Sunday, March 22, 2009

Different Strokes

I wonder, from time to time, as I've mentioned before, at how my study of my own art progresses. I occasionally go back and look at what I've done, even a year ago, to see if I am happy in the direction I am moving and if I want to move on, or re-evaluate. I think my fellow blogger Jane Hunt spoke of this very thing not so long ago. These two paintings I did for my beautiful daughter Michelle and her husband Damon. The Palm Leaf was for a wedding present, and the Hybiscus was for this past Christmas. I enjoy them both. They may be something I stay with, or I may continue on with my pursuit of attaining a more loose stroke. I have to tell you that I love doing both...and then there is my collage work and jewelry and wax collage...and, and, and...I don't mind telling you that I wonder at all of this. Part of me says stay with what you do...meaning, interpret each visual you have in front of you the way that speaks the most strongly, and part of me says...pick a "style" and stay with it so you can be recognized more readily...I certainally would like to hear from any of you who may be led to respond how you deal with this issue if it comes before you like it does me...

So, just a thought on this Sunday morning before church...I was a bit frustrated that my casts I had done of the maple leaf were scratched up when I left them outside, by our resident squirrel...Oh Bother!!...Off to pour more today and to keep a better watch!
Happy Painting to you all!


Dean H. said...

Saudra, I understand what you are experiencing about art choices.
I am constantly tugged this way and that. Tighter style-looser style...subdued or higher chroma...lighter versus darker key.

I have about concluded that there is no conclusive answer to any of the above questions. It feels like a back and forth balancing act. I could still veer crazily off in a new direction at any time. All this after searching for 30 odd years. My answer is to just follow where it leads.

By the way, I love both of your paintings equally well.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Dean, It is good to hear someone with the same dilemnas! I think, today, that we should always be true to ourselves and our creative vision, no matter what, otherwise it may be more of a job instead of a passion...who knows where the road will lead!

Fred Bell said...

I guess we all deal with this dilemma. Doing the same something each day is freeing too, being creative within a small area. I've been jumping around with my small paintings but with bigger work I stay to the same subject matter, houses, architecture, furniture. It all relates.

Fred Bell said...

Both of the paintings are great. The flowers grab me. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

The hibiscus are beautiful. I think a lot of artists go through self evaluation with regards to their style. I prefer painting in a loosely, but actually find it more difficult. It's harder to know how to reflect the darks without doing too much detail. My latest posting is an example of this. It needs more darks but I am scared to add them and not sure where. It's a constant dilemma.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thank you Fred, I appreciate your comments. Jean, You reflect the same thing...I appreciate you both for taking the time to comment!! I feel inspired to get up there and paint something and see where it takes me!

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