Wednesday, November 21, 2012


6 wonderful days with this part of my family did me a world of good! Just look at that face! Who wouldn't smile everytime they saw it! Paxton is 15 months old and a joy to be around! My goal while there was to coax him gently to say was a fun process!  I am reminded just how wonderful taking a break and time for family is for the ole creative brain and heart!!

I missed my beautiful Michelle as well, (she couldn't believe I posted this pic to facebook...sorry sweetie, but it filled my heart up to see the soft side that reminded me of days gone by when I got to be with you like you get to be with Paxton) she and I actually got to spend a very rare few hours together...just mom and daughter ;we went to see Breaking Dawn 2.FUN DOINS!....and I always adore getting to spend time with my very wonderful and generous son in law Damon. He is so good to me...never complains when I come...actually encourages it! Now that's a great son in law!!

I got into my daughter's camera one day and found this gem of me and Paxton on his 1st birthday! YEA!
There's never enough photos of Nana and Paxton to suit me...Just look at that little face!!!
I think I spent more time down on the floor with him; face to face than standing!
I always try to get together with my co-grandma, Diana when I'm there...we both love this boy!!
Yep, we tried the generation photo thing, but this little man was hearing nothing of the sort...since he started walking...well, that's all he wants to do!
The whole trip was fabulous, right down to the night I left where we waited an hour and a half only to hear our flight had been cancelled!! It was a crazy bit of time where over 100 people were standing in line waiting to see what else was available...My poor girl came back to get me and we tried again the next day...I was LUCKY enough to get out the next some were delayed for days!
So I rushed home to finish a little personal bit of love for my brother who served in the air me he is a hero of epic proportions...both in his years of service to the country and now as he serves his family so beautifully...Saturday is his birthday and so I painted him a medal of honor all his own...shhhh don't tell the air force! :) I got home, prepared this for mailing and "Gathering" as I promised, rushed them to the post office and then came home and fell completely asleep!!! It was awesome!! 
Oh, and what happened with my goal of getting Paxton to say "Nana"? Well, he didn't say it while I was there...not very clearly anyway...HOWEVER, I recieved this e-mail from my daughter while I was waiting at the airport...and this is what she shared! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND MY DAUGHTER!! tee hee!!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Your posts always inspire me, whether paintings or family news is there. Thank you and Happy Day tomorrow!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Happy Day to you!!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh how wonderful!! He says Nana brilliantly! For the longest time I couldn't tell if Paxton looked like his mom or his dad. Today I'm finally seeing a resemblance to his dad! I am so glad you had this wonderful time together, Saundra. These grandkids are just so amazing and awesome, just like our own kids.

Lokelani Forrest said...

REally enjoyed your article. I am a grandma also and I remember those 15 mo. old days of my grandchildren. Sadly they're grown to 11 and 7, but those were so fun. Enjoyed your paintings as well.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks girls...I think he has a lot of his dad in him...HOWEVER I see mom too...I brought her a photo of herself about that age and the cheeks are the same...:) Happy Thanksgiving!!

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