Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Acorn Duo" original mixed media acorn painting © Saundra Lane Galloway

"Acorn Duo"
6" x 11" on panel with 1 3/4" cradled sides (left natural or can be stained at no extra cost)
$165 includes shipping in the US
for photos of sides or for shipping info for International sales please contact me at
to see my other work please visit my website at

I have found that I enjoy painting acorns...go figure; all things tree; It really MUST be true! HA.  This was painted as a companion to Acorn Trio, but I am putting the trio in the CORE gallery in Denver, and this little one is too wet to they have to live apart for a time.  I think it will be fine! HA.  As I got some pieces ready for the CORE and took a piece down to the ART STUDENT'S LEAGUE for their breakthrough show it dawned on me that I'm a bit spread here is where my work is hanging...
LUNA'S MANDALA - an adorable shop in Conifer (always try to support your area with the arts!)
JEFFO SHERRIF'S OFFICE SOUTH - this one cracks me up...I have 8 pieces hanging in their interrogation room...or conference room...I mean who would buy art there??  I think of it as a public service!  They are awesome!
DEER CREEK GOLF COURSE - a regular venue for Ken Caryl Art Guild
CIAO BELLA DAY SPA - a regular venue for Ken Caryl Art Guild
MADDEN MUSEUM - This is Colorado show - Through Heritage Fine Art Guild I believe
ART STUDENT'S LEAGUE - their Breakthrough show - I'm a member
BRUSHSTROKES GALLERY in Denver - in May- 1st art show for Artists of Colorado
CORE GALLERY in Denver - for Ken Caryl Art Guild
SOUTHWEST ART MAGAZINE in May - part of a Contemporary Fine Art International's going to be gorgeous...OH...and I do still have my workshop in the current

WHEW...I think I'm spread a little thin...but I still have artwork hanging in my house...THAT makes me feel good...guess I've been busy this year! Hey, thanks for letting me brazenly hang out there in front of you!

The moral of the story is...stay busy and you too can be hanging at a Sherrif's office! HA Speaking of busy...I'm off to work on an example painting of my cake top for my new venture! Stay tuned for that's going to be a challenge as the only pic I have is BLURRY!   Hop over to my newest blog Wedding Cake Top Paintings!  FUN! And, remember if anyone has a wedding cake top pic to share with me so I can paint some examples I'd be SO happy! 



martinealison said...

Très beau résultat... Bisous et bon weekend.

Sheila said...

Mon cher Léo, s'il vous plaît dites-Martine Alison c'est l'un de ses meilleurs tableaux. Je peux presque sentir la tristesse de la jeune fille belle comme elle pense à la façon dont les humains traitent ses rhinocéros belle. Martine Alison-utilisé ces couleurs exquises pour attirer l'attention sur le sort de nos rhinocéros rares. S'il vous plaît dites-lui merci de tout mon cœur

Sheila said...

This painting immediately made me smile and appreciate how talent of my friends and the beauty around us. I love this painting Saundra! It makes me feel close to God.

AutumnLeaves said...

I treasure all things tree too, Saundra. I sent my niece your link so I'm hopeful you'll hear from her. Who knows though? If I know of any other brides that may have photos of their cake tops, I'll pass the link on as well. Speaking of which, maybe the bakery can hook you up with some samples to paint also. They usually photograph their cakes, I think.

At any rate, love this gorgeous acorn duo!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks for the ideas Autumn Leaves!

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