Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy days...SNOWY days...AWARD...

Sunshine Award...Thanks DEAN with Deano's Gallery

I am the happy receipient of the sunshine award again thanks to my blogger friend Dean!  I SO appreciate this award, and in coming days hope to pass it along!!  Stay tuned!!
The weekend was a busy first Hobby Lobby jewelry workshop, SNOW and all that goes with it.  The cold weather kept a few of my students from our workshop, but the two brave souls that came had a great time.  These two necklaces are what came out of it for them.  I'm always happy when my students learn something they can take home with them and then have a skill they didn't have before!  HAPPY TEACHER!!  One of my students really touched my heart as her life was a tough one, but she had come through on the other side and was going to use what she learned to make jewelry and sell to her friends and clients as a way to supplement her single mom's income to help her son!!  THAT is what life is about...helping each other any way we can!!  THAT is what made me going ahead with a class that was short in number so worth it! YEA LIFE!!

After class I came home in the snow...YES, I KNOW IT IS FEBRUARY...but really...I am tired a smidge of the cold...and YEP, we had MORE snow yesterday.  I did a bit of work in the studio, but sort of hit a wall so I suppose yesterday was recovery the rest of these pics are what came to visit...SNOW...birds...deer...and finally some SUN! Come on SUN!!

Loved these little visitors yesterday...This baby has never been far from her mom up above!! 


HAPPY CREATING EVERYONE!!  Now off to paint!!


Anonymous said...

oh...what a dear you are! and what a lovely deer you've captured!
that snowy sunfilled shot is the best!

have a great night...ciao


Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Ciao!! My favorite pic too!! Thanks for your words on my feb 19th post...It helped with what I was doing today! YEA!!

AutumnLeaves said...

Gorgeous photos, Saundra, especially that starburst of sun in the last! It sounds like you did indeed have a great time in your class. Sometimes your zest for life just truly lifts my spirits, Saundra. Thank you for that.

Art with Liz said...

Well done and that deer is just the best - love nature in all her glory!

Just also need to say that there was nothing wrong with your gorgeous poppy - it was luscious and red and well, red! Which is everything a red poppy should be! I liked it!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I love the sun photo as well Autumn Leaves! I'm glad anything I do can lift a spirit! YEA!

Liz, the deer seemed so soft yesterday! When we move I think I will miss them a lot! I ended up just doing a tad to the poppy...I'm learning!

Nicole Smith said...

these photos are magical!! You live in such a beautiful place!

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