Thursday, April 29, 2010

White stuff

The days I do the prep work and the gesso work and the lab work usually end with no color...making paper casts, sketching, gesso...all white...well, a little graphite in the mix, but white all the same...That was my today...important, but none the less...WHITE STUFF. kinda like all the empty space before the next few words here...:) only white...:)

AS YOU KNOW...I've been missing my I launched into doing paintings from our trip out to San Diego a few months ago to try to recapture those moments while I was close to him...and it has been fun!  Today's challenge for the San Diego series was my feet.  Have you ever drawn, painted, sculpted feet?  Have you ever done your own??  I gotta tell you it is a bit weird...Drawing toes feels like I'm drawing fat misshapen hands...kinda funny...kinda wierd...So, I'm showing you a pic of the pic I took of my feet in front of the ocean and the sketch as the beginning (every once in awhile I remind myself my blog is about process here is step one of the process).  I wish you could have seen my face as I was sketching my own feet...THAT would have been a great picture...well, for a laugh anyway...The only way I know to describe it is with a word and the picture that comes when you say it....ICKY...:)

I ALSO worked in my lab today; which for the new followers is my wonderful kitchen...PERFECTLY suited to a lab...L O N G cabinets in front of the mountain...beautiful view and wonderful sunny place to work (ahhh I shall miss it when we move!)...I made a couple of molds of stars for paper casts and I cast some stars...:)  I don't know what will come of this...but it is a beginning...MORE FUN!

So, here is to hoping you had fun today in whatever you created...hope it made you smile and not say ICKY...The April contest will be closing soon...I think only a couple of anyone out there who had wanted to participate you STILL HAVE TIME to sneak one in under the wire!

OH and a PS...for any of you who have followers who comment in other languages I found a WONDERFUL free translating site if you don't have a widget on your blog for that...thought I would pass it along on the white stuff day... try it...I have a french commenter and I absolutely LOVE knowing what she says!!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my MOM!

I took a few moments today to make a little sumpin for my mother.  At Christmas for my daughter I painted a calla lily on a paper mache mom went crazy over it...wanted one too...:)  I forgot my rule from my mom that EVERYTHING I do, she wants one...preferably the first never occurred to me that she meant absolutely EVERYTHING...but she, being that my mother's name is Joy Johnson...a J seemed the right letter!!  She requested pumpkins, and I know she has some BLUE in her new couches, so I combined everything into this simple little pumpkin J...Coupled with this pumpkin crate I found I think she will smile this year...well, she ALWAYS smiles...but maybe a little dance of joy will happen too...Yep, I learned the "steps" for the dance of joy from my mom...JOY...FUN!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"San Diego Sand Piper" oil painting on panel © Saundra Lane Galloway

In keeping with my theme of San Diego and cuz I miss my son I painted this little sand piper from a reference photo taken on our trip to see my son.  I know it's only been a few months, but I miss him like crazy!!  As I was working on this little guy I kept saying to myself to make my strokes more random, but he kept coming out like this...perhaps it was meant to be! 

I want to welcome my newest followers and remind you all that there are a few days left in our April painting challenge.  Just a reminder to those who forgot, or those who just joined in...go to my March 30 post where you will see a few pics of zoo animals...paint it, e-mail it to me at and I will add you to the names we have already and choose one.  The winner will get to choose from my contest choices on my sidebar!  It is as easy as that!!  And...welcome to my newest followers.  I'm always glad when you have time to stop by!!  Even gladder still when you comment...I love hearing what you think!

Tomorrow I have to put my San Diego angst aside to paint a little sumpin for my mom for mother's day...but before you know it I will be back at my San Diego pieces for a little longer...and, I have a hankerin to make a few new paper casts...WHICH brings to mind that I have neglected my ETSY shop...the school thing...but SOON I will be updating and adding!


Monday, April 26, 2010

"A Six Pack of Palms" © Saundra Lane Galloway

It was FUN to wake up today and get to work on a painting.  Today's pleasure was this 8x8" oil on gesso'd panel that is from a reference photo taken while visiting my wonderful son in San Diego a few months ago.  As you KNOW, I absolutely LOVE trees of all kinds...I think, aspen first of all, but palm trees come in closely behind as I love the random strokes that can come from painting the leaves...I've done em in acrylic, and oil...I think collage needs to happen soon...ooops...I forgot, I've done one in collage...but I need to do more!!  I usually try to paint odd numbers of things for composition sake, but the way these guys seem to intertwine it seemed ok to make a six pack of them!  I have a toe and ocean pic I want to paint soon from that same trip...coming soon!

