Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've not ever done just this...not just this way...and I probably won't do anything like this again...not like this...but my heart is in this today, and it is important...for life, for living, for our process as people, as artists; as most of you who read this are feelings...about life, about family, about what is truly important...about things that make us we CAN work and play and laugh and dream IS my process that brings me to my easel every day with a vision.

We all go through times in life when we want to give up, give in to things that are less than ourselves...for, we were made strong creatures, AND fragile creatures.  We have a spirit for life, a survival instinct...and we depend on those who are stronger physically to take care of us until the strength of spirit matches our physical and emotional strength...and if we are lucky we get that...for we are here living and breathing and doing what we can to be happy and strong for those who come after our children...who, for a time need us the way we needed when we first came to this world.

Nothing is more important to me after God than my family. I was raised to understand that.  There were years when I was rebellious when I may have rejected that, but I always knew it to be true.  At first family is a parent or aunt or caregiver that gives up their lives for a time to raise us...and then a family is a brother and sister...and then perhaps a husband or wife.  Family.  Family is most important of all.  IF we are lucky to have a family that loves us and is there to support us we can thrive and become much easier what we were meant to be...and life is good and wonderful and then we have the strength to go and give back and build on that...IF life gets hard and family doesn't stick together we can much more easily break and blow away...that part of us that we were meant to is blow away.

For some of you family is a group of people that you have, for some reason, attached yourself to or identified with in some way...and that is awesome...but, please...let's all remember that it isn't a isn't about being's about being the best person we can be for each's about never letting someone fall down that we don't have a hand to pick them up and tell them that they are loved and precious and that spirit they were born with can thrive...It should never be about ganging up with people at the expense of another...we are all a family of sorts even though we have our own family that should come first...always...if there is a human out there that you know that is in trouble...remember how easily that could be you.  It never is wrong to reach out and say to them "You are not alone"...for, if we were meant to be alone God would have only created one.

Don't give up your spirit you came here with...don't loose yourself in the craziness of life...don't let anyone else push you aside and make you feel inferior...find what you came still...listen to are still in there...and if someone is making you feel less than in your life, or your art...remember the drive that it took to get you thus far...and don't let them...

We are all about process.  Our art is all about our process as humans...what we live, what we dream, what we aspire to...if someone is making you feel like you aren't important by what they say, or don't say, or do or don't do...remember how it feels...get strong within yourself, and REMEMBER...because I can guarantee that there is someone out there that is looking at you...admiring YOU...and in need of a reminder of just how wonderful their creative spirit is...and they CAN be what they dream of...just don't give up!

Life is is process...let's help each other make both a wonderful process!! 

HAPPY CREATING...I hope your process is joyful today!  PS...I love my kids (can you tell?? :))


Lokelani Forrest said...

Amen to all of that. I could not have said it better. Thank you.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Lokelani...I guess it was such a strong feeling I needed to share!

A Big Bowl Of Cherries said...

All I can say is; "thank you". I needed to hear that.

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