.
Welcome to my newest follower...we are ever closer to our next drawing!

Next week I will be visiting my mother in Oklahoma to check on her and my dad and see how they are, and I've decided to do something a bit different. I'll be talking about it in the coming days...I think it will be fun!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Casting and Thinking

Over the weekend I made a new mold of an a small aspen leaf. (sorry the pic is blurry) This little baby is probably less than 2". I made a couple of casts and actually painted one, but it was a flop in the way I presented it and the colors I used, so here is my little blank slate...It will become something...maybe on it's own; part of a collage, or several in different colors all together...hmmm...still deciding.

BUT, what is really on my mind is a couple of things I've read lately on a couple of blogs I've been following. It has me sad. One artist supports herself solely through internet, and so I understand on one hand what she is saying, but on the other hand it has really stuck in my craw. (Is craw a word?? I've always wondered, but I digress) Basically she is fed up with the artists who she feels just take advantage. And by that she means asks for information on things she knows how to do, not enough thanks from the folks, etc. She no longer is going to have her blog up where she has apparently for some time given helpful hints and tips. She stated very harshly that she needs to focus on those who she can sell to. I SO agree that we need to work hard, and focus on how we can get sales...but I am sad at the attitude that seems to filter through...Another blogger yelled at everyone that didn't send things correctly to her. It has me wondering...are we all stretched too thin? Is it so thin that we need to lash out, that we need to close up and not share? I'm not sure I have the answer. But, I know the tone of one blog made it seem the worst thing we could do is to have other artists on our blog...other work. I think the word crazy was used...

I haven't been doing this so long that I am burned out on trying to help as many along my way as I can so perhaps I cannot speak to this with any validity. But, in a time for our country when things are so harsh and scary and tough, I am just not ready to grab all my toys and go home and not share.(I'm definately NOT saying these people are bad or wrong) The teacher in me is probably saying that, and I am definately not the best at marketing, but it gives me SUCH pleasure to help someone or send a thank you in the mail or write about a process...I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around, so I want to still share and help and give voice to others from time to time. At the same time I'm speaking of one who has not been slammed with too much..

And for the one who yelled at everyone for not sending things correctly...what about just holding to the rules that person set and just not posting the pic like she said in the first place. Perhaps she needs a hug!

I don't know, am I the only one that feels this way? We are all in this country together, we are all trying our best to do SOMETHING...I say let's all play nice and try to help, and remember that if we are too selfish or harsh it will reflect that way to our collectors as well. (I'm pretty sure they can read, and we never know they haven't read something on our blogs!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, even though I wasn't posting for a couple days over the weekend I WAS working. I created a couple of new card holders to throw in the pot for our contest. Last I looked we are only a few followers away from the goal of 50. So, ART brown and black stripe is #3 and Trees is #4. I think it is funny that even though I am POSITIVE that I take the picture of these straight on they look a little not square...I promise they aren't like that in real life...Guess I don't know all I should about photography!
I've also created a new mold for my paper casts...this one is a small aspen leaf. I found these adorable little frames that they will look so CUTE in...Those coming very soon...Right now they are drying from their coats of gesso...
Stay tuned for another wax collage or two...they are in process.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Foothill Meadow

A new addition to the contest winner choices is this little wax collage I've lovingly called "Foothill Meadow". It is a part of the view I have from my front deck. This is a little 4x4" cradled canvas texture gem that is stained on the sides and can hang or sit on it's little easel, OR just sit on a shelf. There is a combination of paper, oil pastel and acrylic on this piece and it is "held together" by wax.
Wax Collage is an interesting process which I will be doing more of in the future. It is also called encaustic painting. The literal meaning of encaustic is "burned". So, the wax is "burned" or melted onto a surface. You can go many different ways with encaustic painting. Using wax as a glue, mixing wax with pigments or oil sticks, mixing it with damar resin as a medium and is so versitile. As I do more I will be talking more about this fun medium of work.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I decided that the collage elements I added to "Hawaii" made me happier. I had first planned on feathering out the palm leaves either by cutting or painting over, but after I laid down the papers I rather liked the simple lines. They go with the simplicity of the mountains. The foreground I changed to just foliage with some papers. The texture is nice to bring what I wanted to become the secondary focus next to the trees. I really think this is more eye candy, but I'm leaving it at home until I do several more and will let my son choose his favorite.
I'm taking the weekend to play with my husband, to make paper and finish another mold for my next paper cast so I will be on a mini "vacation" from blogging, but will be back after the holiday with a lot of energy and some new work to show. I will, however take moments here and there to check in with all those I follow to see what's up in your world! Can't stay away from the computer totally!
Happy Memorial Day to you all!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hawaii in process...