Even though this isn't dry I've put it up in my website, so for purchase info please click over if you wish...:)

I woke up to more SNOW today and was soooo bummed until I went out back to say hello to our bird friends and saw these delightful little bird tracks in the snow...and just HAD to share!  Boy, if my "footprint" on this earth could just be so delicate and small!

HAPPY CREATING to you all...I know I am!! :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

ART MARKETING DAY and on the way to BOULDER...

 The front range between Denver and Boulder

Today was a very long,  intensive and highly satisfying day in Boulder with Micah Condon who got a room full of artists together to talk about art marketing.  For those of you who may not know Micha; he is the one who started the highly successful art gallery called Daily Painters. 

Micah also is the author of a wonderful blog called "Art is Broken" that deals with the concept of marketing strategies and what works...sometimes, and what doesn't...Check it out!!
This pic of the front range is on my list to paint!!  Cloudy day or not!!

Micah's mission today was to talk about marketing strategies using business models and other information he has gathered.  He wanted feedback and discussion as well as to share what he has come to understand.  His vision is to help artists find success in ways they may not have tried before.  It was an AWESOME day, full of concepts and strategies and giving us specific questions to ask ourselves as we develop our own marketing strategy. 
Boulder's beautiful snow covered flatirons!

I'm sure as time goes on you will be hearing more from Micah!
More beautious flatirons!!

The workshop went from 9-5, so there was no painting today...only in my head and some doodling in my notes...But, I DID get a few pictures of the front range as I drove from the Denver area to, a cold morning, but beautiful all the same!!  ENJOY!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

"Grounded" © Saundra Lane Galloway

Happy day to be able to paint!  I'm smilin!  I decided to finish my third bird from Barb Benki's challenge blog called "Studio Altier"  I don't know how I feel about this bird...I found that they were tougher to paint as their eyes weren't really obvious.  But, he just looks like he is really enjoying his spot down below on the ground...(thus the name)...:)

At first I was going to make this a triptych, but the way I painted them it doesn't really fit, so it is now a series!  See how easy it was to change that!!  ha...I've played around with different possibilities for hanging should they all go to the same home...which one would you do if you were hanging them all together?? 1, 2 or 3 in order shown...:)

Of course this one goes into the contest choices as well as in my mini section of my website and in my Etsy store when dry...:)

Hey, just thought you'd like to see what I woke up to...and really glad I didn't have to drive down to school in it...we NOW have about 10"...I thought it was gonna be warm!!  se le vie...:) 

I'm pleased to say that I got a nice apology e-mail from the parents of the boy who shoved me...BUT, not a word from the school...I'm happy to know some parents really care about the behavior of their kids...NOT enough to do this again...but smilin anyway!!  HAPPY TO BE FREE...

HAPPY CREATING!!  Hey...we still have a few days for the April painting challenge...hop on board if you wish...:) any questions please e-mail me at!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


No photo work today...just a sad and scary realization.  Today I was shoved into a door by a student who told me he was leaving early.  This 6'5" young man pushed me when I asked him to wait for the bell.  I don't know if I have ever told you all that I'm all of 5' tall. I went to find a principal to discuss the event...I was told they were busy so to e-mail them for a meeting tomorrow...I took my soar back out of there... So, enough is more subbing, no more public school system for this tired and disillusioned teacher!

The rainbow is I am now back at my real first job of creating, inventing, experimenting, posting happy (mostly) blogs and working at finding venues for workshops for...hopefully...happy and safe adults!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I played at school today!!!

Today was play day for will be tomorrow.  I was going to take my third bird to do, but remembered I had a shorter lunch hour, so I took my fun foam to play making stamps!  I've been wanting to do it for awhile now and today seemed JUST RIGHT!  I decided I need to experiment again tomorrow as my tool I used for burning in the lines is too wide...I want smaller veins in leaves!  So, tomorrow again...and hopefully little bird #3 on Friday.

I also promised I would show you the example I did of Mt. Evans for the kids.  I think I could have toned down the mountain, but I just couldn't make myself...It is SO awesome to have a mountain in my "backyard" least for a little while longer...So, here it is in all it's little glory.  I don't claim to be much with the chalk pastels...and this was on drawing paper...but, it was fun to at least do a little something in class.  I actually had a GOOD bit of something student just sat next to the easel where this is and got out her water soluble oils and painted it...I kept giving her tips here and there...and she was having fun...YIPPEE!!  At least I have ONE student who is getting something from my time there!!

