Sunday, August 8, 2010


 Yep...I take terrible hubby is prettier than me...:)

WOW...was that an experience!  I'm not sure how many 17 hour days I can pull off...but this one was definitely worth it! I couldn't have done it without my wonderful husband who was there from set up to take down and all the in between!  Thanks Honey.  I have to say my first outdoor show was a great success on many levels! YEA!
 My panels...:)  People LOVED the wire with my pieces...thanks again honey!!

As you know it was a music festival with Three Dog Night being the main attraction, but I have to say the other bands that played all day on three stages set in the beautiful foothills were all awesome!  Being a music festival I wasn't expecting much traffic...and that was true in the morning hours...but as the day went on it got better and better!

There were sales in my little tent...and that was great!  We are even having dinner with a couple of buyers in the near future which is awesome! friends to add to our already wonderful group of friends we are lucky to have!

I was wondering how the first live viewing of my new work would be received, and I'm happy to report it was incredibly complimentary...I found it funny that every time I left the tent to take a walk about to hear the music someone would come in with questions, jubilant compliments or requests for commission work; a mural being one of them...haven't done a whole wall in awhile...gotta figure a price for that one...any of you mural painters out there...HELP!! :)

Two very important things happened yesterday and a couple FUN things happened that; if there were NO sales would have made the effort worth it...First of all the NEW owners of a very nice restaurant came in and before any other words were spoken they said "We HAVE to have your work in our restaurant"! (apparantely they want to help the artists up are gathering people to do just that!!)  YEA!  I wasn't in there at the time, but my sweetie faithfully repeated those words...I walked in right after that and found that...not only do they want my work in their establishment...BUT they are great supporters of the arts in our area, AND...get this...have been working to start a guild up here!!!  YEA...HELP has arrived in a big way! We are meeting next week to iron out details for a lot of new things that are going to be happening...among producing some much bigger work! YEA!  So...that was wonderful!  These people are so great they are hosting the groups first meeting at their restaurant! YEA! again!!

THEN...the woman that heads up the activities at Beaver Ranch came in and wanted me to be in their art fair held there next summer...AND...was so excited when I talked about my efforts to start a guild up here...and my desire to have a place to hold workshops she got really excited and asked me if I would like to have a show in their lodge and THEN we talked about my dream of starting an ART CAMP right here in our area...they have rental cabins...a lodge and all the facilities...SOOOOO...alll you artists out there be thinking about the possibility of teaching a workshop for this area's very FIRST ART CAMP!!  More on that as we figure out how that could really work here...(I believe it can!!)...
The Conifer paper stopped by to interview me and were very excited to hear about the new things coming up in the arts up maybe get a bit of press there!! YEA again...

and...I got several more artists signed up for a group up here...we are up to over 25 now!  That's nearly enough for someone to sit every day at a gallery space co-op that we don't have YET...but some have said they have connections for that very we are a little more than just a brain child!'d say it was a rousing success not only for me personally, but for my dream of supporting the arts up in our mountain corridor! STAY TUNED!!! top off the wonderful day it was SO exciting to see Three Dog Night perform...!  My first my ancient age it is my first...!  FUN DOINS UP HERE!!

Thanks to all who have been so kind and supportive...who have loaned me a tent (THANKS SUSAN)...who have given my kudos when I was sick of myself...and HAPPY CREATING!! I have a lot of work to do or what!!  Better get started...well...maybe after I take a nap!

PS...the sunrise this morning was AWESOME! 


AutumnLeaves said...

Sounds like a rousing success to me, Saundra. I like those racks for hanging paintings. I may have to do something similar for the house.

Carol Nelson said...

Congratulations on your FIRST outdoor art show. Your enthusiasm is so contagious, it's no wonder you are attracting other artists to your future art guild/coop gallery.
I'm so proud of you. Go get 'em.

Cynnie said...

Wow that was just an awesome event for you....those are the kinds of events I like reading about. This is great all the new things happening for you in the future....the display of your work looked beautiful too.
Good luck with your Guild and all the other fun things.
Cynthia Schelzig,,,a.k.a. Cynnie

Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasm and your energy will get you far. Congratulations! It sounds like it was enjoyable on a lot of levels.

Charlene Brown said...

I'm so glad your day was so awesome (an overused word that should be reserved for occasions such as this). Thank you for telling us all about it! The pictures (and the husband) look great.

Art with Liz said...

Fantastic Saundra - your incredible energy will make it work. And well done on the show. Those wire thingies are great.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

THANK YOU EVERYONE! It was fun, and exciting...NOW, to work on all the organization! :)...and paint some more of course!!

Celeste Bergin said...

it was fun to read about your event---I just finished my first outdoor event too. I agree with you--it was very hard work, but worth it. I also would not have been able to do it without my husband--that tent was a bear to put up! hooray for us, we survived and thrived!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I hear you Celeste! I LOVE surviving and even better...thriving!! YEA!

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