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I've been wanting to make my own chalkboard for awhile now.  My recent find at one of my local haunts was just the perfect chance to have at it.

To make your own chalkboard you need just a few tips and tricks for great success!  First, find a frame that appeals to can be any size!  This 24"x14" antique frame was just the ticket for me.  I spray painted it just a bit...I wanted to see a bit of the wood coming through on this one.  Then, I cut (you can have Home Depot cut it for you) a 1/8" piece of MDF board to fit.  THEN I sprayed a flat primer on the board.  Let it dry. YOU HAVE TO PRIME BEFORE PAINT ON THIS FOR IT TO WORK I've been told.  THEN I sprayed two coats of chalkboard paint and let it dry.  The next step is want to make sure you get regular chalk NOT dustless (as I did first) chalk.  I got mine at the grocery is Crayola brand for $1.19 for a box of 12.  Take the chalk on its side and rub the entire surface in long strokes until it is covered.  THEN wipe it off with a soft cloth.  Use circular motions.  You can even get it wet after that.  IT IS THEN READY TO USE!   I then popped it in my frame, put hangers on back and VOILA`!  You have a chalk board!!

Here is another one I made to sell...(when I decide where and how much) it is an upcycled frame I found...using the same process...I think for the more contemporary soul.
16"x16" hard plastic"ish"lightweight frame
the light caught every little thing here...but trust me, it is a good one too! :)
I used different colored chalk to see if it would show does as you can see! 
this is one of those frames you get at like MACY'S or KOHLS that already had artwork in it, but I just popped it out and used it...

NOW, for a bit of a tip on small artwork.  Remember it does NOT just have to stay can find frames all over the place that can give a very small piece a bigger presence, as I have done with one of my 4"x4" ETSY paintings called 
"Shadow Horses"
unframed $27
Framed in this 9 3/4" x 9 3/4" beadboard frame $45.50

and, if you want to market it nicely, you should offer it in a "setting".  I don't do this nearly often enough, but when I do, things sell quickly.  I don't know if it is the painting, or the photographic suggestion...but, it is FUN to give your works a fun atmosphere! 
SO, now you have a choice for "Shadow Horses"
check it out in my ETSY SHOP!


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CrimsonLeaves said...

What a great post, Saundra! I love learning new things and these chalkboards would make a unique gift for each of my grandkids for Christmas. I think I may want to give it a whirl myself, though not today, of course. I am swamped with school work but I am going to keep my eyes open for unique frames to make these extra special. Also love how you framed the horses; it looks magnificent in that beadboard frame.

A while back, I read a post from another blogger about the importance of your photos when selling on Etsy. I think you've proved her point!

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