Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playing in OILS

Today I had just a few minutes to play...My husband dear is taking me to see Avitar, we had to grocery shop, and I'm doing his laundry for a trip he is leaving know, the typical Saturday fare...Oh, and we had a picture session for Carol's 100 portraits...she needed sun on my wrinkly ole face...Here is one I told her NOT to pick...but it reflected my feelings after about 30 pics! (Yes...the older one gets the longer getting a halfway decent photo takes!! :))...

I find it interesting how DIFFERENT I paint in oils...Well, that isn't exactly true...I still stroke similarly, but with acrylics the edges don't blend and there is a lot of reworking. Now, I admit, these are from two different references...The Snowbird (acrylic) was from the side and in bright light, the newest little 4x4 in OIL (that I don't know what to name) (HELP PLEASE) is in a darker light...BUT, I wanted to TRY to apply what Carol said to me Thursday and see what it would do if I worked alone...So, I still have things to learn...but I'm thinkin the oil is so much easier in so many ways...This little 4x4 will be one of our contest give-aways when it dries!!

Unnamed Bird in Oil 4x4" on fiberboard panel with slots on back...

Snowbird in Acrylic 4x4" fiberboard panel with slots

Will I give up acrylics NO WAY!! I still need em for so many applications I do...But, It is nice to be reminded of oil and fun that I don't have to fight so hard!!

Let me know which one you find most interesting...and why...Experiments don't have much value without public input...:) Me, I'm a likin the oil...but my husband liked the acrylic version better...BECAUSE he liked the edges better...INTERESTING!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Jackson in Fauve"

Today was a blast as I got to paint with my friend and fellow artist Carol Nelson. As you may know Carol is currently working a personal challenge to paint 100 portraits in the fauvist style in 100 days...She is about on #28. Carol is fun to paint with so off I went!

This portrait of my parents cat; Jackson is for my mom's 2nd Joy Day. When mom hit a "certain" age she decided no more she decided that once a year she would have a JOY DAY. Being that her name is Joy, and her personality is certainly joyful I think it is perfect! Jackson rules my parent's house and lives, and they are happy for it! He is quite an intelligent cat (as a lot of cats are), and has a routine that he let's one know if they mess with! Jackson was my daughter's cat when she was in college. She was lonesome so some friends rescued a little kitten literally from a street where the shop owners said he hung around a lot and they brought Jackson to her. Michelle LOVED her cat...but, alas when she got married her father in law was allergic so she was going to have to find another home for him...She was heartbroken at the thought of loosing her little my parents took Jackson to love and take care of, so Michelle has the best of both worlds...a happy father in law, and getting to see Jackson whenever she visits. YEA!! Told you my family was special!!

Jackson is my first oil painting in several years...and now that Carol reminded me of some VERY important things having to do with oils...I was off...trying to render him in the fauvist style while remembering all the STUFF that makes oils so awesome!!

Oh, and I got to bring the portrait Carol painted of Jonathan, and I have to tell you all...they are even MORE awesome in person...YIPPEE!!

The end result you've seen...and NOW I am all hot for oils when I do people, animals, and other such things...ceptn my collages...So, loving it all...:)

HAPPY CREATING to you all!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm ALL OVER the place these days!! BUT lovin it!

Maple Leaf Paper Cast © Saundra Lane Galloway Fine Art

Maple Leaf Paper Cast Detail

Yep, so different from yesterday, but still me! For those of you who follow me you know I've been making molds and paper casts for awhile this is number 3 in my series of leaves...I KNOW...I'm all over the place...but, that truly is me! Switching out of one thing even if it for a small amount of time helps my creativity in all these things stay high, so...Maple Leaf Paper Cast is finished and now waiting for framing. These pieces I treat a bit differently as they are fragile if left alone with no wax or sealer or some such agent on them, so I mount them on a board, mat them in a bit of a shadow box fashion so they are removed from the glass that I also use, and then I frame the whole shebang. It seems to work for these pieces.

