Monday, June 27, 2011


"Colorado Aspen" FINAL VERSION
2' x 4' 
I FINALLY got Colorado Aspen like I wanted it!  This is the painting that my step-son and his fiancee will get for their wedding present.  As I've stated I had to re-work it as the dark areas developed a bloom over the surface due to the varnish that was first applied.  After much research I found a Polymer Varnish made by Golden that I think will work...whew!  Lesson Learned!

I'm going to be busy in the studio the next couple weeks working on commission being another Mt. Evans piece 18" x 48"...that will be FUN!


Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well, it was a quiet night at Market Dayz...but I was glad to go out to try to support my friend Cynthia who is owner of LUNA'S MANDALA  and the organizer of this event.  Cynthia has a wonderful little shop full of jewelry, art from local artisans and music that soothes the soul!

Cynthia works hard to bring people up the mountain to see what we have to offer up here...It was quiet and some people didn't show up as promised, ...but I have learned that things are different up the mountain.  I admire Cynthia for working to try to bring us together to try to have an artistic presence!  For those of you who remember the many months I spent trying to get a group started up here you will remember it was all up hill.  It isn't that people are bad or not excellent at what they have to offer...I think it is possibly that people move up here to escape many of the busy days that live down the mountain and they relish their was my final observation anyway...but I could be wrong...but I don't think I am! on we plug...trying as we can to do what we can do!  so I say.."I'm PROUD of you Cynthia...HANG IN THERE!!"...there's always next month!

Below is another of my little aspen paper cast pieces...I adore working with my paper casts!...This one my husband named..."Aspen Gold"...and, I thank my blogger friends Autumn Leaves and Wendy for their contributions to the name game...I will use I am often stumped as to another name to attach to yet ANOTHER aspen piece!...THANKS GIRLS!

and...on we go!  HAPPY CREATING!, and oh...a friend mentioned I didn't name the names...they were...Aspen Magic and Aspen Shadows

Friday, June 24, 2011


"Aspen Melody"
image 4x4"
with mat and frame 8x8"
$52 (includes shipping)

if you come on up to Market Dayz they are only $ need for shipping!
So...I thought I was finished with outdoor things...BUT as I said yesterday I decided to support our current local art scene and do a few hours at an outdoor event folks up here in Conifer are calling "Market Dayz"...which will be at the shops just south of King Soopers up in Conifer the last Saturday of each month through September...This is the first, if you have time...hop on up and say hi.  I'll be there from 4-8 p.m.  Aspen Melody is my newest small paper cast aspen piece under glass.  I enjoy doing these SO much!...
This has no name...I do SO MANY aspen pieces I'm blank on this one...any suggestions??  sigh...I need it by tomorrow night!  This little one was fun because I stamped into wet molding paste to bet some texture and then stamped some shadowyish in paint...then I added the trees.  You really do have to see these in person...the pics don't show the 3-D look the paper cast gives off!

Well...I have a couple more up my sleeve...!


Thursday, June 23, 2011


It has certainally been busy since I got home from Omaha and the baby world there...My feet hit the ground planning...whew!

I am currently reworking a 2'x4' piece titled "Colorado Aspen" as the varnish I had applied caused a film to settle over the dark areas of my work...AARRGGHH!, instead of tossing out this big ole piece I played with some solutions and I'm partly there...I removed the offending varnish and then applied molding paste to the areas of background to add some dimension...then I painted over it again...this time adding bits of sky color and darker blue among the purply black background next step will be to apply a few papers of green in strategic spots and then, after some research will add a new varnish to the surface.  I haven't decided yet which to work with, but I highly suspect it will be a Golden product!  Thanks to my art friends who have weighed in on the matter...Leilija Roy to name one...and we can't forget our good customer service people at Golden!  I have decided to give this to my step son and his fiancee for a wedding gift. 

The past couple of days have been busy ones in the old house...getting it cleaned up after my absence and the aftermath of the Summer Art Market so a collector could come up to see more work.  Yes, she left with three pieces...I am thrilled and humbled that so much work has flown from my fingers in the past 10 days...and challenged as I now need to get busy to do more! FUN!

And, as it is the time of year, we woke early yesterday morning to a bear on our upper deck outside our bedroom...he/she was after the humming bird food my husband keeps out there...and yes, he/she got it!...I jumped up with camera in hand and caught him/her then trying to wrangle our barbeque to the ground...without thinking I pounded on the back door and yelled "don't you do it"...and, thankfully he/she didn't run at me, but ran sharing a peek through a very glassy'll have to squint and then a longing look as he/she was sad she/he didn't get her/his prize...and finally...the backside as he/she hightailed it up the mountain!  There is never a dull moment around here!

Today I will be working on a few small pieces to add to a fun event called Market Dayz up at the shopping center next to the King Soopers on 285 this Saturday (yep, in two days)...we will be out in the parking lot or in the complex and the shops will be open, if you have a few minutes from 4-8...head on up! FUN DOINS!


