Thursday, December 31, 2009

MOONRISE on New Year's Eve

I HAD to share this photo taken this evening...this New Year's Eve Evening...AWESOME!! I usually post sunrises, but this moonrise was spectacular coming up over the rise across from our house...kinda spooky and cool at the same time.

I spent the day shopping with some friends...found some awesome ideas for some sort of creative venture in the future...and had some fun!

I began a large painting of aspen this morning, but when the call came I couldn't resist going down the mountain for a little friend fun!

I hope sincerely that this new year brings good things for you all! Happy New Year all my blogger friends!! Welcome to my newest followers...and for those who didn't know...any photo I post is up for anyone who might feel inspired to paint it...I like to share!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Pine on the Rocks"

I had to start somewhere after such a LONG absence from the old I finished a little piece I started WAY back before the holidays!! I used one of my techniques for edges that I am growing fond of...:) I added this little 5 7/8" x 9" acrylic canvas on panel to my website this morning. Felt good to just get anything completed!!

So, after selling one of my larger aspen paintings over the holidays I realized I needed to add to my on hand paintings, so I'm preparing to do a few. I think the first one will be a 30x24. I think I need to work large again for a little bit to keep that skill up as well! You know how it is...if you don't use it you loose it!!

I found a new gallery...just a baby...only been alive 3 weeks just right around the corner (well...around the corner in mountain terms) that I'm going to try to visit in hopes of showing work there in the future. This is another avenue I have totally wish me luck...It is a contemporary gallery, but I think my collage aspen pieces might just fit in...The owner wants work that is reminiscent of this area. I don't know...but aspen just reaks of this area!! Any thoughts on my work as contemporary would be much appreciated!! I just love what I do, so it is almost funny to me that I struggle so in the marketing area...

Stay tuned as I am also getting ready to open an etsy shop. I will put my small works in as well as the other random items I am always doing to take a creative breather from my painting...

So, much on the horizon for this upcoming new year!! Also...another drawing for my one year anniversary as a blogger, which is January 11...More info on my next post...FUN STUFF FOLKS!! Happy upcoming NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Night Aspen Contest Choice off to it's new home!

Autumn Leaves chose "Night Aspen" as the winner of our latest give-away contest for my followers...Congratulations Sherry!

Now I'm off to get materials to do a few new larger paintings to replenish my stock and fill a huge hole in my own collection after Christmas sales and such. That is a happy chore!

Happy Painting to you all!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Quiet House...but it was FUN

Damon, Michelle, Me and Jerry...right before they left...a little boo hoo...:)

Michelle and Damon on our hike Christmas morning...kinda like I felt watching them go today...sigh...:)

Our drive up Squaw Pass beautiful!!

Well, we have a quiet house again...I'm going through that thing a mother goes through when her kids leave. It was so great to see them...and a little sad to see them go! I hate those first hours when there is that transition between having some of my loved ones here and the after they leave...All you parents out there can relate I'm sure. The house is a bit too quiet, the rooms a bit too empty...but them smiles when we remember how great it was to have them here!

I'm always left wishing for more, but glad for the time we it is just us two again...ahhhh....sigh....:)

A few memories...and tomorrow back to the other world we live...and some cleaning...and hopefully some painting!!

Here's hoping all of you who had to say goodbye to loved ones and to those who wish you'd seen some!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day and a WINNER!

My Christmas Honey!

WOW, what an awesome Christmas this has been! We did something new this year and I LOVED it! The kids FINALLY got in about noon on Christmas Eve. They were able to have the motor replaced on their 4 wheel drive and then up to our house and the fun began! We decided to open gifts Christmas Eve as we all wanted to go on a Christmas morning hike! FUN!

Damon absolutely loved his paintings! YIPPEE!! That was a gift for me right there!

I am happy to report I am gift card rich (art stores and Starbucks of course!) and also got the WARMEST my request! Can't believe I've lived up here so long without them...

We went up near Evergreen to a trail head of the three sisters. It was sunny, VERY WINDY, but gorgeous...All of us decked out in our snow pants and long johns...and cameras of course!

Yep, there is a painting in there just waiting!!

