Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day and a WINNER!

My Christmas Honey!

WOW, what an awesome Christmas this has been! We did something new this year and I LOVED it! The kids FINALLY got in about noon on Christmas Eve. They were able to have the motor replaced on their 4 wheel drive and then up to our house and the fun began! We decided to open gifts Christmas Eve as we all wanted to go on a Christmas morning hike! FUN!

Damon absolutely loved his paintings! YIPPEE!! That was a gift for me right there!

I am happy to report I am gift card rich (art stores and Starbucks of course!) and also got the WARMEST my request! Can't believe I've lived up here so long without them...

We went up near Evergreen to a trail head of the three sisters. It was sunny, VERY WINDY, but gorgeous...All of us decked out in our snow pants and long johns...and cameras of course!

Yep, there is a painting in there just waiting!!

Tree Hugger ME!

Not too far into our hike we ran across this beautiful lady just sitting there...she even got up to show us how beautiful she really was...AWESOME!!

And, yep...we saw mountain lion tracks all the way up! My kids thought it was, I kept my eye out! HA

I'm happy to report a good time was had by all...Then it was down the mountain and home to put the turkey on and get ready for the FOOD!! We ate too much...typical!

So...I woke to snow this morning...light and beautiful, but COLD! We were planning another hike even further up but we shall see... promised I chose from those of you who commented these past couple of days and am happy to report AUTUMN LEAVES is the winner this time!! Congratulations!! As soon as she chooses I will post her choice...but we will be having another give-away SOON!! I'm hopin for that 100th follower very soon!!

Here is hopin you all had a great holiday!!


AutumnLeaves said...

What a fantabulous post and an even more fabulous surprise for me, all mine! LOLOL Thank you so much, dear friend. I have enjoyed immensely sharing a bit of your Christmas with you and your sweeties, vicarious though it be. I must be truthful and tell you that I see several paintings amongst those you've posted! In fact, I truly see next year's gift for Michelle and Damon amongst these photos (what say ye to that idea, hmmm??? LOL). Your home is lovely and I just know that despite your impending move, next year's home for the holidays will be just as lovely! So glad to see that you have had such a wonderful holiday season with your kids and your honey. You've made my morning another one full of joy. Thanks, darlin'!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

You are MOST welcome Sherry! I'm so glad you have had a few smiles on my posts!!

Diana said...

Thank you for the wonderful photos. Love the one of your son and his new painting!
Gift cards, yeah!

Art with Liz said...

You actually make the snow and cold look enticing Saundra! What a wonderful part of this beautiful world you live in. So glad your Christmas was everything you wanted it to be - hope your New Years is the same!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I'm glad you got a smile Diana! Yes...those photos make great memories down the way!

Ha Liz! Actually that day was one for the books...I told Jerry that I wanted to do something like that every Christmas! New Years looks to be almost as kids...but still fun! Happy New Year to you my friend!

masmoulin said...

Happy new year !

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