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Wren Trio
sold to collector who asked...:)
The other day I got a message from a collector on ETSY asking if I had three wrens of which she'd seen two...I didn't, but I had another photo I was planning to paint, so I told her I'd do a third one (the one in the middle) and if she liked them...VOILA'!  SO, I painted the third.  She also mentioned that she'd like to frame them not too expensively...and so I mentioned how I put them on 5x5" matts and it just so happened that I had a set of gold frames...I quoted her a VERY REASONABLE price to mount and frame them...and she loved the idea!
SO, because a collector asked, and BECAUSE I had what she needed and was able to paint what she wanted (well, I haven't heard back from 5 minutes ago, but I think she likes them all)  I was able to make a collector happy and YAY!  I've said it before...we have a no for sure if we don't ask!  If I don't feel I can do a thing I'll be honest...but if I do...I will! It's a win win! TOMORROW I will be launching my 100 Pets in 100 Days painting project!  I am SO excited and happy to be able to have gotten over 1/4 the number of photos I need to get this project done!  SO, the obvious is I have a need for more photos!  Just send them to my e-mail at  I am including the info needed for this project below so you can know what I'm needing!  Join me tomorrow to see the first pet portrait!

I am  announcing a new painting project that has been on my mind for awhile now.  In order to loosen up and spark my creative expression I want to do 100 Pet Portraits in 100 days!  These portraits will be a little different in that I will be painting them with a fauvist influence (taken from the french word fauve which means "wild beasts") .  Fauvism is a movement that was begun by Henri Matisse and Andre Derain as a transition from the impressionist movement. It was short lived between 1900-1910. It was characterized by bold brush strokes and exaggerated or bright out of the tube color.  That is my goal for my 100 pet paint them in bright, exaggerated color using more bold brush strokes.  The example above describes what I am talking about meaning bold brush strokes and bright/exaggerated color.  Now, I will translate this into pets!  I love painting animals, so this should be a great project for me!

HERE'S WHERE YOU COME IN IF YOU WANT! :  My goal is to paint a pet portrait a day for 100 days. I will be loosely using the fauvist style as a guideline.  The only thing I can guarantee that will be true to color is the eye color...after that I will do my best to move into exaggerated color for the rest.  FUN DOINS FOLKS!  IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE you can send me through my e-mail or in the mail a head shot of your pet.  I will let you know very honestly if the photo is clear enough for me to see the detail I need to paint your pet.  By sending me a photo, you are giving me permission to paint the portrait and publish the completed painting along with the photo, on my blog, on my website, on Daily Paintworks and any other public forum I have.
E-MAIL ADDRESS: (if for some reason the method you choose to send it doesn't open in my application, I may ask you to send it using a simpler method)
PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 6345 Northway Dr., Morrison, CO  80465

SEND ME THE PHOTO WITH YOUR PET'S NAME! (add your name as mommy or daddy of the pet if you wish, and let me know if you want to be identified as the proud owner/parent of your little pet!!

Each pet portrait will be painted on a 6"x6" panel(slightly textured), in oil, and will be available for sale for $75 + $6 shipping and handling.  That's $81 total to your door if you should want to purchase your pet portrait.  YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT OBLIGATED TO PURCHASE THE PAINTING OF YOUR PET. You will be able to purchase the painting if you choose, using a pay pal button that will be either on my blog, or through my website. I AM NOT SET UP FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AT THIS TIME, so this particular project will be limited to the US...sorry international folks!  THE PAINTINGS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE AS SOON AS THEY ARE DRY...USUALLY A WEEK OR SO.

PRIVACY CONSIDERATIONS: I will NOT reveal anything but your pet's name.  (unless you give me permission to add your name as his/her owner and want me to include a link to your blog or website). Each pet portrait will be given a number out of 100.  EXAMPLE:  the first portrait, "BERNARD, 1/100, the second "KITTY", 2/100 and so forth.  Your photo will not be returned.

PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: The photo you send for consideration is for a head shot only.  Meaning I will not be painting the full body, so you should consider how just the head and partial "shoulders" will fit into a square format.  The best portraits for consideration should be clear and not fuzzy or dark.  It is awesome to have some sunlight to the left or right, but with pets that is rarely possible, so not a requirement, just a thought.  No group photos with your pet in the pic...that will be too hard to work with...I just need your little loved one in the photo!  Also, I need you to send me the eye color as it is not always clear in the best of photos.  THAT will be the ONLY part of your pet that I will make true to color for sure.  Straight on photos are great, but sometimes, as with cats...a side view or 3/4 view is fun too... I AM NOT JUST LIMITING THIS TO CATS AND DOGS...IF I CAN SEE YOUR PET CLEARLY IN A PHOTO AND I CAN MAKE A GOOD SQUARE FORMAT I WILL CONSIDER ANY PET...(snakes not so much folks...kind of scary...but NOT  Send me the photo and I'll tell you honestly if it will work for this project!  FUN! PS...if you should want to add hats, glasses, etc in your photo for consideration for this project that is fine with me...I'll laugh through the process! :)

WHEN THIS BEGINS: I would love you to send your photos ASAP as I will be beginning this project on February 1, 2015!  I will let you know if your photo will work for this project.  I appreciate your participation in this fun painterly endeavor!



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