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Before I go too much further I want to talk a little about making stamps for use in the backgrounds of your work.  The example above is from a short video I got from the EMPTY EASEL newsletter that I get through my website Fine Art Studio On Line.  For any of you who subscribe to this website provider I encourage you to read the Empty Easel as it often has very informative information to help you in your creative endeavors!  The link for this promo for this particular process is:  The stamp above is a quick example I made to see how it would work using acrylics...Could be FUN!  And, would have worked on my acorn piece had I chose to use it.

The second idea is very simple...I used a little hot glue and glued a stencil on to a square of 6 mm of fun foam.  This is an excellent material to use as it washes easily!  Even though stencils are very thin, they still have enough depth to make a stamp as you see below:
The third is also not invented by me, but used by me quite alot when I need a stamp that is the exact size and design for a particular piece.  I have included this in many of my blogs...but as a reminder these are the stamps I made for some of my acorn pieces.  The process was brought to me by a particular favorite blogger artist friend of mine...Alisa Burke.  The process is simple...Using 6mm fun foam cut out a design on one and hot glue it to another block of fun foam.  It is washable and durable!
to get the design in the center you can do several things.  Use a wood burning tool...cut it with an x-acto knife...(even drawing a line with the x-acto knife will cause a line to appear when you stamp!)

Making your own stamps just increases the original material within your artwork, making it that much more desirable and HARDER to replicate...making it THAT MUCH MORE DESIRABLE...or so goes the theory! HA.

Next week I am excited to say I will be traveling to Omaha to see my now nearly three month old grandson...I am SOOOO excited to see he and my beautiful daughter and most wonderful son-in-law...I will be able to get NEW photos of this new little person we all love so much with his Nana...the last photo I have with him is right before I walked out the door in August (where I bawled like a baby for an hour as I missed them so much already!) lol
When I return I will be working like crazy to produce but one more piece I will enter in the Colorado Watercolor State Show.  The thing about this show is the pieces have to be done on paper and under glass. Any collage papers we use have to be painted by us...all original stuff...That is where I will be using my handmade original stamps for background papers in one of my signature pieces.  It has to be all water media and painted in the last two years...So...stay tuned for that what ever it will be!!



Anonymous said...

Your stamping article is really interesting. It should have a nice result with watercolors. I think I will try it. Thanks for sharing.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Jean...I would LOVE, LOVE to see what you come up with using watercolors! So glad I gave you an idea!!

Anonymous said...

So much excitement at your place, Saundra!! Thanks for sharing how you made those oak leave stamps. I wondered!

Angelica said...

The blog looks informative. I came across Rubber Stamps which has been a professional rubber stamp supplier in Virginia since 1964.

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