Monday, July 13, 2020

"A Light in the Forest"...again

This is a re-work of a painting I did a bit ago that was just too busy in my view, so I sanded and scraped off texture and re-worked certain areas to simplify it to what you see now.  See the previous version here...
I love pine trees almost as much as aspen, however, in life, they just don't grow that close, and even though it was my artistic rendition, I was always a little claustrophobic when I looked at it, so one day I just decided to simplify; which by the way, is my new thing. maybe...ha!

Don't be afraid to play with something you have once called complete.  As long as you are the creator, and it is within your grasp, if you find inspiration to make it better, so be it! 

There is something freeing about re-working a piece.  It is like looking into the depths of it and yourself and pulling out even more.  I actually really love this process.  I admit that it took some elbow grease to scrape some of the texture down, but i didn't want it so intense with the new subtlety of it.  If that is even a good descriptor.

As you can see in this side view, I've stained them a green that works with this painting.  These cradles are great as they are practically indestructible and with the thinnest version of MDF there is; 1/8", it is surprisingly light weight!  
Here you can see the texture scattered in an intentional way in "A Light in the Forest". It fills in the imagination about all the things that are in the thick of the woods. I get this texture by using modeling paste and a palette knife using those bags that some fresh onions or potatoes sometimes come in.  You just spread it like butter and lift it off.  

There is a chest across from the front doors of my home where a painting similar hangs, but I hung "A Light" up here so you can get an idea.

I hope this encourages you to not be afraid to try to re-work an older painting.  You might just love it best of all!


Thursday, June 25, 2020


Last week my old laptop was on its last legs, so I decided to change my life for a bit and get a new one.  I ended up with a refurbished tower, and have been adding things to it ever since.  This is awesome in a way, but very demanding of my time and life also.  I went from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and that came with changing my photo storage system as well.  WOW! I have been slipping away from it for moments at a time to re-work a painting I've never loved and adding some splash to another one I love but I think I can do better...It makes for a bit of upheaval for sure.

The video above is of the tweaking to a painting from a few years ago that always bugged me.  I LOVE parts of it, but other parts, YUCK.  I'm still editing this version, but thought I'd play with a video here.

I'm learning a lot about switching to a new system.  It isn't all rainbows and kittens.  But, I'll make it through...but, will my art business survive the glitch of time...yet again!  YES...eventually!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Dreaming Tree Epoxy Necklace NOW on FASO under my Jewelry Collection
I have been revamping my life and my on line presence and my classes for awhile now, and I FINALLY have found my creative voice and have gotten most of my p's and q's together.  After many attempts at many different sites, including Etsy and a few free websites I have landed in the best place online I could be!  MY FineArtStudioOnLine website!  As it turns out I was trying to find separate sites that would hold my paintings (that was FASO), my jewelry and creative treasures.  I failed miserably with ETSY as they take way too much and I was forced to raise my prices, AND, they would take money out of my account and I could never figure out why...I paid for ads with them and sold some, but again, they took WAY TOO MUCH...and the day I stopped the ads my sales went to zero!  I found out that they can bury your ads so you feel forced to advertise with them!  SCAM!

The day I found out that FASO would hold everything I do I was in heaven! Not only is that great, but they do not take a commission in the form of fees or anything else; no transaction, nothing but what pay pal charges for services; which is a great deal less than ETSY. AND, Fine Art Studio Online has an excellent customer service team that will chat with you on line, you can email them, or talk to them on the phone...VERY SOON!  Often within minutes!

SO, call me a happy artist! I'm busy loading my items in my website as we speak!  Give them a try if you paint and need a good reputable company!


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