Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paper cast stars collage in process

I played with my paper cast stars yesterday...and collage on a 6x12" 1" wrapped canvas.  I've been doing this long enough to know that I prefer MDF panel for collage, but am constantly amazed at all the different supports that collage works on.  A couple of years ago I did an 18x24" collage on a canvas JUST to see if it would work...and it did...these small works do well on canvas or board...

I've been thinking about shapes and compositions that appeal to me...I find that I like the horizontal and vertical more than circles and squares when applying shape to a support...I like torn edges over cut...I seem to gravitate towards the right side of the piece when creating a focal point...hmmm...having said all that makes me want to select another area of the canvas for a focal...ha!  We will see...I've always thought the reason I focused on the rightish side was because I was right handed...interesting.

Anyway...this is the composition I'm playing with...thinking of adding words too...:)...and maybe some stamping...we shall see...The stars are just sitting there so I can change it when I give this a try in my mind for a few minutes...

Getting excited to share thoughts, processes and ideas with my workshop students next month!  LOVE IT!

I had to sneak one more pic of my Mother's Day flowers with you all...It was raining when I took this pic...interesting background...This is Four Sunflowers and an Iris...kinda reminds me of the movie...Three Men and a Baby...lol



martinealison said...

Plein de tonus dans votre création étoilée... étoiles du ciel tombées à l'eau... Bises

Ralph said...

Love the picture but have to say not sure about the addition of words. I feel they might add your ideas and they might not be the same as the picture makes me feel.

Autumn Leaves said...

What a beautiful bouquet! The rain on the window cements that as a perfect day to my mind. The glory of the sun in the flowers while missing the glare and heat with the rain. Truly my kind of day! Love the way this collage is looking too. My first thought for the words was simply, "Oh, say can you see..." - not that you asked or anything! LOLOL (Thanks for visiting my blog, too, Saundra.)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Rock on with the collaging! You bet it works on canvas! Hey, what do you use for glue?

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Thanks all...merci martinealison!...Elizabeth sent me the name of the bird...you were both right apparently...it is an evening grosbeak...thanks autumn leaves!!

You may be right on this one Ralph...although I DO love adding phrase, or even just letters to some of my pieces...this one may be finished enough to leave as is...It is always a dilemma for me as there are things I feel need to be in the composition and in the piece sometimes...always a risk to make it too specific...I'm not promising no words on this one...but I'll give it some thought! :) Thanks for the candid opinion! Now I'm curious...what did it make you feel Ralph?? I always love discussion on art!!

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