Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is just the top right of the 18x48" commission Mt. Evans I've been working on.  Our skies are dark and cloudy as they have been the past week so all my photos are dark...sigh...For a dry climate we have sure had a ton of rain in the past few weeks!  We need the rain, but come on...the humidity is high and my hair is frizzy and I spend a good part of the day running about shutting windows and then opening them again when the showers pass...With three levels I am sure getting my exercise!

Along with trying to work on this large piece I've been fighting a battle with bears.  They seem to love our property...even our house. They have gotten into our deck box and emptied it all over the deck twice... I awoke the other day to big ole smudges and bear fur on my sliding glass, apparently now they are even trying to get inside.  When I caught myself singing a made up song titled "I'm a tasty treat" it really hit me that we need to move! I'm on it the minute we have a job...yep...still working on that's been 6 months...whew...come on ECONOMY!!

I did, however get a beautiful shot of our clouds of late last night...sort of describes how dark, yet beautiful things are around here...still!

Back to the easel...this thing won't paint itself!



Elizabeth Seaver said...

Ok. I've got the shivers thinking about bears and your sliding glass door!

I love your use of collage and paint. It is unique and interesting.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Elizabeth!...It is certainly a fun way to go, but then, I'm telling this to a master of collage!

It's yucky to look at, but my husband has been out of town and I'm saving it to SHOW him! HA

martinealison said...

Quelle surprise as-tu du avoir en apercevant cet ours tout proche de toi... Il faut tout de même avoir le coeur bien accroché! J'aime les animaux sauvages mais j'avoue que de se retrouver face à face avec eux dans sa maison, cela doit être vraiment impressionnant!
Ton oeuvre est bien enclenchée... J'ai hâte de voir la suite.
Tu nous montres également un ciel magnifique...presque irréel.
Gros bisous.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Merci pour vos mots gentil Martinealison ! Vous êtes toujours si flatteur ! C'était un peu effrayant d'abord. je suis juste prudent et attend avec impatience le jour quand je ne suis pas confronté à tels grands animaux qui semble aimer comment je sens ! HA

AutumnLeaves said...

I sure love the rain and while we were getting quite a bit for awhile, we've had little to none in the past several weeks. It is extremely hot and humid here too. To be honest, I am absolutely miserable. I've heard of bears breaking into homes, so please do be careful, my friend. I was just notified on Wednesday or Thursday that my company has sold and I am without a job as of this coming Friday (after work hours). I'd be lying if I didn't say it doesn't scare me. At 52, jobs don't come that easily any longer and I really don't want to go back into subbing. Not my cup o' tea.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

OH MY AUTUMN LEAVES!! I am SO sorry to hear about your employment situation! I totally understand...I will be praying for you! This country is having such difficulties with jobs...sigh. Don't worry I will be careful...I've learned the ropes. let us know how you are doing!

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