Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Little Beeper
6x6 cradled board
I waited too long to take this photo. I think it is a bit dark. Makes sense as it is nearly dark outside! I call this Little Beeper because that is what my husband calls them. They sort of beep. I found this little guy funny as he has a flat beek...sort of reminds me of a duck bill. I may wake tomorrow and do more...if I do I'll post it...but for now it is too dark to really see well. This is the first of my bird series. Autumn Leaves and Kate C. sent me some fun bird pics that I want to include in the series...Even a turkey in the bunch! FUN! I decided to build up a bit of texture on the cradled canvas piece to add interest to the negative space. I rather like the texture. I've prepared a 4x4 in the same manner and will probably do a small bird on one of those as well. I don't know why birds all of a sudden...They just spoke to me. I now certainally have several to choose from. Thank you Sherry and Kate!

These days I am thinking a lot about my children. What they have gone through in their lives. Heartaches and happy times. I'm getting ready to fly to San Diego to see my son; the first time in three years to get to hug him! I've been thinking about an event in our lives that greatly impacted him...it tugs greatly on my heartstrings...maybe another day I'll share it. Seems like it isn't going to go away until I do...Aaahhh the visuals that come to mind. But haven't decided if I want to do that to those mother's and father's hearts out there...:) I really do think of you all as a family of sorts.

Til then though...happy days to you all! Remember I will be talking about a give-away before Christmas...Coming soon! Tune in!

PS. Welcome to my newest follower!!


AutumnLeaves said...

Lovely little birdie, Saundra. I too like the textured background. Nicely builds the simple backdrop. I suppose birds do not really have expressions, save one, but I rather like this little guy's. So glad you get to see your son soon! Hope you have an awesome trip!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Have a wonderful trip and be attentive to your intuition. Blessings!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Autumn Leaves, Isn't he funny? I found him sort of sweet! I'm going to try your parrot. I am sure we will have a great time!

Sandy, I am quite intrigued with your wisdom. It is very much what has been on my mind lately! Blessings right back! Thank you for stopping by!

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