Monday, June 20, 2011

HOME AGAIN and already busy at the easel!

WOW, what a trip...full of art...and painting nursery and, and, can see how the kids decided to add to their paintings to give them more presence...They picked out their own paper to add to the background...and the 6x6 was mounted to a paper covered 8x8 cradle and you can see the are also a couple on the walls of the was FUN!...we took the pics at night and the light was on...but you get the idea!

On the way to Nebraska I sold a few more paintings...YEA!...Gone, but not forgotten...
 Mt. Evans Panorama
18 x 48"

5 3/4 x 25"

(oops...can't remember the exact size)

And, not letting the grass grow under my feet I'm back at the easel working some commission pieces...and, well, just more in general! I'M HAVING FUN!!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

THE BABY SHOWER...and a peek...

A fun evening with a house full of party guests and we ate and played games and laughed...Just to share a few moments of the evening, with a few artsy photos thrown in to spark your creative spirit!

 This is a diaper cake!...not edible, but cute as can be!!

 A friend at the church made this hippo cake for Michelle...she adores hippos!  CUTE!

 They were as good as they look!

 They thought it was funny that I stuck my camera in the lemonade...but isn't this awesome!!

 I love the way my beautiful girl knows just which angle I'm looking for!

The grandparents!...Wish my hubby could have been there!!

 I call this the belly's my grandson at his own party!!

Here is the "peek"...We've enhanced the safari animal paintings a bit to give them more presence...It's raining like crazy with dark skies...but I'll photograph them later and post...they turned out cute and the kids got to pick out the designs...FUN!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011


It's fun being here and seeing my girl in here baby process!  Here she is glowing at 7 months...and my grandson is in there SOMEWHERE!...I'm having fun...but, I've been busy painting...note the wall color in the background...yep, that's my latest masterpiece...the co-grandma (as I've been referring to her as), and friend and me painted the nursery was FUN!  I love, love the fun green they chose!

Yesterday the cradle came in, so my wonderful son-in-law put it together before he went to bed last first view of the babies' (waiting for the crib to arrive) room with his new rug against his new wall!  NEW is fun!

Today is staining sides and wiring all those baby safari animals!...more FUN!


Monday, June 13, 2011 name a FEW!

 WOW...what a weekend...these are just a FEW of the paintings sold at the Summer Art Market this past weekend...Never fear...I've got more...just give me time and I'll have even MORE! 

It was FUN...and now I'm off to my sweet daughter's to attend her baby shower and play!...

But, when I return, it's back to work on commissions and new work!  I've STILL got ideas!! 

Happy Creating!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


WOW, what a day at the SUMMER ART MARKET!...It started EARLY and went LONG...but that is GREAT!...I sold a lot and had some wonderful conversations!...Thanks to all who came by to say hello!
A very full half tent!!

It's now 8pm. and I'm sticky and tired and about to take a long hot bath and fall into bed to be ready to do it again tomorrow!

That wasn't all the excitement however...On the way home following my hubby who came to sit for a couple of hours I was nearly cut off by a man on a motorcycle...he was going break neck speed up the mountain and leaned over so far after he cut me off that sparks flew on the road from his rear bumper...Not 1 minute later when I came around the curve I saw my husband's car and then the motorcycle driver sprawled on the highway...Yep...he swerved so hard that he wiped out.  I'm happy to report that I think he is going to be ok...but we had to stay and give our I'm one tired artist tonight!

Let's hope tomorrow is just as profitable, but not nearly as scary!

HAPPY CREATING!...and I hope you are ok Mr. Motorcycle time...SLOW down and wear a helmet!! WHEW!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Mixed Media on cradled panel
24" x 6"

Ok, I finished this last piece and had a moment to stick it in here to give you all a preview.  UNFORTUNATELY I was in SO much of a hurry that I forgot to photograph it before it was sealed, so there is a smidge of glare here and there...SORRY! These are snippets of views I see every time I drive out to Nebraska on the way to see my daughter and soon to be little grandson!!  Good memories!

For those of you who remember the other piece I did...this is inspired by my all time favorite landscape artist "Grant Woods"...

Now off to do more...but I had to share...this is one of my favorites!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


"Spring Trio"
4x4 mixed ; with mat and frame 8x8"

Do not adjust your may see some glare...and they are dark...THIS often happens when rushing for a deadline...I forgot to photograph these before I put them under glass...and in too much of a hurry to do it right...sigh...But, I am trying to get one more done before the show this weekend, they are in their very poorly photographed state!
This is probably my last post before the weekend...but I  HOPE some of you can stop by my tent this weekend at the SUMMER ART MARKET!  
"Aspen Blue"
4x4 paper cast aspen; 8x8" with mat and frame

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