I've been thinking of making the plain paper casts and putting them on my ETSY shop so others can paint on them if they want...That will come later...:) But not TOO much later...:)

AND OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can't believe I forgot...but I did!! WAY back on January 19 my friend a fellow artist Carol Nelson posted the painting she did of my son Jonathan as part of her 100 portraits in 100 days. Carol is working largely in the fauvist style and I have to tell you I LOVE THIS!! Most of you have probably already seen it, but I have to say I am just blown away...AND the exciting thing is I'm going to paint with Carol again tomorrow if we don't get a blizzard and I get to bring the painting HOME!! I promised I wouldn't post the pic until she did on her blog, and then the day came and went...So, I'm sharing it now for those of you who haven't seen it...AWESOME! SO describes exactly my son's personality. He handsome, creative and a free spirit that still let's his mom kiss him on the jaw IN PUBLIC!! I love my boy!!

Happy Creating to you all!! And, hey...did you notice we are only about 8 followers away from another give-away!! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mountain Triptych Completed

Colorado Range Triptych (6"x18") collage on cradled panel

Left side...6x6


Right side...

Side View

I haven't decided on a name for this triptych of a Colorado mountain range yet, but I like the way it came out! The gold you see is gold leaf. The only painted area is the sky, the rest is a combination of papers. If you remember the inspiration for this came from the back of my bathroom door.....(sorry for the glare) I'm showing it here because I'm laughing at how it morphed from inspiration to completion. I STILL want to do a series of trees with the shapes you see...if you can see...but as this piece came together it spoke of a different life, so I gave it one!

I became intrigued at how there are so many layers to the view I have seen so often from my own windows I wanted to emphasize that perhaps my name should reflect it some thought!

Monday, January 25, 2010

FUN PICS and personal INSPIRATION moment

Triptych in process...where it goes no body knows!! YEA!!

I've been able to do a bit on my triptych...It is coming a bit slow as I've totally changed my mind about the sky, so I'm in process of working on it. You can see a few layers of paper I have started to add on the left panel; which is the first one...I'm excited to see this unfold as I have NO IDEA as to where I will take it from here...but wanted to bring you along this little journey a few steps at a time!!

It was C O L D this morning up here in the mountains, and doubly so in the shade. I drove to a spot where there were some old dilapidated buildings and aspen hoping for some sun for shadows and hit the jackpot! Got tons of pics, but had a little added bonus of the doorways and windows along with the aspen. Thought I'd share a bit of that. Got a kick out of the keep out sign right there by some aspen...Like they could keep my minds eye out of there! HA. So, happy with my new reference material!!

Love that red in the windows...Gotta love that inspiration!!

My husband has had a dream for years of buying these buildings and turning them into a camp or something...I'm thinkin it will take a bit of work!! HA But, love that doorway for composition sake!!

Keep out my eye!! HA...(but I did take the pic from the outside of the fence...)


Sunday, January 24, 2010

I've Been Busy...but haven't painted today...

Blue Jean Bag on my ETSY

Blue Jean Bag Jewelry...well, why not jewelry for our purses??

Yep...Been busy doing all that awful, but necessary paperwork, adding of items to my ETSY can check out the new additions on my sidebar! That takes a bit as each item is best to have several views and a detailed description. You can see some of the 4x4's of our contest choices as well as a few items not previously seen on any of my sites. Yes, I sew bags and purses, and am going through my stock on hand before I create anything new. I enjoy making up my own patterns and embellishing each one in the way that seems best for that piece. I have more bags and some jewelry and some other small 4x4's to add before I ever get to making newest things for the shop, so check back often to see what's up on my ETSY!

I woke to the most fascinating sunrise this morning...Not like any I've seen yet...Don't know what the phenomenon is but I just HAD to share it! Interesting!!

Tomorrow is a fun day for me...I'm off to photograph a new stand of aspen I saw near a green barn...and then some painting on the tryptych I began a week fun stuff a foot!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Aspen Angle Completed

"Aspen Angle"
stretched canvas

"Aspen Angle" side view

"Aspen Angle" is finally completed to my satisfaction. This piece is 12x4" and created on stretched canvas that is 1" in depth and painted around as you can see. I always know I'm serious when I put it on my for purchase info click on the title or name...

