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"Pine Cone on a Doily" original acrylic on 1" cradled panel © Saundra Lane Galloway AND A PLEA!

"Pine Cone on a Doily"
8" x 10" acrylic on purchased 1" brown stain cradle panel
$100 includes shipping in the US
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This has been a strange few months for us.  I've been stretching out in new ways with my mixed media work; have had a workshop on my work with paper casts and encaustic published in Cloth Paper Scissors this month, I've taught a workshop or two recently and people have a ball and report they LEARN things; done a few demos for local art guilds, have gotten really involved in Artists of Colorado and Contemporary Fine Art International and have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I am co publisher of a good number of daily blogs (that you can see on my sidebar) , and I paint or create something nearly every single day! WHEW!  It's a lot to keep track of, and I'm glad to do it...but STILL I work hard to find a venue for my particular style of work!  I KNOW, we all are there...or at least the majority of us are there...we work at so many different things and still struggle finding just the right place for what we do!  It gets frustrating!  

I am frustrated and tired these days...but still smiling of course!  I have tons of energy, and tons of things I know how to teach (yep, unabashed promotion of ME) but yet I struggle for places to do what I do, for people to venture out to try some of it!  Yep, we all face this from time to time in life!  

I have a friend who is a gallery owner and I recently asked his opinion.  He gave it, and I was glad.  He said he loves my work, but my website had too much on it...that scares gallery owners...they would be in competition with our website, SO I cleaned up my website to reflect mostly my new work...I've done all I know to do!  So, WHERE is that place for our work...where do we showcase the work we have honed into something quality...but it is specific...aaarrrggghhh! 

I paid for membership in Art Students League so I could do the Summer Art Market; even stood for three hours in the rain last year to volunteer...but I now learn that unless I took classes I may not even be able to pay THEM money to be in that this summer...I'd have loved to take classes, but the money just wasn't there this year...aaarrrggghhh again!

I was going to apologize for my venting, but I decided not to today...I just want to get it out share frustrations with you all!  I don't do it often, but I just felt led to do it today! sigh...(an apology is right on the tip of my tongue, but NO! :)

Recently my husband lost his job; through no fault of his own...the big mother company was doing badly so they got rid of over 500 people just like that...they are in trouble, so they let go all those who made a bit too much...restructuring, re-doing...trying to save their corporate butts...sigh...I'm sure he will land on his feet...he is talented and has lots of contacts, but still...aaarrrggghhh!

My father has Leukemia and Parkinson's disease and my mom is a trooper, but still I need to be there for them...My daughter is having her first baby and I'd like to do more with her, but life gets a little harried and money is tight, so I have to do what I know (paint for her) and just try to be positive and happy with her...which isn't hard to do cuz I AM so happy about that!

In short (which I see is really LONG) I've tried all I know to do what I can and still I am lacking in that all too critical proper marketing.  I try just about everything people suggest, but still I am missing the mark. NOT on producing quality work born from my 35+ years working and learning and experimenting...that I've got and enjoy...but finding that right way to put it out there! 

It is why I try to bring people together so a group we can all find better avenues...but we get comfortable and busy in our separate lives and it is hard to remember when the struggling was on our plate.  I am calling for all of you out there; where ever you are; to find ways to band bring a united  front to this strange world we find ourselves in these days...Help someone you know by offering your expertise, by sharing, by finding ways to meet together to work together on a regular basis...We all need each other...well, some of us do...IF you have made it...share that knowledge, that WON'T take away from the value of what you do and have accomplished!

As artists I just don't understand WHY we get so paranoid that IF we share a photo someone will take something from us; IF we share knowledge we won't be valued anymore...Come on everyone...EACH of us has a way of working...If we ALL worked off of the SAME photo there would be THAT MANY different interpretations...It's FUN to see the differences...IMAGINE if we all got together and much FUN it would be! I've done it here on this blog...I've proven that we all have our own unique value!

I'm going to try again...AGAIN!  I'm going to find a place and offer my knowledge in the form of workshops and TRY AGAIN to get people to come and learn and play and have fun together...I love to create, but I NEED to teach and help others learn something that will make them feel good too!  I'm going to offer my services again (for a fair price of course tee hee, we are jobless remember? )and see what will happen.  And, knowing me, if THAT fails too, I'll try again!  Watch here for times and dates and such...If you are anywhere near me, try something is FUN to work together! 