So, this was Wednesday...only two and one half weeks left!!  And...just a little happy reminder that you have til the last day of April to submit a painting from my zoo animal picture day posted on March 30...I will draw from the entries!!  FUN!!

HAPPY DAY to you all!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Sitting Pretty" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Sitting Pretty"
#2 of 3 birds from Barb Benik's STUDIO ALTEIR painting challenge blog
4x4 oil on fiberboard panel
will be added to our contest choices and my ETSY shop when I'm finished with the 3!

WOW, thanks to all of you who wrote in comments and e-mails in support of my no good very bad day yesterday and some before!!  It truly DID help me refocus and get back to myself!  I SO knew my blogger family would be there for me!!  You are all AWESOME!!

I found a way to find some peace in my day amidst the craziness...I took my ipod and stuck those buds in my ears on my free period and cranked that music up and just painted this second of three bird...which I'm calling "Sitting Pretty".  It just looks like a coy little thing saying "I'm so pretty, but I'm gonna look shy"...FUN...thanks all!! 

Here are the two so far...the third one will be tricky as it is sitting in pebbles...kind of a strange pose...we shall see!!

AND...I'm happy to announce that Liz from ART WITH LIZ sent a contest choice for the April painting challenge...I'm lovin this bird!!  Gave me the creeps all over again when I remember how he looked like he was just STARING me down...An awesome likeness to have done that!!  THANKS LIZ!!  I'm putting you in the drawing!!

AGAIN...THANK YOU ALL...Today wasn't so bad when I took the advice given...and the comfort as well!! 


Monday, April 19, 2010

Clouds and Illusions

I'm thinking I should have started a whole new blog for this temporary position I took as a high school art teacher.  I've loved my blog...painting every day...experimenting...getting to know some fantastic artists and now calling some friend as well.  When I lost my teaching job two years ago it was devastating...I felt a failure somehow.  Intellectually I understand that it was just a set of circumstances...things I didn't want to see happening with another human being...a new principal who was just after budget cuts and finding followers.  It took me a long time to understand someone would come into a place and be so underhanded to actually undermine another human just for a job. 

My whole life my mother has told me I was naive.  I always wanted to believe the person in front of me.  I always wanted to see the beautiful thing instead of the ugly thing inside of them.  I used to really try hard to see what other people said they saw right away, and I told my mom that I hoped I would grow to not be so naive.  She told me something I've never forgotten.  She told me that I was needed in this world.  God needs people who believe in the beautiful things first.  She also told me that I was in for quite a ride in life because of who I am...I understand now.  She also told me never to change.  Of course a mother would find the beauty in a person she brought to the world...of course she would think I was just right.  I adore my mother.  There are others who love me just like I am, my dear husband, my wonderful children.  I appreciate them.  I adore them as well.  I thank them. But, I'm thinkin a little less naivete might serve.  HA...

I was sad today when I got home because today was a hard day and I just didn't have time to do more than sketch birds #2 and 3.  My sweet husband left for a week so coming home was a bit too quiet.  I think I laid down for a moment and then awoke a couple hours later...good...oh boy...NOW I'm awake at 7 p.m! lol   When I woke up I saw an amazing cloud sitting right over the mountain top across from my house.  I was struck by its beauty first...then its look of power...hovering there over "my" mountain...and, as artists often do...I found a connection with what my day was...what this experience is...I did come home feeling like a big old cloud was over me...Be careful pity parties...:)

Friday a teacher came storming in my room as I was TRYING to get the students excited about landscape painting and demanded to know why I had sent kids to the computer lab on a Friday morning. (apparently there is no teacher in there Friday mornings...)  She raved on and on about how irresponsible it is to send kids into a room with thousands of dollars worth of computers.  I was so SHOCKED...all I could say was "I'm so sorry, I didn't know it wasn't allowed...I thought someone was in there like all the other days...I won't make that mistake again".  Instead of it satisfying her it seemed to fuel her...she kept saying the same thing over and over again...It was like she was stuck on the same phrase and couldn't stop...all I could do was respond "I'm sorry".  So, I went down there with the whole class and waited until the last one had printed their pictures and she actually followed me down there to do the very same thing again.  More apologies on my part.  She finally left.  It caught me unaware.  I wasn't expecting an ambush from the adult population of the the end of the weekend I had just begun to laugh it off as another adult perhaps having a bad day.  Decided to let it go and move along...three more weeks I kept saying to myself...About now it seems like years. I have to tell you...I'm no wimp...I've taught in prison schools...I've been attacked, I've gone to funerals of students who couldn't let go of gangs...but wow you all...this assignment is tough! whew!