This conundrum came upon me again (I've been here before) when I was painting "Hawaii" from some photos my son sent me from his recent trip...I'm painting along like I've always done, and getting more displeased by the minute. This is a pretty accurate version of the pic my son sent. He told me the day was rather overcast, as you can tell by so many similar values. (a big no no for a painting) So, I knew that going in...but I'm bored with it! So, as this blog is about my process, I thought I would share this.
I've noticed over the past 6 months that for much of the time I am no longer satisfied with just a fairly faithful rendition of a pic...I need to add more...something different...some punch, and most of the time just tweaking values doesn't do it for me. This is about complete for what was in the photo save another boat house a bit further into the water...but I feel the pull of collage! Now this is done on a 10x16" stretched canvas so I must be careful. I have done collage on canvas and it works fine, but if the papers were too heavy it might not work as well...So, I'm thinking add some punch with sunlight on the foliage...BUT perhaps I can add a tree (of the palm persuasion) with collage...So, just sharing this process with you...of course any suggestions are always welcome (of course the final decision is up to the artist...tee hee).
As frustrating as this is for me, it is a bit exciting as well. For months I have felt a subtle change coming over evolution if you will. I have to admit my tree collages give me the biggest spark, but I DO believe I am moving in a direction...I'm fascinated to see where it will take me.
Before I sign off I just wanted to thank my newest followers for, well, following! We are closer even still to me having the great pleasure of choosing from one of you to send a gift of thanks for stopping by when you have time!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Michelle's Calla Lily

I got the most wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday. My beautiful daughter sent me a painting SHE DID for me! (This is her first painting!) The Calla Lily means something in our family as it was one of the main flowers used in Michelle and Damon's wedding. Her bridesmaids carried it, I had it in my her bouquet, on the cake top (in a painting I did for her a while back) they were just everywhere. Since the wedding (yes, I HAD to put another pic of the wedding in) we have sent little gifts to one another that were of the Calla persuasion. As you can see in the picture there are some on the table...they were just all over the place! So, this painting means a whole lot to me...for the subject matter, but mostly because my beautiful daughter thought of me in such a special way. I just had to share it! Thank you my beautiful and talented daughter...Your mom loves you like crazy!

Monday, May 18, 2009


"Horse" is a 9"x6" canvas on panel that is stained on the sides to make it nice for an easel, leaning on a shelf, or is ready for framing. This is my offering to the blog "Inspiration All Around Us". Dana Marie certainally gave us a wonderful subject this week!
I have to tip my hat to those who seem to just have a natural ability to paint animals. So many of my followers are so talented in this area. I wanted to push a bit, so took on the challenge. I admit I know very little about these beautiful creatures. Perhaps next time I'll attempt a little collage of a horse. It is great to stretch!
"Horse" is available on my website.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jonathan's Flowers

"Jonathan's Flowers" (18"x24" acrylic on stretched canvas) is a painting near and dear to my heart. When my son (now 28) was 5 years old I took he and his sister to the mountains for a day of fun, just the three of us. It wasn't very long before my little blond haired son came walking up to me hands behind his back; all smiles. He said in that little voice that I will never forget..."Mommy I found you something that is just as beautiful as you are" and he produced these flowers already in their "paper vase". I scooped him up all full of that stuff we feel when we realize we've just experienced a moment that will live in our hearts forever and gave him the biggest thank you I could without squeezing him to pieces! I immediately put them on a rock and took a picture of them; frozen forever in my heart and something to look at every day. A few years ago I painted them, just as they were that day...the way he arranged them. Today I was missing my boy; whom I haven't gotten to see in nearly 3 years, so I wanted to share this very special mommy moment with my blogger family. I'm smiling, hope it gave you all a smile too!
PS. WELCOME to my newest followers. I am so happy you've decided to stop by now and then...if my math is up to speed that means we are only 8 away from the next give-away. Stay tuned for some new give-away choices...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Family of Sorts

