Monday, June 30, 2014


"St. Bernie" a dog friend
4x4" oil on textured panel

St. Bernie has a sweet disposition; he's just hanging out waiting to go home with you! He's painted in oil over a textured panel. He can go home to you as is in his 4"x4" glory to sit on an easel, or can be framed in a 4x4" mini frame (remember 1/2" is taken on sides). Or for .50 more i can mount him on a 5x5" black or off white backer board so you can frame him in a 5x5" frame with all his sides showing. The 5"x5" black frame shown can be added for the complete look. Black frame is 1/2" wide. The off white frame can be found on ETSY at Rustic and Refined Design. St. Bernie will be ready to ship on July 8, 2014 when he is dry! 
frame can sit on shelf or can hang
 The Aspen Window project was a BIG hit with the collector, so it looks like I will be doing one for her as well...I will be looking into making small versions; one pane, for sale, so stay tuned!!


Sunday, June 29, 2014


"Aspen Window Sculpture"
Private Collection

Not long ago a friend and collector asked me if I would be interested in doing something for their anniversary with an old kitchen window that was taken out of their kitchen reno.  I said, sure, OF COURSE!  At first she thought of painting the glass...aspen and leaves...and I still MAY do that, but she gave me an extra one and I was inspired to do something else...and this is how the window came about.

My idea was to cut sections and place them between the panes...seems simple enough doesn't it! HA!  Well, when you take old branches and try to attach it to old window frame wood that is a DIFFERENT wood, it becomes a fun little challenge!  Glue doesn't hold on it's own, so that leaves some sort of nails or supports in some way...What I ended up doing was drilling holes and anchoring the sections with nails and glue.  I had to come in at an angle on the bottom sections as the drill bit wouldn't go through.  The issue then became making sure the nails went directly through the center of the branch so it wouldn't split.
SO, I ended up with this composition for my "prototype" window to show my friend to see if she would like the idea.  She wanted aspen trees, so I painted them in my fashion to resemble aspen.  BUT, the big wonder was the leaves she wanted to represent the seasons...hmmmm...well, after some thought I found a wonderful stained glass artist named Kyle Schumucher with Blue Fish Studios on ETSY.  He had some leaves that were seasonal, but all I had to do was ask and he fashioned an aspen leaf and made me a special order...and that solved THAT problem!  He is a great guy to work with by the way...:)  SO, more drilling and bending of wire and the final product came out...
It took a bit of figuring, but the end result is fun!  At first I only had three leaves...and put it in MY window for photo...
I loved the effect, but it just needed more of Kyle's leaves!  WHEW!  Love the end, but not sure about doing lots of them...maybe something in a small frame??  LOVE THAT IDEA!!...stay tuned!!!

AND, I seldom do something JUST for me...the window was an means to an end...but my bathroom was in need of an angel painting to go with a print my son got me years ago and a beautiful sculpture I got that my friend who wanted the window made!  Yep, I hang in creative circles! :)  SO...just a quickie in the fashion of my other figures without faces...FUN DOINS!
The frame is an upcycled one I found at a thrift shop...with just the exact matt I needed!!
AND, that my friends is the story of me up to today!!  

Friday, June 27, 2014


"Happy" a giraffe
4x4" oil on textured panel
$30 unframed; $36.50 framed

Working my way back to filling my ETSY shop, this little one was next.  I've added a framed always there is the two backer board, more choice for these little fun paintings!
This particular frame is what is included if you want a frame choice.
If you like him better in the black, THIS PARTICULAR FRAME is not available, but contact me, as I have frames with a 3/4" width that could be an option as well!  ART4LIFE44@HOTMAIL.COM
I'm PROUD to announce that Jerry and I have FINALLY gotten a together selfie to work!!  We were at a music festival last night up here on the mountain.  FUN DOINS!

I'm still working on my aspen tree in the frame stay tuned!


Monday, June 23, 2014


"Sitting Pretty" a bear kid
7"x5" oil on textured panel
$60 unframed; $78 framed

I can just see this kid of a bear just sitting for the camera...all sweet and of course no trouble at all! HA!  Yep, I'm dreamin...but, he looks like it doesn't he?  I've made one of my frames for him if someone would so choose...all ready to be dry and move along to his new home!
I've also been playing in the studio with my new canvas baskets.  There are some ITTY BITTY bags that are just about 3" ish, ($7)
and my new PENCIL HOLDERS; OR EYEGLASS HOLDERS...($15) whatever you may choose.  I've put some pea gravel in the bottom of these pencil holders so they will stay put and hold whatever you may wish without falling over.  I'm thinking they would be sweet brush holders!
 Right now they are all at my gallery in Conifer; Luna's Mandala...but I will soon be offering these for sale on line...stay tuned!

Occasionally I find a random something that is just begging to be re-done...this is the case with my small 3 drawer chest...Just 12" high it is a cute one...ALSO available in my ETSY shop...

