Friday, July 5, 2013


Our Independence day was about the home.  We've been traveling so much I felt that nesting thing, so we stayed home and painted furniture and relaxed. IT WAS AWESOME!  This end table was a dark brown stain and had seen better days, so a little bit of elbow grease and some paint and voila'! I love this oregano color...the perfect contemporary green for our living room.  Before you toss an old piece of furniture, consider bringing it into today by using paint! I guarantee it excites those creative juices to see color and design in your home!

I have to admit June just flew by.  For me it began with SUMMER ART MARKET, and quickly went to other family needs and ended with a trip to Texas to visit my brother and his family.  It went JUST SO FAST!  SO fast in fact, that I didn't even make a calendar page!  July was looking the same way, so I got up early and, ONLY a week late, made my July page.  Aaaahhhh life!

It is good to take a look at where your art life is taking you.  I read a lot about the trends.  I study what is best for my particular creative life, and have begun to make some changes.  They are small right now, but important.  I'm looking at places where I associate with other artists and am inspired...those activities STAY.  I've weeded out some of the groups I was a member of as they might have been enjoyable, but did little to further my art goals.  Ask yourself some questions.  "Why do I paint? - Is it just for the pure joy and no other reason? Or, is it for the joy of it (which it should ALWAYS be), AND to sell?  If that is your answer, sit down and re-evaluate how you approach your work life as an artist.  Evaluate the art groups you belong to...which ones nurture your creativity, which ones are purely social, which ones have venues that you can show in that will actually bring sales.  Important considerations!  For me, I am doing just those things, asking just those questions and have begun to make adjustments to fit into my plan as a working artist. 
And, on I go!!  HAPPY CREATING!


CrimsonLeaves said...

I have two end tables that need this exact same treatment. Love your color choice and I wish my tables had the bottom shelf. Love the idea of a throw stored there. (Of course, even if I did have shelves and put a throw down there, I know it would become a permanent cat bed. Sigh...)

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

It was a fun process!! What a cute idea for a cat bed...I'd try it!!

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