Today my husband and I took the day off from our regular duties and responsibilities to drive to Boulder to see my new blogger friend Jane Hunt in the Open Studios Art Fair at the 29th Street Mall. I've spoken about this before, and so have many of you, but we artists are a family of a sort. We are part of a very special community of special unique thinkers that reveal ourselves visually in some way. I believe in family, as those of you who've read about my birth family will understand. I also believe in being a part of a community; helping each other, supporting each other, in general, being a part of a bigger family of sorts. I have had the pleasure of talking to Jane now and then, and I learned, aside from the love of art that we have in common, that we think in similar ways in the way we approach our work. I have a great deal of respect for this woman and her work, as well as how great a mother and just all around person she is. If you have not visited the Jane Hunt Art blog, I encourage you to do so as she talks about life, and gives us beautiful art to see and wonderful poetry to give us pause. She also talks about her journey as a mother of a very special little one. Take a moment and remember we are all part of a community of like minded thinkers, and that is one way we are really all part of a bigger family. We need to support one another, share ideas, (like so many already do) help each other through the difficulties we may wading through this blog thing...sometimes it is HARD to find the widget for this or that, so let's remember we are together in our goal.
I was lucky enough to come home with one of Jane's beautiful paintings! It is called "Mountain Views". It reminds me of why I love it here, I love my mountains, but it also gives me a bit more to remember about my new friend. As we were driving from my mountain home near Morrison down 93 to Boulder the scenery changed a bit...It went from a sea of pines so thick you can hardly see beyond them (which is what I see) to some rolling hills and pinion pines and rounder shapes, not to mention those beautiful flat irons. I saw for a moment what my friend Jane sees and so this wonderful little painting reminds me of her as well as what we have in common! It was an awesome day and I am so inspired! You should see her larger works up close, they are absolutely beautiful! And the colors in her work are so much richer than we can show in a photo. It was a great experience to have started this blog a few months ago, met and got to know a fellow blogger through posts, e-mails, a couple of phone calls to talk about some ideas, and now getting to meet. AWESOME DAY! I am glad for you all! Happy Painting my "family of sorts"!

Friday, May 15, 2009


"Sunflower" is a 6"x6"x1 3/8" canvas wrap around that is painted on the sides and fitted with wire on back so it is ready to hang. What I like about these canvas pieces is they are wide enough to sit on a shelf or mantle also. I painted this with palette knife and some brush. Sometimes I just need to paint thickly! There is something really satisfying about slapping that paint on and moving to the next area!
We are up to 40 followers! Only 10 away from our next give-away! I really enjoyed sending the last gift to one of you, so really happy to have the opportunity to do it again!
This painting is available on my WEBSITE.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summer Stand

"Summer Stand" is a 6"x12"x3/4" cradled acrylic collage using my handmade papers. To stand amongst the trees with them so thick all around is one of the most peaceful things I can imagine! The colors seem so much illuminated! This is my lighter, brighter version of "Aspen in Blue and Green" done a bit before...It is so much fun to play around with atmosphere!

Welcome to follower #40! This means we are only 10 away from our next give-away!

You can find purchase information on "Summer Stand" on my WEBSITE.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aspen 2

"Aspen 2" is another choice for the painting/collage give-away! It is a 4x4" fiberboard gesso panel with dovetail slots on the back so you can either hang it or sit it on an easel. It is 1/2" wide so it will also easily sit on it's own. Who ever may choose this one can decide how they want to display it and choose the easel to go along if desired. This little gem is similar to the Aspen 4x4 that Michelle Burnette chose for her give-away gift, but has blue and green as the background. This is another collagepainted with acrylics with handmade papers added.

I would like to welcome our 39th follower; Sheila E. who is a budding watercolor artist. This means we are only 11 followers away from our next give-away. YEA! Remember the addition of the business card holders as part of the gifts that are available!