I've gotten a commission idea from my gallery owner that has intrigued me...She originally wanted me to paint on the back of glass she pulled out of her kitchen window from their reno...She gave me some other windows and I had a bolt of inspiration in the night, so I got up and feverishly worked on it...I'm in the beginning stages, but here is my idea...I broke out the glass and cut branches to fit in the window panes...I ordered from a stained glass artist a few aspen leaves that I will place stratically...will paint the branches to reflect aspen...SO, wish me luck!  When I pitched the idea to her she sounded excited to see my prototype...I'll update you as I get further into the project!  FUN DOINS IN THE STUDIO!!

SO, grass has NOT grown under my feet since SUMMER ART MARKET...and, I'm just WAITING FOR DRY DAYS so I can work on more doors!


Thursday, June 19, 2014


"Puppy Face"
oil on matt panel
$40 without frame; $50 with frame

This little sweetie is a pup that a facebook friend posted and I asked to paint.  I just fell in love with this little face.  He comes framed or unframed in this upcycled frame I painted.
We have had such a cool spring...after the years of 90+ degree weather early on, I'm not sorry...There is some beauty that comes along as well...Love looking at my geraniums through my window...and we even got a rainbow last night!

I have been working on some fun little containers for my shop in Conifer...They are canvas! FUN DOINS!  I've got TERRIBLE handwriting, so I'm using stamps for the words...I've just ordered some other fun words and phrases...for now, they are at Luna's Mandala in Conifer, but I may offer them through ME for those of you that have special requests...I can make them about any size...they have just begun in my head! I used to make these years and YEARS ago, and felt it was time to bring em back with some changes of course!!  FUN DOINS!

 "Believe" basket/bowl/container (I haven't figured out what to call them yet)
apx. 4.5" wide, 4" deep, and apx 2.5" high
"Passion" basket
apx 5" wide, 3.5" deep, and 3" tall
Available at Luna's Mandala
STAY TUNED...I'm not sure where or how I will offer them, but there will be more!!

and...just a little side note...My sweet hubby let me design my latest necklace.  This is my mother has my Peridot( (hubby bought me for my uhummm 50th bd) , my daughter's diamond (that I actually wore to her wedding), and the opal that is my son's birthstone...THE COOL THING husband's birthstone is also opal, and my grandson Paxton's is the same as mine!  YAY!
OK...I'm properly inspired...but wait, there is more...I'm ALSO working on a FUN commission that includes a window, branches and stained glass...STAY TUNED FOR THE FUN!


Saturday, June 14, 2014


"Creation" a Raven
apx "15x15" with 2 1/2" gold frame
Available through Luna's Mandala in Conifer, CO

I specifically painted this raven for my gallery in Conifer, CO.  Cynthia is the owner of
this awesome gallery/shop and is ALWAYS so patient with me near SUMMER ART MARKET time; letting me take everything out of the shop for this event.  That doesn't always, as the stock I had in her gallery dwindled markedly, I painted this for the shop to replace a large piece I took out.  IF you are interested in this, please visit Luna's Mandala in Conifer, or contact me at  We can work something out!

As I wanted this piece to be rather symbolic, I added the imagery of the spiral life symbol and one of the words associated with the raven; this in the native American world is creation.  They believe that the raven is behind the creation of all things.  Although I do not believe that; God did the creatin in my book...I DO find lore from other cultures, if you look carefully in the photo you can see the addition of the word "creation" in the painting.  I've added some of my papers as well...and let this guy live this way!
I am tickled pink that my little nearly 3 year old grandson Paxton has taken to art...I love the look of pure joy on his precious face!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Despite the torrential rains we had on Sunday, and the bit of wind, this was among the most successful events I've participated in to date! YAY!  Friday night was a long one with a 5 hour set up, but Saturday dawned and stayed beautiful all day long!  YES, 2014 SUMMER ART MARKET was awesome!  These clouds were a sight we got during the show.  This pic was taken by fellow artist Nancy Condit who has been a facebook friend for awhile.  She volunteered this year and stopped by to say hi!
I enjoyed the throngs of people that were attendance this year.  My tent was SO full of shoppers and visitors on Saturday that my husband was afraid to go home and prepare for a trip! HA. At moments it was so full I couldn't see my way out!  Now that is a problem to have at an art fair!!
I ALWAYS enjoy talking about my process with collectors, and there was a lot of that going on this year!  FUN DOINS!

I'm saying goodbye to a few favorites this year as they went home to live with someone else...:)
 Among the Trees
 Mountain Sunflower
 The Red Barn
I almost SOLD OUT of my ETSY's...One of the most popular was "STUCKY" the pup
I had some FUN visitors to my tent this year as usual...and some will end up in my ETSY shop for sure...check out what is next in the ole ETSY shop!

This year was a tough decision for me as I missed seeing my grandson participate in his very first wedding as a ring bearer...My beautiful daughter and son in law's brother Royce was married the same weekend...
The report was that Paxton did GREAT!  The bribe for putting on his suit and tie was TEDDY GRAHAMS!
You gotta love that little face!  After a job well done!!

SO FOLKS, it's back to my easel!  I'm ready!



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