Tuesday, September 24, 2013


This is a piece of a 48x18" mixed media painting I'm doing for Creations in Louisville.  I hope to have it finished by their grand opening next month!  Below are other bits and pieces that are all a part of the whole...SOON, SOON I will be posting the finished piece! YAY!

Keeping me from totally locking myself in my studio is my HUGE need to finish painting furniture for the house...hoping to get all painted and in the house before the snow flies!!  It's gotten quite chilly, so I'm thinking I'm gonna have to step it up!HA

This is a chest that sits across from our door...I had originally intended to paint the whole thing the fun turquoise, but got it on the drawer and wow was it strong...so, I used this wonderful yellow that goes with the base of my fun pineapple base table to offset it.  Remember, if you want a color, but it's too strong for a larger piece you can play around with complimenting it with another color...that little pop is enough...it pulls the turquoise that is in the painting out...and other bits a pieces I have here and there!
PS...I haven't figured out the knobs yet...I may just paint them the yellow color, or do something totally different...FUN!
The original top was just a flat piece of wood...SO, I went and got a bit of molding and added that to the front for just a little sumpin, sumpin...MORE FUN! 
Remember my wonderful rescued mountain sunflower...the ONLY flower left on the mountain that the deer hadn't eaten?  WELL...it lived a good life like this...
and, then...well, it lived it's life and now it looks like this; WHICH I think is beautiful in it's own right!
This past weekend was our 7th anniversary.  WELL, our 7th being married...we dated for almost 18 years before that! LOL...SO, as we do every year we went out looking for something for the house we buy together...I'd had my eye on this vintage hinged door set that fits perfectly in the corner of our stairway...I have to say I LOVE it!!  I was so inspired, I'm going to do a painting to hang beside it! more FUN DOINS!!
SO, I am back to my busy, busy life in the studio and outer regions!



martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère Saundra,

Oh la la ! quelle besogneuse !

Une belle toile qui bientôt s'achèvera avec brio... Un joli meuble qui se met en valeur et le choix d'une belle porte qui s'ouvre sur le bonheur ♥♥♥

Une publication qui me réjouit.

Gros bisous

CrimsonLeaves said...

Your furniture is so beautiful and reminds me of the Pier One store I was in a couple of weeks ago. Must confess that I do love the place but try to stay out of it since it gives me a huge case of the wants. Anyway, so glad to see your post. Quite honestly I've been super worried about you with the flooding and was just waiting for you to post again. Glad you are well and I love the doors too.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Ma, merci MartineAlison! J'ai en effet été occupé un castor! La neige s'en vient!

Thank you miss CrimsonLeaves! I was inspired when I went to visit my brother and his family. He painted some furniture and it was so pretty, got me inspired!

Jean Lurssen said...

You are so creative both with your mixed media paintings and house decorating. Glad you are having fun. Congrats on your anniversary.

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