Friday, April 22, 2011


There has been SO much going on these past few weeks, and especially the last few days that I haven't been able to work in my studio like I wish I could...sigh...but I'm inching along I promise!

The latest ad in Southwest Art has come out and I'm happy to say my poppies are in it! YEA!  Always fun to have a little press!

The Summer Art Market is beginning the promotional sweep, so put that on your calendar.  I don't have a booth assignment yet, but that will be coming SOON!

I sold a couple of paintings last week...say goodbye to Aspen Angle and Trunks!

 We have a fire burning about 8 miles up our mountain road, so I'm watching it carefully.  My husband asked me what I would want to take if we were evacuated and I told him...birth certificates, pictures of the kids, the gold heart my son got me when he was 5 and, oh...all my paintings! HA...I'm not sure we will have time to get them all...sigh...keep a good thought for us.  So far THAT fire hasn't burned any structures, but the wind is blowing in our direction, so my fingers are crossed.  COME ON RAIN!

Two days ago I was at the mall sitting in my Estee Lauder make-up chair getting a little touch up and direction on how to do my eyebrows, she had done ONE, when a police officer came running through the store yelling that we all needed to GET OUT NOW!...So, of course we did...we were unsure as to whether it was a fire, or gun men running throughout...
Later we found out someone had started a fire attached to two propane tanks which makes it a bomb...long story was the anniversary of the Columbine shootings and we later found out that there were two bombs left.  Thankfully they did not go off, but a bit scary still...We are hoping they catch the man responsible very quickly keep this light...I need to go back for my other eyebrow!  sigh...Yep, busy days!

I promise...JUST after I go look at a possible house to move to I'm back in this studio to finish "Aspen in Blue"!...sheesh...I know you've heard THAT before! 

I feel a little like I have artist ADD...(not intended to make fun of anyone with that, I promise)...I need to finish Aspen in Blue, but I just couldn't resist picking up oak leaves to soak so I can make impressions of them for a mold...GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF GIRL...ONE THING AT A TIME!! (I'm smiling sheepishly right now...) :)



martinealison said...

Toutes mes félicitations pour ces ventes... et votre apparition dans une revue...
Gros bisous

AutumnLeaves said...

I share your enthusiasm for art, my friend, and I often have so many want to dos that I don't seem to get to do...sigh...vicious circle! Congrats on the spot in print! And for the sales! All in all, a good week, despite the eyebrow snafu. Ah is always best to be safe! And my prayers are that you will continue to be safe.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Vous remercier Martinealison.

Thanks Autumn Leaves!'re right...except for the eyebrow! HA...all taken care of!

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