Now as a way to offer a little beauty to offset the ugly reality of the struggle as artists here are yet some more photos of my Valentine Tulips...and YES, you are welcome to work from any photo I share! :)

Happy Creating and Happy finding ways to help and work together!!


Anonymous said...

Hope that vent made you feel better Saundra. Most artists have the same problem - even the more famous ones. My art instructor is a member of the American Watercolor Society and was the solo judge on the National Watercolor Society's latest exhibition, but he lacks the marketing skills to sell his own art. Marketing is a skill that can be learned but us right-brained individuals tend to shy away from it. Sorry to hear about your husband losing his job. I know so many people in that situation Hope everything gets back to normal for you soon. Love the Pine Cone.
Have you tried Sold a few paintings on that last year.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Jean! I DO feel better...just needed to get it out of my insides so my outsides could focus better! I've never tried that site...I'm on it! I'm sure we will be's just a glitch in the road that's all! Keep doing what you have is so beautiful!

Sheila said...

First of all, I was wowed by that gorgeous pine cone painting. I tried to paint one that I found in my yard and now I need to get back to the drawing board.

I wish I had a magic wand to make everything better for you Saundra. You're such a sweet and talented lady and now I'm learning how resilient you are. You go girl!

I tried to get on Zatista and they rejected me so I think they are a wonderful site to get on and you'll be able to do so with your talent.

Have you tried Even I sold a couple of pieces [prints and notecards] I love how they do all the work in printing and mailing the orders and they send you your money once a month. Hang in there darling. I love love love those beautiful tulips!!!

Art with Liz said...

Gosh Saundra you've really taken a lot on the chin just lately! But congratulations on joining the GRANNY BRIGADE! How wonderful is that! Your art is too good not to sell, but maybe just put it out there and leave it - it will come to pass. Divine pine cone, but I just LOVE the lion cub!

AutumnLeaves said...

I am glad you spilled your heart today, Saundra. The blogs I read are those that always touch my heart with words or pictures. Your blog does both. While marketing my art isn't something I've tried to do, I have to admit to a secret desire to open my own little gallery where I could hang all the art of my artist friends, my own stuff that is halfway decent (there are only a few of those), learn to frame, have a place to gather with like minded souls. I'd love to hang any and all art that I love from anyone. Even local students; there are some amazing high school artists out there, and I suspect even a few from the lower grades. I want to start an art guild or league or group too. There is one already but it meets during the daytime hours and I have to work. I would love to take one of your workshops but of course, the distance is a bit of a hindrance right now.

Too, you know I am so sorry about your husband's position. We've been through the same thing recently and the worry was endless. My artist blogging buddies helped me get through the rough months, truly. The helped physically and spiritually and emotionally. They made me realize that even though they are far and we might never meet in person, that I really do have friends in this world and that I am appreciated.

I hope you know that if there is anything I can ever do for you, I'd be so happy to do just that. I do know a lady who has a studio and a degree in art/textiles (I think it is). She teaches weaving, knitting, felting, hat-making, jewelry/bead making. Her shop is on my sidebar (TLD Designs). I am wondering if she would host you for a workshop. I would so love to learn the paper cast making and the collage techniques you employ. Or if there is a venue here in my town where we could host you.

I'd love to be your legs on that and would welcome suggestions on who I could talk to and see about setting this up. I'd love to meet you too!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

WOW, thanks all! I appreciate that you didn't tank me for griping! It felt good to just get it out...and that left room for more creative thought and effort! I'm sure we will be just gets a little tickly once in awhile! I think all your positive energy you sent my way was just the boost needed! Thanks for the good will...I'm sending it right back to you for that wonderful circle of life! Now, it's onward and upward!!

CountryDreaming said...

Hail and well met! Saw you on Watercolorist's blog and followed you here. Used one of your tulip photos as a basis for a somewhat different rendering of it in fine art photo form. If you're interested in seeing the result, I can send you a copy in e-mail. Also want you to know that I'm praying for you in these challenging times and wish you the best.

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