Monday, August 30, 2010

"Cherry Tomatoes" working title original mixed media © Saundra Lane Galloway

Today I realized that I am running as I work at my art, my life, my everything...I am a bit tired and in need of a change of scenery...a place to make myself slow down and work...just play...SO, as soon as I "finished" this piece I decided to get myself up and drive to Keystone where my husband is working and enjoy different off I go!  I seldom just pick up and go for FUN......which is exactly why I'm doing this...I need some FUN...some different surroundings in which nothing is expected of me or calling me to paint it or clean it or shop for it!  I hope you all can do this from time to time...we NEED it...a fresh perspective...a rest...a clearing out of the loud have to's that seem to dominate our worlds!

So, I'm not calling this little cherry tomatoe piece finished until I get home with fresh eyes and perspective...right now I'm thinking it is finished...but who knows what I'll see in a couple of days!

PS...I think this photo is a little washed out...that is another reason I need a break! HA...


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another beginning...always!

With the beginning of this new vision that I have come to PLUS trying to start a group up here...and, well...REGULAR life I find myself always feeling like I am behind!  Since right now I am working for myself I have to laugh that I feel this way...but...well, I do!'s ok...I'm about to take a perks come with this too...:)

I'm thinking cherry tomatoes (before I eat them up) for this one...I already have my visual laid out and my stream picked out (in case you haven't noticed in my new work there is a stream of paper threading its way throughout my pieces...I find it helps to pull the eye across what is largely very vertical shapes in my work)...and also is fun for those more organic type shapes...and, I just like it!  So, when I say I'm streaming...that is the term I came up with for this compositional piece of my work.

I've been thinking other types of texture for my new you can see the first play with it...I'm a likin it!  It's just a little bit more...a little bit new...we always have to keep moving forward...never get complacent with what we find come out of us!

As I do...I'm sharing the latest awesome view I get to see while living up here...this one was the moon rise over the city of Denver... it is hard to catch the moon without a tiny bit of movement...a photographer I am not...still it is pretty...enjoy!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

"Aspen in Purple and Green" original mixed media acrylic/paper collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Aspen in Purple and Green"
8" x 16 1/2"
MDF panel with 1 3/4" poplar cradled sides stained English Oak (which nicely compliments the yellowish colors streaming through)

SO, I'm back at my easel working on some new work.  It is a really, happily busy time which has not allowed me to work as regularly as I am used to.  I've had a good number of calls for work with aspen that are in different colors; which I am happy to comply with...

Our art group interest is growing every day; with over 40 names on my list to date.  Our first meeting is coming closer.  Stay tuned!

I delivered the 2'x4' Colorado Aspen piece yesterday to the gallery at "Up the Mountain Steakhouse" and am happy to report it looks awesome with the mountains showing through the windows.  The open date is near September 1...for anyone who is looking for a new dining experience surrounded by local art in our beautiful mountains put it on your list!

I'm honored to have been asked to be a guest artist at the Aar River Gallery in Westminster for the month of October so I will be working on new pieces for Becky Silver's wonderful space.

Monday, August 23, 2010

"Colorado Aspen" original mixed media collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Colorado Aspen"
24" x 48"
MDF panel with 1 3/4" whitewash cradle
AVAILABLE AT "UP THE MOUNTAIN" through my website for those too far to travel "up the mountain"...:)

WOW...finally finished this large mixed media aspen piece.  You are NOT seeing double...this is a much larger version of what has come to be a very popular color scheme and composition.  This was actually a request from the owners of the new "Up the Mountain Steakhouse" gallery (for lack of a better term).  The Kastner's; owners of the restaurant specifically requested me to do a larger version of the "Aspen Contrast". 

I learned that working this large has challenges of it's own.  I found myself walking from one end to the other as I worked on the whole piece at the same time.  Interesting experience.  I'm not sure if I like working this large due to my space limitations at home...but it could have been working in a similar composition and color also...I love painting, but am not a HUGE fan of working similar pieces...HOWEVER, when someone requests it, I suppose I can't say no...not yet anyway!

It has been a very busy time with the painting and working to set the first meeting of our mountain art group.  I knew it would take some time, but I hope will be worth it in the end to have representation for artists up the 285 corridor here in Colorado.

NO REST FOR THE WEARY however as I'm off to prepare more panels to create even more!  My latest requests have been smaller poppies for a new shop that requested my work...and a dragonfly for a dear friend...FUN!

I couldn't resist adding a new photo to my ever growing collection of our visitors up here...this latest was of a fox that was up as the sun came up...sitting below my window...


Friday, August 20, 2010

My EYE is on it...just moving slower than normal!!

No, the highway from Omaha to Denver didn't swallow me up...I am working on a 2' x 4' piece similar to "Aspen Contrast".  This was a request from the "Up the Mountain Steakhouse" where my work is on display...I am excited about this new venue for a couple of reasons.  First of all it is a place to show my work which is great!...second, for those of you who know me, KNOW I am a big believer in supporting the community I live in...this new restaurant is a god send to us on the mountain as we have nothing like it up EVERYONE will come!  It is in a beautiful location, the facilities are gorgeous...big windows and beautiful wall space.  The owners saw my work at the music festival and wanted to put it in their it was a win win!  It is more than just work in a place...the owners want to treat it as a co-op...they are BIG supporters of the I was happy to help! 