I decided to add a hint of aspen leaves in front of the tree and it felt good to say I'm finished with this one. I've learned (once again) my lesson about staying loose, so we shall see if I can approach it loosely from the beginning on the next one like this I approach!

The detail picture shows all the wonderful texture applied to this piece. I get goosebumps when I see texture coming out of me in some way whether it be through papers, paint build up, or my fun paper casts!! I'm even excited with implied texture...Yummm!
I'm tickled with my new followers...hope the journey makes you happy or inspires you in some way!!

I've ordered new canvas for my wax collage pieces, but have one more left to do my next one, so that is waiting in line...but FIRST I finish the small triptych I posted the beginnings of a few days ago, and I've been busting at the seams to paint some maple leaves on my maple paper cast! So, off I go to get to work!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

STILL learning!! Yikes!

Reworked version...

Old...tight version that no longer exists....:)

Yes, I've been painting and photographing more for my ETSY shop and haven't finished one project YET. I am posting two pics of the same piece...the TOP is where it is NOW...the one underneath is where it was earlier today. Some of you may say you like where the leaves were going...some may agree with me and say good riddance to those leaves...I think the most important thing is how I feel I am progressing within myself, and then it is important what the public thinks on some levels...I found myself, like I do so often these days...getting tighter and much too...well, TIGHT in my approach with things like leaves and branches. WHY DO I DO THAT!! Aaarrrggghhh!!

I spent so many years dedicated to reproducing exactly (or as near as we can get) a subject and after a few years I realized I was a nervous wreck! I applaud those of you out there who have the personality to sit patiently with yourself as you approach your work that way. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!! BUT, for me it is the kiss of death for creativity! My version of it anyway...So...I quickly worked over the area that offended me so much and, as I usually do, I like this better!! Will it live a full life? I don't know...I took these pics in the dark so I will look at it again tomorrow with fresh eyes and see how I feel. But, regardless...I will feel better than looking at those tight (for me) little leaves that seemed much too stuck up for me! So, still learning...(which is ok unless it is the SAME lesson over and over) I gotta loosen up!! Hmmm...a reflection of where my life is?? I dunno...I kinda thought I was doing pretty good! HA

Enjoy my little life lesson if you can...As I keep reminding myself...this blog IS about my art AND my's some for ya!! Tomorrow's another day!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It is an exciting day in my studio. I FINALLY opened my ETSY shop for all those things that just don't seem to fit on my website, and as I spoke about in earlier posts I am also putting up our little 4x4 contest choices for sale as well. The only thing that will change for my followers is they will have to compete with sales and choose what is available. But, it will also allow me to work on the 4x4 list of choices more, so it is a good thing! NOW you will have two opportunities to own a mini...either winning it, or if you don't want to wait or take a chance, purchase it! You can either scroll down my sidebar to get to my shop or click on this title link to get there. I will spend the next couple of days in my spare moments adding items that I already have in stock, so "bear" with me...(if you've followed for long you'll get the pun).

The other new item is the heart piece I've been working on the past couple of days (in my OTHER spare time). As this piece unfolded, what I wanted to do with it also unfolded. If you haven't guessed about me before now I have a LOT to say, so this feels like the beginning of a series where I do just that...speak through images AND words. This first is titled "The Heart Wants". You know the rest of the saying..."the heart wants what the heart wants"...Seems very appropriate for me right now! I've wanted to use my art in a variety of ways and with the ETSY shop and the classes and the added avenue of artistic expression these words and this title just came out naturally!As I suspected I would, I added some buttons for actual depth and visual interest. They are from my grandmothers button jar, so they mean a lot to me. AND, I took a chance and used wax as my adhesive agent and sealer. What I LOVE about this medium is it not only surprises you with the fact that SOME items seem to sink into the wax and become transparent...but it also FEELS awesome as well! I am happy to report the wax did not diminish the color of my underpainting, and it gives the whole piece a contemporary feel...both literally and figuratively! I'm saying YIPPEE as I may have found a place for my paper casts other than painting on them!! SUCCESS!!

