Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BEGINNINGS...always have to be BEGINNINGS

 30 x 30...canvas...(old ZZ Top painting under this one...and an ancient aspen one too...:))

Yep...we do always have to have a beginning if there is going to be a wonderful conclusion! (notice how I didn't say ending...:)...conclusion sounds so much more friendly and happy!)
Nuthin under this 12 x25"  but MDF panel and some gesso...sorry...:)

As I said yesterday I'm doing two at the same time...Don't know if the flowers I will do will be the same, but this absolutely FUN FANTASTIC way to begin is just too cool to only do once!!  Also, it keeps me from over thinking what I am doing for this first few stages.  The pics could be better...the colors didn't transfer correctly...but it's just a beginning...perhaps it will make the conclusion and a better pic look fantastical! :)

My goal in the beginning is to fill up the canvas or support with color and movement...BUT, remember a good bit of it MAY be covered up...so I don't fret the colors...mostly I just empty my palette using the colors I have on it...with a little squeezing out of colors I KNOW I'm gonna use later...that's for the unity within this seemingly chaos at this stage....

My choices for flowers AT THIS STAGE are poppies and sunflowers...I'm thinking right now that the big one will be poppies...and the other sunflowers...but that can always change!!

WHEW...I better get started!!  HAPPY CREATING!! and...WELCOME TO MY NEWEST FOLLOWERS...and...a small PS...For those of you who may have forgotten there is a contest for June...paint or create your version of my Mt. Evans pic and send it to me art4life4@hotmail.com and I will choose from the entries for a winner of a contest choice on my sidebar...we have til the last day of June midnight!!  Hope you find a minute to try your hand!


Art with Liz said...

Wow, what a great time I've had catching up! Now I need to catch my breath! What an incredible array of art Saundra and looking forward to the 'conclusion' of this one! I'll be here on a regular basis now that I have a new computer - the old one is dead!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

YEA for new computers Liz! Congrats!! It DOES make life much easier! SOOO glad you came by!!

AutumnLeaves said...

I'm pretty sure you aren't going where these two starts are taking me, but you might have just given me an idea for a piece of my own Saundra. Suffice it to say that I adore these two great starts!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Autumn Leaves...and I LOVE it that you were inspired to do something from what you see!! YEA!

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