Tree Hugger ME!

Not too far into our hike we ran across this beautiful lady just sitting there...she even got up to show us how beautiful she really was...AWESOME!!

And, yep...we saw mountain lion tracks all the way up! My kids thought it was, I kept my eye out! HA

I'm happy to report a good time was had by all...Then it was down the mountain and home to put the turkey on and get ready for the FOOD!! We ate too much...typical!

So...I woke to snow this morning...light and beautiful, but COLD! We were planning another hike even further up but we shall see... promised I chose from those of you who commented these past couple of days and am happy to report AUTUMN LEAVES is the winner this time!! Congratulations!! As soon as she chooses I will post her choice...but we will be having another give-away SOON!! I'm hopin for that 100th follower very soon!!

Here is hopin you all had a great holiday!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yep, I thought I was going to get to post pics of my kids this morning...but, alas they got pretty close and their 4 wheel drive broke and they had to stay in a hotel...not 40 miles away! The weather was so bad I couldn't get down to get them!! close, but yet so far!! They called this morning and are getting it fixed so will be here in a mere couple of hours!! YEA!! SO, I woke this morning to quite a strong sunshine after such a windy, snowy night...! A nice reminder that God is there and working wonders!

I've been watching this industrious little squirrel working hard at emptying our bird feeder each day...It looks like he is holding on to the deck support with his back legs and reaching over for some goodies...FUNNY!

I hope you all are warm and safe where you are!! Merry day before!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let it Snow Snowman Wreath for my kids! and...a CONTEST!!

As promised I am showing the snowman wreath I made for Michelle and Damon. They decorate with snowmen, as I collect Santas...and trees (of course)!

I wanted to put a little homemade spin on it so I painted canvas and stuffed and stitched and stamped on this little guy that is the "focus" if you will. His little hands are branches from my "backyard" and he even has a carrot I found for his nose!! If you look closely his belly says "Let it Snow"...(anyone who knows me will be safe to assume I'm not talking about here!)
I wanted to send "warm wishes" to you all for his holiday season. You are all in my thoughts, and I will be posting here and there while the kids are here...AND...after the holidays it is back to my painting!!

ANNOUNCING a little impromptu contest for you thought I'd forgotten what I posted some time back about a Christmas Contest...:) I will choose from any of my followers (If you want to enter and are not currently a follower...just sign up to's that simple!!) that comment on any of my posts starting with this one and going through Christmas Day (the end of the day) and that chosen person will be able to choose from our contest choices on my side away if you have time...and Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Early and other happy things!

Last night we had the pleasure of having Scott, my husband's son come for an early Christmas visit. We decided to open a bit of each others as we won't get to see him for the holidays. I am thrilled with my SEVERAL months worth of Starbucks! Thank you Scott and Katie!! Scott opened his gift of the painting I did of their sweet puppy Molly for he and his beautiful fiance Katie. I'm happy to report he LOVED it! He said I nailed her, especially the eyes. It is always a thrill seeing someone happy with what I paint. So YIPEE!!This is Scott and Katie on the cruise they took where he proposed. Made me want to take a cruise despite my fear of sharks...Don't know why I fear being on a HUGE ship...guess I am thinking I might be the first person in history that would be eaten by a shark who scaled the sides and jumped up just long enough to get me...Yea right! HA. Thinking I'll get over that! Beautiful couple!

And, happy to report I sold a painting to a Broomfield woman over the weekend. Always a happy day when I can make someone happy for the holidays...tee and the recipient! Gone but not forgotten..."Aspen Fall Color" 28x20 Acrylic.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Michelle's Bulb

Because my girl seems settled in her life I seriously considered giving her first baby Christmas bulb this year...I had it in a special box and everything...BUT...I just am not ready to let go of it yet...Sorry my girl! I know one day I will be able to it, but I just feel so sentimental about it...Jonathan's there all alone! So...back to my tree it goes for at least another year. They say when we are ready for things we can do them...Silly I know! So, I had to show it today...

