Monday, June 15, 2015


I usually photograph lots of things at Summer Art Market, but this year I was SO BUSY I had little time, HOWEVER, this little guy was a MUST!  I see a painting in the future for sure!

SUMMER ART MARKET was great fun this year despite sales being less than in previous years.  This seemed to be the consensus of many vendors I spoke with.  We always try to talk about things so we can understand trends and location and such...The truth is sometimes this just happens!  I talked to some who felt the location on our street wasn't the best...that may be true.  SAM has gotten so very large that it may have turned into another little Cherry Creek, except at the Art Student's League only has local artists;  which is awesome!  I talked to many shoppers and they all felt it was getting SO BIG they shared that they did not choose to see the entire show.  There were those very negative folks who griped and complained about the lack of sales and blamed everything and everyone for it, but thankfully only a couple...that IS NOT the way to behave at one of these events, in my view, but it happens.  Regardless of this type of thing I did sell a lot of smaller items and a few big ones...among the sold are:
 Rock Cliffs

 Tree Line

 Three Lemons and a Cherry


 Dragonfly in Purple and Green

Lollipop Forest

All total there were over 35 sales in my tent, so I'm happy about frees me to do MORE; which I will very soon!  I also sold several of my pet portraits and got commissions for many more! FUN DOINS!

I had a very nice and very talented artist next door to me for whom this show was a first for her.  She asked me how I felt about discounting.  Every artist has their own personal belief about this and I respect each one.  We all get to decide how we are going to approach this subject.  This is my approach to it; which really means nothing to anyone but me, but it is a school of thought worth considering as you decide how you want to approach this.  First of all IT IS A PERSONAL DECISION.  I usually have one or two paintings that have been there for a few times and I usually decide BEFORE the show to mark them down; NOT BECAUSE IT IS LESS VALUABLE, but quite honestly I'm ready to move it along.  That is OK for me.  HOWEVER, I do not barter with folks at my shows.  I had two shoppers who tried to knock off a couple smaller paintings by A LOT!  Frankly I am not a fan of this.  Do we ask our plumbers or electricians or attorneys to knock off of their fees?  NO!  They went to school and got a degree or certificate and they charge what they charge.  It should be the same with artists.  I've got well over 35 years of knowledge and experience behind my work and I view it as valuable as those who are in other professions!  I, occasionally, donate work for worthy causes and sometimes paint things for someone who needs a boost...just like lawyers do pro bono work for example.  So when there was a new painting hanging for $85 and a woman said "Will you take $50 for it?" I politely told her "no " and was nice, but no it was.  She chose not to purchase it, and that is ok too.  I understand that these fairs have a certain thrift; flea market feel, so people are conditioned to bargain, and as I have said there are artists that DO THAT, and it is OK...but for me, I value my work and time and effort it took to produce it so I don't discount much.  IF I CHOOSE TO VOLUNTEER IT FOR A SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCE that is my decision, but I'm not swayed to do it otherwise.  I always smile and am kind, but I am firm in my decision.  SO, those artists out there that are quick to discount...before you do, remember your talent and work and time have value just like every other profession.  OK...that was my soap box...ha

It's back to my easel after I rest a day or so...SO STAY TUNED!  


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CrimsonLeaves said...

Sounds like you had great sales to me, Saundra. I agree with you on the discounting completely.

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