Today as I prepared a demonstration of atmospheric perspective; using my photograph of Mt. Evans as the reference.  I was hopeful that we could have a week where I could actually get the kids inspired just a little.  Well...that was not to be.  I told the kids they didn't have to watch me demonstrate, but if they wanted to learn about the atmosphere; if it would help them with their finals that would be awesome.  They talked on their phones, they listened to music, they went outside to lay in the sun (supposedly sketching their mountain view...:))...So, I worked at it, sort of hoping someone might learn a little.  I've learned when I move about asking if I can help, trying to give ideas they seem insulted that I am giving any today was another experiment.  It failed.  I ended up with an ok Mt. Evans in chalk...not many colors...and just regular drawing paper...but I DID finish a piece of artwork anyway!  (It's at school...almost begging to be used as an example for the student that finally figures out they don't know how to do it...and perhaps they will sneak over when I'm not watching to get some ideas...tee hee).

So, about the time I accept that I really can just do the best I can do until their full time teacher returns.   4th period comes...The same behavior...only louder than periods 1 and still travel about the room trying to encourage them to at least get their work out...telling them I'd love to help...this time I was cussed at...this young woman flat out yelled at me that I had no right to interfere with her...she had math to do.  I asked her to go to the library and work if she did not want to work on art as she was disrupting the class.  Period 6...a young man this time who has sat and talked and for the whole two weeks I've been there.  Today I had the "nerve" to ask him to at least try to work.  HE cussed at me and then told me I had no business telling him what to do as I was just a "lowly sub"...I asked him to work in the hall...he just left.  WOW...I'm getting the picture that so many kids just think this place is for socializing.  I think partly because I am a sub...and partly because the full time teacher is rather lax with them...doing them NO favors for later in life...

I've tried to just accept that very few will work...very few care.  In this school you do not have to pass art to I understand that as well...but I am wondering...what is ahead of these kids when they hit the working world and try the same thing...what is for us all in the future.  I wish I could say this was a low level school...but I'm afraid it is one of the "good" ones...Sad...I'm sorry that they are behaving the way they is not good for them. I will not be good for any of us.

I have to admit I am quite exhausted after only two weeks.  I am feeling a bit bedraggled...just wishing the time would pass and then back to my other first life.  I miss planning dinner...I miss making our bed if you can imagine that!  I miss painting, and experimenting and well, working at the job my husband told me was mine when I lost my full time teaching job.  I miss planning workshops and trying to find avenues to teach in the way that seems to suit me best.  I's only three weeks...but, are any of you like me out there...does your artist soul need to be protected from the world a bit...are you a bit easy to injure??  Oh bother (As pooh bear would say)...perhaps it is just me...naive, silly me...

So, thanks to you all for letting me go house is way too quiet...I have to go again and again for awhile...for at least as long as I can stand no fear, smile...just do my I didn't want to wrestle with these thoughts all night...thank you all for letting me spill!  I'm sure my wonderful husband thanks you least a

Oh...and this morning there was a big Starbucks coffee on my desk with a note from the yelling teacher saying to have a good day.  Later when I saw her I thanked her and said "no worries"'re not going to believe this...she started in again!  SHEESH!  Let's hope she can just let this go...I have!  Just thought you could use a tickle after my big ole sob story!! 


Saturday, April 17, 2010

"All Puffed Up with Nowhere to Go!" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 4x4" oil on fiberboard panel with slots on back for hanging.
Will be available as a contest choice as well as on my website when she dries!!

This must be bird week...I painted this little one from Barb Benik's challenge blog titled "Studio Atelier".  This month's challenge is a wonderful pic of three birds hanging out together.  I am tickled at the L O N G title for such a little piece...but it seemed to fit!  I fully intend to paint all three I suppose this is bird #1 of 3.  It was a nice little get away for a nice weekend! 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Blackbird" completed © Saundra Lane Galloway

6x6 acrylic wax collage with paper cast blackbird

I was able to finish "Blackbird" last night.  I had first thought I'd add some sunflowers to this piece, but in the end felt it would be a bit confusing with the blackbird paper cast made from newspaper being the star of the show!  I love making these molds for my pieces, and this one is a favorite!  If you look closely you can see the black bead I included for his eye...and a bit of the written word! 