I got some Poinsettia's this year as usual and tried to take about a million pictures of them. Here I am an artist and never have time to do a painting for a Christmas card! Shame!! HA. I've figured out that if I'm going to paint a poinsettia then I need to show the center...and I don't know about the rest of you, but it is hard to take them so that the blooms don't all fade into one another...I think I'll try some more for photos, but this one came out in the spirit of the season...

Friday, December 18, 2009


Jonathan's First Ornament from me and TO me from him!! 1980 and 82!

Our first ornament together. Love you my husband!!

Well, I am STILL in the prep for Christmas mode...On this side of the world aren't so many of us! We finally got the tree all decorated. Life has been so busy I've noticed the tree is drying out already, even before we got it all put all I hope for is that is doesn't loose all it's needles before my Michelle and Damon arrive. I always take pics of our trees. This year my two favorites are of the first bulb Jerry and I got for our first Christmas together as married folks, and a wonderful view of my son's first ornament and the first ornament he made me! I think he was 2. It is a bulb! COOL stuff!!

I have one last gift to make...a surprise for my girl and her sweet husband...They arrive just before Christmas. They are my present! No honey, I still want a little sumpin from you too...I'm like a kid...LOVE a present! Or is it like a woman?? HA!

Well my printer died yesterday in the middle of printing pics for family and friends Christmas, off to find another one...Oh Bother as Pooh would say...another errand!! Here's hoping you all have fewer errands and more studio time!! Happy Day to you all!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What I've been up to

I SO admire all of you that have been able to keep up your daily painting schedule! I am failing miserably at that. This year has been horrible economically for us so I have been trying to make presents for those I love. I absolutely love doing it, but it leaves me with little to no time for my those I did for family!

These Santa's are part of my activities. I made them last year for a craft show and have remodeled several. They are fun to do, but as with everything they take time. I'm also compiling an album for my son who has had to miss so much of family as he works two jobs and only sleeps about 4 hours a day. It is fun, but a little sad compiling all of these memories that he has had to miss. I want him to stay close to us somehow. Yep, I miss him!! His TV interview is tomorrow morning. I am so excited for him and at the same time I am just so frustrated I will miss it! I wish I were out in San Diego so I could tape the interview. I don't know anyone out there who has that capability, so I will try to grab it another way.

Next on the list is a present for my daughter and her husband. I can't say what it is as she reads this...:) But, the point is the days are full of fun things, but little painting! I hope you all are finding ways to enjoy this very busy season! You are my blogger family and I think of you all every day!! Sorry I'm so spotty these days!! Not that I am all that important but I do take my resolve to paint very seriously...I've said it it comes again...aaahhh life!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Molly" completed!

"Molly" 12x12" cradled panel in acrylic

"Molly" close up...

I finished "Molly" this afternoon. I really enjoyed this piece. I was a bit unsure as to how to handle this portrait of my step son's Viszla puppy until I saw this pose. She is quite a puppy still, you can see the playful nature she has in those beautiful eyes she has! I found working her with loose strokes and putting some detail here and there made it more fun for me. Molly is done on a 12x12" cradled panel and is entirely acrylic. I'm also happy to announce that my wonderful step son has proposed to his girl plans are a coming!!

I know I have been so sporadic in my work of late. I'm finding the travel and the company we've had and the Christmas preparations have made it hard to be consistent! I always feel a bit incomplete if I haven't been able to include painting in my days. Hopefully as the holidays wind down I will be back to work daily!

I have some exciting news to share!! Last week when we were in San Diego my son Jonathan was called to be a part of a parade in Ocean Beach where he lives. It was a night time event and he was given a lighted skateboard to perform on. The parade went great. Yesterday he was contacted by the company that makes these lighted boards and the local fox network to appear on television this Thursday for an interview and a demonstration of his talents. I'm saying to my wonderful son "CONGRATULATIONS from your biggest fan!!" I've always been and will ever be proud of you and all you have been able to accomplish!! Good luck Thursday my son!! Love, MOM

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Holidays and TIME

I am so impressed with those of you who have been able to keep up your regular schedule of work, and for some, even a higher volume of work during the holiday season here in the states! I find it hard to work like I want to with trips and then the catch up from the trips and then decorating and, and, and...Today I am posting a beginning of a painting I began before I left for San Diego. I have come back to it with different thoughts. I may do something different from the photo I took...maybe...FUN to get to decide...

