Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A FUN and Profitable day!

No new painting today...I'm still at the working on the cradles of my work thing...But I have a couple of interesting pictures for you (one some of my oldest followers may have seen), and a couple fun little stories...JUST so you know I haven't gone anywhere...

We had this really intense moon last night so I grabbed my camera as usual...I could swear I was perfectly still...but this moon came out like a heart so of course the first thing I thought was I was going to send you all a heart moon today!  HERE!  Isn't she pretty?  Enjoy!

Now a fun and profitable (for me anyway) story.  I knew a dear friend I hadn't seen in awhile was planning to come to the house with a friend who'd seen my work and wanted to see it in person...I could SWEAR she said she'd be here next month...but at 1 yesterday I got a call from her on her cell phone saying she was on her way up...could I meet them in Morrison to show them how to get to our house?  "OF COURSE"...I told her...I'll be right down...All the while I'm thinking how I got it mixed up and how my work is ALL over the house; some even up in storage in the garage...and I'm in this UGLY staining shirt and...oh well...just get my keys and hop down the mountain to get them. HA.  It all turned out just great as I sold 5 of my Studio Sale pieces and one went home for a test drive and I got to see a wonderful friend, and meet a new one!  FUN times!  I also think the new friend might commission a piece for me as one piece she'd wanted from my website was sold.  AND...on the way home I got a notice that I sold one of my newest pieces...YEA for me!!

Now for the intermission...and a picture for you; one of my favorites of a little chippy with a M&M!  Took this pic on a trip from a couple of years ago I believe...and NO, I didn't feed the chippy the M&M...but I sure took advantage of the cute moment...

Story number 2...It's a cautionary tale actually...a tale we all probably know better NOT to do, but we've all done it at least once...come on...you can admit it here...we won't tell! :)  So, my husband has this monster sunburn on his back...as usual, when he burns it just goes from tomato red (occasionally) to a beautiful brown without ever hurting, or peeling or ANYTHING bad...sigh...but last night he asked if I would put lotion on it...I'm thinking...hmmmm...maybe it might burn...but it was itching or something and he's one of those people that it never does anything to so I said yes.  Well, he asked for more...said it was itchy...so I did THAT...and then the fire started!  He was in pain and his back got even redder (I didn't think it was possible for it to get redder)...and he was obviously in pain...so I got a wet cool towel and wiped it off...but THAT was very painful and the blotches were even bigger...THEN he wanted me to try putting suntan lotion on it...DUMMY me; against all my better judgment I tried it a bit and he got worse...So, I quickly washed that off, but THAT was painful...so I told him to hang on...I threw some clothes over my nightie and drove FAST up the mountain to the King Soopers. It's like 9:30 so there weren't many people there...but the picture I painted was a little odd...First of all there's a lady running into the store with the bottom of a very sweet (If I might say so myself) little yellow nightie showing from under the SWEATSHIRT she has on and she is looking rather wild eyed and runs up to a clerk; THE ONLY CLERK and says "Quick...husband, sunburn, lotion on it, PAIN...gotta get something for it NOW"...One would think that they would go running with me...but she just said check the end cap by the pharmacy.  Ok...so I found some stuff...actually three stuffs, and ran and paid and sped home...So, it worked...good old calamine lotion.  Couldn't find anything aloe vera ish.  The caution...yep, you guessed it...don't put lotion with perfumes in them on a sunburn!!  HA...yes...I know we all already knew that!

So, that was my yesterday...oh, and I DID get a bit done...but still plugging away on my cradles today...all the while saying to myself "I WILL do the cradle for each piece AS I finish it" (said three times for impact!)

HAPPY CREATING and welcome to my newest followers...


AutumnLeaves said...

Congratulations on your sales, Saundra! That has to feel good and be so affirming!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Autumn Leaves...it was an unusual day! I feel awesome!! But, now on to more work!!

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