Thursday, January 6, 2011


 "Baby Hippo #1"
6x6 oil on panel

WOW has it been a busy life these past few weeks!  I know we all have them...and, usually it is around the holidays!  I adored painting and planning for family this year, but I have to admit it was quite a ride with little time to do some serious work in the studio.  I think I have finally ridden the roller coaster and am coasting in to the station and can now focus on my work in a serious fashion.

Baby Hippo #1 is my first attempt at a baby animal for my wonderful daughter's nursery.  I wasn't happy with it, but she loved it, so I told her I'd leave it alone (yes the desire to wipe it clean and do the other thing I decided on was GREAT!) and just paint a second one and let her decide.  She adores hippos, so if she wants them both so be it...HA

All is well on the baby front...and it is now on paper that the baby is due on August 15; which just so happens to be MY birthday!  WOW, what a present!  YEA!

Other news this season wasn't the best, and I admit it threw me for a loop.  My most wonderful; still assistant attorney general in Oklahoma at 77 years old father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  He already has Leukemia and has done wonderfully over the years with this diagnosis.  My most fabulous mother has really been a star with how she has taken care of him...changing their diets to eliminate all sorts of nasty things put in it, and things were actually looking fabulously!  His blood counts were actually better...and he was fine...and now this.  I suppose it never occurred to me that a person could have more than one disease...silly I know!  The blessing is this disease progresses so slowly...and it doesn't affect the mind.  And he and my mom have the most awesome attitudes!  They trust in God and know what is truly important, so there is great peace associated...but, they will work at mom stepping up again to work to do all that is required (and knowing her...much, much more) to make this as easy as possible.  I am so proud of them both...and so irritated with myself.  I thought I had taken it in stride, and then found myself having to leave Taco Bell yesterday when I saw a man with the same disease...crying before I knew it and didn't want to offend anyone...WOOPS...gotta get a hold of myself so I can be there for my parents (if my very capable mother ever lets me that is...ha) and so I can be there for my most wonderful daughter as she prepares to have her first baby...WHEW again I is most certainly a life full of LIFE!  Isn't there a word for people like us...parents on one side and children needing us on the other...?  I have to laugh...we as a society name EVERYTHING!  HA...and that is how I choose to take life...with a sense of humor....with perhaps a few well placed cleansing tears thrown in just cuz we're human!  But, I will take the cue from my mother...God is in charge!

Let's hope this new year brings cures for things and laughter and joy to off set the occasional sorrows that come with the whole package!  Life is still awesome, and there is much to learn and discover...So, that being said, I best get busy!



AutumnLeaves said...

Saundra, your attitude is always so fabulous and such a marvel for me to read. Love the hippo too. He is adorable. I was wondering if you and your husband ever ended up moving? I know you'd mentioned the possibility (probability I think it was) of moving last spring and I've been out of touch for a few months...

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Miss Autumn Leaves...We haven't moved yet...there are some big changes...but it is slow as molasses! That MAY be a good thing...but, we will be moving this year...just don't know to where! :) So glad to see you are back at it...I've been praying!

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