Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Garden Chickadee" © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Garden Chickadee"
6" x 11 3/4" mixed media with oil, acrylic and paper (and a little stamping) on MDF cradle

I really enjoyed playing with another addition to my new collage work.  I've long wanted to put my little backyard "garden" chickadee into my new way of working, but I feel this little guy was best served by painting him in oil...So, after re-researching the proper way to add oil over acrylic I went for it.  The simple rules when painting oil over acrylic are to make sure you leave enough tooth to your surface for the oil to adhere this case...not too shiny, not too thick, and not too smooth...Simple enough...and, I read somewhere that due to the fact that acrylic dries faster than oil (I know you knew that)...a hard surface like MDF board is best as there will be no uneven drying time that could result in cracking for oil...WHICH works perfectly for me as I love my MDF cradles!  WIN WIN!! YEA!
Chickadee detail

I recently joined Mountainside Art Guild; or re-joined, as I'd been a member years ago...and the first show they offer to members is one I've been a part of in the past...Etchers (a home and garden shop that supports the arts) this little guy will hopefully make it in to that show...but after that; Nov. 21, 2010 it will be available on my website.

I've been so super busy of late that I've neglected my little blog terribly, and my website, and my followers...for that I apologize.  I enjoyed the competitions...and plan to find another way to say thank you to my followers very soon...which has been making me laugh of late...I seem to be in a holding pattern for followers of fault I'm sure...but how funny that I gain a follower and then loose one...are you guys playing games with me...or am I making someone board or mad here and there...sigh...guess we can't please everyone...but we can try!!

PS...anyone out there not liking the new upload of photos to their blog??  I've noticed that I can't add them and then put them in one at a erases all of them unless you add them all at once...



Dean H. said...

Love your little bird, Saundra!

This year, for the first time in many years, I put out a bell made up of seeds. it attracted a lot of these quick small birds. I know them as black capped chickadees. I've been taking photos. :)

The total painting is super! Love that ribbon of complementary orange.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks means a lot coming from you! I am having so much fun!

I may have to change the name...I always thought they were finches...but, I'm definitely NOT a bird person! just bird

martinealison said...

Sans eux, nous ne pourrions pas dire gai comme un pinson. Et votre petit oiseau me plait beaucoup... Bises

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Merci boucoup martinealison!

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