The only thing I would caution is if anyone ever wants to purchase this item they might want to NOT hang it in a place where the sun is direct all day long. I've had these wax pieces in the back window of my car for hours at a time and no problem...but it IS wax, so the very nature would say..."treat me gently"...OH...and don't scratch stuff off with your nails...(thought that went without saying...but I said it anyway). It is STILL hard to get things off, but I'm sure if you manhandled it you would be sad!

So, new things afoot today and for the future...Wish me luck, and enjoy! I did!! PS...I already have the color scheme and title for my next piece...:)
PSS...I couldn't resist to send you another sunrise from this morning! I can't believe I am just as freshly amazed and awestruck every day when I come down my stairs and this is my wake up view!! HAPPY CREATING!! (that has to be my new mantra!!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My heart is still in process

Today is exciting for me! First of all my most handsome son's portrait has been posted on Carol Nelson's blog. You have to click over to see her fauvist rendition of a photo I sent to her. It is AWESOME!! This is part of Carol's personal challenge to do 100 fauvist style portraits in 100 days. Plus it is her birthday to boot! If you have not visited her site please do so by clicking the link above!

Secondly I am finally ready to begin offering classes at a couple local Hobby Lobby stores here in town. I've been working hard on class descriptions and flyers and today is delivery day on some of that! I absolutely LOVE teaching and this will be a fun avenue for me!

Thirdly I am continuing with my exploration of this piece as a workshop idea for the future. My goal is to combine several of the things I do, one being a proper place for my paper casts beyond the ones I paint little heart is still in process, but as PROCESS is part of what this blog is about I am posting it in it's various stages.

I first coated this 6x6 gallery wrap canvas with a good uneven coat of molding paste and then painted a I stamped it and now have created a heart mold and made a paper cast to add to it. My next thinking spot will be what to add that doesn't take away from what I've already done...I don't know if I will play with my wax as an adhesive agent in order to preserve the paper cast in a more interesting way...I'm also thinking of stitching by hand...perhaps adding a tiny embellishment...hmmm...the thinking part is FUN!

I hope you have felt a little inspired to try something new or play again...and as always...HAPPY PAINTING and welcome to my newest followers!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Beginnings, middles and Inspiration...

Today was week three of four painting with a local group here called the Painted Toe Society. Very interesting group of artists, very fun! This group is full, but occasionally a member leaves and they recruit someone to come in a sub for the missing person...this month it has been lucky me!

The room is very crowded, so I take small things to work on...these three were from today's creative venture.

This top piece is part of a workshop I am developing for HL that will involve paper casting and sewing and...hmmm...we shall see. The base is 6x6 gallery wrap canvas that I have coated with molding paste and then painted over in acrylic. I made a heart shape mold for paper casting, and when that is done and dry the fun will begin...Follow along as this piece unfolds...Who knows where it will go.

This next piece is a 12x4" gallery wrap canvas that highlights one of my handmade paper is in process of being played with...

And, last, but not least is a piece that was inspired by, get this...the back of my bathroom door. I've been pondering on it for months...At this time I believe it is the beginning of a small triptych if I want to follow some of the design that I've been looking at every time I take a long a luxurious bath...The gold you see is actual gold leaf...Of course...trees will be added later. I believe I will work the three backgrounds first and go from there. This 6x6 is a cradled will be the other two. Stay tuned for the completion of each of these pieces...

And...sorry to say I actually went BACKWARDS on followers...Sorry to loose whoever decided to take their leave...but looking forward to hearing from all of you who are hanging in there with me...and to those new brave souls who stop by and decide to stay awhile!

Happy Painting!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A little inspiration...

Today, after church was ORGANIZE my jewelry stuff for a coming workshop day...TEDIOUS work I tell you!! So, no time for painting...but my mind doesn't shut off, so I had time to think...had a couple ideas...FUN that my brain can multi task even if my fingers didn't have time for much else.

Still playing with my paper time to realize it fully, but a little bit to hopefully send you on a creative bent of your own...Remember...just CREATE!!

