Monday, May 3, 2010

"California Toes" original oil seascape © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "California Toes"
6x9" oil on panel

After a couple of hours on a HOT heating pad, a good night's sleep and a little stretching the kink in my back went away, so I was happy to get back to my easel and paint this funny little portrait of my toes.  I am tickled at myself as I noticed that I slimmed down a toe or two...but it didn't really make that much difference in the scheme of I left em as they came out.  I have to tell you...feet are funny things to paint!  I am glad I got a laugh this morning at my own expense! 

I find photographing things that are completely horizontal or vertical and they come out bowed...but I assure you the ocean line is straight in real life!  Another funny thing in the world of photographing my own artwork!  But I'm all I can afford right now, so I deal with it...:)

Sharing another fun cloudscape from yesterday morning...I just can't get over the beautiful views I get here...yet another thing I will miss...The rest of the day is spent cleaning up, working in my lab on my paper casts, and looking for an area we might want to move to...boy's gotta be pretty special to pull us away from these types of views!  Wish me luck!!


martinealison said...

Quelle belle vue de vos orteils !
Vraiment j'adore cette peinture... tellement vraie et simple.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I missed the news that you were moving, Saundra. Good luck with that pursuit.

Fun painting. Glad your back is behaving again.

That's one heck of an amazing view. Do I see any paintings of it in your future?

AutumnLeaves said...

The neat thing for me with moving is that I can always find something beautiful about an area. And a nice drive brings me to more beautiful areas! I love how the piggies came out and I have to say that if you are wont to slim things down, I just think you would do a great portrait of moi! LOL Well done here, Saundra. A fun piece for sure!

Dean H. said...

Maybe the curved photo problem would be solved by moving the camera farther back from the painting and zooming in...just a thought.

I like your painting of the ten little piggies with the three little birdies!

Your views of morning clouds are unbeatable. Hope your new view will be similar. My view of the skyline for 360 degrees is through rooftops and horizon to be seen.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Merci martinealison!
Elizabeth...we are seriously feeling we need to move down the mountain as it is hard livin up here all winter...but we are already sad...who knows what will ACTUALLY happen...And, yep...paintings MUST come from these views!!
Autumn Leaves...I know...I even found beauty when I lived in Lubbock TX...but none to compare to here yet...
Dean, thanks for the reminder!! You are right...I just forgot! I need to put a note on my wall to step back! OOOHHH rooftops and trees...I can see paintings from that view Dean!! :)

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