Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Star Lines" original wax collage with paper cast stars © Saundra Lane Galloway

 "Star Lines"
6"x12" acrylic/paper cast wax collage
1/2" wrapped canvas with design carried around

Every time I do a paper cast piece I just can't help but to finish it off with wax.  It would work just fine to use traditional sealers such as acrylic medium or even mod podge, but the wax just calls to me...especially when I add larger items like the button from my grandmother's button box. 

I had originally thought to add words to this piece too, but it seemed there was enough going on, and in this case the words may have been a bit too much.  Thanks to Ralph for making me think of this for this particular piece.  IF it had been about the words I would probably not have added papers to the stars, but with the wonderful horizontal torn papers I felt they were strong enough as is. Ralph brought up a good point that is important for consideration...IF we add words we take the chance of shrinking the pool of possible buyers...because we narrow the meaning, and if they were thinking of something else entirely it may have killed a sale.  I DO want to sell, like we all do, but I believe there are ways to add phrasing or even a single word that would not take away from the piece or it's intended meaning...or, we all even get different interpretations from the same, I will not stop adding words as I believe they are important at times...but, to find the right ones that make a secondary emphasis is a fun challenge for me!



martinealison said...

Beau trio... L'étoile centrale voit juste!
Je dirais qu'elle est en mouvement, elle file sur la pointe des pieds en toute légèreté, laissant derrière elle son ombre représenté par les deux autre étoiles.

Art with Liz said...

I've been catching up with all your activity here Saundra! Wow. These stars are really great! That button just makes it! And your finished work of 'They Frame the Majesty' is absolutely awesome.

Autumn Leaves said...

I am curious about your finishing a piece with wax, Saundra. I know you told me before, but could you do a post on it here? Type of wax, how you do it, etc.? Sorry if I'm being redundant. I wonder at how it works in the long term too. Does it yellow? Crack? Anyway, this is a cute piece, for sure. I don't think words would have harmed it, but then I enjoy the pieces you've done with your thoughts on them.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Martinealison, You certainly weave a beautiful story when you talk about my art! MERCI BOUCOUP!

Liz, Thank you kindly...!

Autumn Leaves...I think I've talked about wax collage, but it is a good idea to go into more detail...I'll do that! And, the short, it doesn't crack or yellow...more later! Thanks for asking!

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