And...if that doesn't float your can the beautiful blues and pinks in this morning's sunrise not do something!! Hope it gives you a smile!!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Always up to SOMETHING!

Funny Paper bead necklace

I'm not sure what it is to always be moving to something. I DO sit still from time to time, I DO paint every day, well, most days...but there is always a new goal out there to find a way to achieve. For me it is the almighty dollar (I need some of it not that I worship it!) , and to have a better sense of doing something...(I'm getting sick of my own company)!

The past year and a half have been a challenge for me. It has been WONDERFUL to have created this blog and my website and to have painted SO much instead of getting up before the sun and going to teach in the public system. But...too much me and not enough teaching something have left me a little blah!! SO...not to sit around and mope (I'm sure my sweet husband has seen some moping)...I decided to try to find an avenue to try to teach. I don't know, with this economy, if it will work, but I have to off to Hobby Lobby to present a few workshops and classes that I would love to do...Of course they are happy to let me in their classroom...and we shall see if anyone else is happy to come and learn some things! This is what I've been up to the past couple of days...Brochure making...material list compiling checking...etc, etc...

Pearl Dangle for...jeans...bags...??

I think we shall start with a simple Jewelry making class...and perhaps move to some simple batik or paper cast...or....or....or...and...and...and...I got a million (or 10ish) ideas for things that might be fun! We shall see!!

Raggedy Ann Dangle for my blue jean bags...

Wish me luck my blogger friends as I need to replenish a bit of my bank account and my spirit too boot! Of course I'm still gonna paint most days like I have been...but just making some of the above in between...

For those of you who are blessed with enough of the above...and with less of a boredom with your own company...HAPPY PAINTING...the rest of us...HAPPY PAINTING!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three up Front working title

I think I've painted enough flowers and trees lately that I'm having a TOUGH time naming them! Anyone with a better idea I would welcome suggestions for a name for this little4x4 on clayboard. I used open acrylics for this one so my palette was limited to the few small tubes I bought. I'm not sure the open time is really long enough to work for more than a few minutes, but I had to experiment in preparation for playing with the fauvist portraits I want to practice on in an attempt to loose my "fear" of them! Thanks to my friend Carol Nelson I am able to work on this with some assistance from time to time!

This came from the Dana Marie's challenge blog Inspiration all Around Us. It has been awhile since I have posted on that blog so I felt it time to do something for this very creative artist! Thanks for the opportunity Dana!

This little one will go in my list of contest choices, and to my ETSY shop when I get it set up! I'm also looking to another shop that is like ETSY, but newer and FREE...but I want to see what benefits would be to the free...or am I getting my "money's worth" still checking!

Happy Painting to you all!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Morning Quake"

"Morning Quake" 30x24" acrylic and paper on stretched canvas.

I finally stayed still long enough to finish my latest aspen piece! "Morning Quake" took forever to NAME! I do so many aspen pieces that it gets tough sometimes so I took a moment to remember the day I took this reference photo and that helped. We were hiking one morning and the sun had just begun to shine on those beautiful leaves causing that "quaking" that is so often referred to when aspen leaves are blown about...the effect is beautiful as the light catches them.

I began with just paint, but quickly realized that even though it was 30x24" it needed the texture that I love so much when I add paper. The trunks are paper with acrylic as my main medium. For purchase information you can click over to my website.

Kate Cissell; our latest contest winner chose "Aspen 4x4" as her contest choice, so please note it is no longer available. As noted in earlier posts I will shortly be opening an ETSY or ETSY like shop and will be putting my small pieces there for sale so they will be offered in two for sale and one as a contest choice. This means I will be trying to do more of them to keep my stock in good supply!

HAPPY PAINTING to you all today!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


"Aspen 4x4" is acrylic and paper cast done on a fiberboard panel with slots on back for hanging.

