Thursday, April 26, 2012


Mt. Evans Layer painting process

Sometimes moving down is a good in the case of my latest 48" x 18" layer painting with Mt. Evans as the star...I'm moving down and it's feeling good so far!  There is a little of everything in this...stamping (click to enlarge to see the sky and a bit here and there), papers, acrylic FAR!...who knows what will end up in this piece by the bottom!  I'd say I've worked my way down about 1/3...still will pick and play up higher as I see what I want to add, but so far it is laying in nicely.  I'm beginning a rock field as you can see...and I'm going to try to work in a few alpine sunflowers and of course more aspen as I go down...FUN DOINS!

I feel like my progress is slow for me...but I admit I'm weighed down just a little with concern for my mom and dad as they are going through this very difficult time...but, I'm so PROUD at the attitude...God is in charge and He knows what is there is peace in this!  So, I find when things get a little heavy in my mind I grab my stuff and go outside or down to town for a little change of scenery...But, I know I will finish this one soon as I have several big uns to do in a short period of time!!  It's all good in the grand scheme of things...

I'm going to post this VERY blurry pic of a pretty bird that I tried like crazy to photograph because I'm not sure what it is...The colors were MUCH brighter than the photo shows, so I don't think it is a Robin...but I'm not sure...You bird lovers out there might be able to tell me what it is...and I think I have enough information to paint this little one I'm hanging on to the photo...My camera kept focusing on the trees behind...I guess I have it trained to my favorite subject matter!! HA
Any ideas??  It's sooo cute!!



Elizabeth Seaver said...

I believe it may be a female blue bird.

I love the progress on your painting.

Your parents and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

YEA! Thanks Elizabeth...I am so excited to maybe know what kind of bird this is!! and...I'm having FUN on this painting...AND...thank you SO much, I pass along all the well wishes to my parents...they need it!!

CrimsonLeaves said...

What a pretty bird! And as always, your Mt. Evans piece is looking amazing. My heart goes out to your parents and to you and your brother, Saundra.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Miss Sherry...I will pass it along...and I am duly happy that you like my process!! ...and my bird...:)...yep, he is MY bird, I'm sure of it...:)

Donna B. said...

Sandra...LOVE THE PAINTING...beautiful mountain and trees...always a joy to see what you are creating...I follow you on facebook too.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Donna!...I know I always get excited to see what will come out of it myself! HA

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