Thursday, February 18, 2010

Green Barn Aspen

"Green Barn Aspen"
A few weeks ago I posted photos from an old camp of some aspen against the green walls of these buildings.  "Green Barn Aspen" came from that very cold and yet sunny morning.  I created this on one of my 12x12" cradled painting boards.  The paint is acrylic and the paper is of course the handmade paper I made and wrote about yesterday. 

I painted the shadows from the boards on the side of what I'm calling a barn, painted the covered over window mainly because this piece really needed a horizontal something and it fit the bill! 

Next came the tree placement which was loosely modeled after what was in the photo, and lastly as you know, came the painting of the aspen which is my favorite part!

The end result is very strong as the contrasts are so strong...The light is so poor here today as we are having a bit of a snowstorm, so I will be curious to see if the photograph will show differently in better light...When I get a photo that I feel accurately represents the piece I will be putting it in the collage section of my website...

Interesting thing I noticed yesterday along with a comment I almost deleted, but decided to leave as I, quite honestly didn't really understand it.  The comment came in conjunction with the loss of one of my followers...and I wonder if it was this person that commented that left.  I tried to follow the link of this person but it is in another language, and I didn't see much.  I'm bringing this up because I find it interesting that someone would find it necessary to say something that is not a constructive criticism of my work, but seemingly a rude remark aimed at me...and the way my blog reads??  Confusing...It caused me to feel the need to say, again, along with the words in my profile that this blog was created as a way to showcase my work, but about the processes that I go through to create work, and even further what inspires me in my life that causes me to even want to create anything.  It is me, a teacher, that likes to give information that might help someone somewhere that would benefit from some of the experiments, or failures or, or, or...I do not feel the need to hold information to myself...if I learn something I'm glad to share...If I photograph something anyone is welcome to create from it...Life is too short to hold back!  So, for those of you who get something out of something I post I am glad...



Elizabeth Seaver said...

As always, I love to see your processes and to find out what has inspired you to paint what you paint. I love the strong contrasts here.

I'm sorry that you had a puzzling and negative experience with a follower. Onward and upward, girl. Your true followers get what you're doing and cheer you all the way, Saundra!

Anonymous said...

hi there, it's nice to meet you...i've enjoyed this quick perusal of your blog..and will come back again to have a better look. I should really be in bed right now...!lol

anyhow..until then...
you're welcome to come for a visit as well...anytime is fine...!!!


Anonymous said...

ooooh I love anything to do with paper,,,especially the making of it!..
i'm your newest follower!
hope to see you sometime

AutumnLeaves said...

Saundra, if you click on those blue dots at the end of that commenter's message, you will see what I emailed you about a while back. I would assure you that that person is not the commenter that left your blog as a follower.

I am so sorry that there are people out there who feel the need to be downright mean, nasty, and/or rude. It is why I moderate comments. If it isn't truth or polite, there is no need to put it out there for others to read in my estimation.

I am so loving how this piece is coming together for you. Is it finished yet? (You might have answered that in the post but I've forgotten it in my indignation! LOL) Will you add leaves to the aspen? And a final question: do you ever embed flowers or other natural materials in your papers? I saw an HGTV show once in which the lady artist made lamp shades (with embedded botanicals) out of her handmade papers. I thought they were stunning looking!!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Ha, Thanks Elizabeth! I think the story in this piece IS the contrast. I get cold just looking at it...kinda like I was when I photographed it!

Glad to have you aboard Carmelina!

Autumn Leaves...I'll have to check. I think like I always have, that if someone has something to say they should make themselves known! Thanks for the support.
I'm calling this finished. It was really about contrast, and I think I accomplished on to other things! OILS maybe!! YES!

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