I'm so happy to announce the winner of my one year anniversary give-away is Kate Cissell! Kate has been following via e-mail and has always been so good to comment on about every post I make. So, although she does not have a blog (yet...working on her, ha) she does participate! I have mentioned before that though I wait until the count on my followers shows a number to draw I still include all my e-mail followers in the drawings. This one didn't matter as far as numbers go as it was for my anniversary...but I did count her comments these past couple of days. CONGRATULATIONS KATE!!

So, when Kate chooses from the offerings I will let you know which is gone. TO ADD to the choices is this latest little 4x4 which I lovingly call "Aspen 4x4". It was an experimental piece using the very small aspen leaf paper casts. I enjoy making the casts, and am still playing with where they belong in life. This was fun..., but not sure you can see the added texture the leaves add to the piece in the photo.

Speaking of my little contest choices I just want to remind you that soon I will be opening an ETSY or ETSY like shop where they will be put up for sale. I will still have contests, but they may sell as new things coming! I needed a place for my "eye candy" to go that was more appropriate than a category on my website.

So, HOPEFULLY I will get the large aspen piece completed today, which is where I'm off to at this moment! HAPPY PAINTING to you all and I am SO glad for each and every one of you!!

Monday, January 11, 2010


What I did with the "mound of sweaters"...keep reading to see more...It was a FUN AFTERNOON!! THANKS ALISA!

Today is special to me. This is my one year anniversary for my blog! I have to say that this has been an awesome experience for me. As I said thank you to some of you wonderful followers that have commented...It is a great thing to sell a painting or created work, but I have to say at this time what has been the greatest reward is if I have in some small way inspired anyone to create something wonderful, to learn more of something they want to do, or to find a path that makes them happy!

The title of my blog is ART FOR LIFE, and it's purpose has been about my process as well as my work. As I have written before, the process for a person in anything in life begins with inspiration. As I have done in my classroom, in workshops, and my one on one interactions with others I try to inspire first! If we do not have the interest or that spark of excitement for something we most likely will not stick with it! All of you artists out there know what I am talking about.

I have loved art since I can remember. I loved it way before I knew how to "do" it. I love it still. For me it is the culmination of whatever has inspired me in life, whatever I see as beautiful or meaningful. I have a drive to create that is almost the strongest drive I have. My drive to serve God is first, my drive to love and cherish my family is second, my drive to inspire and make someone smile comes next and very closely behind is my drive to create art! In many ways I feel they all lay next to one another.

As some of you wrote in your comments you have felt something, been inspired even when I have talked about my family; my children, my husband, my parents, my siblings. My family is my center only after God. I believe God loved me so much He gave me the gift, the drive to create, and for that I am truly blessed! My family is one thing that inspires me to be the best person I can. I love my children as any of you can imagine that have children. I am fierce for them. I exist as I am because of them. They were my motivation when life was really hard to be the best I could be; FOR THEM to have the chance to be the best they could be. They now bless me with their lives; what they have been able to become and do. My husband is there now to give me that desire to keep on trying to be the best I can be. My parents are always there to ground me and remind me where I came from and what I can do has endless possibilities! To all of you I say thank you!

So many of YOU have inspired me this year! I have found such beauty and creative energy in so many of you! For this I thank YOU! That is what my give-aways are all about. My thank you to YOU! You may not have known it, but this year has been among the toughest for me for several reasons, but your work I have been lucky enough to see, your comments that have carried me to the next creative venture have been so valuable. I look forward to more!

Black and Yellow Cowl...for my mom! :)

Pink and Grey cowl...for my pinky feeling days!!

As I do from time to time, I switch to another type of art in order to keep my creative juices flowing, to cleanse my artistic palette so to speak. This weekend I did just that. My inspiration for this latest "cleansing" was Alisa Burke in her blog titled "Redefine Creativity". If you haven't visited this very creative and talented artist I am inviting you to do so now. I first visited Alisa's blog a few months ago because I noticed she was from San Diego (where my most wonderful son Jonathan lives), and she does some beautiful graffiti art. Well, it reminds me of graffiti, though she is SO MUCH MORE than that. Her creative spirit has inspired me on many occasions! This woman has figured it out! She sews, paints, she creates such wonderful and often practical things. I am laughing as I write this post as her post today is about NOT using other's work to find your creative bent. I have to say I agree with her for certain times in life when we NEED that quiet time to really delve into our deepest creative souls to find what is within US, not taken from another...but I have to say to see a color, an image, a painting from someone else can often be a jumping off point for our own creative adventure. For that I see value in being inspired by another's work. This is what I LOVE about all of you that I follow...we all have our own ways of finding that secret and most wonderful place in our lives that allow us to create!

