Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Never too old for stuffed animals!!

"Bearly There"
4x4" oil on baswood panel

I am one of those people that have worked HARD to find ways to still have stuffed animals in my life!  Since I now have a husband to sleep with I have relegated my stuffed babies to the bed in our guest room, in baskets in my closet, and some close my son's Burt and Ernie, and my daughter's first Pooh Bear (gotta paint those guys soon!!)...This little white bear was just looking at me and smiling today, so I grabbed him and he posed for me...I felt a little whimsical today, and I only had a few minutes, so he just felt like peeking around the corner, thus "Bearly There" came out today!  This is one of our little (but powerful, as stuffed ones are!) 4x4" oil is on baswood panel.  HE will be one of our contest choices and will also be available for sale in my ETSY shop when he is dry...

I want to continue to pass along the Sunshine Blogger Award I received from Dean at Deano's Den.
Just a quick reminder of the rules:

The rules for accepting the award are:
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If you haven't visited Nancy Merkle's blog titled Painting Small Impressions you are in for a treat!  Nancy paints a good number of still life but also ventures into wildlife as well as other things.  She works largely in oils.  Stop over and visit Nancy today if you get a minute, you'll leave with a smile!

Jean Lurssen's blog; The Watercolorist is also a wonderful blog that details her life in California as well as when she lived in England and Africa to name a couple of other places.  Her watercolors are a wonderful escape into the places that she details!

ME Chamberlain's Daily Paintings just excited me from the beginning!  Mary paints buildings and structures largely and I find her compositions to be wonderful.  What she does with shadow and structure is FUN.  You've  got to visit Mary's blog to see what I am talking about!

I hope everyone wakes up today feeling creative, and if you didn't I hope you feel a little more like it after visiting with one of my "babies"!



AutumnLeaves said...

Moods of whimsy are so fun, aren't they? Bearly There Bear is so cute!!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks Autumn Leaves!! Very important to paint soft fuzzies!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Saundra for the award and mention. I will post with my next blog.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Awesome Jean!!

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