It takes a day to create a cradle this large, and a bit longer to paint so I'm in the midst...I want to make it similar, but also want to add a bit of something my brain is working as my hands are a paintin!! 

The frog in this post was a funny fellow that had his EYE on me the whole time I was snapping...made me laugh...he lives at the Botanic Gardens in Omaha where I went with my daughters mother-in-law who is also a great friend...GOOD TIMES! to work my arms on this big one!!


Monday, August 16, 2010


HA...for a variety of reasons I was not expecting I find myself in Omaha with my daughter today.  The holly leaves and berries are totally is just the last pic I took on my mountain before I left! Which will be a painting I have no doubt one of these days...but I digress...I just wanted to leave you some't it perty??  I had no idea they did this comes the color changes!

Digressing all over the place I see...I brought my camera...but no cord to transfer pics...oh well...another snafoo!!

Yesterday was my birthday...thanks to those who somehow knew and said HBD...much appreciated!  A couple things happened...and then I found out I was gonna be alone on my BD for a good, this year I decided to just go find some laughter instead of too much silence...So, coming was good for a few reasons...and I wasn't alone...and there was all is good!

My only dilema today is do I go home tomorrow...(I REALLY have missed my kids)...or do I wait one more day and THEN go home...I have company coming I feel pulled...HA...I just realized this may look like a isn't...just talkin outloud!

So, whatever YOU ALL do today I hope it is filled with a LOT of CREATIVITY!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Arapahoe Peaks" original mixed media acrylic/paper collage © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Arapahoe Peaks"
apx 5" x 16"
1 3/4" cradled sides
The view from our very own Beauty Bridge!

Despite the crazy schedule I seem to be having right now I DO still want to make time to work at my this came today.  I wanted to do a small version of a panorama for the people that want to have larger work...this was my "prototype" of sorts for lack of a better way to say it...I have to leave in a few minutes to talk to two establishments about showing my work...and one wants, if they want BIGGER...they will get bigger...but I think we need a different house first so I have the room! HA...a lovely problem to have...til then I suppose it will be garage city for me!

This will be available on my website as soon as I finish it FOR SURE...:)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An IDEA came and is growing...a conversation has started!

 I just learned that this is an Iceland Poppy!  Thanks to my artist friend Carol Nelson who just painted some recently!!  Pretty!

Today there is no new work for you to see...(however I AM sending you a flower) but there is new.  I talked about it in my last post, but I wanted to talk more to my blogger is a way to hopefully inspire and encourage us all as we so often live solitary lives as we work at our art.

As those of you who follow my blog will know this mountain has been a beautiful place of inspiration (and healthy respect for animals and weather events!), but it can often be a bit too QUIET...a bit too solitary.  At some point we all need that quiet to think and create and with anything...too much of anything...even something good...isn't great if we don't get amongst the masses...hopefully those like us at share and work together and know of our common goal...or love, of what we do!

So, after diligently searching for a group of souls like me up here...and finding little to none, I decided I wanted to start my I put out a call for artists...and they came! EXCITING!

Right now I have names...some will not come...but some will...I've seen it happen before, so I know it will happen again...It just takes a bit of patience, diligence, and determination.  I'm not sure what else, but I'm sure I'll find out!

I wrote about the wonderful things that came from the outdoor festival...and even this morning I was contacted by another of our local papers wanting more information on what we were trying to do up here! YEA!

I don't know exactly what will come of this...I know what I would LIKE to have happen...but I also believe in, ultimately it will depend on the group to decide what will be...

I have big dreams...I believe in the cause (which I think is the first important step!)...I think we all need community to give us more presence, a more solid stance, and with that...who, I will keep you informed as things progress...and I will be working hard at MY own art as well...I think I will also need a lot more wish us luck up here on the 285 Corridor...Hopefully soon we will have a name!


Sunday, August 8, 2010


 Yep...I take terrible hubby is prettier than me...:)

WOW...was that an experience!  I'm not sure how many 17 hour days I can pull off...but this one was definitely worth it! I couldn't have done it without my wonderful husband who was there from set up to take down and all the in between!  Thanks Honey.  I have to say my first outdoor show was a great success on many levels! YEA!
 My panels...:)  People LOVED the wire with my pieces...thanks again honey!!

As you know it was a music festival with Three Dog Night being the main attraction, but I have to say the other bands that played all day on three stages set in the beautiful foothills were all awesome!  Being a music festival I wasn't expecting much traffic...and that was true in the morning hours...but as the day went on it got better and better!

There were sales in my little tent...and that was great!  We are even having dinner with a couple of buyers in the near future which is awesome! friends to add to our already wonderful group of friends we are lucky to have!

