Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Molly" completed!

"Molly" 12x12" cradled panel in acrylic

"Molly" close up...

I finished "Molly" this afternoon. I really enjoyed this piece. I was a bit unsure as to how to handle this portrait of my step son's Viszla puppy until I saw this pose. She is quite a puppy still, you can see the playful nature she has in those beautiful eyes she has! I found working her with loose strokes and putting some detail here and there made it more fun for me. Molly is done on a 12x12" cradled panel and is entirely acrylic. I'm also happy to announce that my wonderful step son has proposed to his girl plans are a coming!!

I know I have been so sporadic in my work of late. I'm finding the travel and the company we've had and the Christmas preparations have made it hard to be consistent! I always feel a bit incomplete if I haven't been able to include painting in my days. Hopefully as the holidays wind down I will be back to work daily!

I have some exciting news to share!! Last week when we were in San Diego my son Jonathan was called to be a part of a parade in Ocean Beach where he lives. It was a night time event and he was given a lighted skateboard to perform on. The parade went great. Yesterday he was contacted by the company that makes these lighted boards and the local fox network to appear on television this Thursday for an interview and a demonstration of his talents. I'm saying to my wonderful son "CONGRATULATIONS from your biggest fan!!" I've always been and will ever be proud of you and all you have been able to accomplish!! Good luck Thursday my son!! Love, MOM


AutumnLeaves said...

Beautiful painting of Molly, Saundra! Totally amazing; you've captured the glint of slight puppy naughtiness on the way in her beautiful eyes! Sigh...I had hoped that stepson would wait around for me! LOL Ah well...I suppose I am old enough to be his mom. teehee Anyway, congratulations to him to Katie, to your husband, and of course, to your son. Will he be on cable so I can see his performance? He looks like he has amazing talent!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you Autumn Leaves! I really had fun doing this one...Yep...Scott is a young one...He is a pilot and when he is in uniform he looks SOOOOO young...but he is GOOD!!

I have found the website for the news channel Jonathan will be on...I'm certainly going to try to find it!! I'll let everyone know if I do!! He really is GOOD...I'm so proud...can you tell!! :)

MCJArt said...

Great painting Saundra! Funny, I just posted a photo I took of my pup!!!

Be well,


Saundra Lane Galloway said...

MCJ, I LOVE the pic of your pup!! Made me laugh! Thanks for stopping by!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a fun painting, Saundra! I got a chuckle looking at Molly all sprawled out.

Congratulations to your son for getting such great media attention. I hope things go well for him on Thursday, too!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Elizabeth! We've been laughing at it all time to wrap it and send it off!

Thanks...I'm so proud of that man! I really hope I get to see the tape!!

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