Now, back to my studio to finish a 6"x12" cradled piece similar to today's offering! Happy Painting to you all!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Card Holders Added to Give-Away

For those of you who have been reading the last few posts you know that we are in our second contest. When we reach 50 followers there will be another drawing for 4x4 painting/collages, and today added to the mix are business card holders. These are made from canvas that has been painted, and various things added. The dimensions of these holders are apx 3 7/8" x 2 3/4". Several cards can tuck safely and easily within the borders of the stitiching. The backs are also painted canvas. I will be adding to these from time to time, so be watching. As mentioned earlier I will be giving one of these holders to our follower #50 as a thank you for topping us off to our goal! The follower randomly chosen will be able to choose from either a 4x4 painting/collage or a card holder. The first person to choose will have preference. More on the details of this later!

The first two choices are shown above. I will number these so you will have an easy reference.

Welcome to my newest followers. I DO so appreciate you stopping by from time to time. Your comments are always welcome!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Madison Avenue

"Madison Avenue" (9"x5 7/8"x1/4") canvas on panel acrylic collage) is my contribution to Karin Jurick's Different Strokes from Different Folks blog painting challenge. I do not usually do so much linear perspective, (I love those organically shaped trees!) but it was a challenge and I'm glad I did it. I enjoyed using different papers and mixing it with my acrylics. I found it somewhat restrictive and freeing at the same time. I left some lines, and I applied the papers to the two front cabs in a somewhat haphazard"ish" way. I didn't want any other vehicles to come in sharply, so applied the paint very loosely to those in the middleground.

So, here we go looks like we are only 14 away from the next give-away 4x4 painting or collage. You can see the choices on my sidebar; a new one has already been added! As I said yesterday I am also bringing a new item into the mix. They are canvas card holders...painted and stamped...each one will be totally unique...those are coming very soon, so be watching! I have also decided; since I have several who "follow" by blog by e-mail but either haven't been able to figure out how to sign up as a follower if they don't have a blog, or have chosen this method to include their names as followers and therefore will be added in the drawing. SO, if you are in that category, please e-mail me your name and I will add it to the mix! This means we may hit the number 50 even faster than you may see...I will keep you posted!
"Madison Ave. is available for purchase on my WEBSITE.

Friday, May 8, 2009


"Sunlit" is a new contest 4x4" choice for our next contest. It is created on a little different type of substrate. This is fiberboard covered with gesso. It is resistant to warping or being affected by water, and this has dovetail slots for hanging or can sit on an easel. This is a view I have from my front deck. I walked out the other day to see this very unusual view of the middleground trees bathed in light with the foreground trees in shadow. The sun was SO bright on those trees that I just had to catch it.

I was so thrilled to be able to give away one of the 4x4 collage paintings as we reached our goal of 35 followers, and NOW it is time to announce the next contest. When we reach 50 followers not only will I choose another follower to receive a give-away 4x4" painting or collage (more will be added), BUT I will also be giving follower number 50 a thank you gift for topping us off at 50! The gift to be given to follower number 50 will be a handmade business card holder made of painted and embellished canvas. Examples of these will be coming soon, so stay tuned. I will also be adding some of the card holders on top of the 4x4's for the random follower that wins the drawing to choose from. Fun times ahead (at least for me!). I do so appreciate you all for taking the time to follow my ramblings and commenting!

It is always joyfully difficult to choose just 7 blogs that deserve recognition because there are so many wonderful blogs and artists out there. I find new ones quite often! To pass along the Kreativ blogger award I have chosen these seven wonderful blogs:

1) Elizabeth W. Seaver Fine Art - for her wonderful creative collages

2) Jo Horswell: Mystory - which is full of wonderful bookmaking and printmaking

3) Art by Dana Marie - has wonderful wearable art and beautiful paintings as well as being the host of a great blog opportunity called Inspiration All Around Us

4) Diane Hoeptner - for her beautiful flower paintings and and more

5) Carol Nelson Fine Art - you have to see her paintings and abstract work

6) Carolyn's (Almost) Daily Paintings - for her beautiful still life work

7) Karen Cole: Artsortments - which always has a new piece of fun information and wonderful photographs
I encourage you to check out these blogs and just see if you aren't inspired!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

We Have a WINNER!