I was wondering how the first live viewing of my new work would be received, and I'm happy to report it was incredibly complimentary...I found it funny that every time I left the tent to take a walk about to hear the music someone would come in with questions, jubilant compliments or requests for commission work; a mural being one of them...haven't done a whole wall in awhile...gotta figure a price for that one...any of you mural painters out there...HELP!! :)

Two very important things happened yesterday and a couple FUN things happened that; if there were NO sales would have made the effort worth it...First of all the NEW owners of a very nice restaurant came in and before any other words were spoken they said "We HAVE to have your work in our restaurant"! (apparantely they want to help the artists up are gathering people to do just that!!)  YEA!  I wasn't in there at the time, but my sweetie faithfully repeated those words...I walked in right after that and found that...not only do they want my work in their establishment...BUT they are great supporters of the arts in our area, AND...get this...have been working to start a guild up here!!!  YEA...HELP has arrived in a big way! We are meeting next week to iron out details for a lot of new things that are going to be happening...among producing some much bigger work! YEA!  So...that was wonderful!  These people are so great they are hosting the groups first meeting at their restaurant! YEA! again!!

THEN...the woman that heads up the activities at Beaver Ranch came in and wanted me to be in their art fair held there next summer...AND...was so excited when I talked about my efforts to start a guild up here...and my desire to have a place to hold workshops she got really excited and asked me if I would like to have a show in their lodge and THEN we talked about my dream of starting an ART CAMP right here in our area...they have rental cabins...a lodge and all the facilities...SOOOOO...alll you artists out there be thinking about the possibility of teaching a workshop for this area's very FIRST ART CAMP!!  More on that as we figure out how that could really work here...(I believe it can!!)...
The Conifer paper stopped by to interview me and were very excited to hear about the new things coming up in the arts up maybe get a bit of press there!! YEA again...

and...I got several more artists signed up for a group up here...we are up to over 25 now!  That's nearly enough for someone to sit every day at a gallery space co-op that we don't have YET...but some have said they have connections for that very we are a little more than just a brain child!'d say it was a rousing success not only for me personally, but for my dream of supporting the arts up in our mountain corridor! STAY TUNED!!! top off the wonderful day it was SO exciting to see Three Dog Night perform...!  My first my ancient age it is my first...!  FUN DOINS UP HERE!!

Thanks to all who have been so kind and supportive...who have loaned me a tent (THANKS SUSAN)...who have given my kudos when I was sick of myself...and HAPPY CREATING!! I have a lot of work to do or what!!  Better get started...well...maybe after I take a nap!

PS...the sunrise this morning was AWESOME! 

Saturday, August 7, 2010


My eyes popped open at 4 this brain started and there was NO shutting it I decided to do some last, last minute things...It's AMAZING how many things there are to do when one has never done a thing before...:)  My first outdoor, and a little daunting for me...This is the culmination of many months of figuring out how to do something (like set up tent and what does one use for hanging art when one is...well...sort of poor! ha)...but, it's all figured out and ready for me to go a bit further up the mountain in about an hour to hang my work and set up shop...Will I like this??? Time will tell...I KNOW I will enjoy talking about my work...meeting new people and hearing some music from MY time...Three Dog Nightish stuff...
"Poppy Fields"
24 x 24"
Mixed media on MDF panel with 1 3/4" poplar cradle...
We met some fun people yesterday when we set up the tent (during the ONLY rain shower of the day I might add!):) I'm looking forward to that again today...
oops...can't remember the dimensions...later...something like 8x25 ish

So, I know most of you will not make it up my way, so I'm sharing the two paintings I finished just in the NICK of time...:) and another visitor yesterday...she was busy eating, but she did glance my way!

Wish me luck!  HAPPY CREATING!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the Middle of IT...

I know my posts have been skimpy of late...!  It is the very nice by product of changing my style so drastically a mere few months before my first outdoor festival!  Even though I will have some of my older work there...I still want the largest body of work to be my new work!  My house is a mess...there are display panels here and there...and things on my table...two unfinished pieces in my studio with two days left to go...I'd say that's about right!! 

This festival is really a fun practice for being a music festival I am not expecting to be over run with art lovers looking to take home that perfect piece...BUT...I wanted a venue that would support my mountain community...a place to practice setting up and getting ready for more future festivals/shows...and hopefully a few people to stop by to talk about my art with; which we ALL love to do!!  So, for me, it is a win, win!  And...who knows...maybe a sale or two...:)  PLUS...I get to hear Three Dog FUN! 

IF you are in the might check out the website for the Music Festival and maybe even drop by the Conifer Mountain Music Festival!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Just a Teaser...

With the festival this weekend I'm just showing bits and pieces of things to me a tease...but it's fun!  Hope those of you in the area can pop up the mountain to Beaver Ranch on Saturday, August 7 to see what's what and even stay for the Three Dog Night Concert later that evening...more FUN!!

OH...had a nice visitor yesterday...isn't she a beauty!!

Conifer Mountain Music Festival

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