I am almost finished with my personal challenge painting of my step son's dog Molly. It went so fast I didn't think to take pics in process...and now there is just a bit of fine tuning left...Hopefully I'll get to finish it this afternoon. For now I'm off to do a bit of cleaning for a friend who has had a horrible year! We all need to count our blessings...I am always humbled by those who have such trials but retain such wonderful attitudes about life.
And, alas...I had to share a pic of the beautiful sunrise I woke up to with part of our Christmas Tree in front...yet to be decorated...I think we need to start a movement to get more hours in the day during busy holiday times! HA.

Have a wonderful day to you all!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The reason I went! My wonderful son and his biggest fan...MOM!
Had to sneak this little guy in...I loved the reflection!!

You knew I had to take pics of fact they are a large part of the 217 pictures I came home with...LOVE THOSE PALMS!!

When Jaws came out in the 70's I learned what I was most afraid of...SHARKS! I saw that movie some 20 times...have no clue why...This is the only shark I saw on our trip. It was in the lagoon in the Barefoot cafe on Paradise Point, the 44 acre resort we stayed at. I am quite in love with the way the palm trees are mirrored in the water...So, you have to look closely...cuz that shark is in there!!

The only painting I saw when I was there was a collage made of wood pieces behind the registration desk at Paradise Point. I found it fascinating. Inspiration is hitting me!!

My Christmas gift to my son this year was to complete his golf clubs and get him a bag. Not only is he a fantastic skater, but he's recently gotten interested in golf. As he says it...he has to have something to do when he is too old to skate! He hit over 200 balls that day as my husband taught him the finer points...I have to brag...he contacted every single ball, and hit them like a pro! He is definitely a natural! It was an amazing thing to watch!! Yep, that's my son!!

The day before we left we walked out on Pacific beach and stayed to see the sunset. It was overcast most days, so this was a cold and rather dark day on the beach...but I was amazed how the sky opened up and the rays came down...If you look closely you can see the sun shining on the horizon! As you was much more beautiful than this...but I had to share!!

Part of the 44 acre resort of Paradise Point. I tell you the entire place was filled with green!! And BIRDS galore......Beautiful!!

I found the reflections of the palms quite interesting...

I call these bamboo trees the aspen of San Diego...These trees were over 20 feet tall!

I had to sneak a pic of my sweet husband and son together! Love those smiles!!

I love all that green behind me!!

This is a Hibiscus, right?? It was on a huge bush right in front of our bungalow...For all you flower lovers out there!!

I am laughing at this guy...there were TONS of birds out there...he just came up to me and looked at me...I'm sure expecting food...(all I had was mints)...but what a portrait!!

This cracked me up! the minute I saw these two it made me think of a couple who might be fussing a bit...Still in love, but each with his/her own viewpoint!!

I call this guy Boris Karloff. He was hanging out at the table next to ours for breakfast one morning. That big orange eye was staring at my eggs...At first I was a bit freaked out, but he was patient...just eying me the whole time. And yes...later on he got a very tiny piece of bread...I couldn't resist!!

No matter how I tried to take the waves they came out smaller than they were in real life...But how could I come back from the ocean without showing you at least one pic of waves!!
Ok...I found this funny. Every light it seemed had a line of birds...
Chilly and wet though it was the first thing I did was take off my shoes and lay down in that wet sand and take this pic! Yep...I painted my toes just for the occasion...this was planned! :)

Bird of I right?? They were EVERYWHERE out there...To me they look like alien birds...but are so beautiful!!

I have missed being able to blog for the last 5 days. It seems longer. As promised, today is a photo retrospective of our trip. As always, any photos I post are for anyone to use if they so choose. Long ago I got over my need to "hoard" pictures so that I could paint them...we all work differently, and I feel it is a wonderful thing to see anyone's interpretations! So, a gift from me! If any of you feel inspired enough to paint anything from these pics send them to my e-mail and I will put your name in twice for our next give-away!! I missed you all!! Glad to be back among you!! Happy Painting!! Now, back to my challenge of Molly!!

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