Wow, I didn't expect to be this excited, but I am happy to say we have a winner for the contest give-away! MICHELLE BURNETT. She is a wonderful artist from Utah. Click on her name to visit her blog and see her work. Thanks to Becky Joy, the newest follower I was able to immediately pick. Michelle chose "Aspen". Congratulations to Michelle! Tomorrow I will be announcing the next contest; it will have a twist, so tune in!

I feel like I've won the lottery; not only did I get to give away a thank you painting but I also found out that I have been invited to join the Daily Painters of Colorado which is a blog that showcases the work of Colorado Artists. Please take some time to visit as there is some wonderful art to see. I am quite honored!

AND, as if that wasn't enough I also am tickled to death to find out that the Kreativ blogger award was passed to me from Sema at Affirmart. Sema is a textile artist from India. She has some beautiful work. Thank you Sema. Your inspirational writings often make me smile!

The rules are as follows:

1) List seven things you're grateful for

2) Link back to the bestower of the award and list these rules in your post.

3) Name and link to seven deserving blogs to receive the award next.

4) Let them know they've been tagged.

Here are the seven things I'm most grateful for:

1) That God is real and present in my life.
2) For my two wonderful children and one that came to me through marriage
3) That I found the man of my dreams
4) That I'm lucky enough to love art so much and be able to CREATE!
5) My wonderful new and old (only chronologically) friends
6) That I get to live amongst the trees (for those who've been with me from early on, you KNOW how much a blessing that is!)
7) Each new day I get to live and the wonderful surprises that can come at any time!

There are so many wonderful blogs. I will be pondering this and will post the list tomorrow.

WHEW, and now a little "Eye Candy". This Swan Bling Box is a 2 1/2" tall by 4 1/2" piece. It is covered in different papers and topped with another found object. Three different beads strung together and added to the top. It is a commissioned piece that has already found it's way to the owner. So, for today I say Happy Painting to you all!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


"Weeds" is a 6 3/4" x 7 3/4" gesso on panel piece that I did for a wonderful challenge blog (Inspiration All Around Us) I follow that is hosted by a wonderful artist in her own right; Dana Marie. Click here to check out her site. I haven't done challenge blogs up to this point, mainly because I've been so focused on my blog and website.

I feel so strongly that we are all a big community; a family if you will, that I want to support as many as I can. Dana Marie was so kind to me as a newbie in this in helping me along, so visit her site and try these things if you feel led to do so!

I painted "Weeds" with a mixture of palette knife and a small brush to put in some detail work and it was a pleasant enough piece, but needed, with my collage brain I went out back and pulled a few grasses and added them as the stalks of the weeds and then took modeling paste to build up some texture on the heads and then painted them. It brought the focus from the back to the front, and so it became about the weeds mostly. I'm now thinking about my new blogger friends Jane Hunt (who sometimes embeds plants into her beautiful work) and Elizabeth Seaver (who is a very creative collage artist) as I am grabbing this or that to add to my paintings. You must visit their sites and see what I'm talking about!

I'm not thrilled with the photo of the detail. I have to get back in my camera book to see why my close-up is blurring the images...aaarrrggghhh! Another book to study...oh well.

So, the little voice at the end of my blogs these days...only ONE more follower needed to allow me to give a little collage painting away...I'm TRYING to be patient...:) Have a great day you all!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Among the Trees"

Yes, MORE eye candy. I will be posting this to my website later today, so for purchase information just pop over to my website and look under the category "Eye Candy"...This is as close to abstract that I think I have gone. It is a 9x12" on canvas wax collage. I was interested more in depth created by the different colors of paper than creating a completely representational piece; although the trees in front are from images that were cut from pictures of trees. Again, the wax collage is a lot of fun to do. I felt particularly poetic when I did it, thus the words tucked at the bottom.
I included the frame in the picture to show the color. It is a pecan color wood 1" contemporary frame. The color of frame complimented the colors in the piece so well that I just had to frame it!
Hopefully not to sound like a broken record, but we are only ONE very important person away from me being able to give-away a gift collage spread the word and let's get this one concluded so I can announce the next one...:) Happy Day to you all!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Tribute