SO, for me this weekend I found a fun escape from what I do most every day in sewing these wonderful cowl neck scarves that I found on one of Alisa's many tutorials. It has been SOOOO cold here of late and they looked like so much fun, I just grabbed some old sweaters and such and made a few. It was fabulously freeing to do something so different, yet it is still creating, and it still inspires; and for me helps me plan what I want to do next in my painting world! Thank you Alisa for that, and thanks to her for graciously allowing me to post photos of scarves I made from her creative mind that she shared! For those of you who may want to do this click HERE for her tutorial on this project.

Tonight I will be choosing a winner from all of my wonderful followers; and that includes those who follow by e-mail! This is my way of saying thank you for being there this year, and I hope you will continue to find something; ANYTHING that inspires you from this blog. That is a true blessing for me!

I will announce the winner tomorrow, so for today...HAPPY INSPIRATION from wherever you can find it!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mound of Sweaters

Tomorrow will be my 1 year anniversary for my blog! It doesn't seem like a year, but what it does seem like is one of the all time favorite things I've done in my life! I've "met" so many wonderful people, and I've questioned myself, and I've shared some of life with you's been awesome...but more on that tomorrow.

A REMINDER!!...tomorrow I will choose from one of my followers and that person will have a choice from the contest items I've created. I will choose tomorrow and announce the winner at the end of the day, so my post will be as late as I can stay awake. I've decided that anyone who comments today and tomorrow about what their favorite post and or favorite painting was this past year I will add your name to the pot twice! Tell me WHY your favorite was your favorite...:)

SO, today I've set a little challenge for myself...I'm doing something with this mound of sweaters...anyone want to venture a guess?? Yep, this afternoon needs to be a break for me while I ruminate about things and clean my studio...NO, I have not forgotten to finish my large aspen, or the two small ones...just taking a creative break.

Looking forward to hearing from any who have time to stop by these next two days!!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Lesson #1 learned and now on to more...

Fauvist self portrait attempt #1...

As promised I am showing you the end result of experiment number 1 of my journey into the fauvist self portrait world! My day with Carol was awesome! I learned so much just in those few hours we spent together; me watching and practicing and listening as intently as I could to her suggestions. I found that working a portrait with the typical acrylics is HARD. As Carol talked about they often come out looking more like a paint by number as it is very difficult to get them to blend as quickly as you would like. Yep...that is exactly what I discovered. But, I wanted to try and see...this will help me as I explore other ways to approach portraits.

This whole thing started as I have a problem with portraits. I FREEZE when trying to figure out how to paint skin tones. This was a New Year's resolution I made to myself that I would work on this whether I become a great portrait painter or not! HA. I felt working in the fauvist style (pronounced fovist...long o...I looked it up and you were right Carol!) would be a good way to accomplish my work on fear of skin tones. I discovered that I am most definitely NOT afraid of color as you can see here! HA...HOWEVER...I should perhaps tone down some of it...and I am now on a journey to see what medium I want to work future portrait attempts with.

At first I thought I would get my oils out and go with them...then, after an exhaustive search I couldn't find them, so I decided to experiment with the open acrylics and the retarders for acrylics first to see if they might have a solution for my problem of blending. The investment is much less, and I am familiar with acrylics. It has been YEARS since I worked exclusively in oils. IF I find they aren't condusive to what I am trying to do I will, without fear, return to oils for these types of paintings.

SO, even though I am in no way a Carol Nelson, I did have fun, and I wanted you to see the end result of my day with Carol and my fauvist self portrait #1. and by the way Carol...I am going to play around with the ideas we talked about for my trees...thanks for the collaboration my friend!!

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