As I was putting this together I kept thinking of that Beatles song titled..."Blackbird" and it just stuck.  I enjoy adding words to these EYE CANDY pieces as it adds to the emotion I want to express.  There is a partial phrase in the song that goes..."...learn to fly" So, I added that in as well as a bit of a tribute to the song.

I think I've said that when I was a baby, my mother was just a kid herself at 19, so instead of all baby lullaby's she would sing Beatles and Elvis songs to you can see why the Beatles hold a special place for me!

The saga of the subbing goes I was very loudly reminded that I wasn't the regular teacher and I was a liar...L O N G story behind his outburst...but suffice it to say he didn't like being asked to work today...Apparently the "other" teacher always let him do whatever he wanted...according to him...yea...right! lol  But, it is tiring to try to motivate and inspire kids who would really rather I do it all FOR them, and just let them sit and eat and text and talk...tee hee...Yep...looking forward to May 7!  So, as I left this morning, not really all that excited...I saw this beautiful sunrise...It gave me the gumption to get myself to school and I even managed a smile and a skip in my step!!

I would be remiss if I didn't say there ARE those kids who want to learn, and that makes it more worth it!  A young lady came up to me yesterday and asked if she came in on her off period would I teach her to paint aspen...RIGHT UP MY ALLEY...and, if you had any doubt...just let me say we had our first lesson today! YIPPEE!!

So...onward I go...tomorrow, perhaps I can show what I painted as I taught will look familiar to some of you...:)

HAPPY CREATING...and REMEMBER our April painting challenge!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BLACKBIRD wax collage in process

First I want to thank everyone for giving me their thoughts on the education system today...or more accurately our lovely school children and their attitudes CURRENTLY!  There is always room for growth!!  More on this later perhaps!!

Today I had a FEW moments to begin another of what I call my EYE CANDY
Cloth/Paper/Scissors type pieces that are a KICK to do!!  This piece is going to have a blackbird as the of my newest paper cast  pieces...As you can are the little birdies before I give them wings...

The background is acrylic over molding paste...on a 6x6 gallery wrap generous 1 1/2" depth. 

I will feature my blackbird...for now he is just sitting there...I have more to do to the background...he also probably won't be so high on the canvas...but...this was just so you could see the steps as I go along...

So, now off to print about a gazallion pics of landscapes for my drawing students to use as reference...May 7 is my last day...right now I'm thinking it can't come too soon!! HA

HAPPY CREATING...and DON'T FORGET THE PAINTING CHALLENGE THIS MONTH!!  If you forgot anything...the pics are in the MARCH 30 post...and the contest is between there and here...ha!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Birds on a Light" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Birds on a Light" completed
6x12" oil on wrapped canvas
will be available on my website when it dries!!

No, I didn't do this just so happened that it didn't take but a few strokes before I decided to call it finished.  Thanks for those who looked at it and gave me their thoughts yesterday...You probably won't notice the difference as it was so close to being finished...I didn't decide that until late last night.

I had every intention of working on another fun wax collage piece with my new blackbird paper casts today, but due dates for student work and a flurry of presenting of a new assignment kept me I hope to have some of it worked out to show you process tomorrow.

This school thing has been quite an eye opener for me.  IF you have followed me for long you know I've taught in the public system for a good number of years.  For many years it was middle school, and this assignment was high school.  I have to say...WOW...I feel a bit sad at the difference from even 5 years ago...Things I've noticed that have changed...Kids making out in the halls with teachers passing by without a comment...ipods in almost every students ears EVEN when the teacher is talking and presenting a new texting RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN now...(yep, that has been going on...but in my other schools they at least hid them in their pockets)!!  I've also noticed the level of entitlement has grown to proportions out of the ball park!!  These kids don't work in class...they work at home (a l"they lost theirs"...or they actually blame the teacher; saying "you never gave me one"...HA...Anyone who has taught for any length of time knows that is not true!  Or, you never told me that...AMAZING!!  Make me sort of sad for when my wonderful grandchildren (when I get some) will be going through school...How can these kids learn if they think their education is someone else's responsibility!! I would be thinking that these issues stemmed from the fact that I am a long term sub with the teacher returning in a few weeks...BUT if you remember I volunteered for weeks before I started and I saw the same behaviors...Oh my!!  God is my prayer before I began this was to make the answer clear as to what I was to do...and I'm telling you that THIS public system isn't for me anymore...and that is OK...I am really more suited for workshops for adults that actually want to learn...BUT, don't be discouraged...perhaps there are young ones out there who can take on this system of entitled kids and actually have the energy to help make changes...Or, do we wait for the pendulum to swing back the other way...cuz it will...hopefully!!