Taking a moment away from my paintings to share another beautiful piece of art that I am most proud son Jonathan. (Eventhough God made him and I just got lucky enough to get to keep him). I found these pictures of him on a flickr site. He is one of the most creative people I know. He inspires me constantly. There was a photographer out in San Diego who saw him skating one day and asked permission to photograph him. He doesn't brag about what he can do on the skateboard, but I hear he is quite talented, and after reading the comments of the photographer I am now convinced! I saw other photos that documented him landing one handed on his skateboard from a wall...whew!

Jonathan taught me to never look at someone and judge them, and I thank him for that. He is one of the most generous hearted people I've ever known, and a gentleman to boot! I love his creative approach to life, and the way he chooses to show it. He has overcome some incredible odds, and still has the most positive attitude. He is one of my heros in life and I thank you for allowing me to be a VERY proud mom! Here's to all our wonderful children!

Tile Chair

Well, the best laid plans and all that! I spent my Sunday fighting with my computer. I have a new phrase in my life "Your virtual memory is too low". This old girl is fighting it's age I guess. (The computer, not me...though...hmmm, maybe me too!) After a computer doctor worked on it she said it will take some time for my virtual memory to return...I don't really know what it is, but I know it wreaks havoc with an already ancient piece of equipment! So, sorry for the delay.
As I've been posting about lately I've been working on my eye candy...those wonderfully random pieces of art that clean the cobwebs out of my creative brain and sharpen my skills in other areas. "Tile Chair" is probably one of the most random items to have done. I love recycling art projects, and this is one for sure. I took an old chair and painted it a fun peacock blue and made some clay tiles, painted designs on them and attached them to the chair. I also made a cover for the wicker bottom out of canvas, painted it, and put knots all around the edge to bring a bit of the yellow color throughout the design. I think of these items as sculpture, though this one is usable as well. The seat is 25" from the floor. I hope I have inspired any of you to shake yourselves up a bit and PLAY!

I want to thank Sema, one of my newest followers for my kreative blogger award! I will be responding in kind now that I am back on line!
I am so happy we are so close to the goal of 35 followers...can't wait to give that little gift away to one of you...SO CLOSE! Happy painting to you all today!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tiger Box

Tiger Box is another piece I'm putting in my Eye Candy section of my website. I put it up awhile ago, but have decided it is eye candy. This is a piece created on a paper mache box carefully lined with light complimentary paper. The tiger is a found I suppose on this one I am green as with my collages. I especially like the bit of blue on the bottom edge...Seems to balance it out. Tomorrow is a very different sort of eye tune back in! You can click on the title to take you to this little box purchase information!
If you haven't noticed we are just ONE follower away from my give-away thank you of your choice of 5 4x4" basswood panel collage paintings with their own little easel. I'm dying to choose one of you, so pass the word so I can draw! You can see the choices if you look at the sidebar and click on the photo shown to see them all and the easel that comes with them...

Friday, May 1, 2009

"Farmhouse in Wax"

More eye candy which is available on my website! "Farmhouse in Wax" is a 6x12" canvas panel wax collage that was more play. This piece is a collage of paper and acrylic paint glued and sealed with beeswax. This collage is also framed in a pecan color 1" contemporary line wood frame and ready for hanging. I have to say these pieces are great for cleaning out the confusion that builds up in my brain and allows me to approach my more consistent work with a renewed creativity. I encourage everyone to find another medium to play in from time to time to recharge your batteries; that is, if you get like I do where working the same way all the time tends to dull the senses...Who knows, perhaps it is just me...but whatever works, Right? We are litterally in the clouds today; all grey and cloudy and the color in this is just what the doctor ordered!

I see that we are only ONE follower away from me being able to choose from one of you wonderful people to give a thank you gift of one of the 4x4 basswood panel with easel collages away! (See the sidebar and click on the photo to see the choices) SURELY someone has ONE friend who would enjoy following the ramblings and work of this little artist person!

Have a great day to you all!

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