But, I'm here with a smile and a sense of humor in all of this...but secretly anxiously awaiting for the day when I have my other life back...and I'm on the track to doing what I feel is what I am best suited for!! 


Monday, April 12, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MICHELLE...and things in process...

My FIRST thing is to say Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!  This is one of my favorite pictures of as I came home from school I was thinking how much MORE I liked what I brought home 27 years ago...yep...a beautiful baby girl...instead of partially finished projects and school work which I brought home today! WHO WOULDN'T! lol  So...Happy Day my girl!!  love you!!
Beautiful sunrise on my girl's 27th birthday!!

Second order of business is my portrait painted by Carol Nelson was chosen as the favorite from her last 10...YIPPEE!!  I agree Carol....mine was best!!

As promised I am showing you what happened with the shoe morph...As things go with teachers...our examples usually get MOSTLY done before we have to lay it aside and help the kids finish this was mine...if you look closely you can see the shoe coming out here and there...FUNNY...reminded me of college!
The background was underpainted with an orange color and at this time is left to show through...I'm working on what I want to do with the background...and add a swipe or two to the birds and trees and THEN I may call this finished.
"Birds on a Light" © Saundra Lane Galloway
6x12" oil on wrapped canvas

These fun birds on a light are in process...I may not have much yet to do, but want to play with it a bit. This pic was taken in San Diego on a very cloudy day...I thought the bird in the middle was hilarious with his feathers all ruffled up like I painted it as it was...

Because the birds were off a bit in the distance, and the sky was very grey I decided to mix two plan is to make sure the palms stay way back...very muted and little detail, so as to bring the birds to the place of honor they should that is all I got done in between kids finding me in my office to ask a question about this or that...even on our off hours teachers can't hide! HA

But, all in all a good day!  HAPPY CREATING...and a reminder that you have til the end of April to submit your paintings from the zoo pics I posted...As a reminder...all you have to do is be a follower, paint from the pics that were posted on MARCH 30 and e-mail it to me at and I will add your name to the drawing for one of the contest choices on my sidebar!!  Hope you find anything there a little tempting!! 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Sweet and Sour" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 Sweet and Sour
12x4" oil on wrapped 1/2" canvas

As promised...a happy painting today!  I think it fits what life is sometimes...both sweet and sour!  Today I'm focusing more on the sweet!!  The sun was very strong today, thus the shadows very strong as well...As you can see in the detail there is, however some color...adds to the interest in what would otherwise have been a black hole!

HAPPY CREATING to you all on this wonderful Saturday!

Friday, April 9, 2010


 A thank you flower for putting up with my whining yesterday!

I want to thank those that said such nice things during my melt down yesterday!  I feel a bit silly, and grateful at the same time!!  Here I am all about being upbeat and happy, and trying to spread it around, and I was a downer yesterday! 


I decided who I am is someone who tries to trust and believe the best, and I found that it truly does do more good than being mistrustful.  I KNOW there is a difference, and we must be wise and careful, but I cannot deny my nature.  I got the MOST heartfelt response from the paper company lady today to my letter of concern.  She described to me what she has been going through and apologized so very sweetly at the delay and lack of information.  She vowed to do better, and gave me information that made me feel heartened!  So, I suppose there was a lesson there...I must be myself...and be honest with people when I am concerned, and then be ready to jump in and help someone when I can!  I'm hoping for the best out of this situation...and so I am humbled today. 

School was a BEAR...getting ready for an art show.  I also decided I still needed to do my best for the kids...for as long as the jobs lasts...that is best for them, and for me as a person.
 How can anyone be sad when we see a sweet face like this!!

Or not laugh when seeing something like this!!

Some flowers for you all as a thank you!!

So, tomorrow it is back in the saddle...hopefully wiser, and hopefully still myself.  I can't let the disappointments in life make me be someone I'm not...even if things don't go the greatest from time to time. 

I believe that if we all stick together and help when we can the world will be a better place!  (Que the uplifting, and goofy music)...Thanks all...I'm gonna paint something happy tomorrow!!  I hope you all will do the same!!  HAPPY CREATING!!

© Saundra Lane Fine Art

All rights reserved. All work created is protected under copyright law and must not be reproduced without express permission of Saundra Lane Galloway


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